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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Subscription channels edition ...

Hi everyone,This is a new off topic thread for talking about ...


Dee 9 Hours Ago

Camera Work on Strictly Come ...

I may have posted this comment last year, and the year before ...


ATurtle 9 Hours Ago

The Art Of Gothic: Britain's ...

Starts tonight, 21:00 BBC FourAndrew Graham's Dixon new ...


Turner 9 Hours Ago

Abbreviations for Programme Names

Several programmes have commonly-used abbreviations or ...


Owen Herring 9 Hours Ago

Joan Rivers Tribute?

Just wondered if the BBC is going to put on any programmes in ...


Tweeet 10 Hours Ago

What are broadcasters?

I'm talking about the people described as such who appear in ...


Essential Rabbit 10 Hours Ago

Bad Education

Wot no thread for Bad Education on this board. !.... If you want ...


suegwent 11 Hours Ago

Background music on TV

Does anybody else get driven to distraction with the repetitive, ...


Hannahmsuthe rland 22 Hours Ago

The Life And Loves Of A She-Devil

Goodie goodie! It's being repeated in four parts next week, ...


weesnowball 22 Hours Ago

Waterloo Road

Brillant news to all the fans of this programme. A new series ...


back-from-th e-dead 23 Hours Ago

when will BBC bring back ...

(bring back robot wars by votesaxon07)


mr robot wars lover Yesterday

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai Yesterday

Supernatural on BBC 4 .

Next Tuesday night BBC 4 are repeating Supernatural at 11 pm ...


nick maroney Yesterday

Not Going Out

A new series of 10 starts next Friday,the 17th, at 9.30 on ...


thedogcody Yesterday

Dad's Army movie cast announced

Can we start a petition to stop this ...


Bonamai Yesterday

Human Universe

New BBC nature programmes due soon are getting flagged up here this ...


ashleyhr Yesterday


A thread for conversations about the BBC television programme ...


Walter Shird Yesterday

Role of Newsnight

I am glad to see under Evan Davis’ anchormanship the Newsnight ...


Ravenlocks Yesterday

Dumber and dumber

Having looked at Strictly and the BBC2 weekly show about Strictly, ...


ACM Yesterday

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host Yesterday

iPlayer problems

Yes, I have tried the FAQs and the "help" on the iPlayer page ...


bootjangler Yesterday

Dan Cruickshank and the ...

Tuesdays BBC4 at 9 p.m.More beautiful architecture to feast ...


pandaeyes Yesterday

Lynda Bellingham - R.I.P

Very sad to hear on this morning's News that the great actress ...


deliacooks Yesterday

Our Girl

This looks rather interesting -


Rosemary Yesterday

The Unwritten Rules of this Board

Rule1-Never say something is not funny-someone else will like ...


thedogcody Yesterday

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