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Hi there, I'm back on this board after a miscarriage in early ...


Morag1980 May 10, 2012

Trying for a baby.

Me and my partner are currently trying for a baby. We both feel ...


helen1657 Apr 26, 2012

Next step...

Hello everyone Hope things are going well & we're going to have ...


mrsB2506 Apr 25, 2012

Starting IUI...

Hi Ladies....Hope your all ok?I have been back at the fertility ...


hope2bmum Apr 24, 2012

Hi.. Introducing myself...

Hi, im Kelly, im 24 and me and my husband have been trying to ...


x_KLB_x Apr 18, 2012

Stopping ttc?

Just seeking thoughts on this.My husband and I have been ttc for ...


lily1979 Apr 12, 2012

Confused and Delusional

Hi AllWell my first month of trying and I'd convinced myself ...


Enchanted_Pa nd Apr 11, 2012

Smiley face :-)

Well it's smiley face day today so lots of Bd'ing for us for the ...


hope2bmum Apr 10, 2012

New here just a quick "hello"

Hi everyone.I have a pituatry gland brain tumour which causes ...


harvess Apr 10, 2012

Happy Easter

Just wanted to wish all u lovely ladies a very happy Easter! ...


hope2bmum Apr 7, 2012

My Body Works!! YAY!!

Hi ladies, Stupid I know, but I wanted to share my ...


abbe76 Apr 5, 2012

Fed up!

Hi ladies! Hope your all well?Just need a bit of a rant really! ...


hope2bmum Mar 31, 2012

Finally got some answers.

Hello all, Ive wrote on her a couple of times in the past but ...


Becky Mar 31, 2012

Post for a friend

Hi ladies,A very good friend of mine has been ttc for four years ...


Mummy-Mia Mar 25, 2012

To test or not to test??

Hi all,Well title says it all really!! Currently on day 47 of ...


Bigmumma81 Mar 22, 2012

Ovulation Problems!

It's sooo quiet on here at the mo, so I thought I'd throw out a ...


abbe76 Mar 15, 2012

Just checking in

Still here at 8+1 have a family funeral tommorrow which I'm ...


Copperstorm6 6 Mar 6, 2012


Hi ladies,Hope you are all ok?Cant believe im posting this but i ...


Jen Mar 1, 2012

FAO copper storm

Thinking of you today x


xHelsBellsx Feb 29, 2012

Nervously posting!!!

Hi everyone.... Well here I am again. I've been lurking since ...


AlisonAli77 Feb 29, 2012


Hi ladies,Havn't posted on hear in a while but just looking for ...


Naomi Feb 28, 2012

TTC after ectopic

Hi everyone, I just wondered whether anyone else was in the ...


tealady Feb 23, 2012

CBFM Confusion!!

Hi all,Is anybody using the clearblue fertility monitor to ...


Bigmumma81 Feb 22, 2012

Oh my goodness...Feint line!

So after I posted yesterday that my cycle is all over the place ...


rachey_d Feb 16, 2012

Ovarian cysts

Hi ladies! Hope your all being spoilt this valentines? I had my ...


hope2bmum Feb 16, 2012

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