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shrove tuesday

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    Posted by juliama (U15370399) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    hi everyone! I've just read about shrove tuesday and I want to tell you something about our similar tradition . In my home town Cuenca in Spain we celebrate a kind of shrove thursday on Thursday before Ash Wednesday. We all go to countryside to have a picnic based on sausages, lamb chops, Spanish omelette, and especial round bread to say good bye to meat for 40 long days before Easter. this tradition is showed in a classic medieval book called "el Libro del buen amor" ( something like the book of good love) where we find Shrove Thursday fighting on the side of Mr Carnal against Mrs Lent; at the end Mrs Lent won the fight so we can't have meat for 40 days.
    Best Wishes

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    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hi Juliama.

    How you consider if you are not supposed to celebrate any of your festival due to some reason then what you feel at that time without festival, Have you encountered with this situation in your life.

    I am also with you I mean I love festival.

    Bye and see you soon.

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    Posted by Saretta_Italy_88 (U14891228) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hi Juliana!

    Here in Italy we celebrate Shrove Tuesday as well.
    This is the most important day of the "Carnevale" - in English Carnival.
    Usually we dress up in costume and we eat some typical kind of food called "frappe" and "castagnole" - that are some sweet food.

    It is not a Bank Holiday, but it is a good opportunity to go out with friends during the evening or the afternoon. For example I'm going out for dinner today with my boyfriend, my sister and some friends.

    Have a nice day!


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