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Alastair Sooke - Greek art

I was so looking forward to this because Ancient Greece ...


mirandashell 10 Hours Ago

The Leader - Nigel Farage ...

I am not a committed UKIP voter! However, I do have considerable ...


Mifro 10 Hours Ago

The London Marathon, Jamaica ...

Very disappointed with the quality of the motorcycle mounted camera ...


Mr J Wood 11 Hours Ago


seriously looking forward to this this week...I hope it lives up ...


wolfie 11 Hours Ago

The Super Rich And Us - ...

In this two-part series television reporter, Jacques Peretti, ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago

The leaders with Evan davis

Mr davis is a disgrace . What is the point of asking questions ...


dave curtis 12 Hours Ago

"The Game", BBC2 Thursday ...

Might possibly be interesting:Episode 1 of ...



Why kilometres

Watching autumn watch. Brilliant as usual. However, why does ...


Pete smith 12 Hours Ago

Tragedy at Everest - ...

In the fullness of time I would certainly watch any new - BBC? - ...


ashleyhr 13 Hours Ago

In It To Win It

This returns on Saturday, at 8:30 pm. The final four of this ...


pandaeyes 13 Hours Ago

Inspector Montalbano BBC4 ...

This is what follows Borgen on Saturday nights. A new series to ...


Phil-ap 13 Hours Ago

Victoria Derbyshire

Anybody see this new programme this morning ?I lasted 30 ...


Jol 13 Hours Ago

Andrew Marr Show

I have just watched the Andrew Marr Show 26/04/2015, I feel ...


Susan Rosam 13 Hours Ago

The Graham Norton Show

I've been watching the Graham Norton religiously for a good ...


Kieran Elliott 13 Hours Ago

Background Music - Please Stop!

When are television programme makers going to stop putting ...


Cathydee 14 Hours Ago

Evan Davies..... Please let ...

OMG.... It is so frustrating trying to watch a broadcast when ...


Lubalooby 14 Hours Ago

World War One Remembered: ...

Thought provoking and well covered programme - such unimaginable ...


lucy 14 Hours Ago

In It To Win It

I have not never watched this programme before, but am ...


brian 15 Hours Ago

Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went ...

Nothing against the programme, but who decided on the Pogues ...


MerlinHC 15 Hours Ago

ordinary lies...

This seems to be as if its going to be worth a watch...plenty of ...


wolfie 15 Hours Ago

Walking the Dead

The aim of the game: a fun play on words relating to the title of a ...


alex_host 16 Hours Ago

Secret Britain

I was looking forwards to watching this as Ellie and Adam are good ...


brian 16 Hours Ago

Inside No 9 Series 2 .

Brilliant news for fans as I have read that this Series starts on ...


nick maroney 17 Hours Ago

Why not have a serious ...

Did I mention Extra Terrestrials? Oh, I'd better adopt a funny ...


thenebula 17 Hours Ago

BBC Breakfast

Some posters seem to have strong feelings about the content of ...


germinator hebdo 18 Hours Ago

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