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What's the music please?

Trying to identify music from a programme?Post your query here ...


Peta 8 Hours Ago

Welcome! Read this first!

Post to existing discussions; News & sport off-topic; FAQ; read ...


Peta Jun 18, 2013

Format of Who do you think ...

I am becoming increasingly disappointed in what was ...


Phil McDonald 5 Hours Ago

Obtrusive background ...

Why can't the BBC and other stations provide the red button ...


4alex 5 Hours Ago

University Challenge ...

STARTS TONIGHTNew series. After last week's programmes charting ...


Organoleptic Icon 5 Hours Ago

New Drama . In The Club.

A new drama starts next week written by Kay Mellor , In The ...


nick maroney 5 Hours Ago

2014 All BBC Sports Programming

Cycling? F1? Sport programmes? Sports coverage? Sport ...


Dee 5 Hours Ago

The Green Room 2014 - off ...

Welcome to the new Green Room, come in and pull up a pew You ...


Dee 5 Hours Ago

"Dumbing Down"

I have been getting irritated with various posters talking about ...


leadedbee 5 Hours Ago

Do you have a question for ...

Hi everybody,As promised, I am finally opening the Ask Dee ...


Dee 5 Hours Ago


I watched the last part of "Pointless" broadcast tonight ( ...


Sandy Henderson 5 Hours Ago

Peter Capaldi - Not a Very ...

As an American who's watched Dr. Who from the time of Tom Baker, ...


DrWhoFan111 5 Hours Ago

Panorama 1st September Rotherham

I felt ashamed for the people involved in suppressing the ...


Maxibaby 5 Hours Ago

Alex Polizzi - The Fixer : ...

Alex Polizzi returns to BBC Two this evening with a new, ...


Polemicist 5 Hours Ago


All posts and questions about the programme Pointless here ...


tallulahmoo 6 Hours Ago


Why is the BBC still using this offensive word ,it's offensive ...


Caroline 6 Hours Ago

Eastenders 2014 Discussion

As good a time as any, I suppose...So, Dr. Holby has ...


Prophet Tenebrae 6 Hours Ago

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek – ...

Broadcast times:19:30 – Saturday 30th August, 2014 BBC One 19:15 ...


Osuwari 6 Hours Ago

New Tricks

Sorry but this program is ridiculous, why does anyone ...


caravan 6 Hours Ago

Only Connect

I love this quiz, from the weirdy beardy contestants to the ...


secret duckling 6 Hours Ago

Young Vets - BBC2 - Tuesday ...

Yippee! A 10 part series (on daily, times vary but usually ...


Bidie-In 7 Hours Ago

Dr Who - The Next 50 Years

At the suggestion of Lee, a thread dedicated to the discussion ...


Bonamai 7 Hours Ago

The Secret Life of Books

This is a new, six-part, BBC Four series, which has been produced ...


Polemicist 7 Hours Ago

An Extra Slice - GBBO

Thought I'd get in first! LOL!Oh lor, the Greengrocer is on......


mirandashell 7 Hours Ago

Non BBC TV Programmes 2013

ITV? C4? Sky1? Discuss programmes from other channels here only! - ...


Peta 7 Hours Ago

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