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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Gizmomoo 3 Days Ago

Tales From The Tour Bus: Rock ...

Tonight on BBC4, 21:00Rock legend and tour bus aficionado Rick ...


Turner 4 Days Ago


is it just me or has there be a job lot of cobalt blue material ...


shoebox 4 Days Ago

super league show..

Can somebody at the BBC please explain what happened to this ...


wolfie 4 Days Ago

Happy Valley - New Detective ...

Tuesday 29th April9pmBBC1Catherine Crowther (Sarah Lancashrie) is a ...


Dame Bouncy ... 4 Days Ago

Song on Trailers for 1864

Who is the female singer and what is the song on trailers for BBC ...


DW 4 Days Ago

BBC don't read the message ...

I am a newby to POV message boards upset 'Banished' was to be ...


Carmel 4 Days Ago

Saturday Kitchen 23.5.15

John Torode was awful presenting in James' place this week - ...


Caroline 4 Days Ago

Breakfast-bill ...

I started watching this part through as the tone of the ...


miketherocke r 4 Days Ago

Homes under the hammer + one !!!

Morning allI had a shock this morning when all settled with my ...


didee 4 Days Ago

BBC Website?

Why is the BBC website on Windows devices defaulting to the ...


Brennan1948 4 Days Ago

Chelsea coverage

I was looking forward to this (as I do every year), but every year ...


Hilary 5 Days Ago

VE Day 70: A Party To ...

Absolutely loved this BBC, thank you. A clever way of bringing ...


Myles4291 5 Days Ago

Joe Swift on Chelsea

Dear BBC,I have no doubt that Joe Swift is a professional, and ...


John Jackson 5 Days Ago

Storyville - K2 The Killer Summit

Was broadcast earlier this month, I haven't seen a thread for it ...


me_the_first 5 Days Ago

Wild Arabia

Anyone else watch the first part of this three part ...



full frontal nudity...

On BBC 1 at 4pm on a Saturday afternoon...What's going ...


wolfie 5 Days Ago

Match of the Day Refereeing Input

Why does MOTD & its sister programmes not provide a more ...


BRP26 5 Days Ago

Question Time 14-05-2015

Why are the BBC giving so much airtime to Nigel Farage. he ...


The Sweep 5 Days Ago


seriously looking forward to this this week...I hope it lives up ...


wolfie 5 Days Ago

Wellington the Iron Duke

The problem with documentaries like this is that they become so ...


shivfan 5 Days Ago


Saturday 28th September8:25pmBBC1Atlantis: a ...


Dame Bouncy ... 5 Days Ago

Great British Menu

Is there going to be a Great British Menu series for 2015 and ...


BlackWidow 5 Days Ago

Why axe Atlantis?

I could not believe after watching last Saturdays cliffhanger ...


zachariah568 5 Days Ago

Italian cooking...

.....instead of 'Daily Politics' .... Where is 'Daily ...


minimetto 5 Days Ago

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