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    Posted by maestaf (U14145694) on Monday, 18th May 2015

    Really enjoyed this programme, right from series one.. Sad though that we won't get a follow on series of Jason and the Argonauts :( the whole programme is crying out for a proper final ending that Jason and the Argonauts would give us.

    Annoyed and irritated by once again seeing the BBC slipping into a programme aimed at family viewing a gay scene. Shame on you BBC, for promoting your own agenda yet again. We all know being gay/lesbian is the accepted norm these days, but there are still some of us who don't agree with it being trotted out in every programme. It's becoming an obsession with you. 
    What is this gay agenda of which you speak? The BBC occasionally acknowledging that gays exist? Two whole series set in Ancient Greece and the only possible reference to homosexuality is a man briefly kissing a dying man. It's rather like a series in Ancient Egypt failing to mention the pharaohs or the pyramids.

    In a "family viewing" programme where the body count was extraordinarily high, captives were scythed down in the arena, evil magical powers used to torture and kill prisoners and the hero engineered the execution of his mother, you think what the children need protection from is a kiss?

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    Posted by GARGLEBLASTER (U3191065) on Monday, 18th May 2015

    Now no less than four threads on the same sunject:

    Why aren't people capable of sticking t just one? It's fairly easy to use the "search" facility.

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    Posted by cricket-Angel Baratheon (U3382697) ** on Monday, 18th May 2015

    Easier to just start a new thread.

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    Posted by seaDoctor (U4509975) on Sunday, 2nd August 2015

    Just watched Atlantis Season 2 for the first time in the last few days. What a shame we aren't going to see a third series. Thoroughly enjoyed it, although I must admit it was like a bloodbath at the best of times. And for those homophobic Daily Mail readers, homosexual relationships were treated with respect in Greek times, alongside heterosexual ones. Time they did their research. Loved Icarus flying and dropping bombs on the enemy - one of the best highlights of the last episode. Perhaps Amazon Prime could do a co-production like with Ripper Street to make a third series.

    Atlantis more than deserves another outing.

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