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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Really enjoyed that programme, hope for more quality like this ...


wildsagebrus h 3 Days Ago

The Revolution Will Be ...

I spotted that the new series 3 starts this Tuesday 7 October ...


Viligante 3 Days Ago

Dancing Cheek to Cheek - An ...

If you really want evidence that BBC Four are dumbing-down its ...


Polemicist 3 Days Ago

MasterChef: The Professionals.

When the news hit that Michel Roux Jnr was leaving all that time ...


Harvey Specter 3 Days Ago


You are currently showing a montage of various singers ...


Aitch 3 Days Ago

Heads-Down for Gardeners.♠

A new 15-episode 'Glorious Gardens from Above' series starts ...


germinator 3 Days Ago

Christmas Grumbles Thread...

come on all you grinches...this is the place to get it off your ...


wolfie 3 Days Ago

Role of Newsnight

I am glad to see under Evan Davis’ anchormanship the Newsnight ...


Ravenlocks 3 Days Ago

The not so iPlayer...

I would like to know why so many programs are available in a ...


Name not found 3 Days Ago

Strictly presenters

I loved Claudia on 'It's takes two', but she is not right for ...


Jane 3 Days Ago

Running commentary on TV ...

I have been an avid viewer of Escape to the Country for some ...


Babs 3 Days Ago

Luther - 2 Specials

BBC One has announced that Luther will return with a pair of 60 ...


Dame Bouncy ... 3 Days Ago

Evan Davis.

I'm starting to warm to Evan Davis on Newsnight,


middleclassb oy 4 Days Ago

scottish representation

Why is it that you give so much coverage to Scottish parliament ...


pensioner pete 4 Days Ago


Whilst watching recent episodes of the quiz show pointless, I ...


cherryblosso m14 4 Days Ago

AutumnWatch 2014

I just got in and caught this by chance, had no idea it was ...


Turner 4 Days Ago


I thought this was an excellent half hour programme aimed at ...


Maggie Weston 4 Days Ago

What's happened to the board?

Explanation please.


hollybeau 4 Days Ago

Warhorse.. (16th Nov)

Congratulations BBC for showing Warhorse. Shame on you for ...


Andrew 5 Days Ago

Neighbourhood Blues

Children in need of some protection here - on the ...


Edward Taylor 5 Days Ago

Mystical voiceovers

Just finished watching Secrets of the Castle - interesting ...


pootles magnet 5 Days Ago

New drama - Intruders

Coming soon on 2. Looks like it might be good ...


caissier 5 Days Ago

Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host 5 Days Ago

Points of View, Episode 9, ...

This week's episode includes comments, praise, and complaints ...


Dee 5 Days Ago

Put your money where your ...

I HAD hoped that the BBC would've come to their senses and got rid ...


Suzy Sue 5 Days Ago

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