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The End of TV Commercials?

Have you all heard of those digital video recorders that ...


yportne_desr ever Jun 16, 2005

Wild about Kate Humble

It was good to see the Nature programme back again and to be ...


poppy Jun 16, 2005

Spring Watch

BBC, please, please, please bring back Spring Watch as a seasonal ...


sharon Jun 16, 2005

Cutting Edge

Just watching Cutting Edge (The F***ing Fulfords). It is SO ...


BooBoo Jun 16, 2005

Room 101 Gordon Ramsey

Well done to Paul Merton for making this so called "celebrity ...


Mikeyteach Jun 16, 2005

American version of the Office

Did anyone else watch this? I'm not sure if it really works ...


lez Jun 16, 2005

Simon King's Hat

Simon King, the chap with the ludicrously round head who ...


yportne_desr ever Jun 16, 2005

Filthy House Programme

That programme that's on at lunchtime with a neat clean ...


cottagedwell er Jun 16, 2005

Ask the Family - Don't ditch ...

BBC executive Roly Keeting has now admitted (politely) that Dick & ...


jonathan8442 004 Jun 16, 2005

House - 10pm - Tonight - Five

Hugh Laurie's eagerly-awaited hospital drama/comedy thingy. ...


MorningCoat© Jun 16, 2005

Vic & Bob - Catterick

Enjoyed Vic & Bob's 'Catterick', however, I need to see more of ...


squiffymiffy Jun 16, 2005

Selling at Auction shows

Brilliant idea to do auction shows. The idea has just about ...


nicelight Jun 16, 2005

Trooping the Colour

I thought the BBC prided itself on getting its facts right, but on ...


fedupofbp Jun 16, 2005

The Aprentice - Music?

Hi, does anybody know how I can get the music form the ...


ianripping Jun 16, 2005

No pun intended...

Although I enjoy the format of and ideas behind programmes like ...


Bubble-Bomb Jun 16, 2005

lenny henry show

after listening and watching him on Friday evening making fun of ...


robstrat Jun 16, 2005

Erotic thrillers-a good way ...

Since C5 dropped its late night erotic thrilers, the market for ...


radioactiveb atman Jun 16, 2005

Funny Money...

Programme change, 7pm to 8pm, BBC1 this evening, just seen it, and ...


Bethgem Jun 15, 2005

Documentary presentation style

We do understand that a show has to appeal to as wide an audience ...


nicelight Jun 15, 2005

Quiz shows

Is there anyone else getting a little bored with seeing the ...


NapoleanDyna mite Jun 15, 2005

Suger Rush CHANNEL 4

Being a teenage girl is tough. Being an un-cool, 15-year-old ...


newtopgun Jun 15, 2005


I am heartily sick and tired of every time someone on a ...


doctor who junkie Jun 15, 2005

Royal Thermal Ascot @ York

What a chilly day to have the fashions paraded although I must ...


Yakkin Jun 15, 2005

Who was the sniviling reporter

on the wiltshire press conference?Not sure if it was a ...


DENJOHNS Jun 15, 2005

WILL ITV BRING ITV5 show you ...

if itv bring itv5 cud bring you the verybest of ITV 1-2-3-4 and ...


newtopgun Jun 15, 2005

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