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Obtrusive background ...

Why can't the BBC and other stations provide the red button ...


4alex 4 Days Ago

SKY AT NIGHT.....Or is it ?

I watched it yesterday on BBC 4 and it was about the possibility ...


Pumpkin_Patc h_Paul 4 Days Ago

Inside Out East

I thought is was irresponsible to interview the bus driver (about ...


Edward Taylor 4 Days Ago

Salmond Versus Darling - ...

The second televised, live debate between Alex Salmond and ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

Evan Davis joins Newsnight 4/jul/21/bbc-evan-davis-newsnight...


caissier 4 Days Ago


My answer is:1. People who start a sentance with "basically" and ...


Suzy Sue 4 Days Ago

Doctor Who

what o what has happened to doctor who having been a doctor who fan ...


steveus 4 Days Ago

BCE - let's invent spurious ...

While watching 'Operation Stonehenge' I heard a strange ...


Richard 5 Days Ago

Paxo leaves newsnight!

It's the end of the world as we know it! The BBC said he told ...


zencat 5 Days Ago


The new Saturday night gymnastics show starts 9th August. Mr ...


Phil-ap 5 Days Ago

Worse piece of music?

Could they have chosen a more pretentious tuneless, pointless ...


Al Sepert 5 Days Ago

Match of the Day is on too late!

I really wish MOTD was on a bit earlier on a Saturday. I find ...


Neil 5 Days Ago

If it ain't broke...

A new title sequence for Points of View? Why spend licence-fee ...


Viewer9 5 Days Ago

BBC Pointess

Has anyone else noticed the errors that have started to come into ...


HarryHD 5 Days Ago

Unnecessary subtitles

Why do you put subtitles on when a black person, especially an ...


ian corker 5 Days Ago

Kevin Bridges - What's the ...

In this programme Scottish stand-up comedian, Kevin ...


Polemicist 5 Days Ago

Great British Bake Off 14 ...

Not made up my mind yet if I should laugh or cry listening to ...


Dutchie 5 Days Ago

new nordic noir series on bbc4

6 part Swedish drama set in 1950s Bergslagen, "Crimes of passion" ...


phil 5 Days Ago

Why does Aunty Bee Bee Sci' ...

Dear All,Why, oh why can't TV's Aunty Bee Bee See that to talk ...


Tim 5 Days Ago

Why do I have to sign in ...

For the past week I've had to sign in every time I come on this ...


nightmusic 6 Days Ago

The Housing Enforcers

I have been watching this program with increasing frustration over ...


redali 6 Days Ago

Scottish Broadcasting ...

In the event of a 'yes' vote, what would happen to BBC programmes ...


Procyon 6 Days Ago

Everythings holds higher ...

[personal information removed] If theres Snooker - Gardeners World ...


Sarah North 6 Days Ago

RIP John Bardon

RIP for John Bardon aka Jim Branning of ...


Johnnymol 6 Days Ago

The Secrets

For those who feel that the BBC relies too much on established ...


Phil-ap 6 Days Ago

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