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University Challenge ...

STARTS TONIGHTNew series. After last week's programmes charting ...


Organoleptic Icon 3 Hours Ago


I love programmes about antiques but instead of getting antiques ...


ARENA 4 Hours Ago

You couldn't make it up......

"The BBC has commissioned the first ever transgender sitcom ...


Jol 4 Hours Ago

The Primetime Emmy Awards

The critically acclaimed, AMC, crime drama series, Breaking ...


Polemicist 4 Hours Ago

2014 All BBC Sports Programming

Cycling? F1? Sport programmes? Sports coverage? Sport ...


Dee 4 Hours Ago

Dave Allen

Really enjoyed Dave Allen last night,I wonder if any of today's ...


shytalker 4 Hours Ago

Richard attenborough..

Much mocked in recent years...but no doubt one of our greatest ...


wolfie 4 Hours Ago

Bank Holiday

Is it too much to ask of this two bob TV firm to give us just one ...


Semisatanic 5 Hours Ago

Castles in the Sky. 9pm ...

This is a film about what Alison Graham describes (writing in the ...


heterodox 5 Hours Ago

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek – ...

Broadcast times:19:30 – Saturday 30th August, 2014 BBC One 19:15 ...


Osuwari 5 Hours Ago

Crimes Of Passion

This is a new set of series, apparently coming soon to BBC ...


Polemicist 6 Hours Ago

Kate Bush at the BBC

To celebrate Kate Bush's return to the concert stage, BBC4 is ...


meet the wife 6 Hours Ago

Coming up

Can the BBC stop this habit of telling us what is coming up ...


theweenie 8 Hours Ago

BBC promotes ITV ?

I understand that BBC News must cover topics in the general ...


Lucky 8 Hours Ago

Thursdays Eastenders

Why has the BBC3 showing of Eastenders moved to 1.30 in the ...


Alf1-northam pton 9 Hours Ago

Russia's Lost Princesses - ...

Times vary - here in Scotland this is on at 10 to midnight - but it ...


Bidie-In 9 Hours Ago

Value Judgements

Why do the weather people, day after tedious day, constantly ...


Essential Rabbit 12 Hours Ago

1979 TOTP please

Please BBC can you carry top of the pops into 1979.Even edited ...


Logans Run 13 Hours Ago

Obtrusive background ...

Why can't the BBC and other stations provide the red button ...


4alex 13 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 13 Hours Ago

Siblings on BBC 3.

I must be the only one watching this as I could not find a ...


nick maroney 13 Hours Ago

Horizon - How Safe is Eating ...

Over the last few years there have been numerous news and media ...


Polemicist 14 Hours Ago

Allergies - Modern Life and Me

In this evening's edition of Horizon the subject of human ...


Polemicist 14 Hours Ago

Oh What A Lovely War (please)

Surely the BBC cannot hold out any longer. If it does not screen ...


Dai Digital 14 Hours Ago

New Drama . In The Club.

A new drama starts next week written by Kay Mellor , In The ...


nick maroney 14 Hours Ago

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