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How to choose an IVF clinic?

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    Posted by hope2bmum (U14811127) on Monday, 1st October 2012

    Hi ladies,
    Was told today when I attended my first appointment for my 3rd iui that they will be putting the wheels in motion for my IVF referral if this attempt fails and that we just have to let them know which clinic we would like to use. I never thought I would get a choice on the nhs and don't really know where to start! Do u just base your choice on success rates and convenience or is there more to it? I'm in notts so looking for a local one if any one has any experience with any nearby or know what I should look for? Any advice would be great
    Thanks x x

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    Posted by WelshGinge (U13464584) on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

    Hi - I am a long time lurker on BAP but felt compelled to answer you.

    I had a look at stats & also word of mouth. I ended up going to Care Notts & got my BFP on my 1st IVF (after 3 failed IUI's) - I would highly recommend them! Very professional, friendly & their clinic is easy to get to (if you drive).

    Also check out Nurture as they have the best stats outside of London & know people who've had success with them. Best of luck xx

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    Posted by Sunnygirl2009 (U14259277) on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

    We had IVF back in 2007. We went to Hammersmith Hospital (private). There stats were good plus it was the nearest to where we lived. It would have been far to stressful getting trains etc into London a few times each week so I opted for Hammersmith. It worked on my first go and I had twin boys.

    There was a few negatives. Some of the doctors I felt were rather rude and one especially I felt was very in-experienced that I dealt with but in general it was a good place. Good luck.

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    Posted by hope2bmum (U14811127) on Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

    Hi ladies,
    Thanks for your useful posts, handy to get advice from people that have been through it and it gives me hope that it will work after being unsuccessful with iui so far. Welshginge thanks for the feedback about care in notts as I have been looking at that as its nearer my place of work but then I am also toying with nurture just because we have had our iui at queens and its the same consultant so he should know our history. It's hard to know what to do for the best esp as I don't know anyone personally who has ever had IVF so I really appreciate your help, thanks x x

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    Posted by Jax1963 (U6628925) on Friday, 12th October 2012


    I'm a BAP but we had two rounds of IVF in 2006 which resulted in our DS so we've been through the clinic choice route. We did look at stats (particularly look at the break downs - we were over 40s so whilst some clinics looked great the success rate for the older ladies was pretty poor. Make sure you look at your age group and anything else specifically addressing your needs - like ICSI etc)

    I also found very useful. I joined their forum not just for support but because they have specific messageboards for areas of the country and for individual clinics - so you can have a 'lurk' around the clinics you're looking at to get a feel for them.

    For example, I discounted one clinic (I was in London at the time) as a few people mentioned on that website that you had to pitch up when the clinic opened and took your turn to see at doctor on a first come/first served basis. Well, that was no good for me as we both worked so, as my other choice had an appointments system and equally good stats, we went with the other one.

    Obviously, most of the people on the messageboards are patients of the particular clinic they mention but a few have moved from one clinic to another for various reasons. It's helpful if you're faced with a couple of equal clinics on paper and don't have friends who have been through IVF who can recommend somewhere.


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