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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host Yesterday

Where does the BBC.....

find the contestants for DECIMATE? I admit I cant watch the whole ...


newmelinda Yesterday

Beat the Brain

A new quiz show spoiled for me by another old white man in John ...


Jill Yesterday

BBC Two - Meet The Super Rich

The programme controller at BBC Two, Kim Shillinglaw, has both ...


Polemicist Yesterday

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host Yesterday

Morph Returns to BBC

Morph is returning to the BBC, some 15 years after the series ...


Dame Bouncy ... 2 Days Ago

Kate Bush at the BBC

To celebrate Kate Bush's return to the concert stage, BBC4 is ...


meet the wife 2 Days Ago

VE Day - A Party to Remember

Chris Evans to host! Whatever next, surely the BBC could do ...


Chrissy 2 Days Ago

The Story of French Music

Just seen the trailer for the programme 'The Story Of French ...


Nick Brighton 2 Days Ago

New Swedish drama "1864" to ...

The BBC itself isn't being too successful of late with drama so ...



The Detectives

A brand new, three-part documentary series, The ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

twenty pound note...

Which BBC personality would posters like to see on ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

Points of View, Episode 6, ...

... is on BBC1 at 4.35pm. Anyone know what's up for ...


meet the wife 2 Days Ago

Mary Berry's temperature?

She gives the oven setting as 180 'fan' as best I can make out. ...


meldrewsreve nge 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Jyotiray 2 Days Ago

Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa

The national television debut of the Alan Partridge - Alpha Papa ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

Rory Bremner's Election Report

The impressionist and political satirist, Rory Bremner, returns ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

Countryfile - yawn!

Each week, Countryfile seems to get dragged-out like they have ...


ACM 2 Days Ago


I couldn't find a previous thread.Since Jeremy has been ...


lucy 2 Days Ago

Virus alert on this page

I've never had this before on this site but I am getting an alert ...


MekWeDweet 2 Days Ago

Escape to the country

I think the ongoing programme Escape to the country is a ...


Trevor 2 Days Ago

Demolition: The Wrecking Crew

Did anyone watch this on BBC2 last night?I love this type of ...


TomcatRed 2 Days Ago

The Detectives

i don't particularly want to start a new discussion but couldn't ...


Jane Robertson 2 Days Ago


Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Gizmomoo 3 Days Ago

Tales From The Tour Bus: Rock ...

Tonight on BBC4, 21:00Rock legend and tour bus aficionado Rick ...


Turner 3 Days Ago

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