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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Why is Jeremy Clarkson still ...

I object to my TV licence money going to Jeremy Clarkson? Yet ...


merlinace Yesterday

Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host Yesterday


I wondered when this was going to turn up. Towards the end of this ...


Rosemary Yesterday

flare balding...

One question...BBC...Why...Its proved a total disaster on ...


wolfie Yesterday

The Sheriffs are Coming

I couldn't find an existing thread on this. I caught the end of it ...


devonia Yesterday

Filthy Rotten Scoundrels ...

I've been searching far and wide for this particular episode ...


Teacher15 Yesterday

Sci-fi on BBC

If, like Mirandashell and me, you would like to see more ...


germinator hebdo 2 Days Ago

Film Review review

Two film review programmes:1/ quits before the summer ...


Duke of Opines XXl 2 Days Ago

Why doesn't the BBC do +1?

On Wednesday I was out celebrating my birthday with girlfriends and ...


alison 2 Days Ago

The Bechdel test

I'm expecting this to sink like a stone!We started an interesting ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker 2 Days Ago

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host 2 Days Ago

Horizon - Dancing in the Dark ...

The narrator sounded very bored throughout. His script was ...


Steve E 2 Days Ago

Michael Portillo’s State Secrets

This programme features the larey suit wearing former Conservative ...


z4mster 2 Days Ago

The Sea King error

We are only a few minutes into the programme about the Sea King. ...


swillott 2 Days Ago

...Sings Motown

Watched this the other night and it confirms my view that it's ...


Garrypenny 2 Days Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 2 Days Ago

Question time 19/03/15

David Dimbleby presents topical debate from Croydon, London. ...


Sploink 2 Days Ago

Why kilometres

Watching autumn watch. Brilliant as usual. However, why does ...


Pete smith 2 Days Ago

BBC iplayer Archives ....Arena

Frank Sinatra, the Voice of the Century, found this while ...


TalkingHead 2 Days Ago

Later With Jools

Welcome back, me old mucker! Nice to have you back to cheer us up, ...


Turner 2 Days Ago

new scandi drama on bbc4 - 1864

According to today's i newspaper bbc4 have snapped up the UK ...


phil 2 Days Ago

The Wonderful World of Blood ...

Doctor Michael Mosley returns to BBC Four with this one off, ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

the voice 2015

If The Voice is all about good voices, so why has presenter the ...


kassiette 3 Days Ago

Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear

Gentlemen (and Ladies): There MUST be a compromise that could ...


Dave Root 3 Days Ago

Truth about Sugar

Eye opening..........I'm so glad I changed my dietMy only grumble ...


Johnnymol 3 Days Ago

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