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    Posted by Antony Newton (U14860856) on Sunday, 18th November 2012

    Watching the first part of The Hour I noted the following :-

    1) Rather than going home and drinking a bottle of vodka, I think Bel would more likely have been going to drink gin, as vodka was not a readily available drink in 1957.

    2) People did not use 'Absolutely' at that time to reply affirmatively to a question. This is a more modern (regrettable) phenomenon.

    It would be beneficial if the writers of this series ran their scripts past people who actually lived in the late 50s to ensure period accuracy.

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    Posted by Gill P (U14122746) on Sunday, 18th November 2012

    I was around in the 50s and was working in London (at Butlins head office!) You are right about the vodka, it never entered our minds to even attempt to drink it. Also we said "yes"! What is wrong with saying that?

    I can go through the scripts if they want me to! :D

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