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Chelsea coverage

I was looking forward to this (as I do every year), but every year ...


Hilary 5 Days Ago


I have been getting a 'down for upgrading' screen for two ...


ARENA 5 Days Ago

Jet! When Britain ruled the skies

Anyone else see this? As disappointed as me?? The jaunty ...


Chris Rogers 5 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Richard 5 Days Ago

Bitter Lake - on ...

In light of those posters on the Frankie Boyle thread saying ...


selector 5 Days Ago

The Dome, A Secret of WWII

I'm just surprised to see no discussion or mention about this ...


Roberttrebor 5 Days Ago

Mary berry's garlic mushrooms ...

had no garlic in in, when would you add?


meldrewsreve nge 5 Days Ago

The Syndicate Series 3

The new series of this Kay Mellor drama premieres on Tuesday 2 ...


Patricia smith 5 Days Ago

Panorama - Bernie Ecclestone: ...

In this evening's edition of Panorama investigative reporter, ...


Polemicist 5 Days Ago

"The Game", BBC2 Thursday ...

Might possibly be interesting:Episode 1 of ...



The Unwritten Rules of this Board

Rule1-Never say something is not funny-someone else will like ...


puppydogeyes 5 Days Ago

The Graham Norton Show

I've been watching the Graham Norton religiously for a good ...


Kieran Elliott 6 Days Ago

Homes under the hammer + one !!!

Morning allI had a shock this morning when all settled with my ...


didee 6 Days Ago

Count Arthur Strong

I much enjoyed the first series of this quirky comedy and yet was ...


Kay 6 Days Ago

24 hours in the past

(I didn't see a topic for this yet, and I did search. If this ...


extremophile sheep 6 Days Ago

Why no This Week this week?

Does anyone know why my favourite politics weekly was dropped, and ...


alan997 6 Days Ago

BBCI player.....Samsung ...

URGENT URGENT......PRESSURE needed by BBCi player with SAMSUNG to ...


Gill Last Week

Panorama - Antibiotic Apocalypse

In this evening's edition of Panorama investigative ...


Polemicist Last Week

rule change to antiques road trip

Antiques road trip is great funTwo experts start with same budget ...


jethrouk Last Week


Weekdays, BBC1 at 3 pm. Another new afternoon quiz, starting on ...


pandaeyes Last Week

Joanna Gosling standing up.

It has been a long time coming but my god Joanna on the Victoria ...


Semisatanic Last Week

Chelsea Flower Show

A great annual event but cant the BBC come up with some better ...


Russell Last Week

Saints & Sinners - Ethnic ...

Is it a conscious decision of the program makers to make nearly ...


shendor Last Week

Olly's Prison 1993

A three part drama on the theme of crime and punishment.I would ...


raymug Last Week

Where does the BBC.....

find the contestants for DECIMATE? I admit I cant watch the whole ...


newmelinda Last Week

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