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5-Star Family Reunion

Is Nick Knowles dyeing his hair?Yes...No...Only at the ...


germinator hebdo 4 Days Ago

Late night quiz shows

Watching late night quiz shows last night I was surprised how ...


hello 4 Days Ago

Would I Lie To You?

Glad to see it's back, and a new series too!


sqwerty 5 Days Ago

Glastonbury 2015

Get yer wellies, hats (no jester ones please) and wet wipes ready ...


Turner 5 Days Ago

Too many repeats and old ...

Tonight's BBC 1 and 2 programming shows that a white flag has been ...


Aj 5 Days Ago

Top of the Pops 1979 Big Hits

When you watch a program like this it makes you realise what a load ...


Penn 5 Days Ago

TV That Made Me

Has anyone been watching this? Or is it too dull to merit comment? ...


sqwerty 5 Days Ago

Kate Bush at the BBC

To celebrate Kate Bush's return to the concert stage, BBC4 is ...


meet the wife 5 Days Ago

Parking Mad

I am enjoying the program Parking Mad, it's also quite an ...


matty 5 Days Ago

Britain's Forgotten Slave Owners

Brilliant! An excellent introduction to the slave ...


shivfan 5 Days Ago

Britain's Spending Secrets

Anne Robinson presents this two-part investigatory series ...


Polemicist 5 Days Ago

BBC at the Edinburgh Fringe ...

There are presently twelve episodes available to watch, via ...


Polemicist 6 Days Ago

When Lucy met Sir Roy: Sir ...

I've never liked Sir Roy because he has always struck me as the ...


heterodox 6 Days Ago

Episodes (BBC/Showtime ...

Matt Le Blanc new sitcom.Filming has begun on Episodes, a ...


Dame Bouncy ... 6 Days Ago

An Extra Slice

Its trivial, but its very entertaining - I enjoyed ...


Pax 6 Days Ago

Comedy for the over 50s

Apart from constant replays of old series, I would like to complain ...


JanetB 6 Days Ago


Monty's Dog, Nigel, has tweeted:“Counting down the days ...


ArtemisH 6 Days Ago

BBC Proms 2015--- Story Of Swing.

On Radio 3 tomorrow night, and on BBC4 on Friday 28 ...


SATM67 6 Days Ago

BBC Comedies

Having read another thread on here regarding BBC comedies not ...


justme2013 6 Days Ago

Goodness Gracious Me - BBC2 - ...

A further new episode of the popular 90s comedy airs ...


Bidie-In 6 Days Ago


A thread for conversations about the BBC television programme ...


Walter Shird 6 Days Ago

Holby City

Discuss Holby City here... So, when will Joseph find out about ...


Sarah host 6 Days Ago

Building the Ancient City

I'm enjoying this. I like the Prof's conversational style. It ...


Fishinghellf ly 6 Days Ago

Secrets of Quantum Physics

I was looking forward to watching this series. I ought to have ...


orfeus 6 Days Ago

the offical cbbc thread

this thread will be here to talk about the worst and best shows ...


mr robot wars lover 6 Days Ago

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