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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Unknown celebrities

I just read that Carol Thatcher is going to be in "I'm A Celebrity ...


U1660397 Oct 24, 2005


Well this is the kind of thing i think the BBC needs more of. I ...


jammy Oct 24, 2005

A Thing Called Love

When you consider the number of times other programmes are ...


Doghouse Riley Oct 24, 2005

The Big Dig

Why on earth was The Big Dig axed? There was no information on the ...


wendyhsmith Oct 24, 2005

Untold London (Part of news ...

I'm not sure if other regions have done this, but I've just caught ...


Meemoo2 Oct 24, 2005

liking the new comedy on at 7pm

Finally a hilarious comedy on the BBC. Casualty @ Holby City was a ...


tonyjb35 Oct 24, 2005

bbc2 drama

i was wondering if anyone could remember the name of a bbc 2 ...


thelovelykat herine Oct 24, 2005

Trafalgar 200 on BBC2, Sunday

This program (8.00pm on Sunday) was a badly presented, rambling ...


newDavid_J Oct 24, 2005

DNA Update / Downtime Notice

This site will be unavailable from around 0700 BST on Tuesday, 25th ...


Doug Oct 24, 2005

Efficency Savings Suggestion

Here's a thought for you BBC.Why bother increasing the licence ...


GrampianScot Oct 24, 2005

Ruby Allen and Johnny Allen

What do you lot think about Ruby Allen smashing up the ...


modestyushin sky Oct 24, 2005

Peggy Mitchell - Glad she is back

I am really happy to see Peggy back in Eastenders she really is ...


Candy_lover Oct 24, 2005

the big dig

you put a good program on like the big dig for three days then come ...


computerized bluenose Oct 24, 2005


How many more storylines will there be about a child ...


modestyushin sky Oct 24, 2005

carrie & barry

A partially funny show, the funniest being the two girls, I ...


double n Oct 24, 2005

The big dig

Why was the big dig replaced by something else on Friday? I ...


youngmissie Oct 24, 2005

Bruce Forsyth

Why cant we vote Brucie off instead of the dancers. He ...


sweetbenjami n Oct 24, 2005

On Newsnight Tonight - Cow Power

Just received an e-mail from the BBC about tonight's ...


The Researche... Oct 24, 2005

How do I complain about a BBC ...

Sorry folks especially those outside London.But I have been ...


Saffron3 Oct 24, 2005

X Factor!!!

i know the bbc has nothing to do with this but...How those 4 guys ...


pulla0 Oct 24, 2005

Have I got news for you - ...

Don't you think it's wrong having Michael Aspel presenting Points ...


thelovelyMag gieM Oct 24, 2005

christmas bbc1

anyone know what is going to be on this year


yossi15 Oct 24, 2005

Family Guy/American Dad

Yay to BBC2 for showing these top cartoons.


Dame Bouncy ... Oct 24, 2005

Peggy Mitchell and Billy Mitchell

Why doesn't Peggy Mitchell like Billy Mitchell? Peggy Mitchell ...


modestyushin sky Oct 24, 2005

The Alzheimers Channel

ITV3 - what happened? It started off just great, showed a lot of ...


Chagrin Oct 24, 2005

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