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Sunday Politics East Midlands 11th November

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    Posted by leicesterjudy (U15502734) on Thursday, 15th November 2012

    I just watched iPlayer with another instalment of Roger Helmer MEP criticising policies to protect the climate. The BBC let him meet three scientists from Leicester University who presented him with evidence yet Mr Helmer insisted on his position. He is like a man who refuses to believe that his wife has left him for good. A councillor interviewed on the programme said that Mr Helmer is 'always good value', i.e. entertaining to debate with. I think that Mr Helmer is sadly mistaken in his beliefs and that the BBC props him up for a bit of controversial programming. It is undignified to let the man make a fool of himself. It is also a waste of TV time to air 'arguments' on a par with the earth being flat.

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