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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Big School - Friday 2100 BBC1

All of a sudden, the prospect of double French with Miss ...


germinator 22 Hours Ago

Hotel India.

I found this completely held my attention, a really fascinating ...


whereorwhen 22 Hours Ago

Bright Lights, Brilliant ...

Sorry if this is a duplication but I have looked and found ...


heterodox 22 Hours Ago

The Village BBC1 Sunday 31st ...

From the Radio TimesNew series. Epic drama charting the life and ...


Phil-ap 22 Hours Ago

Great British Bake off, what ...

I was appalled when that guy got booted off Great British Bake ...


alexdevereau x 22 Hours Ago

The building of the Forth ...

A great wee programme that was on BBC 1 Scotland, so it went ...


gaijin 22 Hours Ago

Strictly come dancing

am I the only one to wonder how far down the The C and D ...


victor k 22 Hours Ago

Woeful athletics coverage

Why is that so much time of any BBC athletics meeting is spent ...


Sussexlad 22 Hours Ago

Kate Bush at the BBC

To celebrate Kate Bush's return to the concert stage, BBC4 is ...


meet the wife 23 Hours Ago

Andrew Marr's Great Scots

Is this programme only being shown north of the border?Surely this ...


dingus83 23 Hours Ago

Football Focus - Mark ...

Every week on BBC One's Football Focus show, football pundit Mark ...


Polemicist Yesterday

Walking the Dead

The aim of the game: a fun play on words relating to the title of a ...


alex_host Yesterday


It seems as if BBC1 and BBC2 are in competition with each other ...


danbejay Yesterday


Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Gizmomoo Yesterday

Doctor Who Episode Discussion ...

Every year it has been a tradition to set up a discussion thread ...


Osuwari Yesterday

Countryfile 31 Aug 2014:The ...

The feature on Lud's church omitted historic facts of far ...


Arnie Rainbow Yesterday

The Secrets

For those who feel that the BBC relies too much on established ...


Phil-ap Yesterday

1979 TOTP please

Please BBC can you carry top of the pops into 1979.Even edited ...


Logans Run 2 Days Ago

poble y cwm outraged.

Why oh why have you cut the omnibus episode on sunday ...


angela williams 2 Days Ago


The new Saturday night gymnastics show starts 9th August. Mr ...


Phil-ap 2 Days Ago

I don't care if it's ...

Deadly on a Mission - Pole to PoleExcellent Sunday evening ...


ashleyhr 2 Days Ago

Stolen Childhoods - The ...

In this coming Monday's edition of Panorama, Alison Holt ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

Vladimir Putin's legacy - ... kmx6Don't know what if anything ...


ashleyhr 2 Days Ago

Junior Songs of Praise

.I was looking forward to it.Am halfway the program But what do ...


Theresa 2 Days Ago

Castles in the Sky. 9pm ...

This is a film about what Alison Graham describes (writing in the ...


heterodox 2 Days Ago

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