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End Doctor Who...It's awful!!

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    Posted by alan gee (U1158644) on Wednesday, 6th July 2005

    Don't think I hate Harry Potter as such, just the phenomenon. I read and enjoyed Lord of the Rings, and (better) The Hobbit (yes I know - kid's books), but I didn't go much on the films - too much gazing wistfully into the distance. I agree that good books don't make good films.

    I can't really put my finger onto a particular thing that I like, it's more a question of liking the look of something and going for it at the time. I'm busy reading a book (short stories - sci-fi) now that I haven't touched for about 15 years.

    Now on the other hand, Pulp Fiction. THAT'S a good film!!

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    Posted by Blondie (U1683212) on Wednesday, 6th July 2005


    The Hobbit??

    Heard of it, never read it but even though kids read it - its not exactly aimed at kids is it??

    I'm actually re-reading the last Harry Potter to refresh myself ready for the new one!!

    Last thing i read besides H.P though was Norman Wisdom's AutoBiog... great man, he's so ace!! It's signed by him too!! smiley - winkeye

    Pulp Fiction, now that is a film and a half - love it!!! Although you cannot beat a bit of Jamesy Bond!! 007 does it for me everytime, Roger Moore not Sean Connery!!

    smiley - cool

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    Posted by superfurryandy (U1233738) on Wednesday, 6th July 2005

    Read the first 4 Harry Potter books but haven't gone beyond that because, well, essentially, they're too childish - there's not enough there for adults to chew on, unlike childrens books by authors such as Pullman, Gaiman & Pratchett.

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    Posted by bryces (U187610) on Wednesday, 6th July 2005

    Alan Gee,

    As for Harry Potter, that is a completely different issue!!

    I hate Doctor Who because the BBC could easily show something better and more informative, however as for Harry Potter you are obviously not a fan and thats probably because you've never read a Harry Potter book?? Am i right??

    I felt the same and cursed under my breath as i started to read the first one and now i have my deposit on the 6th one coming out in 10 days time!!

    Do not judge until you have experienced.

    I have experienced Doctor Who and find it irritating and stupid...

    I have experienced Harry Potter and JK Rowlings well written imagination and found it amazing that such a children's story can make you want to read on...

    smiley - winkeye

    A kiddy's programme watched by (a few) obsessive adults. Similar in many ways to the Harry Potter phenomenon - Childrens' books read by people who really should know better.   

    Have to agree with the above. I wanted to like DW, but I just found it silly. I really felt that the new DW was disjointed and suffered from being based on self contained episodes. While there were a few that spread over several episodes it was nothing like the original format with a story running across an entire series with cliff-hangers at the end of each show.

    While the production values of the original DW programmes wasn't exactly high, the storylines were pretty good. Unfortunately I think that the beeb has reversed this with the new DW with great production values but poor writing.

    As for Harry Potter, I idly picked one up to see what the fuss was about and found that they were simply very well written and I too have the next one on order! Of course they are not in the same league as Pratchett at his best, but you go back and read his first few books - they're good, but not as polished as they later became. I think that it is a mark of Rowling's natural ability as a storyteller, that she has been able to produce such good work right at the start of her writing career.

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