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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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The Lancaster-Britons flying Past

I enjoyed this programme but why was it on at 9.30 bbc2 ...


nosmokewitho utfire 3 Days Ago

Clothes to Die for. Mon 21st ...

According to the RT this will be an account of the appalling ...


heterodox 3 Days Ago

John Bishop's Australia

Really enjoyed this programme about John Bishop retracing his ...


tvaddict 3 Days Ago

Ray Lonnen

I just found out from my TV guide that Ray Lonnen died last week. ...


CannotResist ThisOne 3 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


maureen 3 Days Ago

Gardener's World

Good to see this programme back for yet another season. ...


Ken Smart 3 Days Ago

Murdered By My Boyfriend

BBC3 - 9pm - 23/6Based on a true story, this hour long drama ...


Bidie-In 3 Days Ago

Lancaster Bombers over Dresden

Your recent program about this magnificent bomber raised the ...


FrankM 3 Days Ago

Hive Live.....BBC2 8pm

Well that was fun, always nice to see Chris Packham.Lovely old bee ...


madauntydawn 3 Days Ago

University Challenge ...

STARTS TONIGHTNew series. After last week's programmes charting ...


Organoleptic Icon 3 Days Ago

The Man Who Made Us Spend - ...

This is a new, three-part series in which Jacques Peretti ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

Monty python..

Just a heads up for people with fond memories of this great BBC ...


wolfie 3 Days Ago

Live From Edinburgh Castle.....

Can I apologise now for our weather? Pea soup mist (we call ...


Bidie-In 3 Days Ago

Food and Drink. Supermarkets! ...

I'm sorry but after watching Food and Drink for many years and ...


Jamie Bowring 4 Days Ago

CBBC - let the Games commence.

The ubiquitous CBBC (Clare Balding Broadcasting Corporation) is ...


Jinkin Jimmy 4 Days Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 4 Days Ago

Carry on Dragons Den

New series and the old annoying habits retained. Padding out, ...


BooBoo2 4 Days Ago

NewsNight - Television On Demand

There was a rather good, but all too brief, film report, by the ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago


Dear BBC News 24.Thank you very much for your excellent news and ...


WmSheep 4 Days Ago

Panorama - Drivers Who Kill

At least five people every day are actually killed on Britain's ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

The Seven 'Wonders of the ...

Must admit when I read the review in Radio Times my heart sank ...


Wendy RedredRobin 4 Days Ago

Scotland - For Richer or Poorer?

This coming September the people of Scotland get the unique ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host 4 Days Ago

RIP James Garner

RIP to another great character actor - The Rockford Files was ...


Johnnymol 4 Days Ago

The Stuarts

I think this is only being shown in Scotland, so far at least. ...


somewhatsill y 4 Days Ago

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