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DIck & Dom

Its been announced that Ask the Family has been dropped, which ...


Saint Will Jun 8, 2005

Fat Families - Tonight, 8.30, ITV

LOL!Prime time? I can hear somebody scraping a (big) barrel.


modestyushin sky Jun 8, 2005

Is there a BBC bias in ...

I don't want to question the inherent tragedy involved in any ...


RichardXXVII I Jun 8, 2005

why are we

subjected to the england wimmins game on BBC2, but the english ...


hula|||hoops Jun 8, 2005

Fed up with daytime ...

The worst offenders being the weakest link, cash in the ...


marblewakeup Jun 8, 2005

In Defence of the Weakest Link

I know it's not popular on here but I for onme love the Weakest ...


lez Jun 8, 2005

Bill Oddie beats Rebecca Loos

Great to se that that Wild-life program with Bill Oddie has ...


lez Jun 8, 2005


Conviction, the best BBC drama in living memory (certainly since ...


witchfinder_ general Jun 8, 2005

Hamish MacBeth

Heaven - watching this on UK Gold I'd forgotten just how good it ...


dippitydooda h Jun 8, 2005

mirror signal manoevre

how comforting it is to know that there is now another ...


tifinn Jun 8, 2005


Anyone watch any of this on Sky last night? Watched a few ...


BooBoo Jun 8, 2005

WOW! The colours!!

Just watching BBC2, the colours in the desert in Syria are just ...


BooBoo Jun 7, 2005

Holby City & Cutting It.

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


Mr.Boo and all the ... Jun 7, 2005

Dead Ringers

I have missed the first few episodes of this latest series ...


JudgeTim91 Jun 7, 2005

The Music from a part of ...

During the article on Swifts in Springwatch last night(Mon 6th ...


Wizzoh Jun 7, 2005

No Lions Rugby shown on BBC TV!!!

Please tell me I'm wrong but I have searched and searched to ...


madaboutrugb y Jun 7, 2005

The Daily Politics

Totally ruined by the invasive idiotic questioning of Andrew ...


markmyword49 Jun 7, 2005

Real Story.... last night BBC!

What on earth was that all about changing the intended edition ...


Yakkin Jun 7, 2005

Doctors Daytime Soap

What on earth is going on with doctors , I'm not a massive fan, ...


Thomas O_Mally Jun 7, 2005

strictly dance fever

absolutely fantastic - its such a shame that there should be a ...


olivier1uk Jun 7, 2005

Celebrity Love Island

I am sick of people slagging off Celebrity Love Island.Some of ...


JudgeTim91 Jun 7, 2005

Star Portraits with Rolf Harris

What an excellent programme. It really is sad that although ...


Willum from ... Jun 7, 2005

SpringWatch on BBC2

Well, I was unfortunate enough to have this on for two seconds and ...


rich23434565 Jun 7, 2005

Brave New World - Last Night, ...

A truly terrible film adaptation of Aldous Huxley's masterpiece! ...


modestyushin sky Jun 7, 2005

Ross Kemp Gangs Program

This is a really well made documentary, really scary though!


lez Jun 7, 2005

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