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House Programmes

Sorry if this subject has already been discussed. Why are the beeb ...


mvs803 Jun 21, 2005

Women's Euro Football

I've no objection to women's football being screened ...


Doghouse Riley Jun 21, 2005

Cuttingt It

Does anyone know what the music/song was at the end of ...


Sample Jun 21, 2005

Tourists from Hell

m so ashamed to be british when I see these things. Why are we ...


lez Jun 21, 2005

traffic cops

having watched the program since the start I know that the ...


yozroz Jun 20, 2005

Wimbledon ad nauseam

Yes...I know it's that time of year Wimbledon, but do we have ...


Cpl Jones Jun 20, 2005

Top Gear

Let's get one thing straight from the outset, I like Top Gear. ...


Geordie Driver Jun 20, 2005

wimbledon trailer

I see the BBC has had to apologise for this - shouldn't it ...


egrvdf Jun 20, 2005

Tails from Grease...

Was it my ears? I really don't think so...In Tales from Greece, ...


dr_walpurgis Jun 20, 2005

BBC Scoreboard

As ever watching Wimbledon so far i'm enjoying the coverage but ...


i_ammartin Jun 20, 2005


I just want to say what a brilliant programme Springwatch ...


JVince Jun 20, 2005

Panorama and weed.

I'm glad that someone is taking this issue seriously at last. ...


U1475441 Jun 20, 2005

Big Ears, Long Arms who cares ...

I am so pleased that Andrew Marr will be taking over from ...


poppy Jun 20, 2005


whats with the new way the score is displayed in the top left ...


marinejake Jun 20, 2005

Weather forecast debacle

Thousands of complaints over the new graphics have been made yet ...


newmyosotis Jun 20, 2005

Boris Becker In His Own ...

Anybody see this, just been on BBC1. There was some revealing ...


Charlie Hellfire© Jun 20, 2005

The Apprentice

Please can someone explain why on earth the beeb have decided to ...


madvixen Jun 20, 2005

Ross Kemp on Gangs

This is a very disturbing insite into how many people live and ...


lez Jun 20, 2005

What's the Problem? With Anne ...

Apart from the question mark seemingly being in the wrong ...


Corsican Bride Jun 20, 2005

Rolf Harris - catch yerself on!

Just wanted to say that I thought it was great to see Rolf Harris ...


montygem Jun 20, 2005

saturday night

Saturday night t.v has gone back to the same boring telly ...


scorpiorosem ary Jun 20, 2005

A Picture of Britain

I enjoyed the program but why did it come to Scotland in the ...


GEMILLAR Jun 20, 2005

Don't Panic, I'm Islamic

Propaganda? or Just Misleading?I have just watched 'Don't Panic, ...


DrRobJ Jun 20, 2005

No T.V license requires

If the T.V runs on internal batteries and they MUST BE ...


boyoboyo Jun 20, 2005

Caniballed Classics

Increased advertising means ITV are routinely butchering the ...


Chagrin Jun 20, 2005

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