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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Effectively Affectively

I feel so strongly about this that, for the first time, I have ...


Robb Ashton 2 Days Ago

Some Classic Comedy Repeats

Starting next Monday on BBC2 at 3.40,not sure how long for,but ...


puppydogeyes 2 Days Ago

Cherry Healey pulling silling ...

Was I the only one who wondered why Cherry Healey needed to pull ...


mamamoose 2 Days Ago

The Four Brothers on Blue Peter

Does anyone know the date that Zimbabwean band THE FOUR ...


urko_unswort h 2 Days Ago

Question of Sport

Are the current batch of shows repeats ?Watched last nights ...


Jol 2 Days Ago

Millicent Martin

I was surprised to see Millicent Martin in an episode of "Castle" ...


Drsdaughter 3 Days Ago

Original Star Trek

I'm sure that many "Trekies" already know, but double ...


nightowl 3 Days Ago

WW1 Testament of Youth

I remember in my twenties, in the seventies watching the the ...


Mary Ward 3 Days Ago

Wanted in Paradise

I thought, when I saw the title of this programme, it was perhaps ...


Bouillaguet 3 Days Ago

Missing - New BBC Drama

This new drama starring James Nesbitt has had a number of ...


Johnnymol 3 Days Ago

How come The Sky At Night is ...

I haven't watched The Sky At Night since dear old Patrick ...


Mr Magoo 3 Days Ago

QT 26/02/15. A first.

For the first time I think the QT audience were a reasonable and ...


Charley Farley 3 Days Ago

The One Show - main discussion

Just when I thought it was safe to turn on the TV again, I see the ...


niceadrian18 3 Days Ago

RIP Leonard Nimoy

Part of so many of our youth. "Live long and prosper" will be ...


Maxibaby 3 Days Ago


Is anyone else frustrated about not being able to see the ...


KJ 3 Days Ago

too many programmes on cornwall

I live in the midlands and care for my wife but jst lately while ...



savage savaged...

In a totally over the top and uncalled for attack on the ...


wolfie 3 Days Ago

Ask Dee 2015

This is the place to talk to me about things related to the ...


Dee_host 3 Days Ago

The People's Strictly for ...

It's already getting on my nerves!


Whoopsy 3 Days Ago


A thread for conversations about the BBC television programme ...


Walter Shird 3 Days Ago

Digging for Ireland

Just watched it on BBC Four. Fascinating stuff!


mirandashell 3 Days Ago

Real Lives Reunited - BBC 1, ...

This programme covered a number of recollections, but I was ...


Apollo11 3 Days Ago

British Isles, A Natural History

I have been watching the rerun of this excellent series presented ...


eccles 3 Days Ago

Charlatans and Hot Chip

Originally shown on the red button a couple of nights ago. The ...


ashleyhr 3 Days Ago

Whats the music please?

I watched the programme 'Last journey of the Magna Carta and ...


crinadendron 3 Days Ago

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