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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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5 star family

Nick Knowles yet again but this is poor,still don't get how it ...


mal 7 Hours Ago

Subscription channels edition ...

Hi everyone,This is a new off topic thread for talking about ...


Dee_host 8 Hours Ago


Monty's Dog, Nigel, has tweeted:“Counting down the days ...


ArtemisH 19 Hours Ago

Glastonbury 2015

Get yer wellies, hats (no jester ones please) and wet wipes ready ...


Turner 20 Hours Ago

sir peter o'sullevan...

the voice of racing..sad news im afraid..the last of a breed of ...


wolfie 22 Hours Ago


This post has been hidden.


wolfie 23 Hours Ago


Anyone else having trouble with IPlayer ?I did the latest ...


nightmusic Yesterday

Partners in Crime

Having read umpteen Agatha Christie novels and short ...


r0d0m0 Yesterday

Great British Bake Off 2015

Noticed some brief trailers so it cannot be far away now. Will we ...


Bidie-In Yesterday

Sound of Song

Tonight on BBC4 at 9pmComposer and musician Neil Brand investigates ...


Phil-ap Yesterday

Children of Gaza

No thread on this?Heartbreaking: for all their loss, and for the ...


cricket-Ange l Baratheon Yesterday

BBC axeman cometh....

The latest RT has a discussion by David Butcher on how to save ...


Maria Yesterday

Life in Squares - BBC2 27th ...

Looking forward to this on Monday evening at 9pmSome good cast ...


deansay Yesterday

Top Gear 2015

New year; new thread.And to start off ...


cricket-Ange l Baratheon Yesterday

Two Tribes............

Off to a confidant start but Mrs A says, loose the 'teddy boy' ...


ARENA Yesterday

Saturday Kitchen Today

I see they had not only one, but two "Little Chefs" on today I ...


Penn Yesterday

Brushing Up On - Danny Baker

I happened to notice that this four-part Danny Baker series is ...


Polemicist Yesterday

Walking the Dead

The aim of the game: a fun play on words relating to the title of a ...


alex_host Yesterday

Atlantic - The Wildest Ocean ...

This is a new three-part natural history documentary series that ...


Polemicist 2 Days Ago

BBC Breakfast

Some posters seem to have strong feelings about the content of ...


germinator hebdo 2 Days Ago

University Challenge 2015

And here we go!Woods has the most extremely sarcastic eyebrow!


mirandashell 2 Days Ago

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host 2 Days Ago

when will BBC bring back ...

(bring back robot wars by votesaxon07)


mr robot wars lover 2 Days Ago

Carol Klein on roses and ...

Did anyone see this programme from a day or two ago? I think it's ...


jennyj 2 Days Ago

Atlantic The wildest ocean on ...

I was watching the first episode "Life Stream" and close to 27 ...


philsam48 2 Days Ago

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