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    Posted by Johnnymol (U14690244) on Monday, 13th December 2010

    I've just watched Jody Mcintyre being interviewed on BBC 24 Hr news. All I can say is that Jody came across as someone who wasn't going to be bullied either by those who attacked him on the rally or by some shoddy journalistic questioning.
    The BBC is always on the look out for new raw talent. I suggest they look no further than Jody....Brave, confrontational, raw, inspirational and a match for any bully.

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    Posted by Entranger (U14723679) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    Kevin bakhurst Blog now shut down

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Jelliss (U14666069) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    It's an absolute disgrace. First he insults us, then he ignores us when we complain, and now he's shut down the blog without a word.
    Great thing, democracy.
    Ofcom next.

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    Posted by MassiveFanDan (U14725120) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    I've complained to both Ofcom and the BBC themselves. I felt obliged to, I've never been so enraged by the blatant anti-protestor bias before. Bakhurst asking for comments, then closing the blog and running away when the comments are not to his taste, is the last straw. Does the BBC no longer have any integrity at all? Was it the David Kelly affair that destroyed their last vestiges of independence from government?

    I am sickened by their attitude.

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by jamjar (U14722685) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    Me too. It's crazy, they closed the blog and one of my comments was still not published, waiting for further consideration after more than two days!
    I am going to complain to Ofcom too, about Ben Brown and Bakhurst himself, after his latest kick in the face. Shameful conduct, both of them, but Bakhurst is particularly disappointing.
    If he thinks we're all going to quietly go away now he's closed the blog, he's got another thing coming.

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by Mark Pringle (U14723074) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    The BBC is really covering itself in glory on this one, isn't it. Closing the Bakhurst blog... what can one say?

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by Jelliss (U14666069) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    Oh I have plenty to say. Don't think it would be allowed though. smiley - winkeye

    My message is simple, forget about the BBC, bypass them. They're part of the establishment, and they will only ever look after themselves, this much is clear by now.
    Citizen journalism is the future, so arm yourself with cameraphones and upload to youtube. Expose the truth. The Jody McIntyre incident became newsworthy only because there was tangible proof of police brutality....

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Captain Mannering & Co (U10982993) on Thursday, 16th December 2010

    I've just watched Jody Mcintyre being interviewed on BBC 24 Hr news. All I can say is that Jody came across as someone who wasn't going to be bullied either by those who attacked him on the rally or by some shoddy journalistic questioning.
    The BBC is always on the look out for new raw talent. I suggest they look no further than Jody....Brave, confrontational, raw, inspirational and a match for any bully.

    I agree with most of what you say, but I do feel some concern over the way many posters on this board have pointed to Jody's intellectual ability as if he was feigning his disability to get sympathy for the student's cause.

    He obviously has a very good brain, and held his own extremely well in the BBC interview, but he does have a condition that seriously affects his psychomotor functioning, hence his need for the wheelchair.

    Having worked alongside the police for many years, and seen some worrying things during that time, I watched in disbelief when I saw how the police treated him.

    To then see the BBC trying to put blame on him, just added further to my disbelief.

    Even *if* he had committed an offence, there would be no justification for treating him as they did.

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    Posted by Nolan (U14724553) on Friday, 17th December 2010

    I too have complained to Ofcom.

    Closing the blog without explanation seem like a mistake. I don't understand why the BBC would do that and would be interested to hear the reason.

    Kevin Bakhurst said on his short blog post, "I am genuinely interested in hearing more from people who have complained about why they object to the interview. I would obviously welcome all other views."

    Well he has now heard many views, lets see what he and the BBC do about it.

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    Posted by gladney (U14724238) on Friday, 17th December 2010

    The BBC's behaviour over this matter has been shameful. Kevin Bakhurst's bog elicited well over 1,000 comments of which 99% were critical of the interview. The comment facility was then promptly shut down with no notice, ignoring all requests for a response from the BBC.

    The BBC is a public body, and this absolute contempt for viewers is disgraceful.

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    Posted by MassiveFanDan (U14725120) on Friday, 17th December 2010

    I hope they are still considering their position on this, and that some kind of apology (or even a meaningful justification of the interview, if one is possible) will be put forward soon. But I'm starting to doubt it.

    I haven't been here very long - do they ever comment on this messageboard about issues like this, or is it only done through The Editors' Blogs?

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    Posted by David (U14723977) on Monday, 20th December 2010

    At least two people have made Freedom of Information requests to the BBC seeking to determine inter alia (a) how many complaints the BBC received in respect of Ben Brown's interview with Mr Mcintyre and (b) the content of the many comments made in response to Bakhurst's blog that were removed because they were said to breach the house rules. In the two replies I have seen, the BBC has declined to answer these questions on the basis that the information need not be disclosed under the 200 Act because it was held for purposes of 'journalism, art or literature'.


    My guess is that the number of complaints must be higher than the estimate of 5000.

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by MassiveFanDan (U14725120) on Monday, 20th December 2010

    The number probably is higher than 5000. If a lot of the same people complained to Ofcom as well, we'll find out that way.

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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by David (U14723977) on Tuesday, 21st December 2010

    It may be that our faith in Ofcom was misplaced.

    BBC News Channel, 13 December, 8:15pm

    Thank you for contacting Ofcom about the above programme. We acknowledge viewers concerns that Ben Brown’s interviewing of Jody McIntyre was too robust, displayed a perceived bias, and was unfair to Mr McIntyre.

    While Ofcom can investigate complaints relating to a range of programme standards, in the first instance it is the broadcasters themselves who determine programme content, mindful of Ofcom rules.

    The Ofcom Broadcasting Code does contain rules relating to matters of due impartiality and accuracy in programmes. However, under the terms of the Communications Act the BBC is not licensed by Ofcom in the same way as the commercial broadcasters, and to reflect this situation a Memorandum of Understanding exists between Ofcom and the BBC Trust whereby the Trust regulates these areas rather than Ofcom.

    While the BBC is therefore ultimately accountable to the BBC Trust with regard to the issues you highlighted, including its handling of complaints about this issue, the BBC has a formal complaints process and your complaint should be escalated with them in the first instance, as outlined in the BBC’s complaints handling procedures on its website:

    Before contacting the BBC through that route, you may wish to view the following link to their website, in which the BBC News editor discusses recent complaints about the interview:

    It does remain open for Ofcom to investigate instances of unfair treatment or misrepresentation in television and radio programmes. However, the legislation in terms of the area of fairness and privacy does not permit Ofcom to consider complaints made by the general public on the behalf of participants in programmes, and can only entertain complaints of unfair treatment when they are brought to our attention by the those directly affected in the programme, in this case Jody McIntyre or his formal representative.

    While unable to pursue your compliant on this occasion, thank you nevertheless for taking the time to contact Ofcom on this matter


    So it seems that concerned viewers are back to the 'closed loop' - the Bakhurst link that invites responses but then stifles the voices of viewers (by closing the comments thread) and does not offer further feedback.. In theory there is the second stage complaints process but I cannot say I am optimistic. This is an eye-opener on the BBC that some of us are never going to forget!

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    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by Charley Farley (U7037023) on Tuesday, 21st December 2010

    What are you on about, why don't you make an official complaint to the BBC?

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