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Please take the quiz show eggheads off the air. During yesterdays ...


Nowayandy Aug 6, 2005

Tonight, at 10..

.. ITV 3, Scent of a Woman."Considering some of the ...


U1475441 Aug 6, 2005

What's happened to three?

I hope Stewart Murphy doesn't expect us to be happy with the ...


Maniac_Pony Aug 5, 2005

Daft drumming

Much to my delight there has been a flourish of letters in the ...


White Socks Aug 5, 2005

Freeview Advert

Can the BBC stop telling people that you plug in your box and ...


Wicket W Warrick Aug 5, 2005

Daniel Corbett appreciation ...

The man is a weather genius. He always cheers me up and I always ...


Heath1987 Aug 5, 2005

What you think of these guys? nks/1.htmlAgree with six of the ...


BooBoo Aug 5, 2005


This post has been removed.


idents360 Aug 5, 2005

The Smoking Room

Any opinions? I'm enjoying it a lot in a "people sitting around ...


Maybe Baby Aug 5, 2005

Catherine Tate BBC 2

What brilliant comedy lets have lots more of Gran ..superb.


cooltimberla nd Aug 5, 2005

Born & Bred

Was anyone else disappointed with the 'final' episode of Born & ...


SarahNaomi Aug 5, 2005

The Village TV Series

Does any one know if the BBC intend to repeat this great ...


Scott_the_Sc ot Aug 5, 2005


cerebral palsy may be an unusual addition to a comedy show, but i ...


arronger10 Aug 5, 2005


Last night's Extras was quite funny but can't help thinking ...


Maybe Baby Aug 5, 2005

Yet Again ...

So, there is yet another appeal for funds on TV, this time for ...


Joe Jones Aug 5, 2005

Trainee camera persons?

Did any one watch 'Should I worry about - jabs' last night? I ...


White Socks Aug 5, 2005

The New Adventures of Superman

Can I just thank the BBC for repeating this series on BBC2 on ...


m_sim_66 Aug 5, 2005

Death on the Staircase.

I'm getting rather hooked on this, has this show been broadcast ...


dontdoitbudd Aug 5, 2005


Why dont they show it on the BBC?I think everyone knows Channel 5 ...


Numpty Aug 5, 2005


Who is Birthdayblews?.Sounds like a new moderater


emtycee Aug 5, 2005

BBC Breakfast: News Priorities

Well another example of very odd editorial decisions today. ...


Tim B Aug 5, 2005

Bank of Mum and Dad

I usually do not watch 'reality' programs but decided to watch ...


Geordie Driver Aug 5, 2005

Ron Atkinson.

Surely, he's paid his dues by now, MoTD needs him like never before.


U1475441 Aug 5, 2005

Remake of Steptoe and Son

It struck me that the ideal characters to fill the roles ...


emtycee Aug 5, 2005

Sick of antiques shows

It is just me (in the style of Terry Wogan!) or is anyone else ...


tigger Aug 5, 2005

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