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    Posted by Zapataedo (U15071854) on Tuesday, 17th April 2012

    Many of the BBC's factual websites will be changing over the next twelve months. These changes will make our content easier to access and better in quality, but they will also mean we do less of some things - including messageboards.

    The BBC Gardening messageboard will shortly be closing.


    Move it all to Salford at vast expense, by which time it will be so easy to access and so good that nobody will look at any of it.

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    Posted by Zapataedo (U15071854) on Tuesday, 17th April 2012

    Hi ArtemisH

    Did you read my message? I wondered why the Archer's boards weren't to your liking?


    I'm slightly mystified by the way the Archers goes sailing majestically on while all around founder on the rocks. It is profoundly illogical.

    You can't have a single radio board, but a load of fictitious fake farmers out of one R4 programme have seven! Who is running the show, George Osbourne?

    The whole BBC messageboard thing is a shadow of its former self which is a pity because it used to be quite good.....about ten years ago.....

    It was a good experiment while it lasted.

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