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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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all abord the cannal trip BBC ...

This is outstanding. it seems the quality of the BBC programing is ...


The Tower Bridge Fox 12 Hours Ago

BBC axeman cometh....

The latest RT has a discussion by David Butcher on how to save ...


Maria 23 Hours Ago

'T' Day One - best night of ...

For instance, right NOW you can escape the loudmouths of ...


ashleyhr 23 Hours Ago

Lorne Spicer

A friend has just reminded me that Lorne Spicer used to be all over ...


LoopyLobes Yesterday

Chinese school

Just seen a trailer for this. Yet another formulaic, cheap to make ...


angelictenni sfan Yesterday

BBC, stop giving a green ...

Little Britain: okay-ish for the first series, but soon became ...


Mr Magoo Yesterday

Britain at the Bookies

This looks like yet another one of those absolutely awful docusoap ...


Polemicist Yesterday

Life in Squares - BBC2 27th ...

Looking forward to this on Monday evening at 9pmSome good cast ...


deansay Yesterday

Background Music

There was a very brief reference on Points of View today to the ...


AH Yesterday

Fake or Fortune series 4

The welcome return of this programme starts tonight on BBC1 ...




This post has been removed.


Guv-nor Yesterday

Ripper Street

Hi, can anyone tell me when this drama is going to start on ...


Unknown Quantity Yesterday


Monty's Dog, Nigel, has tweeted:“Counting down the days ...


ArtemisH Yesterday

BBC - The Secret Files

In this television show Penelope Keith uncovers some of the ...


Polemicist Yesterday

"The Game", BBC2 Thursday ...

Might possibly be interesting:Episode 1 of ...



Newsnight - Litvinenko murder

Evan Davis (Richard Watson actually) looks at the inside ...


ashleyhr Yesterday

Family Guy

I know its only a cartoon but I thought it a bit odd that after ...


Piltdown Man Yesterday

Proms 2015

The new Proms season starts tonight on BBC2, 2000 to ...


Eamonn_Shute Yesterday

Javone Prince Show

Does anyone remember when BBC2 was considered 'highbrow'?


meldrewsreve nge Yesterday

Rip off Britain .... another ...

So, the Beeb are showing repeats from their morning schedule now ...


strictlyaddi cted2dancing Yesterday

Partners in Crime

I was really looking forward to a revival of this Agatha Christie ...


Orson_Lean Yesterday

Children of Gaza

No thread on this?Heartbreaking: for all their loss, and for the ...


cricket-Ange l Baratheon 2 Days Ago

The ugly face of disability ...

Well done to Adam Pearson on tonight's documentary on bbc3. ...


monic1511 2 Days Ago

programme advert of a new ...

Mary Berry and the Sound of Music, if I hear her once more, I will ...


Em 2 Days Ago

a mistake

having watched tonight's program of Pointless there was question ...


jollyleetrav ine 2 Days Ago

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