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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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I am aware of the very small percentage that people from ...


Cpl Jones Jul 14, 2005

Another series of 'Cutting it'?

Does anybody know if there is to be another series. I think its a ...


skylar12xx Jul 14, 2005

Trying to remember the name ...

It was about the history of social control in the 20th century. It ...


Febo Jul 14, 2005

Open Golf scores

The way the scores at the bottom of the TV screen is shown, ...


aachibhat Jul 14, 2005

Anyone else find this funny?

I've just seen a story quoting the controller of BBC1, Peter ...


bainbo Jul 14, 2005

Bunking Off

Last nights program on truancy (BBC1) was interesting but ...


LizzyC Jul 14, 2005

To the ends of the earth.

Is this programme repeated b4 Nxt Wednesday I missed last nights ...


hase64 Jul 14, 2005


EastEnders is a wonderful show. I very much enjoy watching it. It ...


Abdul-RahimB orges Jul 14, 2005

Bertie Wooster Has Turned...

into the unsavoury, obnoxious, crippled and unshaven Dr House ...


Chagrin Jul 14, 2005

George Galloway on Newsnight

Did anyone else see Jeremy Whatshisname (the other one, not ...


JOHNinEDINBU RGH Jul 14, 2005

Top 50 golf moments last night

Don't know if anyone saw this at 6:00pm on BBC2 last night. A ...


pedrokelly Jul 14, 2005

what was theme song off bbc 2 ...

hi, can anyone help me out plz...what was the song for the ...


avs8888 Jul 14, 2005

The Daily Politics

The BBC's brave attempt at a DAILY politics show is pulled because ...


smockalleyca t Jul 14, 2005

Panorama - Hospital Cleaning ...

Well done! The most telling thing about this first program is the ...


Ilavabeer Jul 14, 2005

Mmm danone

I'm just idly watching Full on Food.Nice to see the chap from ...


MarlonBranfl akes Jul 13, 2005

Awful glastonbury coverage!

Did anyone else get seriously hacked off by the awful colin & ...


julain_oneil l Jul 13, 2005


They actually get pleasure out of killing!


Charlie Hellfire© Jul 13, 2005

JR's 'Four Poofs and a Piano'

You know I quite like old JR, floppy hair and all. Multi ...


Jaxle Jul 13, 2005

Panarama Tv Show on MRSA

When I hear someone utter NHS it instantly reminds me of my ...


bov Jul 13, 2005

Panorama/In vision sub-titles

Just to say thanks for the in-vision sub-titles.Programme ...


DENISS Jul 13, 2005

What's The Problem with Anne ...

How long do we have.?


tonytabs Jul 13, 2005

Sabine Schmidt/Top Gear

"I could beat that in a vaaan" - and she very nearly did! Give ...


DaveMBA Jul 13, 2005


12.7.2005 "Viewers switched off by BBC2" - BBC2 has lost 3 million ...


penelopecars tairs Jul 13, 2005

Driving while filming

Recently we've had Jeremy Clarkson in "Top Gear" and David Dimbleby ...


Baldock_John Jul 13, 2005

Lauren Bacall BBC1 10.50pm ...

A "heads up" for any "Film Noir" addicts like myself. Ms Bacall ...


Doghouse Riley Jul 13, 2005

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