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What's the music please?

Trying to identify music from a programme?Post your query here ...


Peta Yesterday

Welcome! Read this first!

Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read ...


Peta Jun 18, 2013

The Green Room 2014 - off ...

Welcome to the new Green Room, come in and pull up a pew You ...


Dee 8 Hours Ago

reality shows need to die

ah before you read and listen to is very anti reality show if you ...


patrick 9 Hours Ago

Secret Life of the Cat - Horizon

BBC2, Thursday, 13th June - times vary but 9pm for ...


Bidie-In 9 Hours Ago

Crimes Of Passion

This is a new set of series, apparently coming soon to BBC ...


Polemicist 9 Hours Ago

Films on the BBC

Hello. By popular demand, here's a thread to discuss films on the ...


alex_host 9 Hours Ago

Doctor Who Episode 5 - Time Heist

Info and trailers here


cricket-Ange l Tucker 9 Hours Ago

Scotland Decides

An otherwise excellent BBC News programme spoilt by the ...


elevenses81 9 Hours Ago

Nudity warning just now on a ...

On news 24 just now, approx 21.30, there was an item about ...


Listerlad 9 Hours Ago

1979 TOTP please

Please BBC can you carry top of the pops into 1979.Even edited ...


Logans Run 9 Hours Ago

Castles in the Sky. 9pm ...

This is a film about what Alison Graham describes (writing in the ...


heterodox 9 Hours Ago

An Extra Slice - GBBO

Thought I'd get in first! LOL!Oh lor, the Greengrocer is on......


mirandashell 9 Hours Ago

Who Do You Think You Are?.......

Julie Walters is the subject on tonight's edition at 9pm on ...


madauntydawn 9 Hours Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 9 Hours Ago

Our Zoo

Wednesday September 3rdBBC19pmThe true story of the man who ...


Dame Bouncy ... 9 Hours Ago

Charlotte Dujardin

Bring married to an equestrian fanatic, I have watched a lot of ...


bestunder9co ach 10 Hours Ago

Our zoo

Why is this program (Our Zoo) shown in its current time spot? ...


Debbeepatton 10 Hours Ago

Flog It

Nowadays it seems that most of the programme is just Paul Martin ...


lasatalayas 10 Hours Ago

New Tricks

Sorry but this program is ridiculous, why does anyone ...


caravan 10 Hours Ago

The One Show

Poor John Hannah's father's fall down the stairs totally blanked ...


Charlie 10 Hours Ago

Andrew Neil Interviewing on ...

I sat and watched Andrew Neil on last night's edition of ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago


Nick Knowles hosts a new series of the afternoon quiz show.Starts ...


pandaeyes 11 Hours Ago

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai 11 Hours Ago

Non BBC TV Programmes 2013

ITV? C4? Sky1? Discuss programmes from other channels here only! - ...


Peta 11 Hours Ago

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