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Picture of Britain

A joy to watch and listen to. David Dimbleby is superb.


grandWinnie Jun 29, 2005

pathetic ceverage of glastonbury

Its 1.30 pm on Sunday, the sun is beaming down, and 250 miles away ...


brettjayb Jun 28, 2005

BBC Stops Tennis For ...

What on earth are the BBC playing at? Last night Roger Federer was ...


junicator Jun 28, 2005

What is the limit on BBC ...

Someone has recieved a reply from the BBC when complaining about ...


Johnoco Jun 28, 2005

007? That is not tennis....

Why did we have to see so much of Sean Connery on our screens when ...


AZebrasViewp oint Jun 28, 2005

BBC 3 / Burn It

sorry if already mentioned, but are the BBC going to release ...


marc82 Jun 28, 2005

Trouble in Store

I tried to watch this show but got completely lost because of the ...


AlaindeBunga y Jun 28, 2005

How GOOD did the Glastonbury ...

Last night, Primal Scream came to Glastonbury and saved it from ...


joob-joob Jun 28, 2005

Call My Bluff

I was flicking through the channels the other evening and ...


U1666977 Jun 28, 2005

Lenny Henry Show

The last one. Well in a way I'm glad because this format is just ...


Colin Cheesman Jun 28, 2005

The "N" Word....

A curious observation.Last weekend, ITV was showing Beverly ...


AtlanticMong rel Jun 28, 2005

short change down hill

I have watched the programme Short Change for many years and ...


Sigley123 Jun 28, 2005

Alan Yentob - How to Contact ?

Is there any way I can get in touch with Mr Yentob, whether by ...


Conrad3000 Jun 28, 2005

Trafalgar Celebrations

Thought the Trafalgar celebrations would be on TV tonight. Very ...


Mr Lambretta Jun 28, 2005

Can you get a full screen on ...

interactive service or is it just bunched up in the corner?


DENJOHNS Jun 28, 2005


has the newsreader Jane Hill gone???


Knowsley2 Jun 28, 2005


How long can the BBC carry on flogging this dead horse? ...


V for Vendetta Jun 28, 2005

Girl in the Cafe

On Sat night this felt a bit slow and contrived, with no great ...


ShillyShally Jun 28, 2005

Should there be commentry on ...

celebrations on the inter active service with news24 all I have ...


DENJOHNS Jun 28, 2005

Why so little coverage of the ...

Why was there was so much less coverage this year of the ...


AlexSteele Jun 28, 2005

Why do British Commentators ...

It does seem to be a peculiarly British thing and seems to ...


groovyBylco1 Jun 28, 2005


Excellent show on BBC last night. Did anyone else watch it? I ...


jonathan8442 004 Jun 28, 2005

BBC2 Series 1968-76 "THE EXPERT"

Does anyone know if the 62 part series "The Expert" is likely to ...


pjecrook Jun 28, 2005

BBC music coverage - ...

Watching Glastonbury coverage on BBC TV has highlighted a major ...


simon-sammak ko Jun 28, 2005

Wimbledon coverage

Who at the BBC is responsible for the scheduling? Federer and ...


hannho Jun 28, 2005

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