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BBC Mocks Religion and Bush

...........there is a lot of talk in the news today about George ...


AtlanticMong rel Oct 8, 2005

Programme Quality

Alf Garnet.Allo AlloDad's Army.Dick Emery.Fawlty ...


uniped Oct 8, 2005

Saturday Swings

I would like to say how much I enjoyed Satuday Swings last ...


goodTRAVIS Oct 7, 2005

American TV vs British TV

Hi everyone. Hoping I might be able to get some help from you ...


djshaiguy Oct 7, 2005

do you watch anything on ITV?

i cant remember the last time i wathced anything on ITV. It ...


semu_6 Oct 7, 2005

Fresh start bingo....

Count the number of 'fresh starts' that are made in Eastenders per ...


cybergroovyb abyyeah Oct 7, 2005

Utilising BBC3 For Sport

I think it would be idea to use BBC3 for sportsnot seen on the ...


U2130219 Oct 7, 2005

Another Great Night's TV

oh yeah, I am joking - it's absolutely dire on BBC and also ...


Chagrin Oct 7, 2005

Sonia Jackson for the axe...

Can anybody out there tell me the point in the character of Sonia ...


DazzlingDarr enDring Oct 7, 2005

Sharp intake of breath

Is it just me or does anyone find weather presenter Carol ...


halifaxtownf an Oct 7, 2005

Don't censor "Isræl & the ...

It's not the ONLY time that Bush claimed to hear ...


NYDaithi Oct 7, 2005

More4 vs. BBC Four

On the 10th of October, a new channel availible on Freeview, ...


afroman_74 Oct 7, 2005

To BBC News, God bless you all...

I think that BBC news has been harshly criticised on this forum ...


afroman_74 Oct 7, 2005


I know this show is on ITV, but I just want to know whether anyone ...


lauraknowles Oct 7, 2005

Afterlife ITV

Yeah, I know this is the BBC board! But just a heads up - I ...


BooBoo Oct 7, 2005

Bring Your Husband to Heel - ...

I have not seen any Black or Muslim Men on Bring your Husband ...


AtlanticMong rel Oct 7, 2005


Looking forward to watching the second series of this show. ...


lauraknowles Oct 7, 2005

Car Booty

Give a red card to the car boot programme and keep Flog It with ...


teuchtar Oct 7, 2005

This Week - anyone watch it?

This Week goes from strength to strength. Andrew Neil, who used ...


alan997 Oct 7, 2005

Love Soup - who commissioned ...

With the torrent of great observational comedy on radio 4 ...


OfficerDibbl e Oct 7, 2005

Last Night 'The Bill'

At last that Gabriel Kent got found out, although if the ...


lez Oct 7, 2005

Evening TV

Does anyone else agree that evening TV(especially between ...


Ollie_JL Oct 7, 2005

Horizon -- Omega3 -- nice ...

Congrats. Interesting program. Well presented.Nice to listen to ...


KeepScrollin g Oct 7, 2005

Waking the Dead - this week's ...

I watched both episodes all the way through and then at the end, ...


misswhybothe r Oct 7, 2005

So, farewell then Peter Snow...

Sad to see Peter will no longer be gesticulating his way through ...


Cheapjack Oct 7, 2005

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