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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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The One Show - main discussion

Just when I thought it was safe to turn on the TV again, I see the ...


niceadrian18 21 Hours Ago


A thread for conversations about the BBC television programme ...


Walter Shird 21 Hours Ago

New Tricks

Sorry but this program is ridiculous, why does anyone ...


caravan 22 Hours Ago

The Human Universe

How I wish the BBC would stop allowing respected and ...


Ericlitus 23 Hours Ago

What I call bad news.....

....but not unexpected


nightmusic 23 Hours Ago

Strictly It Takes Two.

I wrote to the BBC last year telling them that the intro man ...


jboy66 23 Hours Ago

New drama - Intruders

Coming soon on 2. Looks like it might be good ...


caissier 23 Hours Ago

Band and Singers on "StrictlyC.D"

Does anyone agree that the singers especially, deserve more than ...


deliacooks 23 Hours Ago

The Apprentice 2014

I believe the new series of The Apprentice is starting in ...


Johnnymol Yesterday

Children in Need 2014

Am I alone in finding the voice over for the animated advert for ...


Jekyll and Hyde-ie-In Yesterday

Inspector Montalbano BBC4 ...

This is what follows Borgen on Saturday nights. A new series to ...


Phil-ap Yesterday


Looks intriguing.With John Simm, and Mira Sorvino.Double Bill on ...


SATM67 Yesterday


At what point do the rug-rat researchers the BBC obviously ...


Mark Yesterday

No more Miranda.....

Miranda Hart has announced there'll be no more episodes of ...


Jol Yesterday

Jeremy Clarkson "good" humor

As an argentinian, I first want to say that I'm really ashame with ...


nicolaslitwi n Yesterday

BBC Breakfast

Some posters seem to have strong feelings about the content of ...


germinator Yesterday

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host Yesterday

Daily Politics - Fri.24.Oct.14

I noticed today that each guest was wired up with wired ...


MekWeDweet Yesterday

The women on Dr Who - please ...

I just watched the Orient Express episode. Again a great episode. ...


APG Yesterday

Gunpowder 5/11:The Greatest ...

A topical programme in more ways than one,is on tonight on BBC2 ...


thedogcody Yesterday

Costumes on Strictly Come Dancing

I don't think that its only myself who has noticed the changes this ...


deliacooks Yesterday

Alvin Stardust dies at 72

Just visited Digital Spy, and read this His manager said it was ...


pandaeyes Yesterday


Nick Knowles hosts a new series of the afternoon quiz show.Starts ...


pandaeyes Yesterday

Film 2014

The BBC's so-called flag ship film review programme, Film 2014, at ...


Polemicist Yesterday


Why do we have to have Prime-minister's Question ...


Tony Taylor 2 Days Ago

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