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Background music in BBC TV ...

Hi all,this is a new thread for your comments on music used in ...


Peter 10 Hours Ago

NEW: Ask 2015

Please use this thread to ask about issues related to the ...


Peter 13 Hours Ago

What's the music please?

Trying to identify music from a programme?Post your query here ...


Peta 5 Days Ago

Welcome! Read this first!

Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read ...


Peta Jun 18, 2013

University Challenge 2015

And here we go!Woods has the most extremely sarcastic eyebrow!


mirandashell 10 Hours Ago

The Green Room 2015 - ...

Welcome to this year's new Green Room for general chat about ...


Malyndi 10 Hours Ago


My answer is:1. People who start a sentance with "basically" and ...


Suzy Sue 10 Hours Ago

The Celts: Blood, Iron and ...

Hi all,a new 3 part documentary starts tonight from 9pm on BBC2 ...


Peter 10 Hours Ago

Great British Bake Off 2015

Noticed some brief trailers so it cannot be far away now. Will we ...


Bidie-In 10 Hours Ago

We Want New Tricks........

Let's start a campaign.......More please!


ARENA 10 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 10 Hours Ago

Non BBC TV Programmes 2013

ITV? C4? Sky1? Discuss programmes from other channels here only! - ...


Peta 10 Hours Ago

Andre Previn at the BBC.

A delightful programme that afforded a glimpse into a rich ...


SATM67 10 Hours Ago

Rugby World Cup - Off Topic ...

Kicks of tomorrow evening in England, though many of the ...


germinator hebdo 11 Hours Ago

Tough Justice in Britain - ...

The Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, is featured on this ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago

Music for Misfits - The Story ...

This is a new, three-part, BBC Four documentary series that ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago

Strictly Come Dancing

Oooooh I'm liking the look of the new professional Russian dancer ...


gigglehoneyb ee 11 Hours Ago

The VIP Paedophile Ring - ...

This coming Tuesday's late night edition of Panorama will ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago

National Poetry Day and ...

Thank you BBC for your extensive coverage of poetry last ...


vivinfrance 11 Hours Ago

Patagonia - Earth's Secret ...

A glimpse at the rarely seen South American wilderness, home to a ...


Polemicist 11 Hours Ago

EastEnders 2015 Discussion

Well, another new year. But same old EastEnders.I just thought ...


LordRahl 12 Hours Ago

Doctor Who Episode 4

Before the FloodSaturday 8.25pmBBC1


cricket-Ange l Baratheon 12 Hours Ago

Sir Alex Ferguson..

Should the BBC be providing a half hour program to publicise this ...


wolfie 12 Hours Ago


Starting on Saturday week (12 September) with an episode ...


Baldinio 12 Hours Ago

The Big Fish

This could have been a good programme, but unfortunately Ben ...


Johnnymol 12 Hours Ago

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