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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Flog It

Nowadays it seems that most of the programme is just Paul Martin ...


lasatalayas 2 Hours Ago

mini series "sex and chips ...

This was a fantastically funny series shown a good few years ...


marie 2 Hours Ago

New Tricks

Sorry but this program is ridiculous, why does anyone ...


caravan 2 Hours Ago

Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host 2 Hours Ago

Sunday Morning Live - Aid Workers

Todays discussion was exploring whether the aid workers from ...


Ravenlocks 2 Hours Ago

Rick Stein's Mediterranean ...

I know that these are repeats of old programmes but enjoyable ...



The Great British Bake Off ...

That's exciting isn't it? I hope it lives up to previous series.


Horned Viper 3 Hours Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 3 Hours Ago


This new six-part comedy series is on BBC One this evening, ...


Polemicist 3 Hours Ago


A thread for conversations about the BBC television programme ...


Walter Shird 4 Hours Ago

Antiques Roadshow...........

The new series starts tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.They're in Northern ...


madauntydawn 4 Hours Ago

Eastenders 2014 Discussion

As good a time as any, I suppose...So, Dr. Holby has ...


Prophet Tenebrae 4 Hours Ago

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai 4 Hours Ago


This post has been removed.


lifes too short 4 Hours Ago

Our zoo

Why is this program (Our Zoo) shown in its current time spot? ...


Debbeepatton 5 Hours Ago

Sir David Jason to star in ...

Classic BBC sitcom Open All Hours is returning to BBC One for a ...


nightmusic 5 Hours Ago

The Film Review Programme - ...

It has really good and pleasing to see both the very competent Anna ...


Polemicist 5 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 6 Hours Ago

Doctor Who Episode 4 Listen

Wot - no Doctor Who thread? I'm going to have to start one ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker 6 Hours Ago

Andrew's Marr & Neil.

I was disgusted with both shows this morning, the Marr show was ...


yachtsman1 7 Hours Ago

Who Do You Think You Are?.......

Julie Walters is the subject on tonight's edition at 9pm on ...


madauntydawn 8 Hours Ago

Castles in the Sky. 9pm ...

This is a film about what Alison Graham describes (writing in the ...


heterodox 8 Hours Ago

Sunday Morning

I should we call it sunday propagandaThe way the BBC ...


Ricky 9 Hours Ago

Secret Life of the Cat - Horizon

BBC2, Thursday, 13th June - times vary but 9pm for ...


Bidie-In 21 Hours Ago

Nudity warning just now on a ...

On news 24 just now, approx 21.30, there was an item about ...


Listerlad 21 Hours Ago

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