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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Only Connect

I love this quiz, from the weirdy beardy contestants to the ...


secret duckling 6 Hours Ago

Sharons Adoption

I can not believe Sharon is talking about her "real" mum and ...


Gill 6 Hours Ago


I see the trailers for Spiral coming back soon. Does anyone ...


Alastair 6 Hours Ago

The Musketeers

Feels like I've been waiting AGES for this!I'm guessing we're ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker 6 Hours Ago

The Graham Norton Show

I've been watching the Graham Norton religiously for a good ...


Kieran Elliott 7 Hours Ago

Crimewatch Quips

I make no apologies for complaining yet again about the ...


BooBoo2 7 Hours Ago


Really not sure about this one,a new comedy vehicle from Matt ...


puppydogeyes 7 Hours Ago

University Challenge ...

STARTS TONIGHTNew series. After last week's programmes charting ...


Organoleptic Icon 8 Hours Ago

Wolf Hall

any news on when this will be aired? Got to finish the book


moaningminni e54 8 Hours Ago

Richard Dawkins Interviewed ...

On Tuesday night's edition of NewsNight the author and ...


Polemicist 8 Hours Ago

Bargain Hunt today Friday 30th

Wasnt Anita wonderful!!"?I dont know why she was running it ...


Pax 9 Hours Ago


Following the conclusion of 'Spiral'.Commencing on BBC4, ...


SATM67 9 Hours Ago

Relief from Comic Relief?

Before anyone accuses me of a bit of 'bah -humbug' I give quite ...


pyanaman 10 Hours Ago


This post has been removed.


caroline hamilton 10 Hours Ago


Monty's Dog, Nigel, has tweeted:“Counting down the days ...


ArtemisH 23 Hours Ago

Big Changes for Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise is to be changed from tonight's programme. "From ...


Campo-Espana 23 Hours Ago

The Great European Disaster ...

Tonight's Storyville drama / documentary, entitled, The Great ...


Polemicist 23 Hours Ago

The Big Painting Challenge

I thought the programme was nowhere near the quality of Sky ...


Andrew Horner Yesterday

The Voice

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the battle on The Voice ...


Richi Gee Yesterday

The One Show

Two things: 1, the prog website is nigh on impossible to find, v ...


Stephen Yesterday

Count Arthur Strong

Trailers for this make it yet another ...


Andrew Yesterday

Top Gear 2015

New year; new thread.And to start off ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker Yesterday


Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Gizmomoo Yesterday

Cross Rail

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway.Quite interesting to get ...


Nicandra Yesterday

Tasters for the brainless

Could we have just a little intelligence when writing ...


pjolloper Yesterday

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