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War Horse Prom

This is scheduled for November but no sign of it yet.


Phil-ap 3 Days Ago

Dress code in the studio

This morning the weather people told us how very cold it was ...


Jane Powlett 3 Days Ago

'Foreign' slot on BBC4

I k now there are many Montalbano fans here, but for those of us ...


ninemaidens 3 Days Ago


I couldn't find a previous thread.Since Jeremy has been ...


lucy 3 Days Ago


Sorry a bit late but just had to congratulate the BBC on the ...


FELIXBUN2 3 Days Ago

Big Changes for Songs of Praise

Songs of Praise is to be changed from tonight's programme. "From ...


Campo-Espana 3 Days Ago

Questioning Big Universe

There is a programme on the BBC going by the name of 'Big ...


Maranatha 4 Days Ago

The Great War BBC4

Groundbreaking 1964 documentary series The Great War narrated by ...


Guv-nor 4 Days Ago


This post has been removed.


DaveA 4 Days Ago

BBC Breakfast

What is happening to BBC Breakfast News! It seems that whenever I ...


Galois 4 Days Ago

The Bechdel test

I'm expecting this to sink like a stone!We started an interesting ...


cricket-Ange l Tucker 4 Days Ago

glorious gardens

Lovely to see beautiful Levens Hall Gardens. But please get ...


RJC 4 Days Ago

Only Connect

I love this quiz, from the weirdy beardy contestants to the ...


secret duckling 4 Days Ago

is comedy dead k3OGT-4&list=PLxt7cl-HemE04EFPX7L...


mr robot wars lover 4 Days Ago

Claudia & Zoe please

Can we please have Claudia (main presenter) aided by Zoe Ball ...


Retsina Lady 4 Days Ago

when will BBC bring back ...

(bring back robot wars by votesaxon07)


mr robot wars lover 4 Days Ago


Whilst watching recent episodes of the quiz show pointless, I ...


cherryblosso m14 4 Days Ago

Citizen Khan - Series 3

The show dividing the country in two is back. Friday 31 October, ...


brawn23gp 4 Days Ago

Points of View 23 November 2014

Back to 16:00 this week. No idea what will be on.'Secrets of the ...


Sandstrom 4 Days Ago

The Mekong River with Sue Perkins

I was looking forward to this programme, having travelled ...


grammargrub 4 Days Ago

University Challenge

Why cannot the BBC announce which teams are on University ...


Hampshire27 4 Days Ago

Sunday Politics

Ok, so I understand the need for rigorous questions, but please ...


chrissa 4 Days Ago

points of view 23/11/14..

Jeremy vine tomorrow seeks viewers views on the perils of cycling ...


wolfie 4 Days Ago

At least one missing pioneer...

Although I really enjoyed the programme "Tomorrow's Worlds: ...


Jean 4 Days Ago

Political impartiality

How does the BBC keep getting away with the bias it spouts off as ...


BooBoo2 5 Days Ago

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