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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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BBC Drama, starring Douglas Henshall, when is it going to be ...


moondust123 2 Days Ago

Brucie has left Strictly

Thank goodness for that!Now, who should replace him?.....


March Hare 2 Days Ago

The Great British Rake Off

Officially called 'The Big Allotment Challenge', this six ...


Oldends 2 Days Ago

Panorama - Don't Cap My Benefits

There is another edition of Panorama being shown on BBC One ...


The Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Ripping Yarns

The wonderful 'Ripping Yarns' begins on BBC4 on Thursday 3rd ...


meet the wife 3 Days Ago

The One Show

Or is it the Richard Maddely SHow, Maybe I'm wrong but I felt that ...


tickledpink 3 Days Ago

Eurovision Song Contest 2014

I just thought I'd start an early discussion on the subject of the ...


Johnnymol 3 Days Ago

Little Green Cars on Jules ...

It would be great to see Little Green Cars on Jules Holland, ...


Christiane 3 Days Ago

Background music

Can the BBC please remove the need to put in background music when ...


sarahgravest ock 3 Days Ago

Cheaply Made And Dull Docusoaps

Why has the hierarchy at the BBC gradually decided to, now, fill ...


The Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Sky at NIght - The story of ...

I was intrigued by this but within seconds i am tempted to switch ...


Pancho Wilkins 3 Days Ago

Ian Hislop's Older Days

In this new three-part series, the current editor of Private Eye, ...


The Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 3 Days Ago

BBC Live coverage

I know that this is not actually a "TV programme" as such but it ...


saraphina 3 Days Ago

MI High

I'm somewhat embarrassed to say I'm watching this, but I have ...


brawn23gp 3 Days Ago

Question Related To the USA ...

Why does pointless have so many questions about the USA. It is ...


Mr B P 3 Days Ago

The Beeb abroad

To my horror,I have just been informed BBC TV is no longer ...


Peter E 3 Days Ago

Trenches and barbed wire.

Dan Snow explains the rationale for trenches and barbed wire on ...


John 3 Days Ago

Porn: What's the Harm?

Jameela Jamil finds out if it's true that children are being ...


Tweeet 3 Days Ago

Monkey Planet BBC1 9.00pm

Fantastic! Not just the usual monkeys and apes but some I'd ...


GrannyB 3 Days Ago

BBC Two 50th Anniversary

BBC 2 has several programmes starting this weekend to ...


germinator 3 Days Ago

The Crimson Field

This long-awaited programme is proving to be a disappointment. ...


Patricia 3 Days Ago

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host 3 Days Ago

Walking the Dead

The aim of the game: a fun play on words relating to the title of a ...


alex_host 4 Days Ago

Sue Townsend - Rest In Peace

It is, indeed, very sad news to learn that the renowned author ...


The Polemicist 4 Days Ago

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