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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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yet more football

Iam very disappointed that yet again I sit down at the end of a ...


Anne 3 Days Ago

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

REJOICE! Open selection announced!


brawn23gp 3 Days Ago


I couldn't find a relevant existing thread on QI - maybe ...


Jeff 3 Days Ago

Anne kirkbride..

Sad news and a shock...


wolfie 3 Days Ago

Bitter Lake

Available on iPlayer only, from 9pm tonight.This is Adam Curtis' ...


Turner 3 Days Ago

The Long and the Short and ...

Really enjoyed this. It was nice to have a good film to sit back ...


devonia 3 Days Ago

Winter during Winterwatch

Looking like a cold one this coming ...


ashleyhr 3 Days Ago

Saturday kitchen, beef.

"I prefer Wagyu to Kobe" says Matt Goss. Perhaps the programme ...


judimac 3 Days Ago

The Unwritten Rules of this Board

Rule1-Never say something is not funny-someone else will like ...


puppydogeyes 3 Days Ago

The Boy Who Wore A Dress????

Just saw a trailer for a BBC proramme I think is called The ...


Mr Magoo 3 Days Ago

Match of the day

Is this program me bias against Crystal Palace FC?????, just I ...


sonjar63 3 Days Ago

Andrew Marr

I'm becoming increasing concerned and sometimes disturbed at the ...


Fliss 3 Days Ago

500 words

I think this is a great competition and has been very ...


Marfa 3 Days Ago

Laughter Track

Started watching the new series of 'Up the Women'. Turned off after ...


swifty 3 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


Fliss 3 Days Ago

BBC FA Cup coverage

I don't know why the BBC bothered bidding for the FA Cup. If Sky ...


squeeze 3 Days Ago

Shoah - BBC4 - 25/1 - 7pm

Part one of a truly superb documentary about the Holocaust ...


Bidie-In 3 Days Ago

The Voice: Famous once already

I have to say I am feeling thoroughly disappointed with how ...


Victory Brookie 4 Days Ago

Saturday morning on the beeb.

Just had a look at this morning's BBC tv. On BBC 1, a cookery ...


The Shunter 4 Days Ago

Now You See It ....

.... But try not hear it.Why the annoying childish quips ...


BooBoo2 4 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


wolfie 4 Days Ago

Holocaust Memorial Day

January 27th 1945 the Red Army liberated Aushwitz concentration ...


Johnnymol 4 Days Ago


BBC1 Wales HD - HINTERLAND starts on 4 January on BBC1 Wales, not ...


SAB888 4 Days Ago


Saturday 28th September8:25pmBBC1Atlantis: a ...


Dame Bouncy ... 4 Days Ago

Positivley Waterloo Road

In episode 12 of Waterloo Road, written on the white board in ...


MissAnnThrop ic 4 Days Ago

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