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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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The One Show

How patronising can somebody possibly be? "I've been looking ...


Penn 2 Days Ago

The Crimson Field

Sorry if I'm inadvertently duplicating a thread; I couldn't ...


Rosemary 2 Days Ago


Am I the only person who cannot watch Pointless due to "NOISE" ...


Dorothy von Kaenel 2 Days Ago

The Football League Show - ...

I was pleased to discover on Saturday that there were two ...


Karen 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


lucinda 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Steve Weaver 2 Days Ago

3d programmes

With so many people now owning 3d television sets it must surely ...


mloader 2 Days Ago

University Challenge - ...

Hello, all UC fans. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that a ...


DragonFluff 2 Days Ago

arts and crafts.

having voiced my opinions on the excess of cookery programmes and ...


Ginny 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Sue the former ... 2 Days Ago

Jamaica Inn sound..and many ...

I'm sure it's a great programme, pity poor sound and mumbling ...


Jdc 2 Days Ago

24 Hours on Earth

Sounds good on paper.However:- it's on BBC One;- it's on at 7 ...


ashleyhr 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Ken Granger 2 Days Ago


Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Giz 2 Days Ago

Gardener's World

Good to see this programme back for yet another season. ...


Ken Smart 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


cujimmy 2 Days Ago

HIGNFY - new series

Every now and again, Paul reveals how much of a genius he is. The ...


mirandashell 2 Days Ago

So disappointed

I'd really been looking forward to Jamaica Inn but, after ...


VenetianLady 2 Days Ago

Favourite episodes of television

Any programme (though I guess it should have aired on the BBC at ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker 2 Days Ago

new series of new tricks

Do you know if there are any more series of new tricks to be ...


rose eadie 2 Days Ago

Ultimate Irish Music At The ...

We watched this programme to see the skill of Irish dancing,what ...


Bob1942 2 Days Ago

June Bown 60's drama

Can anyone remember June Brown being in a BBC2 serial, ...


sue 2 Days Ago

pop goes bbc2..

Featuring iconic presenters from down the years...Be interesting ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

No job for a grown man

Please inform Nicholas Witchell that reading into the actions of ...


Jon M 2 Days Ago

neighbours robinson family tree

I am confused, according to the Robinson family tree, Pauls ...


rose eadie 2 Days Ago

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