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    Posted by Sagittarius83 (U15284606) on Monday, 28th May 2012

    Hi everyone

    i got my downs syndrome odds (if thats the right word) today and they are 1 in 8700. Wondered how that compares to what others have had.



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    Posted by BambieO (U14994960) on Tuesday, 29th May 2012

    Hi Sagittarius

    I got mine in at 1: 37000+ (it was a more specific number than that) but they do vary dependent on so many factors such a s age etc.

    That is a good result you have gotten and would put my mind at rest

    bambie xx

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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Tuesday, 29th May 2012

    Mine's 1:912 for trisomy 21 and 1: 1200 for trisomy13/18

    Cleo x

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    Posted by Sagittarius83 (U15284606) on Wednesday, 30th May 2012

    Hi Cleo and Bambie

    Our results do seem to vary a lot, i had previously heard very high numbers like 1:37000 so mine seemed low in comparison, however it has put my mind at ease.

    Im 28 and 14+5 and this is my 1st so everything seems to confuse me despite me reading everything i can find ;o)


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    Posted by Cleo-Again (U14999305) on Wednesday, 30th May 2012

    Hi Sagi

    don't get too stressed about this. This is a probablity calculation. Whilst the tests they do can't rule own chromosomal abnormalities the result we get gives us an indication of the chance of the risk. So for you, 8699 people with the same combination of test results as you won't have children with this condition; 1 will.

    The way I thought about it prior to my nuchal scan and triple test was at what point in that probablitlity scale would I do anything (ie have further confirmation tests). I'm 42 and my background risk (ie before any test results) was 1:46. Had my results returned as more likely than this - ie 1:45 or less then I would have choosen to have CVS or Amnio. As it was I can live with the 1 chance in 912. The dr confirmed that was was classed as low risk which was fine by me.


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    Posted by Sagittarius83 (U15284606) on Wednesday, 30th May 2012

    Hi Cleo

    Thanks for this reply, it has clarified what i thought.

    I did originally decline the nuchal scan as i thought that any result wouldnt change my decision to have this baby, but eventually changed my mind so not to worry.

    I suppose the old cliche is true - nothing matters as long as i have a healthy baby.

    Here's to us both having happy healthy bouncing babies.



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    Posted by pingypenguin (U3833222) on Wednesday, 30th May 2012

    I was 1 in 23. One perfectly ordinary two year old currently running riot in my lounge!

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    Posted by vicky (U15391572) on Wednesday, 15th August 2012

    I am currently trying to decide whether to have downs tests or not. I am 37 and having first baby. I understand the common sense element but I am not sure what I would do if the results came back as high risk as I am scared of losing this very wanted little one.

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    Posted by Cas72 (U15469440) on Saturday, 20th October 2012

    Hi, i'm new on here! Just wanted to reply to your message about Downs test. I opted for this test and at the beginning of Oct i had my 12 week scan and blood tests, scan to measure nuchal fold. A few days later my midwife rang to ask if i was sitting down...oh daer can't be good news i thought. Apparently my risk for downs is 1 in 7. We have opted to go for an amnio, which is this Wednesday. I've thought of nothing else since beginning of Feb. So in answer to your question i think you have a very low risk, wish that was my risk result! Has anyone else had such a high risk?

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    Posted by WelshGinge (U13464584) on Monday, 22nd October 2012

    Cas72 - Please read up on the condition Pprom (prolonged premature rupture of membranes) before you consider amnio as there is a risk this could occur post amnio. I've thought long & hard about posting this as I don't want to scare you. However, I had Pprom (not related to amnio) & I feel strongly about raising awareness as most people have never heard of it. My baby is a healthy toddler now despite our troubles.

    Sorry for hijacking. Best of luck to all of you!

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    Posted by Cas72 (U15469440) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    WelshGinge- thankyou for your reply. I did have the amnio on Wed (regrettably now!) On wed night i had 2 big leaks of fluid and yesterday (thurs) had a couple more. Had to go for a scan today and they measured the amniotic fluid which is now 2.9 instead of what it should be- 3.5. I was told to go back in on Monday next wk to be scanned again, hopefully the baby would have made the fluid back up. Hadnt lost any more fluid until a couple of hours ago. Not a lot but enough to make me worry. The really regrettable thing about all of this is that my 1:7 risk of Downs came back clear. Really wishing i hadnt bothered with the horrible amnio. Thankyou for your kind support.
    P.s. Has anyone else been thru this after an amnio?

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    Posted by WelshGinge (U13464584) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Cas72 - I'm so sorry to read this. Fingers crossed it will correct itself & reseal. There is a fantastic support group on facebook if you need it (i'm a member). Search: Premature Rupture of Membranes (Pprom) Supprt Group. There are hundreds of us & any questions you have can & will be answered including a lot of ladies who are post amnio. I'm literally keeping everything crossed for you xx

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