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    Posted by Phil-ap (U13637313) on ,

    But, you strongly suggested that there might be a problem with his credibility; and that it WOULD leave an element of doubt. You seem to be damning with faint praise. There is no conflict of interest.   No, I suggested any comments would carry even more weight if he had no ties to the BBC - that is not the same as his views should be discounted but one of we the viewers being made aware of his background so we can reach a balanced understanding of his standpoint.  No they wouldn't. His comments carry more weight because he knows something about the BBC and shares our frustration with what has been going on recently. He obviously does not rely on the BBC for his livelihood. In any case I think it would be very difficult to find a media expert who didn't have ties with the BBC.

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    Posted by Guv-nor (U7476305) on ,

    There's not much essential difference between mentioning his name and depicting him, is there? An image does remind us how he hid 'in plain sight' and all that.  Yes a reasonable point.

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