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stagger lee Oct 28, 2005


is coming to an end. I hope you have a new series ready, NOW !! ...


wildsagebrus h Oct 28, 2005

Music on 'Egypt' Advert

Can anyone tell me what the piece of choral music used on the ...


TwoBitTwoBit Oct 28, 2005

Trevor McDonald

Now there is another mystery why this guy endures.Can someone ...


Sine Wave Oct 28, 2005

The Big Dig

For those who care (and started the thread a few pages back), ...


Ponty_Cyclop s Oct 28, 2005

Where are all the "Bodies"?

I am new to this site so I apologise if this question has ...


MrsSeabass Oct 28, 2005

Pat's Tardis

Where are they all sleeping?I thought all the houses had 3 ...


LadyLou Oct 28, 2005

The leather jackets return

Well that's it then.Theyr'e back amid all the hype.How convenient ...


LadyLou Oct 28, 2005

Thursday's BBC2 programme on ...

What a disppointing programme this turned out to be. The questions ...


ascotmadgran ny Oct 28, 2005

Award show last night

How did Jamie get that black eye, anyone know?


vee123 Oct 28, 2005

BBC Parliament - quote of the ...

Tanni-Grey Thomson giving evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport ...


wonderapr1co t Oct 28, 2005

Question Time Audience

According to the office of national ...


ravinius Oct 28, 2005


The most enjoyable cookery programme on TV just now is ...


sweetbenjami n Oct 28, 2005


Its the last one on tuesday!!! I think I'm going to cry....Its ...


lauraknowles Oct 28, 2005

Claudia Winkleman

is always going on about forums on it takes two, what forums i ...


ThePurpleAng el Oct 28, 2005

Sports Magazine Programme

How about a sports magazine programme on BBC2or BBC3 ...


U2130219 Oct 28, 2005

whats the best

bbc1,bbc2,itv1,channel 4 or five


moore6 Oct 28, 2005

What's the definition of a TV ...

Having sat through the last hour of the excruciatingly ...


BillysNewBoo ts Oct 28, 2005

NTA Awards The Ashes

Once again the english take the limelight and steal the stage to ...


GREEN5631 Oct 28, 2005

Underground Britain Looks ...

I doubt anyone here's a fan but tonight's episode on BBC2 ...


Minkiesmum Oct 28, 2005

More good use of our Licence Fee

Just read this in a magazine:"A good week for Davina McCall. ...


Dame Bouncy ... Oct 28, 2005

Songs of Praise Top Twenty ...

I thought last night's programme was superb. I am really looking ...


Fawdoffshed Oct 28, 2005


Seeing as there are thousands of classic and contemporary films ...


muskadash Oct 28, 2005

Auntie Jazeera TV a GOOD Idea

The new World Service TV broadcasts to the middle east ...


Little Richardjohn Oct 28, 2005

Poverty in the UK

I’ve just seen on the BBC 6pm news a single mother with two kids ...


Victor Mildew Oct 28, 2005

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