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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Touched By Auschwitz

Wonderful documentary, probably the best I've seen so far on the ...


Turner 2 Days Ago

The Great British Sewing Bee BBC2

At first I thought this was an April fool but no the BBC have ...


man-in-the-m oon 2 Days Ago

Pets -Wild at heart. Animal ...

I've enjoyed the BBC's "Pets - Wild at heart". It was a ...


CollachLoon 2 Days Ago

Smiley's People 6 Jan 2015

Smiley's People Episode 1 of 6Tue 6 Jan 201522:00BBC FourMadame ...


Guv-nor 2 Days Ago

How they done

I just heard Fiona Bruce talking about Apple. And she said "this ...


Andrea Stout 2 Days Ago

Has evidence undermined religion?

Well I think that's the real question that was under ...


ashleyhr 3 Days Ago

Holocaust Rememberance

This was a great event but as a Romany I felt that once again we ...


stephen ronaldson 3 Days Ago

muskteers v FOOTBALL?

As a 'older, female living in Scotland' can I just say how ...


lizem36a 3 Days Ago

Into a volcano on BBC Two x2k5Kate Humble: into the ...


ashleyhr 3 Days Ago

The Super Rich And Us - ...

In this two-part series television reporter, Jacques Peretti, ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Reality in silent witness ...

Am I the only one to notice that after stabbing at close range in ...


Geoff 3 Days Ago

Iolo's Great Welsh Parks - ...

Great episode. Especially as I have previously visited today's ...


ashleyhr 3 Days Ago

Can anyone help me?

I think there was a programme on the BBC in 1996 called Pioneers ...


Lou 3 Days Ago

The Graham Norton Show

I've been watching the Graham Norton religiously for a good ...


Kieran Elliott 3 Days Ago


I thought this was an excellent half hour programme aimed at ...


Maggie Weston 3 Days Ago

American Weather News

Can anyone explain the BBC's obsession with the weather in ...


EddieCaulfie ld 3 Days Ago

Bluestone 42 BBC3 10pm ...

For some reason this appeals to me, a comedy drama about bomb ...


Phil-ap 3 Days Ago

David Starkey's Magna Carta

Just watched this programme, which was wonderful except for the ...


John Oliver 3 Days Ago

Background music

I have just watched the Antiques Road Show on mute - This is ...


mad mad world 3 Days Ago

Father Brown Deserves A ...

I'm a newcomer to Father Brown, I just by chance saw one episode ...


Charlie95 3 Days Ago

Some Classic Comedy Repeats

Starting next Monday on BBC2 at 3.40,not sure how long for,but ...


puppydogeyes 3 Days Ago

Urban Bias

I am a young person who lives in a rural area. For the most part I ...


careba2010 3 Days Ago

The Children of the Holocaust

This modest, part-animated programme of child survivors' ...


mjr999 3 Days Ago

Nature's Boldest Thieves

Really enjoyed this programme but found it just in time to watch ...


Tweeet 3 Days Ago

Call The Midwife

I have seen a few trailers for the new drama series Call The ...


man-in-the-m oon 3 Days Ago

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