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Strictly Come Dancing

I think tonight was great . It has a last kicked off with the magic ...



Our Zoo

Wednesday September 3rdBBC19pmThe true story of the man who ...


Dame Bouncy ... 2 Days Ago

Are WE back to a Harmonious ...

IF the last week is anything to go by, sense of humour which ...


EggOnAStilt 2 Days Ago

WATCHDOG..... 16.10.14

Has AR had her teeth glued together? I bet that bloke ...


zelda 2 Days Ago

Have I Got News For You - ...

This long-running, politically satirical quiz show returns to ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

New tv programme idea - Pimp ...

Hi! What do you think about new tv programme Pimp my song on bbc?in ...


Dima 3 Days Ago

Foggy scenes in dramas

After all the problems with poor sound quality we are now being ...


michael 3 Days Ago

Mastermind sharing 15 to 1 ...

So last night, one of the questions on Mastermind related ...


Geoff_Mack 3 Days Ago

Swearing and equations on BBC2

What was otherwise quite an interesting 'Horizon' programme ...


Sparky 3 Days Ago

Ray Mears Making of America

I'm so glad they're repeating the Ray Mears series on the making ...


jennyj 3 Days Ago

Is Everything We Know About ...

This evening's edition of Horizon investigates an incredibly ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Citizen Khan - Series 3

The show dividing the country in two is back. Friday 31 October, ...


brawn23gp 3 Days Ago

Dad's Army movie cast announced

Can we start a petition to stop this ...


Bonamai 3 Days Ago

Photography on Great British ...

I am so disappointed that when watching The Great British Bake ...


tjp 3 Days Ago

Abolish Points of View

Have seen a few recent episodes of this show, It doesn't seem to ...


Geoff_Mack 3 Days Ago

TONIGHT BBC4 22.00 Jeff ...

On a sunny day in September, Jeff Lynne, head honcho of 70s ...


monic1511 3 Days Ago

Question Time 16/10/2014

Newbury appears to have escaped the political and constitutional ...


Thuban 3 Days Ago

The Film Review Programme - ...

It has really good and pleasing to see both the very competent Anna ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

To All Jeff Lynne & ELO Fans!!

If you missed the recent Hyde Park concert shown on the Red Button, ...


deliacooks 4 Days Ago

John Lydon on This Week?

Did we really need this man on a serious political show?Between ...


Semisatanic 4 Days Ago

The Farage Factor - Panorama

In this evening's edition of Panorama, investigative reporter ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

Reasons why Peaky Blinders is ...

Story: 5%Cillian Murphy's face: 10%Soundtrack: 85%Who agrees ...


FreddieBird 4 Days Ago

Jimmy Savile

Is it really necessary to show endless clips of Savile every ...


figgy 4 Days Ago

Great British Sewing Bee ...

Can't find another thread on this. Three episodes of celebrities ...


JanetDoe 4 Days Ago

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

REJOICE! Open selection announced!


brawn23gp 4 Days Ago

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