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Farewell All.....

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    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Tuesday, 26th February 2013

    Dear all the members of the BBC MB,

    Although my participation on this wonderful board wasn't enough, I am proud that I have been one of the devoted members of the BBC. Almost or more than fifteen years have past since I first wrote my first message. I've met many wonderful friends who I still keep contact with them through e-mails. Some of you might know Simcia, who also used to be an active member in the past.

    When the strong earthquake attacked Japan a few years ago, Simcia wrote to me that she's very worried about me. She wanted to do something to me and my familty that in her next messages, she wrote that she wants to invite me and my family to her house!! She really meant it. And I felt my heart so warm when she said that.

    Demet has been kind to me although she misunderstood me in the beginning. I always remember her as a young innocent teenager. (smile)

    I don't know if this message's gonna be the last message....If I can't come back here again, please take care of yourselves and keep smiling. I'll try to send messages often to ones I have their e-mail address.

    Well, I'm not a good speaker neither am I a good writer. So let me stop here. Thank you all for everything. You are wonderful.



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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Tuesday, 26th February 2013

    Hi, Nori

    What about those who haven’t your address? Why not continue on that other site mustardland.boards.n... . I know that such nice atmosphere that existed here is difficult to repeat, but why to tear off all ties? Life is go on, we should not give up! You see Zek registered there in the first ranks and now is spreading there his religious poison smiley - yikes . We should stop him!!! Please, do not disappear smiley - smiley

    Best wishes,

    Never say “Never”

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by karinka (U14788388) on Tuesday, 26th February 2013

    Hi Nori,smiley - smiley smiley - rose

    Thank you so much for your work here, for atmosphere we have. I have never taken part in your discussions but I saw all your interesting topics. I hope we'll see you one day on another board. Thank you for your kind words when I felt so bad.

    Have a wonderful time.smiley - smiley


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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Tuesday, 26th February 2013

    Hımmmmm..... smiley - erm.... teenager.... Should I be angry with you? Are not I enough matured as not to be called teenager by you? smiley - blush

    smiley - whistle

    Yep, we argued, I remember it clearly but it belongs to the past (it is just a memory which makes me smile) because I always believe the high quality of your heart. smiley - smiley On the other hand, why on earth, we should agree on everything!smiley - whistle

    smiley - smiley

    Whenever I think about this board, you and Alex come up to my mind. I am very appreciated to you- for all your efforts you have done for this board. BBC LE team will be angry with me... but... this is what I have thought.... You both worked here with all your heart and soul than the team indeed. So my biggest THANK goes to YOU! smiley - magic

    It will be a great loss for that people who learn English would not meet to both enthusiastic personalities anylonger . Your enthusiam towards English have made me follow you here so far. smiley - smiley

    I wish both of you the best of everything in these messy world.smiley - smiley smiley - smiley

    Tatsunori, If you find either the magical carpet or Alladdin's lamb or both of them... Pls, do not keep it as a secret to yourself and don't forget to lend it to me once... Promise, you'll get it back! smiley - biggrin

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by lark13 (U15394613) on Wednesday, 27th February 2013

    Dear Nori-san,

    Thank you for your wise thoughts and clear position of many interesting subjects. I'm very happy that I've had an opportunity to make some conversations with you. Hope to meet you on another board soon. All of us will miss you and your interesting ideas and news from Japan. Your threads have always been not only interesting, but also very informative.

    Be happy and take care of yourself, smiley - rose


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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Dear Demet, Karinka, Vladimir, Lark and all,

    Today is Feb 28 in Japan. According to the announcement by Paul about the closure of the BBC MB, this is the last day.

    Life is full of goodbyes.....that's what I have been saying in the MB. And I am probably right. Needless to say that we have many Hellos, probably lots more than goodbyes. However, goodbyes remain more in the memory of people...aren't they?

    Now that I have to find a good place to use my English skills somewhere else I'll forget everything I have learnt. MB is a good place for my brain to switch to English mode. And by using English, I feel like as if I am in the U.S.A.

    I wonder how the members will spend their days after the MB closes. They'll watch TVs or going to pubs and get drunken? Or will they purchase goods in the internet or kill their time surfing the internet?

    By the way, one of the teachers, an American, at work told me that in order to learn English, it's better to read many books. I think that's true. So I guess I'll be reading many English books when I have time.

    So long, farewell and thank you so much for being with me......


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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Dear all,

    Following is a Engish communicating site I just found in the internet.


    I might join the forum. So if anyone wish to continue learning English, I'll meet you there!!


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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Yes, Nori, keep in touch. You are not using the Skype? It is a good and fast thing - better than e-mail. Are you working in the "teaching business" now? I am curious about your experience! Do you keep contacts with "bearded teacher" from Kobe?

    Some time ago I talked to my friend in Vladivostok - we used to study together, but now he is much closer to you than to me! smiley - biggrin To my surprise he worked for some time in Japan and his friends even taught Russian!

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Thursday, 28th February 2013


    I've told you already that my computer is old that if I use SKYPE, the CPU gets 100% occupied that it gets slow. In addition, I don't have a good head-set (microphone and ear phone) so I do not use SKYPE frequently. But if you want to contact me on SKYPE please search for "Tatsunori Shibata."

    I just became a member of the site which I have told you previously. It's somewhat complicated....but I did manage to become a member. My username is Nori so if you wish to be a member, then we'll chat again there. I wish that Demet could join us.

    I'm not a teacher....but I do work in an international preschool where lessons are conducted in English only. The teachers are from America, Australia, Canada, England and Hawaii. I do many things like making book shelves or painting walls of schools (we have three schools), computer works and so on. And from April, I am going to be a driver of the schoo bus. How's that??

    I like the job because I feel like as if I am in America. People are friendly and the kids are so cute.

    I'll see you around. You have been a great friend for me so keep in touch!!


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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    I see. I looked at my Task Monitor and my Skype is taking twice as less as the Firefox at the moment, but quite substancial - you are right!. Usually it is in a "waiting" mode in my system tray and I use it for voice talking very rare - mainly for text chat. Good thing is that I can see somebody's message immediately if I look at the desktop of my Network computer - for e-mail I have to open my Outlook or Inbox online.... It is more difficult... Never mind! If it's not too urgent, I will always catch you smiley - biggrin

    But you can watch how they are teaching in your school? Are children motivated to learn English? Can the teachers speak Japanese?

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    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    By the way!

    I've just looked at the Web and I see that the "Dave's ESL Cafe" is still there!

    You may find Eric Baber too, but for many English learners it may be more difficult...

    There are lots of resources (as usual) in the Eva Easton' page:

    But I'm not sure if all links there are updated - you should try....

    If I find a good place (better, say, than Voxopop), I will let you know!

    And Nori! Without good audio means you are learning like this:


    I'm trying the TESL-L now, but it is very slow..... I will tell you later....

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Dear Tatsunori, smiley - rose

    The website you gave is so complicated and unknown for me.

    I wanna join into mustarland in the future. There are people whom I know from this board and a new platform created for us and will be shaped by new-comers. Karina has already doing great! smiley - ok


    Why don't you join there and paint with your ideas, thoughts, threads there?

    But I see there that a new topic is locked there. I did not like that idea. BBC MB has been already a democratic platform which I really love to feel and love to see here. I have just looked at the thread about what's wrong! As I see, this person is only sharing his rights and thoughts. None of us even might not agree with him on this planet but that does not mean we have right to sentence him/her not to talk. The action done with locking is the same what Islamic world behave Salman Rushi. I disagree both! Anyway... I again started talking too much and you will tell me that how innocent tenager I am! smiley - blush

    I added you into my skype address, Tatsunori! smiley - ok

    See you somewhere again in the future! smiley - smiley
    But I need a break... To tell the truth, Nowadays I do not feel myself enough happy to join in anything... I wanna deal with myself! smiley - winkeye Hope to find a better job and share the news with you! Don't forget crossing your fingers for me! I wish the best of everything to you and your family! smiley - hug


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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    BBC MB has been already a democratic platform  BBC also closed some threads and hid many messages. Mustarland can't "recruit" new members from all over the World..... But the most important ... it is ver unlikely that some BBC English listener will join it.....

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Nina (U14709807) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Hi everyone,

    The forum will close soon, and given that I can't post tomorrow this will be my farewell to the BBC LE board.

    I joined in 2011, and being a member here has been one of my best internet experiences. I've learned so much, not only English, but also about life, about kindness, about physics and religion, and so much more. Before signing up here I had never dreamt of communicating with people from Ukraine, from Japan, from Dagestan.

    I want to thank Ali, I don't know if he will read this. But he started a discussion about abstract language, and this was the first discussion I joined. Maybe he is know a highly successful and well paid computer specialist. He deserves it. Without Ali I had never dared to read Lewis Carroll.

    Also I want to thank Alex S. who made me always think. Maybe I will track you on voxopop. And yes, I will still read this forum, there are still treasures to find, and I hope I am allowed to steal something for mustardland (the forum you can find me now). You are an inspiration for everyone who is keen to learn English.

    Also I want to thank Vladimir. I still remember our vivid argument about religion. You have joined mustardland, like I did. If our discussions overthere are only half as they were here, we will have a hell of a time. smiley - smiley
    It was always a joy to read Nori's contributions, although we did not converse very often. Your view to the world was always thoughtprovoking for me.

    Thanks to Lubnatsi and everone else here, also to our kind teachers from the Ask a Queston board. It is a privilege to know you. I'll miss you all.

    Finally I want to post my farewell video. Firstly I thought of something sad and heartbreaking. But know I go for this:

    Take care


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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi, Nina

    Thank you for your kind words, it would be nice to continue discussion on the new place, but I was amazed what happened there with topic about Humanity. And I started to doubt about reliability of this new place. Just in case let me drop here one more site where we can meet

    Best wishes,

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    Posted by inegch (U2246749) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Many thanks to all message board members and moderators for many years of inspiring communication! Best of luck to everyone and ... Goodbye! Ingrid

    Goodbye to Nori and all message board members also from su_san!
    (Unfortunately she doesn’t have internet access this morning, so I’m writing on her behalf)

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi, Inegch.

    I will always remember your story about the cracked pot. It is a wonderful story. Thank you too, Inegch. Please take care of yourself and keep smiling!!


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    Posted by kirsti (U2282835) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi, Nori.
    I don't know if you remember me, I have taken part in the discussions rather little lately.
    I would just like to thank you for having accepted to be one of the members of the MB having had a role in order to save the BBC LE MB, the blue letters of your name. As far as I remember it the task was supposed to be hold about six months and then the duty was supposed to be handed over to someone else. I think you have been there for - is it five? - years, thank you so much! It's not sure they would have found that many other volunteers. I've always appreciated your sagacity and kindness. Thanks! Maybe we'll meet somewhere. Farewell!

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    , in reply to message 18.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Farewell Kirsti. Thank you for the messages.


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    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi, Vladimir!

    smiley - biggrin

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    , in reply to message 19.

    Posted by Sandra (U3516273) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi Nori,

    I´m sad with the end of this board. Yesterday, I went here to read messages around 7 p.m. When 7 p.m. reached I felt so sad and tears fell freely over my face. Perhaps because of my latin origin I´m sentimental.

    Thank you all, people.

    I will try to meet you at mustardland, but I´m sure, I will always miss this environment.



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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 1st March 2013


    Will we ever hear again from Samah?

    Or know if Helmand managed to teach his son to read?

    Nobody knows!....

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    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Hi, Alex

    Thanks, I’ve already realized when and why Spell has started, it seems no one are going there, nevertheless it still working and I dropped a couple of messages there, hope someone will respond me. I think we need alternative. You see this world is so unstable Don’t you want to try ?

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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by Nori (U4687824) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Sandra, so long. Long live Sandra!!


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    , in reply to message 23.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Don’t you want to try ?  But I tried! As well as Kirsti... With the same result.... I will respond in the Voxopop - when I find a free minute... And this Board will be over.....

    By the way - if I'm not mistaken, Xeb was once a "star" there! You may ask her on the Voxopop.....

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    , in reply to message 23.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 1st March 2013

    Don’t you want to try ?  But I tried! As well as Kirsti... With the same result.... I will respond in the Voxopop - when I find a free minute... And this Board will be over.....

    By the way - if I'm not mistaken, Xeb was once a "star" there! You may ask her on the Voxopop.....

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