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    Posted by Lolly-pop09 (U15465777) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    Hi I have been trying for my 2nd child since 1st oct, my period is due yesterday / today. Have done a test and although the line was very faint it was there! I have done a calculated date of Edd and I should be 5 weeks smiley - smiley excited but anxious as test was unclear. Could I really have conceived after 14 days of trying? Also would a doctors test be more clear or should I wait another week?

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    Posted by Em (U15359706) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012


    Do a digital test! We conceived after just 4 BD's, its a miracle really! I'd just come odd the pill and had no idea when I might ovulate as I'd been on it since I was 15!

    Fingers crossed for you!

    Emma & Pea

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    Posted by blissfulpanda (U15206771) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    Congratulations!!!! Sounds a definite to me! Yes..we agreed to start trying and the same week we started to try..i fell pregnant! Couldn't believe our luck! So get that appt booked and happy bump growing !!!

    Blissful 34+6 xx

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    Posted by emma829 (U15224340) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    Yep definitely possible and sounds like you are. My first test was so faint I kept looking at it to see of I was going mad. Dh complains as both times he has felt robbed of the trying to conceive x

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    Posted by mummytobe83 (U15432055) on Thursday, 18th October 2012


    Week before I was due on i had all the symptons off feeling like my peroid was going to come. Normally my peroids are like clock work, i was due to have my peroid the sun & Monday I went and brought a cheap 99p test. Went home and did it. They was a very faint line so faint i thought mmm maybe its just my eyes playing up. So i left it another week and did it again this time the line was strong and I was pregnant....legs went to jelly brought back memories of when I first started my periods lol.....so i dont think it matters on the kind of test or cost....

    Sounds like your are just your ph levels arent that strong yet!

    Good luck


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