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    Posted by harbin91 (U6923154) on ,

    I find the Olympics football coverage to be hellishly boring. The commentary is poor, the noise with the Olympic logo is annoying and what is with no punditry.

    The BBC have got the best coverage of the PL with Match of the Day, and it's coverage during England games is high aswell. Why on earth are we not letting Messrs Hansen, Lineker, Dixon give punditry during pre and post match, and during half time. In fact, who on earth wants to watch the groundsmen watch the pitch being watered for ten minutes? The commentary standard is far below what you'd expect from the Football League Show, Lawro to me is better of as a pundit on MotD than a commentator.

    The sounds poor, mostly due to that sound effect, the coverage is poor and below the standard I'd normally expect from BBC sports coverage. I know the match against Senegal has not been the fastest paced match we are used to although it is somewhat refreshing seeing Great Britain dominate possession, even though they've been absolutely poor defensively (I'll put that down in part to Stuart Pearce playing 3 LBs).

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    Posted by Huckerback (U14411634) on ,

    Watched about 2 minutes during the half time break, and turned off after hearing the phrase "Team GB"' about three times - hopefully it'll just be the football when such naffery is uttered.

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    Posted by BothXP (U6274173) on ,

    Huckerback: That's the team name, it's been used for many Olympic games now and is not going to change. So can you please move on from moaning about it.

    harbin91: Which channel were you watching on ? The main coverage on BBC1 appeared to have the main presenting team but if you watch the extra Olympic feeds then there will only be commentary during the actual matches. Around the games and at half time you just get pictures from the event but no pundit coverage.

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    Posted by Huckerback (U14411634) on ,

    Huckerback: That's the team name, ....   Actually .. it isn't. :-)

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