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    Posted by Sar12 (U15003933) on Thursday, 11th October 2012

    Hi ladies,

    Well it has been a year since I took my last pill and stumbled across this board. I never truly anticipated the roller coaster of emotions that I would go through trying to have a baby. I knew it could take a while, but hoped I wouldnt still be here a year on! (no offence!) Alas, here I am.

    I am thankful to have been able to read and chat with you all along your journeys and it really has helped keep me sane over the year.

    I experienced a chemical pregnancy last month which was sad, but I'm hoping this month will be lucky now my body has an idea of what it is supposed to do - I just need to hang onto it this time.

    Hope you are all well and positive this month.

    Sar xxx

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    Posted by magicians assistant (U3371587) on Saturday, 13th October 2012

    Sending baby dust your way.

    How old are you?

    Keep positive. BD every other day.!

    My friend got pregnant a year after last pill. Takes ages to get out of your system and get your natural cycle going.


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    Posted by hope2bmum (U14811127) on Saturday, 13th October 2012

    Hi Sar,

    Sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy last month, hope you are feeling ok now? Like you say hopefully your body now knows what to do and success will be around the corner.

    I know what you mean about time going on... i say to my DH every xmas/new year that hopefully this time next year we will be expecting or have a LO but then the next year comes. I never thought we would still be here two and a half years down the line. I think its only the ladies on here that keep me going. We have come to the conclusion now that we are not putting our life on hold as we have previously avoided booking holidays abroad etc just in case and if if happens then brill if not at least we have enjoyed ourselves anyway. Next years holiday is already booked to give us something to look forward to... we will either get to go or we will be cooking a bundle of joy either way we will be happy.

    Good luck to you....we WILL get there one day and it will be so worth the wait XX

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    Posted by Sar12 (U15003933) on Monday, 15th October 2012

    Hi ladies,

    Thanks for your replies.

    Im 33 whcih I know isnt too old in the grand scheme of things, but does make me feel that time is ticking away. Must relax though, it cant help to stress about things.

    Are you currenlty TTC Magicians Assistant?

    Was ovulating this weekend so fingers crossed that this is the month.

    Hope2bmum - you have been trying so long. Am I right in thinking you are doing IUI at the moment? Hope this is the month for you.

    Baby dust to all

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    Posted by magicians assistant (U3371587) on Monday, 15th October 2012

    Yes am you can tell by my bd ing post smiley - smiley

    33 is still very young...i am 41!

    Baby dust all over you!! Xx

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    Posted by BambieO (U14994960) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    Hi sar

    I haven't been on very much lately but I always think about you smiley - smiley

    I'm sorry to hear your news but like you say your body can Definitely do it just keep going you are doing so well you really are

    I will keep checking for your good news which I know is on its way

    X Bambie x

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    Posted by Sar12 (U15003933) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    Thank you so much Bambie. Its so good to hear from you. I hope you and the little one are doing well.

    Such a shame I wont be able to post any news here when I get there, what with the boards closing tomorrow.

    I just want to say thank you for thinking of me, youve really helped me over the year and it was a pleasure to share the journey with you.

    Lots of love and best wishes for the future

    Sar xxx

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