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Eastendes - portrayal of social workers

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    Posted by char26 (U15448863) on Friday, 5th October 2012

    I have been watching Eastenders and the storyline involving Lola Pearce is making me very angry. I am a social worker and the portrayal of the the social worker is is SOOOO far fetched. No child would be removed from her mother's care without reasonable grounds and I have not seen any evidence of this during the show. Furthermore children are always placed with alternative family/close friends where possible......which was again not evident during the programme. You are portraying social workers as people who would remove children with no just cause. Don't you think social workers have a bad enough reputation without you further enhancing this.

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    Posted by Prophet Tenebrae (U5995226) on Friday, 5th October 2012

    It's absolutely unacceptable and while I am aware that Eastenders is not - and never has been - realistic that is not an excuse for the UTTERLY vile and truly hateful portrayal of social workers.

    I've been extremely unhappy with the way this storyline has been playing out from the start and have not pulled my punches but tonight's episode really makes me feel as if I should officially lodge an official complaint. We're getting into territory that even the Daily Mail or The Sun might find a BIT too extreme.

    Anyway - it's being discussed here:

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    Posted by Georgie_london (U15448885) on Friday, 5th October 2012

    I have never posted or felt a need to complain about a storyline, but I agree that how social workers have been portrayed is appalling. From how the social worker interacted with the family, through to the removal of the child- all of this was poorly portrayed and reinforced negative stereotypes of the social work profession.

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