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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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What's the music please?

Trying to identify music from a programme?Post your query here ...


Peta 57 Minutes Ago

Commentator free footy

With all these red button options now available, may we please ...


Jinkin Jimmy 4 Weeks Ago

Welcome! Read this first!

Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read ...


Peta Jun 18, 2013

Matt Baker Men's Gymnastics ...

Did I mishear the lovely Matt describe Scotland as " hanging ...


Maggie 1 Minute Ago

Non BBC TV Programmes 2013

ITV? C4? Sky1? Discuss programmes from other channels here only! - ...


Peta 10 Minutes Ago

Eastenders cancer story

I am currently recovering from breast cancer treatment. I ...


nanacas 15 Minutes Ago

Eastenders 2014 Discussion

As good a time as any, I suppose...So, Dr. Holby has ...


Prophet Tenebrae 17 Minutes Ago

Cuckoo BBC3

Can anyone tell me if there will be any more BBC 3 series of ...


Tweeet 19 Minutes Ago

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai 31 Minutes Ago

BBC Breakfast

Some posters seem to have strong feelings about the content of ...


germinator 33 Minutes Ago

Freeview - EVERY BBC channel ...

Since the Commonwealth Games started EVERY BBC television ...


Spinning_hea d 34 Minutes Ago


OK, really not sure about this, but the song made me laugh quite ...


bethb63 38 Minutes Ago

2014 All BBC Sports Programming

Cycling? F1? Sport programmes? Sports coverage? Sport ...


Dee 38 Minutes Ago

The Honourable Woman

The opening episode of this new, seven-part, labyrinthine, spy ...


Polemicist 42 Minutes Ago

Jeremy Clarkson

Why is it that when two people complain about Jeremy Clarkson ...


Gordon Taggart 50 Minutes Ago

BBC1 coverage of Commonwealth ...

I live in The Netherlands and although I can watch BBC1, 2, 3 ...


Ann Poulter 1 Hour Ago

BBC Goes Utterly OTT on Sport ...

The latest piece of ephemera is the Commonwealth Games. This ...


fascinating 1 Hour Ago

common wealth games 2014

is it ok to start a thread on the games ? i did about five weeks ...


meddaboy 1 Hour Ago

Tonight At The Games

I must say a big well done to the BBC for giving us Tonight At The ...


hemsby1 1 Hour Ago

Tulisa - The Price Of Fame

Former X Factor judge and N-Dubz singer, Tulisa Contostavlos, was ...


Polemicist 1 Hour Ago


The new Saturday night gymnastics show starts 9th August. Mr ...


Phil-ap 2 Hours Ago

Ofcom - Racist and Offensive ...

The media regulator has, just, ruled that an edition of BBC's ...


Polemicist 2 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 2 Hours Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 2 Hours Ago

The Green Room 2014 - off ...

Welcome to the new Green Room, come in and pull up a pew You ...


Dee 2 Hours Ago

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