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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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whats your problem

if you all hate bbc so much then why do you watch it or go on ...


hammerman360 Jul 26, 2005


for all of you stargate fans, who do not have sky, the following ...


Ambidextrous Scallywag Jul 26, 2005


Having greatly enjoyed the David Dimbleby programme, A Picture of ...


philmcd50 Jul 26, 2005

bbc1 idents

people that hate the dancing idents of bbc1 ant want the ...


hammerman360 Jul 26, 2005


........blimey it's gonna be a bleak Christmas in the Square, ...


Yakkin Jul 26, 2005

Abroad again in Britain. ...

The Church of England has done much to deserve the comments of ...


gillibrand Jul 26, 2005

The Stig

I was watching some old episodes of topgear on UKTV. there was ...


Lucy_89 Jul 26, 2005

Britain's Finest Treasures

1. Doomsday Book2. Magna Carta3. Crown JewelsPersonally I think ...


modestyushin sky Jul 26, 2005

Question of 'Sport?'

I was recently watching a BBC quiz show which appeared to be some ...


GRINDALD Jul 25, 2005

A nice touch by the BBC

BBC West and BBC South were allowed to "opt out" at 7pm ...


DENISS Jul 25, 2005

BBC.. you are the Weakest ...

Well done BBC for producing and inflicting on us yet another ...


BooBoo2 Jul 25, 2005


After the tragic shooting on the Tube a couple of days ago, will ...


jonathan8442 004 Jul 25, 2005

Friends, Friends!

Did you watch Friends? an excellent sitcom from US. in my ...


Redy Jul 25, 2005

State of TV

What has happened to our TV viewing? Big Brother-again, with ...


Grumpy Jul 25, 2005

Dealing with Dickinson

This week's show was far more entertaining than the first of ...


annvelo Jul 25, 2005

About David Dickenson

Accidently i watched the money-antiques-programm led by ...


vryheid Jul 25, 2005

News in your face!

I am perhaps at a time in my life when I am about to say 'enough ...


bill_macd Jul 25, 2005

EastEnders Queen Vic Licensee

Does the Queen Vic and its regulars live in a different ...


hershamroy Jul 25, 2005


I was watching casualty last night i was wondering what everyone ...


Mad-Tris Jul 25, 2005

ruining david dickinson

i was looking forward to this prog. but them i saw the ...


Stephen Jones - ... Jul 25, 2005

Daily Politics - Daisy ...

I had to say something on this, its sadden news that the lovely ...


jhorne35 Jul 25, 2005


Coast was a great show it was really interestingBUT.... who ...


palmermart Jul 25, 2005

ITV's Lottery Quiz... Is it Fair?

Question: Do ITV actually buy 100,000 lottery tickets for ...


BooBoo2 Jul 25, 2005


I'm soooooooo excited. I know it's not Beeb, but it's ...


Dame Bouncy ... Jul 25, 2005

Clarkson on totp

finally someone who isnt too scared to point out that ...


Ambidextrous Scallywag Jul 25, 2005

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