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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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Eclipse live

Firstly it's not a full eclipse, secondly it will probably only ...


Penn 4 Days Ago

Top Gear and BBC America might as well discontinue BBC America. The ...


Ronjon 4 Days Ago

Mark Lawson Talks to Jonathan ...

One of Britain's most versatile and highly accomplished actors, ...


Polemicist 4 Days Ago

Newsnight party dress

What was Emily Maitlis wearing on tonight's newsnight. Completely ...


Ian 4 Days Ago


In the old days...when the BBC had standards that they ...


wolfie 4 Days Ago

F1 Rewind on the BBC

Does anyone know if the BBC will actually be showing this?I swear ...


Josh 4 Days Ago

Bad Education - Series 1: 2. ...

This disgusting attempt at humour validates all that is corrupting ...


William Blessing 4 Days Ago

Dara and Ed's Great Big Adventure

Anyone see this? Reminded me of the series The Two Amigos: A ...


Tweeet 4 Days Ago

The Lady Killers: Pest Detectives

Tomorrow, BBC2, at 8 pm. (1/4). We follow four female pest ...


pandaeyes 4 Days Ago

Boy George and Culture Club: ...

This was a great watch...showed Boy George to be a Diva for ...


Tweeet 4 Days Ago

hairy bikers and lorraine

Sorry about all you cat lovers but how disgusting to allow the ...


riv 4 Days Ago

India's Frontier Railways

The Last Train in NepalWatching this on BBC4 now.Amazing


FowPah 4 Days Ago

Paddington Green Update?

BBC, how about doing a one off documentary to see what has ...


Tweeet 4 Days Ago

ordinary lies...

This seems to be as if its going to be worth a watch...plenty of ...


wolfie 4 Days Ago

Dave Clark Five documentary

All fans of the Dave Clarke Five should be watching the ...


Drsdaughter 4 Days Ago

Hygiene and cross contamination

I am sitting watching (I don't actually know why) the KFC ...


Kerryakadori s 5 Days Ago


Last night's offering just about reached rock bottom on not ...


GeordieHinny 5 Days Ago

High hopes, please repeat ...

I have been a High Hopes fan for many years and would love to see ...


Welshkev 5 Days Ago

Some Classic Comedy Repeats

Starting next Monday on BBC2 at 3.40,not sure how long for,but ...


puppydogeyes 5 Days Ago

Worst BBC Comedy in the past ...

Having been inspired by Mr Robot Wars Lover on another Thread who ...


nick maroney 5 Days Ago

Patrick Moore

Shhhhhh.........Don't tell the bosses I mentioned radio, but I ...


Annie-Lou est Charlie 5 Days Ago

Homes under the hammer.

Ex Footballer Dion Dublin has joined the HUTH team. Needed ...


The Man Who ... 5 Days Ago

Homes under the hammer.

Ex Professional footballer Dion Dublin joins the team. Needs ...


The Man Who ... 5 Days Ago

Where are the comedy writers?

BBC has lost its way in comedy. All the good writers of comedy ...


taunted 5 Days Ago


I tuned into BBC3 tonight to view the third edition of Free ...


Doreen McCormack 5 Days Ago

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