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How ...

EastEnders is on for 28 minutes and it seems like an ...


Charlie Hellfire© May 3, 2005


Just flicking through my cable program guide and I noticed UK ...


ravinius May 3, 2005

Rugby Special (?)

Again Sunday stupidily late with no mention of an apology.There ...


spikeyback May 3, 2005

How ...

EastEnders is on for 28 minutes and it seems like an ...


Charlie Hellfire© May 3, 2005

Could WE get rid of the ...

The BBC could quite easily put the NEWS24 sign/logo in between the ...


DENJOHNS May 3, 2005

Carry On

Just watching Carry On At Your Convenience and saw another gag ...


Baiscne May 2, 2005

When is the final of ...

When is the final of University Challenge on?


eamonocallag han May 2, 2005

Tonights Real Story

I would like to congratulate the BBC Real Story with Fiona Bruce ...


misselliebel les May 2, 2005

Stew's Competition

The first person to get over to the 'Talk about BBC Radio' board ...


Stew May 2, 2005

Badminton horse trials broadcast

We live in the United States and have cable for television. My ...


dmyoungsal May 2, 2005

Rugby Special.

Sorry guys but this compilation is not working; at the last weekend ...


Snorbins May 2, 2005

Bank holiday programs

oh dear, the beeb have show all there usual films for a bank ...


Ambidextrous Scallywag May 2, 2005


What a load of tripe.I thought this Attenborough fellow was ...


MorningCoat© May 2, 2005

Kate Thornton

Did anyone notice Kate Thornton in Marrakesh, Morroco wearing a ...


double_noodl es May 2, 2005


Dammit.I saw 'Match Of The Day Live' on the banner as I was ...


Baiscne May 2, 2005

The Godfather

Yawn. But this is the most boring film I've watched since Chaplin. ...


MorningCoat© May 2, 2005


One of the best mafia films ever?tell me what you think


crackofdoom May 2, 2005

Scraping the barrel of ...

I'd better wear my crash helmet.......what on earth is ...


Yakkin May 2, 2005

BBC decides to review policy ...

I'm obviously not allowed to copy and paste half a story from a ...


Daryl Millar May 2, 2005

Looking for title of ...

hi,someone should be able to answer this one: i'm looking for ...


merien May 2, 2005

Britains Most Watched TV

1Dis wedding2Dis funeral3 Den and Anges wedding4Who shot JR


crackofdoom May 2, 2005

Programmes starting early

Why is it that when using my vidieo recorder, whose clock is ...


charmingoldc hris May 2, 2005

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Can anyone tell me if the tv series is being repeated (I ...


starryfifitr ix May 2, 2005

New Lottery programme

Absolute rubbish. The worst presenter I have seen in 45 ...


Hacked Off May 2, 2005

Snooker needs EIGHTY THREE ...

This excludes all the ex-pros contributions.Waiting for MOTD2 ...


DENJOHNS May 2, 2005

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