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Threads for BBC Television programmes

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What's the music please?

Trying to identify music from a programme?Post your query here ...


Peta 5 Hours Ago

Commentator free footy

With all these red button options now available, may we please ...


Jinkin Jimmy 4 Weeks Ago

Welcome! Read this first!

Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read ...


Peta Jun 18, 2013

common wealth games 2014

is it ok to start a thread on the games ? i did about five weeks ...


meddaboy 1 Minute Ago

The Green Room 2014 - off ...

Welcome to the new Green Room, come in and pull up a pew You ...


Dee 2 Minutes Ago

Walking the Dead

The aim of the game: a fun play on words relating to the title of a ...


alex_host 4 Minutes Ago

BBC Breakfast

Some posters seem to have strong feelings about the content of ...


germinator 14 Minutes Ago

The Stuarts

I think this is only being shown in Scotland, so far at least. ...


somewhatsill y 14 Minutes Ago

Fifteen Billion Pound Railway

This is a new, three-part documentary series that actually ...


Polemicist 17 Minutes Ago


This post has been hidden.


hairyarris 26 Minutes Ago

Why do I have to sign in ...

For the past week I've had to sign in every time I come on this ...


nightmusic 50 Minutes Ago

1979 TOTP please

Please BBC can you carry top of the pops into 1979.Even edited ...


Logans Run 51 Minutes Ago

Eastenders 2014 Discussion

As good a time as any, I suppose...So, Dr. Holby has ...


Prophet Tenebrae 54 Minutes Ago

Proms 2014

Pleased to see that John Wilson's prom this year is a performance ...


Phil-ap 59 Minutes Ago

Eastenders cancer story

I am currently recovering from breast cancer treatment. I ...


nanacas 1 Hour Ago

BBC Goes Utterly OTT on Sport ...

The latest piece of ephemera is the Commonwealth Games. This ...


fascinating 1 Hour Ago

Chivalry and Betrayal: The ...

"Trouble in the Family: 1337-1360""Episode 1 of ...


William Blessing 2 Hours Ago

The Honourable Woman

The opening episode of this new, seven-part, labyrinthine, spy ...


Polemicist 2 Hours Ago

The Sky at Night

With the demise of the Sir Patrick the Sky at Night last Sunday ...


shilkman 2 Hours Ago


This post has been removed.


Susan 2 Hours Ago

Ofcom - Racist and Offensive ...

The media regulator has, just, ruled that an edition of BBC's ...


Polemicist 2 Hours Ago

The Man Who Made Us Spend - ...

This is a new, three-part series in which Jacques Peretti ...


Polemicist 3 Hours Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 3 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 3 Hours Ago


This post has been removed.


Maggie 3 Hours Ago

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