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    Posted by babybellsmom (U14806728) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Hi all

    DD is 15 months old and I feel a bit under pressure to start getting her off the bottle due to what I have read and advice of HV.
    She still has her milk in bottles as she refuses to entertain the idea of drinking it out of a cup or beaker, even though she will drink water from a cup or beaker. (She would never drink water out of a bottle either) Basically she has very definite ideas about which beverage goes in which recepticle!

    Has anyone got any advice about getting her to accept milk from a beaker or cup?
    Is it really that bad for her to keep taking her milk in a bottle for a bit longer?

    BBM x

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    Posted by butterfly (U14307468) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    hi, I personally wouldn't worry about getting her to drink from a beaker instead of a bottle, but I think HV give that advice to avoid teeth problems from sucking the teat when their milk teeth develop. However, lots of children have a bottle morning and evening here for a lot longer than the recommended cut off age. Lots of Kgarten kids ( age 4-6 yrs ) still have one. I stopped LO3 having one around age 2 yrs , but tbh i did regret it , as she rarely drank milk after that, and gave up on yoghurts too. LO1 had a bottle til 4,5 yrs and LO2 was 2,5 yrs.

    I do remember SIL having a lot more pressure tho in the UK from her HV to get them off it. What about trying her with a cup of milk with a straw? ( you can get curly wurly ones that show the milk going round? might be a novelty for a while? good luck but tbh i wouldn't worry too much about it, aslong as she's not using the teat as a dummy ( ie , putting her to bed with a bottle of milk, and her using it to fall asleep with).

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    Posted by JenSarah (U6572041) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    I agree with Butterfly. DD would only drink formula milk from a bottle, while quite happily drinking water and squash from a cup. She wouldn't drink cows milk from any vessel, so she still had a bottle of formula until she was about 2 & 4 months. It was once a day, at home so I decided not to worry about it. She didn't take it to bed and gave it up ok when the time came.

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    Posted by Mumfrog (U14962484) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Most kids here in France keep on drinking bottles way through toddlerhood and some even longer. I don't see that there are more dental problems. I must admit I did find it a bit strange when my nephew was still having a bottle of milk for brekkie at the age of 7, but its certainly the norm up to the age of three here. I think for many people its an easy/mess free way of getting a decent breakfast down them !
    I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.

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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    DS who is 4 still has milk in a bottle morning and night. At least a pint a day sometimes more. I believe that milk is a terrific source of nutrition and he won't have it out of a cup. I just make sure he has his teeth brushed after the milk. We have evening milk just after dinner these days so he has time to go to the loo fir a 'big wee' before bed and teeth done again then.

    Don't let a HV pressure you.

    Cleo x

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    Posted by islama (U1039316) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    DS drank milk from a bottle until he was at least 2.

    He used to drink quite a large amount of milk if from the bottle, but not from a cup. And he still drinks very little to this day.

    But remember that milk after a certain age is not that important, just as long as they have other sources of calcium. Your DD could have yogurts or cheese.

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    Posted by babybellsmom (U14806728) on Wednesday, 31st October 2012

    Hi all

    Thanks for your replies. As usual now I feel alot better knowing that DD is not the only one and that I needn't worry too much. She only has the bottle for as long as she is drinking the milk (supervised) and then we always take it straight off her so there is no prolonged contact with her teeth.

    I was panicking yesterday as we had a power cut all day and ended up having to go and sleep at my mom's due to no heating - and of course the internet was not working so I had visions of the board closing before I could get on here.

    I want to thank everyone who has offered me advice in the past 2 years. Not sure where I am now going to go to get my questions answered in such a sensible way! I say sensible as some of the medical or 'official' advice you get is just so idealistic that it makes you feel like you are doing something wrong when you and your child don't 'conform'. But maybe this board has taught me to trust my own instincts more and accept that all children are not the same!

    Thanks and I will miss you all and this lifeline.

    BBM x

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