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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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American Apprentice

I was sorry to see Raj go this week. Ok he deserved to go but ...


lez Aug 26, 2005

The BBC 2 logo mounting dogs

If the rather crass BBC2 logo humping a poor unsusupecting dog ...


paulkelvin Aug 26, 2005

Animal Park

Delighted that this has been moved to the 6 o'clock slot. What a ...


BooBoo Aug 26, 2005

nighty nighty

When does nighty nighty start and is it the first series


td2005 Aug 26, 2005

Who Do You Think You Are?

Are we going to get a new series of 'Who do you think you are?' ...


TwoBitTwoBit Aug 26, 2005

Minority sports

There is a massive amount of sports coverage on television ...


wingsf7 Aug 25, 2005

I hate the BBC

Just thought I'd share that.And while I'm here, can anyone come ...


rich23434565 Aug 25, 2005

johnathan ross..the new simon ...

well i was born in 67 when dee time started and i can remember ...


myviewisvali d Aug 25, 2005


where does SHARON go to get her suntan?Looks like shes been done ...


greenterrace man Aug 25, 2005

People Power

If everyone refused to pay the licence fee 'en masse' and ...


TwoBitTwoBit Aug 25, 2005

He's Having A Baby ... oh dear

Hmm .. no matter what way the BBC spins this one "He's Having A ...


Absolutely Ticketyboo Aug 25, 2005

No more medical stuff ---- ...

There are three medical fly on the wall progs on this evening. ...


DaveMBA Aug 25, 2005

Calling Lisa Dunlop and Dads ...

...... at last someone had some sense!


Yakkin Aug 25, 2005

Modest Yushinsky

Extras is on tonight.


mittens Aug 25, 2005

Natasha got married

So bloody what....


Super-Mario Aug 25, 2005

Silent Witness

What a beautiful new series of 'Silent Witness'!! I regret that ...


Geodeet Aug 25, 2005

Best comedy award

Got to go without doubt to :- "HOLBY CITY"


Shropshire Lad Aug 25, 2005

James Dean: The World’s Most ...

A very well produced documentary containing archive photo and ...


Doghouse Riley Aug 25, 2005

Mental Health Humour

Could it be true? Could BBC 2 have finally stopped repeating Some ...


Chris Mac Aug 25, 2005


What has happen to our great soap 'Neighbours'the storylines have ...


goodTRAVIS Aug 25, 2005

Shooting starz

Dose anyone know if shooting starz will be back?


Suit-u-sir Aug 24, 2005


Hi everyone i know its the wrong channel but can anyone tell me ...


sherisgirl Aug 24, 2005

TOTP - Oliver's Army lyrics

Which line that I reprinted from the lyrics did you have a ...


U1158320 Aug 24, 2005

The Bobby Moore Story

The 'Bobby Moore' Story on BBC Four set to remindus all what a ...


goodTRAVIS Aug 24, 2005

News Items-The use of balmy ...

I do get cross when I see a news item being supported in the ...


bill_macd Aug 24, 2005

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