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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Dick and Dom

Just wanted to tell eveyone is now only13 hours and 24 minutes ...


Wicket W Warrick Sep 9, 2005


Hi All,I've never seen the show Neighbours discussed on here so ...


Jupiter606 Sep 9, 2005

English-biased football ...

Yesterday`s N.Ireland v England game was transmitted to the rest ...


newmyosotis Sep 9, 2005

The Simpsons Tonight

Yes, I know it's on Channel 4 but it is worth a thought.I wonder ...


Tim B Sep 9, 2005

ITV Lunchtime News

I'm rarely at home at lunchtimes, better things to do than watch ...


Doghouse Riley Sep 9, 2005

Eastenders Ruby and Stacey

I think Ruby and Stacey should have a love storyline in the ...


rainminstrel Sep 9, 2005

A week of dressing dangerously

A week of dressing dangerously has get to be the ultimate in cheap ...


judgedjc67 Sep 9, 2005

Come on you lot, what the ...

Does anyone know of the programme that was on daytime TV, in which ...


southgate2 Sep 9, 2005


I realise that the BBC has relaxed its dress code for television ...


tonytabs Sep 9, 2005

The Spy Who Stole My Life

C5, Weds. Could you believe all those dumb people being taken in ...


Chagrin Sep 9, 2005

Autumn Schedule Music

Can anyone tell me what the music playing over the preview of the ...


Ianro9 Sep 9, 2005

Horizon 9pm Thurs 8th

I am absolutely disgusted with the BBC for the forthcoming program ...


Geordie Driver Sep 9, 2005


Like a breath of fresh air. I look forward to the next 5 episodes.


AZebrasViewp oint Sep 9, 2005

Noel's House Party

I live in the US but when I was younger I leved in the ...


tarble Sep 9, 2005

Risking it All - Channel 4

I know its not BBC but the Channel 4 forums are dire.Did anyone see ...


mittens Sep 9, 2005

Q: BBC Three/Discovery Health ...

A: 7'Oclock News and Eastenders.7pm 7 O'clock ...


Bob Loblaw Sep 9, 2005

2 Pints overkill

I am copying this from another well known forum, so credits to ...


Bob Loblaw Sep 9, 2005

This program must be scrapped

I'm aware there has already been significant talk and I believe ...


charleyfarle y Sep 9, 2005

Tonight’s “Human Factors” ...

The “Human Factors” programme aka Horizon, returns with the same ...


ColinKnight Sep 8, 2005

Still Game ?

Can anyone answer if they know Stil Game can be shown from ...


flyingCeltic 1 Sep 8, 2005

BBC Presenters

Why do they seem to do so much voice over work for adverts? ...


Super-Mario Sep 8, 2005

John Motson - Please Save Us

Can the BBC get shut of John Motson? I have nothing against ...


TwoBitTwoBit Sep 8, 2005

Early doors

This series is so funny i'm wondering if there are any more ...


sugar2002uku k Sep 8, 2005

Simple questions ref "BYHTH"

Why is it acceptable for a man to be "trained" using dog training ...


Ossy Sep 8, 2005

Killer Chefs ?

I watched Ready,Steady Cook! on Monday only to see a chef commit ...


dommynicius Sep 8, 2005

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