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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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The Lancaster-Britons flying Past

I enjoyed this programme but why was it on at 9.30 bbc2 ...


nosmokewitho utfire 3 Days Ago

Chef Ross Burden RIP

I don't know if anyone else remembers the dishy chef from ...


Tracey 3 Days Ago

Sunday Morning Live :Israel ...

This morning (20/7/2014) under Sian Philips the programme ...


Ravenlocks 3 Days Ago

In the Flesh

Thought it was quite good. Original idea. Zombies are ill, ...


Alsdouble 3 Days Ago

Our Planet From The Air

"Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand and French director Luc Besson ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Evan Davis joins Newsnight 4/jul/21/bbc-evan-davis-newsnight...


caissier 3 Days Ago

Vladimir Putin's legacy - ... kmx6Don't know what if anything ...


ashleyhr 4 Days Ago

Unnecessary commentary

Although I am English I thoroughly enjoy listening to Pipe & Drum ...


Badger 4 Days Ago

A Passion For Angling

Are there any plans to release the superb 1993 'A Passion For ...


Martin 4 Days Ago

Every Breath We Take - BBC4 ...

A history of the discovery of our atmosphere's composition - ...


Geometry_Man 4 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Alan Le Coyte 4 Days Ago

Crimewatch - BBC can't help ...

And the quips go on…. Last night’s Crimewatch provided more ...


BooBoo2 4 Days Ago

Dora Bryan dies, aged 91

TV, stage and movie actress Dora Bryan has passed away. ...


nightmusic 4 Days Ago

PVR's - Series Link function

How many other people missed the Austrian F1 highlights like me ...


Ian King 4 Days Ago

Punditry on Breakfast this ...

I was watching Breakfast this morning and caught a bit of the ...


ProtoActor 4 Days Ago

Celebs and freebie ...

A subject that seems to get some of our fellow posters hot under ...


eat_elephant s_slowly 4 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Mary 4 Days Ago

Rich Hall - California

No comments on this yet?Another superb programme from the master ...


somewhatsill y 4 Days Ago


In a year when so much has been said & written about WW1, has ...


Don Smith 5 Days Ago

Stacey Dooley in the USA - ...

Stacey Dooley was back on BBC Three yesterday with a second ...


Polemicist 5 Days Ago

Outrageous Fortune tv series

Any chance of the bbc getting this New Zealand comedy drama series. ...


Stephen Jones - ... 5 Days Ago

The Great British Bake Off ...

That's exciting isn't it? I hope it lives up to previous series.


Horned Viper 5 Days Ago

Wahtever Happened to ...

Why has this branch of comedy become so overlooked by ...


briggsy2 5 Days Ago

Nick And Margaret: Too Many ...

I have just seen a trailer for this. I am glad the BBC have ...


Jelliss 5 Days Ago

Interviewing on Newsnight

Am I the only person who finds Kirsty Wark such an irritating ...


Rod Parker 5 Days Ago

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