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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Mock the Week - Russell Kane

I missed the original broadcast on Thursday, but caught the repeat ...


Sheumais 19 Hours Ago

This World - Clothes to Die For

In April last year over 1,000 people were killed when the Rana ...


Polemicist 21 Hours Ago


This post has been removed.


Pampy 21 Hours Ago

RIP James Garner

RIP to another great character actor - The Rockford Files was ...


Johnnymol Yesterday


Post all comments and questions here!Are the episodes showing at ...


Giz Yesterday

Why do I have to sign in ...

For the past week I've had to sign in every time I come on this ...


nightmusic Yesterday

Murdered By My Boyfriend

BBC3 - 9pm - 23/6Based on a true story, this hour long drama ...


Bidie-In Yesterday

The Sky at Night

With the demise of the Sir Patrick the Sky at Night last Sunday ...


shilkman Yesterday

Bargain Hunt

I would suggest that the carved nut that Tim was holding was ...


Penn Yesterday


This post has been removed.


shamcrashcod e Yesterday

Fairford -RIAT 2014

...nothing on the BBC again.Shame. They show loads of other stuff ...


Andrew Yesterday

AlanHansen, player and pundit.

Farewell then Alan Hansen,No more on the settee,You may be missed ...


germinator Yesterday

The Lancaster Britain's ...

John Sergeant's tribute to the Lancaster was well done, ...


swillott Yesterday


Why does every episode of Casualty seem to end up in the pub every ...


brymbo76 Yesterday


The programme on Sunday next is billed as being a ...


trencherman 2 Days Ago

people just do nothing ,new ...

great to see this comedy back in a new series, starting tonight on ...


meddaboy 2 Days Ago

Disruption of normal ...

In this day and age of digital television why does the normal ...


Keith Davis 2 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


John smart 2 Days Ago


It's disgraceful that iPlayer has been malfunctioning most of the ...


Tinker 2 Days Ago

Talk To The Animals

"Zoologist Lucy Cooke embarks on a two-part exploration into the ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host 2 Days Ago

whats wrong with our weather...

nothing...its weather...get over it...its not right or ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago

what would you like...

Bbc2 to show for the next three hours...The met office have a ...


wolfie 2 Days Ago


The BBC is going to launch a service to download and keep ...


seaDoctor 2 Days Ago

Former Footbal Players As ...

Television broadcaster and journalist, Danny Baker, have ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

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