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    Posted by corbs24 (U15428356) on Monday, 17th September 2012

    Hi all

    i was just wondering if any of you lovly ladies have ever felt like i have at all...

    before having our gorgeous most adorable princess i was so happy with my body after loosing weight and i just got to my target when we were trying for princess,

    i had a c-section with her, princess is now nearly 18 months old and i have lost 4 stone yes im very proud of myself ive worked so hard im wearing clothes now i couldnt wear before having princess, i am admittedly a bit less toned but still.

    well now we get to the heart of this post, ive been thinking about baby 2 for a while now light heartedly and have disgussed with my fiance he would have another baby tomorrow together, i do want our princess to hvae a brother or sister, but my partener is worried that i'm not happy with my body now and what may happen after baby 2 due to me not liking the way i am now.. i hope some of you can understand where im coming from,

    im not happy with my stomach yes its flat but i do have some skin from having princess im just worried this will get worse after baby 2?

    has anyone got any advice so i/we can make the decision whether to start trying for baby 2 on our honeymoon when we get married in 3 weeks, i just feel that if i do say can we wait (which other half is totally fine with too)

    that until we finish having children my body wont be how i want it as i.ll keep going back due to pthe stages of pregnancy..i.e putting a bit of weight on an having to looses it again.. i do hope this makes sense i really dont know how else to explain how im feeling

    have any of you got any tips for not putting on so much weight! i did exercise as much as i could i buldged a disc in my back towards the end of my pregnancy so that didnt help...

    many thanks

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    Posted by magicians assistant (U3371587) on Friday, 21st September 2012

    Hi. Before I got pregnant I was happy with my figure. I had lost 5 stone and had kept it off for a year..Loved my clothes..Loved clothes shopping..i was happy in my skin! I put 5 stone on when pregnant.. Have lost 3 but I can't seem to shift any baby is 9 months now. I hate my shape...i have no clothes that fit very well...i hate changing rooms as I hate seeing myself.

    But...i would love to get pregnant again and we are trying.

    I gained too much...i ate too much...i should have been more sensible...and next time I will be..i won't be a glutton.

    I have to accept who I am now...and try and make the best of myself. I'm not happy with my body but will keep trying to get weight off...If I get pregnant again then will eat healthily as poss.

    The thought of not trying for another baby because I'm scared of being fat is not an option...i can lose the weight if I really try.

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    Posted by corbs24 (U15428356) on Friday, 21st September 2012


    Thank you for your reply smiley - smiley

    i like you will definately be more aware of what im eating whilst pregnant we are going to start trying on our honemoon, we cant wait and like you say the weight will come of,,

    its just its such hard work i love my body beofer i had a 6 pack i was lean and toned and yes i worked very hard for the way i looked,

    i have all the support i want from my o.h so with my determination i will get body back to that after baby 2 :0

    we are so excited

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