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Food labelling

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    Posted by Jan (U15491326) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    The traffic light system of food labelling for content, isn't very good because there are a lot of people, mainly men, who are colour blind. Men do do shopping too, so is there another form of this labelling that could be used in the future, that doesn't involve using colours?

    My Husband, who is colour blind, finds that there are a lot of things that use the colour system, that cause him a problem. The only reason he knows the colour of traffic lights is because he knows the succession of them! How does he manage you ask? He has to ask me!

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    Posted by Peta (U24) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    Hi Jan

    You might be interested in reading the existing discussion about food labelling.

    The food labelling system obviously has to be very clear - and it doesn't *just* carry colour coding, it also contains written information about the food which can be read by your husband, giving grammes of content like fat or sugar.

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    Posted by mickeymay (U3600416) on Monday, 5th November 2012

    What about the "Once opened use within..."
    A pack of ham varies from 2 - 4 days, depending on different companies.

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