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    Posted by peppermintpatti (U1472081) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    6 Music is a gem of a music station, it has been an absolute pleasure to listen to, since it first stated 4 years ago.

    "And yet that's what the BBC is for: bringing it all out, letting everyone see or hear the full breadth of culture." The New Statesman on Marc Riley's BBC 6 Music show.

    However over the last few months the station has replaced excellent knowledgeable music journalists such as Andrew Collins and Gideon Coe with presenters in the mold of Chris Moyles. It really is the musical/radio equivalent of such a presenter taking over the 'Today' programme.

    There is a huge amount of negative feedback on the 6 Music message boards (which if you look at the message board 'DJ complaints' in the context of the previous 4 years are normally limited), and an online petition with over 700 signatures. (I haven't signed this but it's still relevant).

    Please can someone tell me why and what is happening to this wonderful station, it beggars belief.

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    Posted by Pat Shed (U4664057) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    I have no idea why it's happening. But certainly my weekly hours of listening to 6M have decreased greatly with the departure of Collins (the 2nd best radio broadcaster of his generation, IMHO) and Jupitus and the move away from a daytime slot of Gideon Coe, such that now it's really just the occasional concert and Bob Dylan.

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    Posted by peppermintpatti (U1472081) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    In this week's NEW STATESMAN (nb. I don't work for them) a journalist has picked up on the change of presenters and questioned their suitability:

    The relevant paragraphs are at the bottom of the article.

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    Posted by s1acko (U10803985) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    I'm in FULL agreement.

    6Music was once an oasis in terms of music pleasure for me. Now, they have updated the line-up with lightweights such as Nemone, Keaveny and particularly George Lamb and the dumbing down has hit an all time low.

    These people are NOT suitable for this station and whoever was responsible for their appointments needs to act quickly to reverse the trend of departing listeners and disenchanted 6Music fans.

    Apart from anything else, George Lamb is treating listeners with contempt with his fake Black Accent and 'street' speak, employed whilst making borderline racist comments against travelers, women and other minorities in what can only be an attempt at joining the "shock jock" mob more at home on local radio or Radio1. This ,merely serves to rub listeners to 6Music up the wrong way.

    It's not what we have been used to listening to and it isn't what we want.

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    Posted by wanye (U10849684) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    Me and my work colleagues (10-20 of us at any one time) have now stopped listening to the radio during the day. previously, the DAB radio would be on almost 24/7, but now it only gets used between 5pm and about 6am... this is entirely due to the bbc6music daytime lineup change. what was once fantastic listening where we would hear classic tunes (we are all aged 25-45ish) and some good new music has been replaced with sub-moyles heat magazine style "banter" and that ruddy chasing pavements song. if we wanted to listen to radio 1, we would do.

    we just want the old 6music back!

    and the increase in listener stats surely has more to do with sub-30 DAB radios being available recently rather than people thinking george lamb is the best bbc6music has to offer. we want knowledgable and interesting DJs, not ones who spend all day talking about the entertainment pages of the sun and speaking in a cod-jamaican accent. it's insulting to what (we thought at least) WERE the 6music target audience (25yrold+ music lovers who dont want the same songs over and over all day long)

    and no, listen again isnt an option.

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    Posted by edoz (U7920467) on Friday, 18th January 2008

    I completely agree! BBC Radio 6 Music used to be a wonderful station but now on daytime it's just a BIG and FAT crap! It all started when Nemone came in... Then Shaun.... And now this selfish and egoistic "freak" George Lamb who is most pointless person on radio except Chris Boyles ( or Moyles ? ) maybe.Shame on you Lesley Douglas! SHAME ON YOU!
    Give back a station for music lovers! Even Radio 1 daytime at the moment is better than 6Music daytime!
    Bring down Lesley Douglas from controller position ( because she is pointless) and put on someone who cares about music. And new director's first order will be to fire Shaun,George and Nemone.
    Listeners at the moment show their opinion in ALL ways- look at 6Music message boards! Look at them and you will see what listeners think!
    Keep complain!

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    Posted by andyhebden23 (U2005447) on Saturday, 19th January 2008

    'Closer to the music that matters'. George Lamb? Russell Howard? I have my doubts.

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    Posted by farmejim (U8620438) on Saturday, 19th January 2008

    I'd just like to add my name to the list of deeply disappointed and aggrieved ex-listeners of 6Music [daytime].
    A once great music station, now a second rate clone of Radio1. The music's still there some of the time but the chat between is so way off the mark that it's impossible for me to listen to the daytime shows. Lamb's show between 10 and 1.00 being the nadir.
    What has Lesley Douglas done to our beloved station? Why has she done it?
    Why has she brought in these sub-standard DJs?
    Why did she get them ALL from the same management agency?
    Questions need answering and so far no answers are forthcoming.

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    Posted by peppermintpatti (U1472081) on Thursday, 24th January 2008

    Review of the current situation at 6 Music from The Guardian Online:

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    Posted by isthisonetaken (U10914108) on Friday, 25th January 2008

    Get George Lamb off 6Music.

    One of the many who now "tune out" from this idiot

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    Posted by BernardHChrist (U237236) on Friday, 25th January 2008

    I couldn't agree more. He is the antithesis of everything for which the channel purports to stand. He is musically ignorant, boorish, dull and often deeply offensive. GET HIM OFF THE AIR!

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    Posted by chavezcat2 (U10692537) on Friday, 25th January 2008

    This is from your own mission statement for 6 music:
    "The station should add context to the music through authoritative
    presentation, features and documentaries which aim to develop an
    understanding of the music and its context, or reflect the inter-
    dependence of musical and social trends."

    I don't see sound effects, sidekicks, inane neverending chatter and faux patois as part of this.

    Give us a Dj who is an adult and plays music.

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    Posted by jemima (U2495781) on Friday, 25th January 2008

    This is a very interesting thread because I have seen this before. I have for many many years been a loyal Radio 4 listener but over the last few years I am forced to accept that the BBC are not the least bit interested in loyalty. They want NEW listeners and it doesn't matter how many of the regular listeners they upset - the aim is to attract new, and to do this changes have to occur.

    Why is it that change always seems to be in a downward direction?

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    Posted by U6679583 (U6679583) on Monday, 28th January 2008


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    Posted by Researcher 174882 (U174882) on Tuesday, 29th January 2008

    I gave him a chance, never heard of him before he came to 6 music, he was bearable at first, but he seemed to get worse and worse...

    Someone measured that he and his "posse" talks for 2 out of the 3 hours of his show. Its not as if he has anything to say. Pretending to be Ali G.

    Appalling. I listen to PlanetRock now during 10am-1pm. One day I will probably just stay.

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