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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Tuesday, 5th February 2013

    Hi everybody,

    I´m here for the first time and I´d like to find some interesting people to chat with, share ideas, speak about everyday life, culture, differences and similarities.. I´d like to improve my English, learn more about lifestyles, countries.... meet new people. I´m woman 40, living in central Europe, having family, teaching at secondary gramar school, being interested in yoga, skating and in-line skating, travelling...

    I´m looking forward to your reply.
    Keep smiling and have a nice time.

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Iva,

    Nice to meet you. How are you?

    Where do you live? Because I from the Central Europe too.


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    Posted by Aguila (U15605778) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hi Iva !!
    I think for communicating and improving English not very important where do you live. The most attract me to write you, the age and reasons for messaging, I have just registed here and want to have someone to deal with.As for me I am russian but I have been living in Spain for ten years.I married with spanish man. Im fond of sport such as swimming and footing. I would like to know something about your family and appearence.

    I'm looking forward for your reply.

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hi Andrew
    Nice to meet you! I ´m delighted with your answer. I live in Czech Republic, in a detached house in the country, near the border with Poland. I have a big garden, small dog, two children and a boyfriend. In my spare time i do yoga, walk in the nature, I love mountains, reading books, listening to music... At 18:30 starts my yoga lesson, so I must go now.
    Write something more about you plssmiley - smiley
    Looking forward to your letterssmiley - smiley
    Bye Iva

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Iva,

    I live in detached house with a garden too. In my garden is a small forest. I have a son, wife and my son has a dog. I live at the suburb of the town located at the western part of Poland. I love nature too. I have not a lot spare time but I prefer active hobbies like ride a bike or ski cross country. Sometimes in the summer I go to the mountain Izery near the border with your country and ride on bike. A few times I visited by bike Izerka and Harahov. This year I was two times on the Jakuszyce and I skied there.
    I met there a lot of Czechs. Do you like a ski cross country "bezki"?

    See you

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Andrewsmiley - smiley

    I´m here again - a little bit devastated from yogasmiley - smiley but it helps me to stretch and relax body. I ´m glad you have replied. I have two Polish friends - my coleague and her husband. And I go to Poland quite often. Last November I visited Welki and Maly Stav in Krkonoše with beautiful views of the walley. I like cross country skiing, but I managed to go skiing only twice this year - once i was at the beginning of January in Poland near Klodsko - it is called Wczeinec - gory stolove ((?) in Czech Hejsovina. ). Sometimes I go skiing (downhill) to Giant Mountains - Krkonoše.
    Your English is great, how long have you been studying Engl.? I like travelling, so sometimes I go abroad and than have possibility to speak English, but itš not enough.

    My best regards to you and your family and good night for the momentsmiley - smiley

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Iva again,

    Many years ago I tried practice Yoga but I was nor enough patient. smiley - sadface

    I know Szczeliniec (Gory stolowe). I was the two times but I have never been in Czech side.
    I am not good skier, I practice only cross country ski and it is my four season, adventure with it. I practise it for my pleasure. When I on the ski or ride a bike I have a rest, my mind,brain have a rest. I like contact with nature. It helps me a lot to relax.

    I studied English many years ago when I was at the University. I was English course. A few times I tried study alone. I have practised my written English on this BBC board from a year. And I have had private English lesson since October 2012.

    My English not enough good if I would want.

    Good night
    Andrew smiley - smiley

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Thursday, 7th February 2013

    Hi Andrew,

    It ´s nice to see your letters again. And it´s nice because I can find that we have some things in common. As for yoga - i´m not patient at all, I ´m often busy, in a hurry, full of energy ( sometimessmiley - smiley), but yoga helps me to calm down, to clean my head and my mind, to slower my life... Also nature is a kind of relaxation for me. Sometimes I do Nordic Walking, its faster than walking and your body moves and works more eficiently. I love Szczeliniec, but I go there only in spring or autumn, because in summer there are lot of people. I like people, but at my job i ´m in a contact with people - students all the day, so I need to relax... that is why I love nature, mountains, I love to walk along the rivers and brooks.
    What do you do? I´ m a teacher at Secondary school - it prepares students for later studies at university. i like it, but at the end of the school year I feel tired, and I need to have a rest. Wow smiley - smiley holidays are great!!!
    How old is your son? My daughters are nearly 14 ( a nice pubescent) and 9 ( nearly pubescent) so sometimes it´t very noisy, sometimes funny, sometimes crazy to be with them. But they are healthy and i hope not dull, so i m happy momsmiley - smiley
    Children and boyfriend are hungry - it ś time for brocolli soupsmiley - smiley
    Have a nice time and good apetite if you have dinnersmiley - smiley
    bye Iva

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    Posted by hani omar (U15606989) on Thursday, 7th February 2013

    Hi Iva

    I hope ur very fine

    I am very exciting that I be able to communicate with you and share together multi aspects of life so that I could be able to improve my English language . i am man 36 , having family , interesting to learn English .

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Thursday, 7th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    You find a useful hobby. I work a lot and I have not enough time for myself and I often in hurry up too.
    I lived in the centre of a town but I did not like it because of crowded streets, people always hurried up. You are right, the mountains, nature and brooks give us possibilities to relax and calm down.

    I am sorry but I cannot talk about my job but I work with people too.
    My son is 16 years old, he is attending to the high school or as you called secondary school.

    Do you like canoeing? I canoeing few times, it was very good contact with environment and nature.
    Do you like a sauna? I love it. I usually go sauna ones a week, I relaxing there.

    The mountains about 170km far away from me that a reason why I go there only a few times in the winter and a few times in the summer. But I try keep in the touch with the nature near my house. This year I rode by bike two times. In the summer I always try to make a ride by bike on the country side. I like one day long trip.

    Good night

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hi Iva!

    I'm Federica, I'm Italian and I live in Verona, I'm 22. I want to chat with someone to know different culture and to improve my English!
    I study Economics and I play volleyball very, I like practicing sport !
    This summer I will spent two months in Ireland to improve my English and I'm looking for a good and cheap school!
    Where do you come from?


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    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hi Iva

    Nice to chat with you. Yeah we all are here to communicate our deep insight to each other and I do believe in that this is also a kind of learning process. what I have in my mind want to share with others it is because most of the people do enjoy to learn new things around the world.

    Iva, I will introduce myself in the next meet so now I want to share something is - Be smile it doesn't cost us any more.

    See you soon,

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hi Andrew,
    nice to read your message again.
    It was sunny day here, and it is Friday so I enjoyed the afternoon with my family.
    You asked me about canoeing... I can´t say wether I like it or not: I can swim, but I´m not a good swimmer as I should be, so i always feel respect. And I don´t have much experience with canoing. I was on boat in High Tatras - on Dunajec and Váh Rivers - that was beautiful! And one more experience - maybe interesting for you - twenty years ago I went to Warszawa and then to Suwalki by train. And then I went on boat from Suwalki - Czarna Hanca River to Augustov and on the chanel to Augustov´s lakes. That was great experience, beautiful and interesting nature, nice people and for the first time in my life saw beawers! Then I was twice on the ship on the sea - and always sicksmiley - smiley... so that´s my experience with ships and canoeingsmiley - smiley
    But I thing it is beautiful and nice contact with nature... are there good conditions for canoeing in place whwre you live? There are not so many suitable rivers in my place.
    As for sauna, it´s funny: I go to sauna more in Poland than in CRsmiley - smiley I go there when I´m with family in swimming pool in Klodzko, Walbrzych or Nowa Ruda. I go there because water in pool is warmer there, it´s cheaper and there are not so many people.
    I live between Krkonoše and Orlické mountains - so it is not so far for me to go there ( 50 km) , but the lack of time is problem.So I go there only several times a year too.
    Today i found there " kutia" from my Polish friend. Do you know it? Do you know what I mean? It is in a can and it´s sweet - made of "bakalia" ,poppy seeds , oragnge peel and something like hulled grain. I think it´s typical for Christmas time. I like it. I like also Polish "bigos" - my friend makes it.
    Have you been in Czech rep.? Do you like going abroad? In spring I´d like to visit Krakow - I think it´s beautiful city.
    I hope your job isn´t dangerous. Sorry I ´m so curious, but the women dosmiley - smiley

    Have a nice weekend Andrew, "read" you soon, bye Iva

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hi Pepe,
    Nice to meet you here! You are absolutely right: A smile doesn´t cost anything but can help a lot, can make friends more closer and unknnown people feeling better and more accepted.
    A smile for you... Keep smiling and be happysmiley - smiley

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hello Iva,

    Today was nice day, sometimes sun was shining, temperature about 2C, without wind. I have visited my mother and time flew fast.

    Czarna Hańcza is well known by people who like canoeing, but I have never been theresmiley - sadface
    In my area are not well conditions to canoeing. There are 3-4 rivers for it. One of them is short, the canoeing take about 5 hours. And it is about 60 km from my house, I was there about 5 times. The second river is about 50km from me and I was there 3 times. One time I was alone and I canoed about 7 days. The third river is about 70km from me and there are a wild beautiful nature. I was there only one time smiley - sadface, because there were not near a rental company with kayaks.

    I know these area around Klodzko, I was there many years ago. I was visited health farm such: Duszniki-zdroj, Polanica-zdroj. The old architecture in these places are amazing. It is look such as time stooped 100 years ago.
    I know kutia but I have never eaten it. Yes you are right it typical for Christmas time. That dish hail for east Poland before II world war. Here a lot of people who have different roots. Their grandparents come here from different part of "old" Poland (before 1946) and they brought cuisine and habits.
    I make "bigos" too, my son loves it smiley - winkeye
    I was only few time by bike near Szklarska Poręba - Jakuszyce. I rode by Izerka and Harahov. One time I with my son we made a long bike trip from Jakuszyce by Harahov to the Spindler Mlyn and then by border and we come back on the Polish side.

    I think, I like travelling but I have not a lot of spare time. The Cracow is old and wonderful city I was there but there are a lot of tourist.

    My job is not more dangerous than yours. smiley - smiley I thought than Czechs women are different than Polish ones smiley - biggrin.

    See you and have a nice weekend


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    Posted by Andie_B31 (U15604951) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    My name is Andrea and I'm from Argentina. I'm 31 years old and I would like to get in touch with you to learn about your culture and country which seems so different from mine. I live in Buenos Aires, in the suburbs, not far from the city centre. I've never been to Europe, though I would love to get the chance to go there one day. I hear distances are not long, so you can get to know different countries which are not far from each other. Do you know my country? Have you ever been here? The north and the south are equally beautiful, but so different! We have mountains and hot weather in the north, waterfalls with rich flora and fauna on the border with Brazil and mountains with cold (but really cold) weather in the south, with glaciers and beautiful forests. I've been lucky enough to have been to all these places. Please tell me about your country.

    I hope to hear from you.


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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hi Andrew,

    You made me laugh smiley - smiley and that is greatsmiley - smiley I like the feeeling that I can communicate with people all over the world and I like fact, that your English and my English are good enough to understand each other. Nice!
    .. and as for women.. they are the same all over the world... so be careful smiley - smiley
    The area around Klodzko is here also called Czech corner, there were a lot of Czech and German people, they had to leave after World War II, but some of them are still living there. Yes you can feel the mix of cultures there. Are you interested in history? You know a lot about it!
    I have never been to Krakow so I would like to. Few years ago I visited Zakopane in Tatras - I was amazed by architecture, beautiful nature, surrounding of the place - but I was tired of crowds of people, roads full of cars, no parking possibilities, prices etc. I spent there 2 days and left, it was too hectic for me. But it´s same in all attractive places everywhere. I love Prague, but if I spend there 2 - 3 days, I always hurry back to our small forgoten willagesmiley - smiley
    I remember you told me about your trips to Izerka and Harachov. You are relly great biker! I can ride about (?) 20 km in mountain area - and I ´m deadsmiley - smiley , my bike is nearly 20 years old, but I think it´s still good enough. But I like this activity for a very close contact with natrure.
    As for canoeing, that must be nice to spend one week alone on the river, there must be lots of time for thinking and cleaning your head and mind, I have never been alone for more than a few hours. It must be interesting experience. My older daughter goes canoeing every summer, two years ago she was on the river Bobr, it´s in Poland, do you know it? She was also at Baltic sea in Poland, and she brought beautiful photos. There are so many beautiful places....!!!
    You wrote about bigos, can you cook? You seem to be a very nice guysmiley - smiley
    See you soon, enjoy your spare timesmiley - smiley
    bye Iva

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hi Andrea,
    I´m glad to meet you heresmiley - smiley It would be interesting and nice to learn something new about you and your country and change experiece.
    I have never been to South Amerika, but i know some facts about your country, cause I have studied geography at University. My brother in law visited Argentina four years ago, so I saw some photos - beautiful photos.
    Nowdays distances are getting shorter and shorter due to planes and more possibilities to travel, and coutries in Europe are much smaller than Argentina, so you can easily travel from country to country. Nature in your country is amazing - from pinguins in the south to tropical flora nad fauna in the north - everything in one country - wonderful! In Europe you can find lot of different nations, cultures, old historic cities, different languages, very different landscapes etc. in rather small area. I have visited about 20 countries in Europe and a few countries in Asia, that was great experience, and I hope I ´ll be able to visit more in future.
    Maybe we will meet one day.. who knows? ... sometimes the dreams come truesmiley - smiley
    Have a nice weekend
    bye Iva

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hi Iva,
    I have to be more careful with women because I know a few from other countries smiley - winkeye.
    I can say that I am a little interested in history especially connected with first and second world warm.
    You are good biker too and you have a good bike. One man said me that new expensive bike do not ride alone, the bicker should have a power.
    In the mountains ride by bike is harder then on other side. Yes, you are right cycling give me possibility to have a very good contact with the nature. In the summer when I am in good form I go for a long one day trip from 90 to 120km, and I enjoy the nature. I often go alone and I try cleaning my mind. Always I come back as you say dead physically but with refreshed, rested, relaxed mind smiley - winkeye. I know the river Bóbr. I dream about canoeing on it. On this river a famous, large dam in Pilichowice. Moreover there is more engineering construction such a small or very small dam, watering power station.
    This river ending not far from me: about 40km. Few times a year I go to see it. Last year I rode along this river and three times rode across it to the other side of its.

    Yes I can cook but I am not a very good cook. I try make some dish which do not required a lot of time to prepare smiley - winkeye

    Have a nice evening smiley - smiley

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Andrew, good morning againsmiley - smiley
    Yesteray evening I was there to write you message, it was about 11p.m., but I didn´t realize that the message board was closed, so I was surprised, that it didn ´t work. I copied it into my files, so you can read it now below smiley - smiley
    It´s Sunday, as I know people in Poland usually go to church in the morning. What about young people, or you? Dont´t you mind speaking about it? I don´t go there and neither do my parents or my family. But i´m not atheist, I believe, I only don´t like being organized, I dont like the way the church presents religion. In the Czech Rep. there lives Polish priest Zbygniew Czendlik ( I´m not sure with the spelling now) but he is really great, modern, and attractive even to younger generation. Have you heard about him?
    Today is my joga lesson again,I go there on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and I´m always looking forward to it, maybe it is instead going to church.smiley - smiley

    Yesterdays messagesmiley - smiley
    Hello Andrew
    I have few minutes to stop here on bbc board. I have read your message, thanks. It´s time for a glass of good Moravian wine - I hope there won´t be many mistakes Moravia is in the south of Bohemia, it´s nice area with vineyards, warmer than my place. Are there any vineyards in Poland? , I think there are none. I like Moravia and it´s wine, I usually spend there a week in summer - it s beautiful area for bike and if you are tired of cycling you can go down to the wine cellar.
    90 to 120km on a bike in one day is a pretty good trip! In flat areas i can make about 50km. Are there cycle tracks in your area? There are some for bikes, but i lack some paths for inline skating. I do it on roads and it can be dangerous.
    My older daughter is today snowboarding with her father, when she comes home tomorrow i´ll ask her more about Bobr river. Does " bobr" mean Beaver? In Czech we call this animal bobr. Do you understand Czech? I can understand Polish rather well, but i can´t speak so much.
    I try to learn English every day, I read, listen to ipod, I try to speak, write messages... but it improves sooooo slowly...I don´t have enough time to study. But I´m glad I can read your messages and learn more from you
    Do you read a lot? I love reading, but time is problem... I usually read before I fall asleep, but it usually around midnight, and it´s too late ... because at workdays I have to get up at 6a.m. I ´m happy it ´s Saturday, I can sleep late tomorrow

    Good night, sleep well and meet you here again
    bye iva

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Frederica,
    Nice to meet you heresmiley - smiley
    I ´m secondary scool teacher, I teach students from 11 to 19, itˇs nearly your age.
    I live in Czech Republic. I have visited Italy several times and my daughter spend 4 days in Roma last year - great history, achitecture, nature and good winesmiley - smiley!
    Going to Ireland is my dream - I have never been there, it ś the best way how to learn English. You are young, so it easier to learn new things and languages... now I ´m 40 and it needs more and more practice and patience than 20 years agosmiley - smiley but i try.
    Few day ago I taught my students about Verona, Shakespeare, and Romeo and Julietsmiley - smiley and you live theresmiley - smiley
    See you soon heresmiley - smiley
    Bye iva

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    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    HI Iva!

    Thanks for your reply with beautiful words. In last message, I had told tyou that I will introduce myself. So I am writing few lines about me.

    I live in Nepal and it situated in between China in the north border and south with Indian border. It is landlocked country with many beautiful scenarios. We have very beautiful mountains and plain landscape where you will find rhino, tiger and deer.

    Next. I have been working in an office for many many years and now my deep concern is about to person's rights. I want to improve my English by writing message and chatting with different people of the world . Similarly I would like to listen about Italy where you belongs to I had also visited some of beautiful cities of your country.

    Bye and have a nice time.

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Pepe!
    Thanks for your message, it is great surprise for mesmiley - smiley I was in Nepal several years agosmiley - smiley I spent there nearly two months, hiking around Anapurna, going throug Thorong La, visiting Chitawan, spending two weeks in Khatmandu.... that was unforgetable experience for me. I´m glad to meet sb from Nepal heresmiley - smiley
    I live in Czech republic not in Italy, have you ever been to Europe? Sorry but I didn´t catch the meaning, the point of the last sentence... The Czech Republic is small country in the centre of Europe.
    Now I´m too busy, but I´d like to write more latersmiley - smiley
    Have a nice timesmiley - smiley
    bye Iva

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    Sometimes Moderator makes us practical jokes smiley - smiley. He always gets up so late and goes to bed so early smiley - winkeye

    Yes, you are right; today people go to Church, but I think first of all the oldest one and who live in smaller towns and villages. In my opinion younger people not interested to go to the church and some people from cities. Then I am older I look for many thinks in different way then e.g. 20 years ago, moreover I can see some details which I saw before. Return to the main subject in my opinion our believe is very shallow, why believers do not live agree with God two rules and so on. There are a lot of question, lets change the topic

    I have not heard about priest you mentioned.

    There are some vineyards. And even I am going to create a vineyard in my garden smiley - biggrin but only small smiley - sadface.
    There are almost not cycle tracks. I have ridden by bike from 8 years and I know a lot of roads, dirty tracks in my area. I usually do not ride the main road where a lot of cars, because as you mentioned this is dangerous. Very often I ride by forest on dirty tracks.

    The river Bóbr this is a Beaver smiley - smiley and I do not know if I understand Czech because I have only few friends on this board and I understand them smiley - winkeye

    I am not so patient as you with English, but believe me for week to week, for month to month your English will be better; believe me I see on my English.

    I have a big problem with free time and I read very very little. I always sleep well but not long enough. I usually get up at 7 or 7.30 and go to bed after 11pm. And I often work at the weekends. Yesterday I was at work and today I am at work too.

    Bye smiley - smiley

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    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    HI Iva

    Really I was in cloud nine as I received your message instantly. Wow I have been surprised reading few words explaining the visits of Nepal and you have still good memories of those days. If anything want to ask about Nepal is always welcome to you. May I ask how was your trip in Nepal and can we share your experience that you perceived.

    Bye the way I work in Kathmandu and my village is nearby Pokhara, very beautiful places with lakes, mountains, caves, good restaurants, Iva you have already been here in my town so no need to explain more.

    On last April of 2011, I had visited Italy and spent almost a month over there. Similarly I went to visit Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Among them I liked Germany.

    Sorry for writing about Italy , in fact I wanted to mention about Central Europe but was written differently.

    see you soon.

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Andrewsmiley - smiley
    I´m again delighted with your lettersmiley - smiley
    I ´ ll answer later, because now I´m looking after my niece´s son - he is nearly two years old. He is sweet and funny, but it is like looking afer a small dragon!! smiley - smiley My niece and her husband yesterday flew to Cuba, but they got stuck in Moscow, and they are still here, waiting for their flight, that was 8 hours delayed.
    See you soonsmiley - smiley

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    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Pepesmiley - smiley
    thankssmiley - smiley I have many questions about you, Nepal, the latest changes in Nepal, about your trip to Europe, ( you have visited so many countries here!), about your job....
    I ´m the curious one! smiley - smiley
    I have been to Pokhara - i remember main road, roundabout the centre of the town, building with stones on the roofs, bikes, rikshas, cars going roun the crossroad... I went there by bus from Gorepani (?) with beautiful tall rhododendrons - like trees! and then I contined to Khatmandu.
    Now I´m looking after grand-child of my sister, so I can´t write very well, he is nearly two years old, and quick like lizardsmiley - smiley
    See you soonsmiley - smiley
    bye iva

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Iva again, smiley - smiley

    Ok, You answer me when you will have a free time.
    I see Czechs are rich people. They travel a lot to foreign country, even to Cuba by Russia. It is interesting, it seem as an old age (in 60 - 1980) smiley - winkeye.

    By the way,if you do not mind I would like to ask you few question because I wonder:
    Why you divided on two countries: Slovakia and Czech R,?
    What do you all think now about it? It was a good step or not?
    How influence this divide on your life?

    See you
    You answer me when you have a free time, do not worry
    Greetings to Dragon smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 31

    , in reply to message 18.

    Posted by Andie_B31 (U15604951) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    Thanks for your reply. I can see you're quite busy answering all the messages you get smiley - winkeye So thank you for taking the time to answer me, too.
    I would like to know a bit about life in your country. Here, in Argentina, the economic situation is quite complicated... I don't know if you've heard in the news, but it's very difficult for us to go abroad. It's not easy to get foreign currency, for instance. I had plans to go to London, for the first time, but I had to put that off for a while. Have you ever been there?
    So tell me a bit about your country, what is it like living there?

    Hope to hear from you


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  • Message 32

    , in reply to message 30.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    Hi my "old" friendsmiley - smiley
    It is nearly closing time here, i only want to say good night to you and wish nice dreams... tomorrow I ´ll come again.
    Joga was great, and i really neded it after playing with small dragonsmiley - smiley ... but maybe the men are the sweetest and the most handsome at this agesmiley - smiley
    ... but maybe not... I havent seen yousmiley - smiley smiley - smiley smiley - smiley
    bye Ivasmiley - smiley

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  • Message 33

    , in reply to message 29.

    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Iva!
    Nice to see you here again and thanks for your prompt respond. Now I am explaining about current situation of Nepal and trip to Europe that I performed some few years ago.
    Nepal's peace process is still underway and constitution hasn't finalized yet but Interim constitution is in existence. Normally day to day activities of government comes thorough constitutional process. I think you might have encountered with closure in different parts of country hosted by different political parties. But now situation has changed and you don't find any closure recently.
    I got surprised that you have still recalls of those days you spent here in Nepal and most alarming point is that you hadn't forgotten the roundabout which you must approach this junction while you across to the Pokhara city from other parts of Nepal. In fact, you have still some memory of stone roofed houses built in Pokhara city. Next, I found you like nature lover as you had described some flowers, rhododendron which blooms only in those high land terrain. If you don't mind then I will be going to ask a question next time which is purely your personal secrets.
    You were anxious to listen something from me was about Europe tour that I visited. I was there for official purpose and had to learn something new from Vicenza of Italy. In Italy I found very beautiful cities like Rome, ancient city with great history of civilization, and the birth place of Romeo and Juliet. We could see houses of those love seeker who are still regarded as mile stone of love and life.
    I would be happy to hear from you about your country and your personal feeling that you have acquired in your journeys. Besides, what you like most and how you are enjoying your life and your dreams etc could have been shared in your next message I hope.
    Finally how is your little dragon whom you are to take care in the absence of your sister.
    Bye and see you soon.

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  • Message 34

    , in reply to message 26.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Andrew,
    it´s time for coffee and a few letters for you.
    I´m home from my job but I have a lot to do all the day. I´m really "free" late in the evening, usually about 9 - 10 p.m. I try to read every day before midnight. And them i sleep very well but not long enoughsmiley - smiley
    As for my English I don´t study as systematicly as it looks, I try to do a little bit every day, but sometimes I´m too busy or too tired, so i skip it.
    I´m glad to hear about your plans - about vineyardsmiley - smiley it´s nice. As a child I remember, that we had some wine plant and I remember we ate the grapes. Do you think the weather is OK for wine in your area? Won´t it freeze? Two weeks ago I visited wine cellar with my coleagues from job here in Broumov, we had a wine degustation and it was a merry eveningsmiley - smiley
    Have you ever seen "bobr" in wild nature, I saw it only ones at Czarna Hancza. It is not common animal in our country, but last years some of them are seen on the rivers in Moravia. Near Suwalki I saw also small cancers.
    As for religion and belief it ´s for longer discussion... I think that belief can make your life easier and I ´m a little bit pity that i don´t have stronger feelings... but i try ( and also try to teach my children) to live according general human and moral rulles, enjoy the life, don´t hurt and harm other people, be responsible, try to be happy and satisfied with the small thinks, have a good relationships with family, friends, be active, take care about health, try to understand different people, different cultures, religios etc.... every day I try to do a little bit about it and i must say I´m rather happy personsmiley - smiley
    And it´s same with me as you wrote about in your last letter - I ´m rather different person than i was 20 years ago ... now I´m elderly wise ladysmiley - smiley
    Hope you had a nice day today, looking forward to seeing you soon here smiley - smiley

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  • Message 35

    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    I am drinking coffee now, it is good time smiley - winkeye

    My childhood is connected with grapes too. We had a few wine plants too. smiley - smiley.
    I dream about small vineyard - about 30 wine plants. Of course the climate is not such warm as in Spain but in my town there were some vineyard before the second world warm and even factory which was produced wine from grapes. Moreover our grapes include less sugar then Spain or Greece - but this is only hobby or maybe return to the old time smiley - winkeye I have never seen bobr. I saw only their trail on the trees - gnawed tree trunks.

    Lives according general human and moral rules are general rules common for different religion and even for atheists or agnostics - I try live with them too

    See you

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  • Message 36

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Saretta_Italy_88 (U14891228) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Iva!

    I'm a 24-year-old young woman. I'm a student at the Third University of Rome. Where are you from? I'm from Italy, but I can speak English, Spanish and a little German.

    I've read you're a teacher. Cool! I'd really like to get this kind of job on day, however in my Country it is absolutely impossible because of the crisis.

    Have a nice day!


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  • Message 37

    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Pepe and Namasté smiley - smiley

    Thanks for a nice messagesmiley - smiley
    Your use of English is very very good and your vocabulary rich, how long have you beeln learning English? It ´s great!
    I´m glad you enjoyed the trip to Europe, maybe it wasn´t the last trip, and it´s always very motivating, interesting and useful to visit different cultures. You must have an interesting job, do you care about human rights, or something like this? I remember you wrote about person´s rights.
    I ´ll never forget my trip to Nepal. By the way, on the walls in my house I have a few photos I took in Nepal. These are photos of people - small girl with orange flowers around her neck in Patan, old lady with huge pile of grass on her back in beautiful walley Kali-Gandaki ...and so on. When i look at this pictures, it always comes to my mind - how do these people live today?, whether they are OK, etc.
    As you wrote, you work in Kathmandu and live near Pokara, how do you commute to work, it is rather a long distance, isn´t it? About 150km? It takes a few hours to get there. I commute to my work every day, but by car it takes only 10 minutes.
    You know, I work as a secondary school teacher, and last week I taugt my students about Verona and Romeo and Juliet. And here on the message board i met a girl from Verona, she wrote me few days agosmiley - smiley The world is smallsmiley - smiley
    My salary as a teacher isn´t very high, but i try to leve frugally and save some money, and from time to time I make a trip abroad. I don´t go with any travel agency, I like to travel alone only with my boyfriend. I love meeting people and I love nature, you are right, you are so attentive and you have a deep sense for detailssmiley - smiley
    Pls give my best regards to all beautiful Nepali peoplesmiley - smiley
    Looking forward your messagesmiley - smiley
    bye Iva
    P.S. about my dreams and feelings next time - it´s nearly closing time here, good nightsmiley - smiley

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hi Iva!
    How are you my friend? I think everything goes well with you and wish you very happy life. I met such a friend who is lover of Nepalese culture and custom through BBC Learning English so I thanks this thread from bottom of my heart.
    What a sharp memory you have I wondered, you still remember Nepalese welcome word -Nameste. It means we consider you as permanent guest of our country and sometimes we can say a brand ambassador to Czech Republics. Do you remember other Nepalese Words?
    By the way I want to share some unmemorable time I spent in Europe as we had a good trip. In Switzerland, we visited Zurich and Ryan Falls. It is very beautiful falls. Besides, we had visited another second big city of Switzerland but unfortunately I forgot the name. Similarly we did visiting of mini Europe in Brussels of Belgium and other city like Antepen and Bruggie. Well, another remarkable place I found in The Netherlands was Keukenhof garden near Amsterdam. Sometime we could see this garden in movie specially in Hindi Cinema because of verities of flowers blooming in garden. Once we did city tour in Luxemburg city from tourist bus. Among them I liked Germany very much.
    Iva, I enjoy teaching to student and what I believe in , to teach someone is itself learning. If you aren't prepared for teaching then you should encounter with difficulties so that you learn first then you will be eligible for classroom. Once I get retired from my profession I have planned to go for teaching somewhere. It is my passion. However you have gone through I don't know but hopefully you are admiring on this profession.
    I question myself how it is possible to recall names of some places even after a long years like Patan, Kali Gandaki, Pokhare and Ghodepani. Have you heard about Lumbini, the birth place of Buddha?
    One thing I would like to clarify how I commute to work from Pokhara to Kathmandu with 200 km long journey every day. Actually I use to work in Kathmandu and my native place is near Pokhara where I obtained my schooling. I have my house in Kathmandu and sometimes I use to go my place near Pokhara.
    Before concluding my mail I would like to request you to write the experience of job, your personal feeling , how is your family and so on.
    Take care and looking forward to see you soon.

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hi my neighboursmiley - smiley
    Did it snow in your area? There is a lot of snow today, so i did some fittnes in the yardsmiley - smiley - I had to push away and remove all the snow out of the arrival road, arround the house and in front of garage... ufff prety good exercise! We have no machine for it, so we do it manually with a shovel. But children were very happy when they saw so much snow, and I think you are looking forward to a good cross country skiing at the weekend toosmiley - smiley
    I´m looking forward to spring - I love sun, nice weather and flowers. As I read in your messages - you like gardening, do you? Do you grow any vegetable, fruit or any flowers? And who takes care about garden? I hope your vineyard will be full of grapes within several years... by the way, how long does it take to grow some grapes? 3-5 years? I like gardening but i don´t have enough time to do it properly - in the spring I usually with a great enthusiasm plant some seeds, and in the middle of summer when the weeds is growing faster and faster I regret this spring enthusiasmsmiley - smiley
    You asked me about separation from slovak Republic in 1993. I can´t explain so much about it. I think there were some economic reasons incomes ( money) were redistributed centraly in Prague and I think that Slovaks felt it unfair. I can´t say whether it influenced me or not, I don´t know - that time I was at university. From that time I visited Slovak Rep. several times, I like the people, I love beautiful mountains - some places are really wild and untouched, there is no language barrier, I can speak to people freely and they were always very friendly to me....
    Today afternoon there was our smal dragon again, my niece and her husband are in Havana - such a contrast with our snow!
    Next time I´ll explain you our financial situation smiley - smiley I´m very rich... but not in moneysmiley - smiley
    Have a nice evening Andrew and see you soon,
    bye Iva

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  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    There are about 3cm of snow. But I work with a shovel manually too. I always clean about 200 square metres area from snow. Yes, this is good exercise for our fitnesssmiley - winkeye

    You are right, I would like to go on Saturday to cross country ski, but I have not decided yet. On Sunday I am working.

    Not exactly I like gardening. I have live in my house for 4 years and garden has not finished yet. My wife loves flowers, and she has a few plants. Only one year we had 5 plants of tomatoes, there were delicious smiley - smiley. I want to plant a five apple trees. Now in our garden one old cherry tree and one young walnut tree. Usually I cutting the grass and cleaning the lives at the autumn.

    In my opinion grapevine give fruit in third year. Do not worry my enthusiasms connected with the garden is changeable too. I have a lot of ideas but I am very careful fulfil them because I have got the other priorities e.g. ride a bike around my area and visit interesting natural place (nature). Build a good condition to ride far away on one day trip smiley - smiley

    But from the other hand I like my garden, I like mowing grass, I like space, I like nature.
    The view on my garden and work in it help me rest and relax.

    It is late, for few minutes the board will be closed

    Good night

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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hi Andrew,
    thanks for your message.
    Today it wasn ´t snowing so much as it did yesterday, but some new snow comes- about 5 cm. Yesterday my boyfriend got stuck on his way home back from his job, 10 km from our house there is such a hilly area and due to lot of snow the top of the road was blocked and jammed with trucks and busses. But it looks beautiful the view out of the window is like the Christmas one.
    As for garden - during the last 10 years I tried to plant some trees, but some of them after a few winters died - froze to death. I have one 5 years old walnut too, but I think it´s too cold here for it. But I was succesful with planting some blueberries, raspberries and some strawberries, but these I usually go to buy in June to Poland to such a small farm.
    As for money and travelling: My parents have never been abroad, they lived all the life in one place, worked hard, had small farm and a garden and were happy. I have one sister and her husband loves travelling, he works in a good company, he is a part owner of the company, so he can afford it - these days he is returning from Radjastan in India, he should be back tomorrow. I love travelling too, but I don´t have so much money to travel where I want, but from time to time I manage to safe some money to go somewhere interesting. I love Asia, I love reading about it, I like character of people, nature... i´m interested in it´s philosophy, medicine, yoga, style of life, the contrasts of living.... If I have a chance to travel abroad I do it with a pleasure, but on the other hand, if i go for a walk somewhere near my house I ´m always satisfied and happy too, the countryside is beautiful - sandstone rocks, forests, hills, walleys....
    Nowdays a lot of people have to safe money due to economic crisis in EU and in Czech Republic, unemployment is rather high in the region where I live... so it is not easy neither for me nor for other people. I thing the same situation is in Poland too. But if I have healthy children and family, enough food, house, job, car, Pc, phone and all the modern convenience... there are not so many things I could wish more...And thanks to the God, I think I´m happy and rich person.
    i think that in this time people lack another things that matherial things....
    Be happy and see you soonsmiley - smiley

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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hi Iva,

    Yes, the landscape after snow here is beautiful too. But temperature on day about -1C smiley - sadface.
    Yes, you are right with travelling and staying at home. We can everywhere be happy. It depends from our sense of life, our character, personality and so on. There are, everywhere a lot of interesting things, places but the time is flying so fast then we have to make a choice. Something is more important or less important for us or our family.

    I think that economic situation is similar to your country and we all should save money nowadays. We less travel in this way we have more time ->and we can learn English more smiley - biggrin.

    See you happy woman from Czech R.

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hi Pepe,
    thank you for your message. How are you these days? There was a lot of snow last two days, so we had to remove it around the house and push off the arrival road. Is there any snow in Kathmandu now? I think it ´s much warmer than here in Europe. I visited Nepal in April and May, and the weather was nice, it was time just before monsoon season I think. But of course it depends on the altitude, I remember rather cold weather and freezing nights around Anapurna in the altutude about 4000 - 5000m.
    As for your trip to Europe, you have seen the highly developed parts of Europe, the counries like Germany, Switzerland, Belgium have a very high standard of living, strong economy, and majority of people here live in very good conditions. I have visited some of these counries, but I have never been to Belgium.
    Unfortunately I dont remember any Nepalese words, I remember names of places, and I remember names of people I met there ( I met also people from Tibet leaving to India).
    This evening I went to my yoga lesson ( I didn´t tell you about my practicing yoga yet) and there was such a small concert - a man playing " tibetian bowls/dishes" I´m sorry but I dont know real name for this musical instrument - It´s made of metal and you can play on it with your fingers or such a stick. Do you know what I mean? The sound " music" is completely different from our music, but I like it.
    I didn´t write you about my hobbies yet, about my family, my teaching experience, my dreams, my feelings - I ´d like to tell you so much... but i´s nearly closing time here on the board. ... so next time.
    I hope to see you soon here. I´m looking forward hearing from you.
    Good night Iva

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hi Iva!
    How are you and how is weather right now? As I looked into the map I discovered your country,Czech Republic which is close to Germany. Last time I forgot to mention about France. I did visiting of Paris last time and spent three nights over there. During the visit, I found the Eiffel tower of Paris so beautiful and everything could be seen from that tower.
    Well, we don't have snow here in Kathmandu and have to go above 5000 m. high in mountain area to see snow. You told that you visited Nepal in April and May which might be hot weather at the moment. The best months to visit Nepal is October and November and during this time many tourist arrive here. They usually go to Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. Among them , Annapurna trekking route which you went through is world renowned route for trekkers. All in all the Mt. Everest is famous mountain in the world due to its height.
    You talked about a metal bowl which can produce a different music. Some traditional people can only play with this type of bowl. But we have different name for it.
    If you want to tell more about you then why don't we go in another site like Google mail. If you want to write details then mail me like prakashadh in Google mail. This site offer us to contact in anytime and no time bound is there. So I like to chat in Google.
    Best wishes.
    Looking forward to see you soon.

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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hi Pepesmiley - smiley
    I´m with my students in IT room, we are computing - the students are searching for some information about famous people of British history - Hemry VIII, J. Lennon, Shakespeare,.... so I managed to read your message, Ok, we can continue on google mail, I´ll try to send an email.
    So see you soon there, bye

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Dorota (U15615715) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hello Iva,

    I live in Europe too, and I'm here because I really want to meet someone like You. I would like to improve my english. I can chat with you about my life, country, traditions, weather or what You want. My name is Dorota and I am 27 years old. I havent got familly, but I really want to smiley - smiley

    Best regards,


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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hi Dorota,
    Nice to meet you here and thank you for your messagesmiley - smiley
    Where are you from? I live in the north-east of the Czech Republic, maybe it is not far from your country. Do you work or still study? Last seven years I have been teaching secondary school students - age between 11 and 19. I like this job, but sometimes I can´t see the results and success of my job immediately, so i like also cooking and gardening... Me and my family ( two daughters and boyfriend) do also some sports, we love nature, hiking and skating.... more I´ll tell you next timesmiley - smiley
    Have a nice day, bye Iva

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by iva (U15605049) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hi Andrewsmiley - smiley
    there are just a few minutes left before closing time here. You are right - the less we travel - the more time we can spend on Englishsmiley - smiley On the other hand, I have never been to England and if Ihave a chance in the future, that would be a nice practice of Englsmiley - smiley One day I would love to go there, that is my duty to English.
    Today I have tried to study "modal verbs" I spent on it more than an hour maybe two and at the end of if I was more confused and uncertain with the use of modals than at the beginning... hard job - lifetime job.
    I have also difficulties to understand films, videos etc. especially if it´s in Amer. English. I know there are lots of sources on the Internet, but time is my enemy. Do you have any favourite pages for learning English? Can you recomend me any of them?
    At the moment I´m reading a book called "time management" so i wonder if it helpssmiley - smiley
    Do you or someone of relatives celebrates St. Valentine? I don´t , it seems to be too comercial, but my children always want to celebrate anything, we miss maybe only Chinese New Yearsmiley - smiley

    good night and sleep well Valentinesmiley - smiley
    bye Iva

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 48.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    Hi Iva, smiley - smiley

    I have difficulties with understanding films, videos too. A few months ago I listen some audio records in mp3 format. On BBC learning English there are a lot of audio which you can download in to your computer. The other source with audio is British Council learning English website.
    Nowadays i think that my problem is vocabulary. I should looking for a set of vocabulary with translation or explanation of words which I would listen on a mp3 player or CD player.

    About Valentine. We have not celebrate this event. Moreover when I think about it wider than I see that a lot of around me are changing to fast. Sometimes I do not want accept some changes. We have got our national events connected with our tradition but most of them dead. We like a new ones maybe because someone in media shows us that is cool.

    Nowadays most of things or everything is commercial and we cannot or we do not chose our own way because it is more difficult or harden than the way which is lunched for us.

    By the way I have heard that in London live more people from other countries than vernacular Londoners.

    Good night smiley - smiley

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by Pepe (U15605842) on Friday, 15th February 2013

    Hi Iva!

    I think you are busy now that is why you are not able to receive any mail and message. I think , you sometimes encounter with unexpected query and problem raised by your intelligent student and it makes you quite busy.

    Have a nice time. Bye..........


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