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Great British food revival

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    Posted by Artandgwinnie (U15491931) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    The subject of ham- really upset me that your made to feel somehow inadequate or bad because you by packet ham. Chef Kerrigan I assure you that proclaiming that you have absolutely no idea why the average consumer ends up buying supermarket ham does not wash. Quite simply I'm sure if everyone could afford it we would all buy artisan hams for the exquisite taste in our daily butty box however the price of these perfectly hung piggies will keep them a treat. Please don't patronise us by assuming we buy the lesser product by pure choice alone !!!!

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    Posted by zelda (U2012536) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    Don't worry about it..... I like all sorts of ham from the very expensive* to the packet stuff slung in a sarnie. I do try to avoid added water though.

    * If I can afford it...

    Added advantage to me of ham.... it'snot halal. smiley - smiley


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    Posted by DelusionsOfAdequacy (U15449583) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    His name is Kerridge, and no-one can make you feel inadequate without your permission.

    That said, the cost of the hams on offer should have been shown. It's not a fair comparison. Of course quality costs more.

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    Posted by SometimesInvisiblePoster (U9636067) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    A fan of the lovely, cuddly bear that is Tom Kerridge smiley - loveblush And I try to buy non re-formed ham, which is quite tricky with the prepacked, as a lot of it looks just like "real" ham

    But he should have compared/discussed the comparative costs. Making packed lunches for a family on a budget is difficult without someone telling you to spend more.

    His baked glazed ham looked wonderful but I can't recall how much he said it cost per head, at the time thought it must have cost too much for most people, even if only once in a blue moon.

    The cheap, re-formed ham he used for the sandwiches looked thin and pale, like something from the 99p shop.

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    Posted by DelusionsOfAdequacy (U15449583) on Tuesday, 6th November 2012

    It was £5/head.

    It is possible to buy hams for roasting from supermarkets, as I do every Christmas. They aren't artisan things of course and need a good soak before cooking, but the end result looks and tastes like real ham, and a decent sized one can be had for £20.

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