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    Posted by Firsttimemum88 (U15462951) on Monday, 15th October 2012

    Hello everyone,

    I'm 36 weeks pregnant and started to pack my hospital bag tonight, after reading many web pages to find hundreds of different lists I think I'm done there seems alot in my bag!

    has anyone packed any luxuries or got anything to share that helped them through or think will be a fantastic idea to pack? Any handy snacks for extra energy? What did your fellas pack too?

    Thanks ladies


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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Tuesday, 16th October 2012

    Don't forget your camera and your phone charger!

    I've treated myself to a nice dressing gown and new slippers as I remember last time getting so many visitors and feeling really grubby! I'm also going to buy myself to some luxurious shower gel for that first shower!

    Other folks her have mentioned packs of choccie biscuits for when you have that first cup of tea.

    I'm about the same point as you FTM88 - I need to get moving on my bag packing this week I think!

    All the best


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    Posted by Firsttimemum88 (U15462951) on Tuesday, 16th October 2012

    Phone charger, great idea. Think my fella will have plenty of chocolate biscuits and snacks smiley - smiley I've noticed your due around the same time how exciting.
    How you feeling?


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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Tuesday, 16th October 2012

    feeling quite excited now. Its over a week since I finished work so I'm organised and rested! I've just had another scan today and baby is enormous! At least 8lb2oz today - predicting about 10lb5 at 40 weeks! Seeing Obstetrician tomorrow as I dearly want a section (had this last time)

    Are you well???

    Cleo xx

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    Posted by blissfulpanda (U15206771) on Tuesday, 16th October 2012

    Hi! Yep..Im starting to pack mine too! Lots of yummy goodies to eat and refreshing drinks too..will be taking daddy a bag too with lots of fud in just in case, as last time snack bars were not enough to fill him!
    I'll also be taking a nice going home outfit for moi as i want to feel like a yummy mummy!!

    And the usual..towel, breast pads (as I'll be feeding) sanitary towels, brush,bobbles, toothbrush/paste, shower gel, socks, undies , pj's, swimwear(birthing pool..fingers crossed!) something to give birth in if not in pool, and anything else i can think of smiley - biggrin smiley - biggrin

    A very excited blissful xx

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    Posted by Firsttimemum88 (U15462951) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    I'm really excited, is it your first cleo? I finished 2weeks ago I was a cafe manager and being on my feet all day was killing me and my back.

    I've been predicted a 8lb baby when I went for a 4d scan that's what they told me, but you never know.im seeing midwife tomorrow see what she says hehe.
    I've had bad sickness and heartburn this week so far smiley - sadface not helping that I'm not getting much sleep either Orwell will all be worth it, how are you feeling? X

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    Posted by Firsttimemum88 (U15462951) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    I think I'm going to pay lots of yummy goodies too blissful panda hehe and defo make sure the fella has enough as he does eat a lot lol!
    I'm finding there isn't many clothes put there that make me feel like a yummy mummy...! So is this your second child? How exciting, did you have a pool birth before I'm thinking of having one this time


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    Posted by blissfulpanda (U15206771) on Wednesday, 17th October 2012

    Well im not feeling yummy at the mo so ordered a dress to make me feel good (hoping it fits lol!) yep babba number 2!! My baby girl is almost 2. Never got chance with the pool last time as hit complications so this time..fingers crossed!!!! Also been reading all about hypnobirthing, it sounds fantastic..would recommend anyone to read it! So im hoping to have a hypnobirth if all goes well. Totally relaxed with negativity at Allan well managed breathing, fingers toes n eyes crossed ey!!!


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    Posted by blissfulpanda (U15206771) on Thursday, 18th October 2012

    That's..without any negativity at all..predictive text grrr!!! Lol xx

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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Thursday, 18th October 2012

    This is my second. DS is 4 and just started reception. He's very excited about having a new brother.

    I've got a date! I'm booked for c-section on 5th Nov. Had to have diabetes ruled out yesterday due to concern from accelerated growth but thankfully all tests came back negative. I've been able to 'book' my mum in and DH has been able to plan his work diary now we have a date. There's always a chance tho that I could go into labour early but I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.

    Feeling a bit tired as sleeping really badly at the moment but that's par fir the course. At least I'm off work- finished 5th oct from a stressful senior manager role and have been enjoying the break!
    Planning to finish the baby's room this weekend. have you got much to do yet? Panda, how about you??

    Cleo x

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    Posted by blissfulpanda (U15206771) on Thursday, 18th October 2012

    Hi cleo !! Yay..a date for babba..exciting!! You're keeping busy! Im still working, due 22 Nov and maternity starts a day before (as long as no early show lol) so kept very busy with my lil girl and other half and work! Along with the usual preps ha! Not much to do really, im well prepared lol. Hope you're well?!

    Eeeeek im so excited to meet her/him! Xx

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