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31st July 2015
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Children in need banned!

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Message 1 - posted by horsyfreak2000 (U6548166) , Nov 8, 2006

Our head teacher has banned children in need this year at our school! he says that all the money comes back into orkney and he dosn't want to raise money for orkney he wants to raise awareness of global charities. i agree with raising awareness and money for other charities but i think we should also be allowed to fundraise for children in need which is an amazing charity. i put this to him but he still refuses to allow us to do anything. i'd love to hear your views of this outrage. he makes me so mad!!!!!!!!!
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Message 2 - posted by super-grey (U6560880) , Nov 9, 2006

what do the rest of you think maybe if you all let him know how you feel he will change his mind
is his name scrooge by the way

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Message 3 - posted by devildoll1977 (U6104450) , Nov 11, 2006

I agree get a group of you together to tell him how much you want to raise some money for CIN and volumes speaks louder than words maybe some parents could have a word with him too???

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Message 4 - posted by horsyfreak (U1492888) , Nov 15, 2006

We tried that and it didn't work so I've been busy organising events at the school hostel I stay at instead. We've got word searches, a raffle, a quiz, guess the teddy's birthday, scratch poster, cover pudsay in coppers and best of all throw wet sponges at people! We did the wet sponges today i was first in the stocks and got very wet but it was good fun and we raised thirty pound just doing that.

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Messages  1 - 4 of 4


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