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The Film Review Programme - ...

It has really good and pleasing to see both the very competent Anna ...


Polemicist 20 Hours Ago

The Honourable Woman

The opening episode of this new, seven-part, labyrinthine, spy ...


Polemicist 21 Hours Ago

Why do I have to sign in ...

For the past week I've had to sign in every time I come on this ...


nightmusic 22 Hours Ago

Sabotage at Great British ...

Last nights (27/08/14) episode involved one contestant removing ...


Lizz Yesterday

Blondie's New York and the ...

When I first saw this listed I immediately thought to myself, ...


Polemicist Yesterday

Vladimir Putin's legacy - ... kmx6Don't know what if anything ...


ashleyhr Yesterday

Siblings on BBC 3.

I must be the only one watching this as I could not find a ...


nick maroney Yesterday

The Wonder of Animals

I see from my Radio Times mag. that this new Chris Packham ...


Geometry_Man Yesterday

Bargain Hunt

I am a great fan of Bargain Hunt but last Thursday (14 Aug 2014) ...


Cleocat Yesterday

The One Show - main discussion

Just when I thought it was safe to turn on the TV again, I see the ...


niceadrian18 Yesterday

Attenborough's Fabulous ...

Tonight, BBC2 at 9 p.m.The Master has returned! Sir David ...


pandaeyes Yesterday

The Village BBC1 Sunday 31st ...

From the Radio TimesNew series. Epic drama charting the life and ...


Phil-ap Yesterday

2014 All BBC Sports Programming

Cycling? F1? Sport programmes? Sports coverage? Sport ...


Dee 2 Days Ago

Who do you think you are?

I love WDYTYA, but the last few episodes up to Brendan O'Carroll ...


T1D 2 Days Ago

New Drama . In The Club.

A new drama starts next week written by Kay Mellor , In The ...


nick maroney 2 Days Ago

University Challenge ...

STARTS TONIGHTNew series. After last week's programmes charting ...


Organoleptic Icon 2 Days Ago

Shepherds pie.

Bring back John Shuttleworth to TV.That is all.


LocalYokel 2 Days Ago

The Village series 2 ...

Continuity errors spoil it for me and the immersement in the ...


dizt3mp3r 2 Days Ago


It seems as if BBC1 and BBC2 are in competition with each other ...


danbejay 2 Days Ago

Unable to watch Indiana Jones ...

The BBC continues to insist that people watching TV live on a PC ...


David Ramsay 2 Days Ago

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai 2 Days Ago

Gardener's World

Good to see this programme back for yet another season. ...


Ken Smart 2 Days Ago

Coming up

Can the BBC stop this habit of telling us what is coming up ...


theweenie 2 Days Ago

BBC I-player update concerns.

Why does the BBC app I-player want access to my files and photos on ...


Logans Run 2 Days Ago

IPlayer Series

Watching the series The Honorable Woman via IPlayer I downloaded a ...


Steve Whiting 2 Days Ago

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