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At last some class on the tv,pity its not the bbc showing it


crackofdoom Apr 30, 2005

Ruby Allen and Johnny Allen

Where do you lot think this story about Johnny Allen telling Ruby ...


MorningCoat© Apr 30, 2005

Strictly Dance Fever

How embarrassing it is to see the BBC trying to turn Arlene ...


Jonathan Apr 30, 2005

Anyone watch british medical ...

If you do, whats your opinion about them? Do you think holby ...


studentme Apr 30, 2005

University challenge

Can anyone tell me if this year's UC final has been played ...


lufijdfurcic on Apr 30, 2005

Short Circuits Grand Final

Just for laughs, they're racing scale model trucks on a model of ...


ColinKnight Apr 30, 2005


I thought that Eastenders was getting a bit shitty lately but ...


Jonathan Apr 30, 2005




Charlie Hellfire© Apr 30, 2005

Sex sells?.. Not for Channel 4

Channel 4I mean, Is it getting saucier or am I getting ...


watchcat Apr 30, 2005


What happened to Countryfile yesterday! Has the programme ...


jimmartin81 Apr 30, 2005

9th May 2005

Hopefully a day when BBC TV can start the recovery from a ...


ColinKnight Apr 30, 2005

Have I Got News For You

A couple of comments re: programme on 29th April 2005:1. Ian ...


mahitamia Apr 30, 2005

Ray Mears Bushcraft

Ray Mears Bushcraft is excellent viewing i try and watch as often ...


princetrank Apr 30, 2005

This Is The Last Post Of The Day

Ha ha ha!


MorningCoat© Apr 30, 2005

Have I Got News For You

Julia Hartley-Brewer, eh? Know what I mean?


MorningCoat© Apr 30, 2005

"Supernanny" type programmes

Does anyone actually watch these, and put the ideas into practise? ...


Red Squirrel Apr 30, 2005

Survival on ITV3

A chance finding early this morning, which was a prime ...


ColinKnight Apr 30, 2005

Snooker Audiences

I've always wondered whether these people are either unemployed or ...


Conrad3000 Apr 30, 2005

5th Gear v Top Gear

Once upon a time, Top Gear had some credibility.BBC please take ...


U1475441 Apr 29, 2005

A Year at Kew

Anyone know what music they played a few times during tonights ...


Cloudmaster Apr 29, 2005

Question Time

Will we be allowed to comment on this program tonight ?


Lazyleigh Apr 29, 2005

Naughty words from the BBC

Is this an appropriate web page for the BBC to put ...


Mr.Boo and all the ... Apr 29, 2005

banner messages and other ...

Why does the BBC think we have the attention span of a goldfish? ...


eRational Apr 29, 2005

French And Saunders: At The ...

BBC DVD finally being released in June :0)...classics such as: ...


SAFs_Hairdry er Apr 29, 2005

Next Wednesday's Apprentice

Not sure if I understand the format for the upcoming final. ...


miaviv Apr 29, 2005

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