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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Saturday swings

I really like the idea of this show and the content was very ...


mrgodfrey Oct 2, 2005


Why are swear words bleeped out on Jonathan Ross's show? The ...


dickrowley Oct 2, 2005

Swinbging on a Saturday Night

At last we have a proper music programme.This was fabulous,I ...


tonysheila Oct 2, 2005

BBC ruled by women?

Saturday night viewing is no longer possible on BBC1 so I ...


Madam Cargoes Oct 2, 2005

distrested childred on ...

i was watching "dear television" and one of the topics was how ...


starmanut Oct 2, 2005

Old programmes

I've just been on a site called TV Heaven and read about an old BBC ...


jan_1234 Oct 2, 2005

The green green grass

Did anyone waych this show I have up to now but Friday show was ...


pitcairn1... . Lilles Oct 2, 2005


Get real, reality in the dreams of the producers.How many car ...


nodrog_gb Oct 2, 2005

Dr. Who - was it any good?

Now that all the fuss has died down about Dr. Who, we can have ...


jonathan8442 004 Oct 2, 2005

swing imposters

Why did the BBC spoil a grat programme Saturday Swins with ...


saintbuster Oct 2, 2005

Natasha & All singers - Sat Swing

Can I say, even though Natasha is looking lovely this evening, it ...


jhorne35 Oct 1, 2005

Little Europe

What a load of claptrap. Biased rubbish of the worst kind. It ...


frenchpat Oct 1, 2005

"Live" shows? Why the fibs?

When are the BBC going to stop trying to kid us all that the ...


katmar Oct 1, 2005

Children in Need ... No Gaby!

I've just heard that Gaby Roslin will NOT be co-hosting with Tel ...


GrampianScot Oct 1, 2005

Who plays 'Mickey's' ...

I managed to catch a glimpse of this nice-looking lass...What's ...


Conrad3000 Oct 1, 2005

Time Commanders

When is the next series due on BBC2? Bring it back! Its ...


justanotherb rutha Oct 1, 2005


I have followed question time for many years and the times the ...


majestichone ybun Oct 1, 2005

Entertainment is BACK!

Woooppeeee... a Saturday night music show...... I'd been ...


Yakkin Oct 1, 2005

Holby city - an insult to ...

I have just turned Holby City off. For ages the program has been ...


readingjerry Oct 1, 2005

Another 'Messiah'?

Is there going to be another one? I can't remember where I heard ...


dvdkate36 Oct 1, 2005

Spooks awful script

Did anyone else think the Spooks script was terrible. I can not ...


Follena Oct 1, 2005

Songs of Praise

Why keep bothering with this programme? As God quite clearly ...


thestevec Oct 1, 2005

good t.v.

Very good tv this week:- Casualty, Monarch of the Glen, Waking the ...


tvradio Oct 1, 2005

And it's (nearly) goodbye ...

Hi everyoneFor those who are not aware from messages I posted ...


Garry Oct 1, 2005

The Real Bangkok Hilton(July ...

Did any one tape this programme for their personal use?


The-Royal-Re v Oct 1, 2005

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