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    Posted by Jeff (U13971268) on Monday, 20th October 2014

    Ta Jeff, that must be why I never noticed it smiley - smiley

    None the less / nonetheless (?) I shall obey the non-existent rule and watch the missing 15 to 1 on Monday as God intended

    Well, I didn't notice it either - it was my PVR* that did. I happened to notice it was recording, so turned it on to see what was happening smiley - smiley

    (My PVR often presents me with programmes I had set up and completely forgotten about.)

    * It has been discussed in another thread that not everyone is familiar with acronyms ( ) so for the benefit of those people this TLA means a Personal Video Recorder smiley - winkeye

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    Posted by PaulHammond (U5000908) on Monday, 20th October 2014

    I sometimes wonder in the final if some contestants think one answer has to come from each category. For instance, last night they woul've done much better to give three ice hockey teams. Kid Jensen reeled off 4-5 before settling on just one. 

    Well, they do explain it afresh every time! I think Kid Jensen didn't take on board the comment of his partner that the people surveyed would have been British, and therefore pretty largely ignorant even of very famous Canadian and American Ice Hockey teams.

    Seems a bit odd to be still calling him "Kid" when he must be about 60 now, just because he was the youngest on board one of those boats back in the 1960s, but I guess it did stick.

    I enjoyed the radio jingles, but as one of the professionals mentioned, they do sound a bit old fashioned now. i thought it was a shame David Archer and Jenni Murray went out first round, but that's because I listen to Radio 4 more than any of the other channels represented - excellent standard in that first round, though - I got "Malawi"!

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    Posted by Nick Brighton (U4274084) on Monday, 20th October 2014

    It did seem odd calling him 'Kid' .. I know a few years ago he became David Jensen ... then a few years ago he went back to David 'Kid' Jensen

    Let it go man smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Will Whitfoot (U5737993) on Monday, 20th October 2014

    Apologies if this has already been spotted, but series 12 starts next Tuesday.

    Not next Monday, funnily enough. The BBC moves in a mysterious way...

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    Posted by Nick Brighton (U4274084) on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (16 Hours Ago)

    I am dumfounded as to why we have had another batch of repeats so soon after the last lot

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    Posted by Kirsty90 (U2319212) on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (6 Hours Ago)

    a deserving couple today who were very thankful and glad they won, I remembered it vaguely and that they would get Paramaribo wrong as capital city of Surinam. But I forgot that they would win anyway smiley - smiley

    yes bring on new episodes for a long while now please

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    Posted by hollybeau (U13700692) on Tuesday, 21st October 2014 (5 Hours Ago)

    I am dumfounded as to why we have had another batch of repeats so soon after the last lot 

    Fills another slot and it don't cost a bean, talk about milking it.smiley - doh

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