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    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Finally what i would like to say,my twitter is @Alperenkoroglu.

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    Posted by engrobwid (U15571591) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep smiley - smiley

    I've been ill for several days, so I've been so silent smiley - smiley Nothing important, ordinary flu.

    I know of course that your country is covered with deserd. But do you like it? And do yuo ride often camels? Or other animals? Your country is for me very interesting, I think, I have to visit it smiley - smiley

    Regards smiley - smiley


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    Posted by engrobwid (U15571591) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!

    How are you? smiley - smiley

    I've been ill for several days, so I've been so silent smiley - smiley It was nothing special, onlu ordinary flu.

    Do you often ride camle or others desert animals? Do you like desert at all?


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    Posted by engrobwid (U15571591) on Thursday, 7th February 2013

    I didn't see my message, so I sent you twice the same information smiley - smiley Regards smiley - smiley

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    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Zeynep,wouldn't like you to carry out communication?Are you stopping sending messages?

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hallo,turkish friend Alperen!!!Cheers to the freakin weekend!!!It is Friday!So,what are your plans for weekends!!!You know today was really bad for me.But now I am ok.I see you love russian writers.Do you know russian language or maybe you know other language?I love Turgenew,Lermontow and of course Pushkin.I know russian language.Most programs I watch in russian.Russian very popular in Turkmenistan and widely spoken.I also love Gurbannazar Ezizow.Aman Kekilow and his novel Love.I love Onore de Balzak and etc.Have you seen Lord of Rings?I have not.I will look for writers and their novels which you said to me.Have you seen step up 4?I think if you love music and play guitar you should love dancing too.My favourite cartoon Spongebob I think.I love this hero and others.They are so cute and funny!!!And would you mind to write me your twitter address?Hope you will write soon!!!Wish you unforgettable time!!! Yours sincerely,Zeynep

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Oh I have written me twitter address,I just have not seen it.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hello,Dear Mister Robert!!!I hope you are ok now and I wish you never be ill in your latest life!!!I live in a city and I do not feel like I live in desert.It is a fact and you can not do nothing with it!!!So i love my country and desert Garagum.We have Garagum river which flows across the Garagum desert.There is special atmosphere in desert at night.In summer we go to the Caspian Sea and my grandma has several camels.She live in the village.She give me one camel as a present.No I did not try to ride a camel.But I have hugged her and when camel sit I seat near the camel and speak with her.Camels are very peaceful,you know and very loyal.What are your plans for weekends?Write me soon!!!With flawless wishes in the world,Zeynep.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Of course I would like to carry out communication.And I am not stopping sending messages.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    You have written your twitter address,I have just seen it.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hello,everybody!!!My name is Zeynep.I am from Turkmenistan.I live in Ashgabat.I have been learning english for 2 years and it is really exciting for me!!!I would like to find friends from all over the world.We can talk about different themes and at the same time improve our english.This is awesome,is not it?I hope I will find friends here.Please write and let me know if you would like to know more about me,about turkmen culture and would like to find friend to upgrade english!!!I will be very glad if you are interesting!!!So,waiting for your messages!!!   Hi!
    I'm Federica! I am Italian and I would like to improve my English. I think chatting is a very beautiful method to learn English and to know different culture and to meet new friends!
    For the Italians this is a difficult moment because of the financial crisis and because we have the worse politicians of the world smiley - sadface what do you think about Italy?
    I don't know very well your country: tell me something!!!

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    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hello my dear friend Zeynep!I am really happy to write message to you.Why was it bad for you?You shouldnt care the problems very much.You should just walk the way you want.Thank you for your opions about me but i dont konw to speak another language except Turkish and English.I know some words and sentences in different languages.For instance 'CLAO' means hello in Italian.Do you think Russian language is difficult to learn and talk?Your country and another 14 countries were united under Soviet Union,right? Is it affecting the life of your country?Actually i would like to travel Turkmenistan.I hope us to see each other.And we will have unforgettable friendship.I havent watched yet 'step up 4' you can make sure i will watch.Most areas of your country are covered dessert or sth else?I know some parts of your country exist in Middle Asia.
    As you said i love music and playing guitar.I have a enthusiam to improve at dancing.It helps you and me spend time by enjoying.
    Btw,i will search writers who those you told me.I wish we could have showed our photos to each other.T wish you a weekend and successful school life.With my best wishes and regards...

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    Posted by engrobwid (U15571591) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hi Zeynap smiley - smiley

    Tx for wishes smiley - smiley I asked you about desert, because I know desert could be a special place. I was on deserts to India, Egipt or to Jordan. Deserts are always quite different. I spent one night on Wadi Rum in Jordan, there were milion of stars like on your palm smiley - smiley It was amazing experience! smiley - smiley

    And you have quite high mountains in your country - The Kopet Dag. Have you ever seen that mountains range? Have there ever been snow?

    Be careful of yourself smiley - smiley


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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    Hello,Federica.How are you?You are right chatting in English can be very useful for practise.Italy one of the most popular countries in the Europe.I am chatting with one girl,she is also from Italy.In which city do you live?And would you mind to tell me about yourself.How old are you?What do you do?What is your hobbies?How long have you been learning English?And like that.Turkmenistan situated in the Middle Asia.Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan.I live in the capital..Ashgabat often called as a white city,because most of building are white.It has amazing view at night.Turkmenistan is very popular for its horses and carpets.What else you wanna know?So,I am waiting for your letters and ideas!Hope you will write me soon!!!With best wishes and regards,Zeynep.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    How is your life,Ms Robert?I see you are impressed by being in desert!You know when you are in the city you can not see the stars,but if you are in the village or desert or somewhere like that you can see millions of it.I love climbing to the mountains.We often climb to mountains in summer.I love mountains.I love mountains more than desert.Koytendag is the highest mountain in Turkmenistan.Then we have Kopetdag,big Balkan and small Balkan.If you go to Krasnowodsk(it is one of the cities in Turkmenistan)you can see that houses were built on mountains.Yes even when it is spring you can see snows on mountains.What about Polфтв?Tell me about landscape.Waiting for your letters and ideas!!!Write me soon. Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Saturday, 9th February 2013

    How are you,Alperen.You are right.You have right position about problems.There are nothing serious,actually.Our class had argue with our teacher.I hate argues.But we found a solution and now it is ok.I think when there is a problem you should find a democratic way for sort it out.What is your opinion?Turkmenistan situated in the Middle Asia.And 80 percent covered with Garagum desert.If you travel to Turkmenistan,you will see that people are so hospitable.I have heard that Trabzon is covered with trees and people live long there.Tell me about it.Yeah,you are right about SSSR.Sovet Union has a great influence.In 20 century everything was in russian language.But after we reach Indepedence in 1991,we have our Turkmen alphabet.Russian is complicated.It is drastically more difficult than English.Russian grammar is flowery.But it is very rich and flamboyant..Many people speak russian here.I am speaking russian from kindergarten.I have many russian friends.I have good talking russian,but I am learning grammar and it is not so good.I think if you want and you have passion there is nothing impossible for you.I love street dances,they are cool.But I also love Latin dances.What about you?Do you sing while you play guitar?I mean do you have voice?Unfortunately I do not.You know that Rihanna is coming to Turkey in spring.I really want to see her.I also wish you spend your days enjoyable.Have a good time and do not forget to write me.P.S.About photos.I think we can exchange photos one day. Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Sunday, 10th February 2013

    How are you doing Zeynep?I am feeling myself on a nice mood,really.I agree with you.The problems are supposed to be solved in a democratic way.Figthing or argueing without respect causes new problem.But i am happy to see you found a solution.Yes,Trabzon is covered with trees,many forests are existing in there.You can breathe much fresh air when you stay in Trabzon and fish is one of most eaten meals.Fishing is a important way of earning money in here.And the bread of city is famous.I mean the bread prepared in this city, tastes more delicious and it is preferred in another cities.One day,if you come to Turkey and see Trabzon,i wanna introduce you the city and Turkey.I hope one day we will date and travel our countries.I know you love Rihanna.Maybe i will come to her concert.Actually,my voice sounds nice and i become speaker at activities at my school.I really want to do that and i love.
    I am waitin for your messages.I wish you an enjoyable week.
    Take care of yourself.
    See you later.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!
    Thank you for your answer! Hope you are well!
    I'm a young girl from Verona, one of the most beautiful Italian city, do you know the story of Romeo and Juliet? Do you know the Arena of Verona? These are the most famous things in Verona smiley - smiley
    I'm 22 and in November I'm graduated in Economics and now I'm specializing in bank and finance, I study English since I was 8 years old but in Italy there is not a very good method to teach English so I have to improve a lot.
    I'm sportswoman and I play volleyball in a semi professional team.
    And you? How old are you? What do you do? Tell me something about you!

    All regards.
    Replay me soon smiley - smiley


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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    How are you Federica?Oh I am elated that you are writing to me from Verona.Are people in your city romantic like the story?Congratulation with graduating institute.You work in a bank,right?I also learn economy,but with tutor.Actually I am interested in society science and economy one of the chapter.I am a schoolgirl.This year I will graduate my school.I am going to enter to National Relations.You know learn about countries,policy,law,languages,economy also.I see you like sport.I also like ice-skating,ice-rolling,climbing to the mountains.In summer we often climb to mountains with my friends.Oh I also adore sea.We used to live near the sea,but now we live in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat.Have you heard about this country before?It is situated in the Middle Asia.Turkmenistan famous for its carpets,horses and decorations from gold and silver.I adore your famous pizza.Especially when there is a lot of cheese.I think you eat pizza every day?What is your hobbies?What are your plans for future?How do you like spend your time?Do you know other languages?Write me soon I am waiting for your messages and ideas!!! With best wishes in the world,Zeynep.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hi,Arkadashim Alperen!!!I am sending you a lot of positive energy for this week.Get as high marks at school as you can.Do you like fishing?I think it is relaxing?Oh,I adore travelling across the sea by boat.Are you waiting for summer?By the way how is weather in Turkey now?How did you spend the first day of the week?On Sunday I spend all my day studying economy.I learn society science with my tutor.Now we learn new chapter economy.It is pretty hard,but interesting.Then I cooked 2 pies.One chocolate pie,other with apples.Do you like pie or maybe you like cake more?I really wanna hear the way you sing.Which songs do you like to sing most turkish or others?Do you know that 55th Grammy Awards took a place in LA.It is the well-known all around the world and every singer want take this award.Adel won one and Rihanna too.The Fun also won awards.What do you think about it?Now I am watching indian film Bodyguard.Karina Kapoor and Salman Khan are in the main roles.I have seen this film before and watching it twice.So,write me soon!!!As usually waiting for your letters and ideas.Wish you will have a lot of adventures. Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    How are you Federica?Oh I am elated that you are writing to me from Verona.Are people in your city romantic like the story?Congratulation with graduating institute.You work in a bank,right?I also learn economy,but with tutor.Actually I am interested in society science and economy one of the chapter.I am a schoolgirl.This year I will graduate my school.I am going to enter to National Relations.You know learn about countries,policy,law,languages,economy also.I see you like sport.I also like ice-skating,ice-rolling,climbing to the mountains.In summer we often climb to mountains with my friends.Oh I also adore sea.We used to live near the sea,but now we live in the capital of Turkmenistan Ashgabat.Have you heard about this country before?It is situated in the Middle Asia.Turkmenistan famous for its carpets,horses and decorations from gold and silver.I adore your famous pizza.Especially when there is a lot of cheese.I think you eat pizza every day?What is your hobbies?What are your plans for future?How do you like spend your time?Do you know other languages?Write me soon I am waiting for your messages and ideas!!! With best wishes in the world,Zeynep.  Hi Zeynep!
    Hope you are well.
    I don’t work in a bank, I go to university for the specialization in the field of bank and finance, this is a master. Because in Italy the school system is bit different: you have to graduate in a triennal university and then, if you want to specialize in something, you have to go to university for other 2 years.
    I don’t know very well your country but I have readen something on wikipedia and I have seen your city on google immagine...everything is white! Fantastic!
    I have readen your politic is a dictatorship, it’s right? Is your country a peaceful place to live?
    Do you know something about Italian politics? Do you know Berlusconi? What do you think about him?

    I live very much to go to the sea but I go only for some weeks in summer because I don’t live near the sea. This week end I went on mountain with my boyfriend and with my friends to walk on the snow with a particular’s fantastic!
    I like also to cook, in Italy is very important the art of cooking..we love pizza and pasta but we don’t eat pizza every day but 1 time a week..but we ate pasta every day!

    This is a particular moment of my life because I’m finishing the university so I have to plane my future but, in this moment, in Italy is very difficult, for the moment I have planned to go in Dublin to learn English for 2 months (august and September) because it’s very important to find a job, when I will come back in Italy I will finish the university and I will looking for a stage because it’s indispensable to graduate and then I will look for a job! I hope to found it, I’d like to work in a bank or in the field of insurance policy.
    And you? Which are you plan for the future?

    Best whishes!


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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hallo,Dear friend from Italy Federica!How was your day?Oh,you have not graduated university yet,I understood.So wish you good studying. Yeah,you are right about Ashgabat.Buildings are white,it is often called white city.If you see country at night,it is fascinating! About policy.We have strong discipline in our country.Turkmenistan is very peaceful country.People live at peace all time. Of course I know Berlusconi.He has long political career.I often hear from news that he has problems with law. I think cooking in Italy is the Art.In Turkmenistan pizza very popular like around the world.Pasta also,but not like a pizza. What do you like in English the most?I think English grammar is not so difficult.Compare to Russian,Russian grammar is complicated.I adore English idioms.I know a lot of idioms in English.Learning idioms in English is easy,but very useful. You have snow!!!Flawless!Weather is a bit cold,but it is not snowing here.Actually it is not snowing very much in winter in Turkmenistan.How many people live in your city? I am Aquarius and I am a dreamer.I have a huge amount of dreams.Enter to university,learning French and German.Be professional at work.Help people in Africa and children who grown without parents.I want tiger,bear at home.Learn ride a horse.Travel all around the world,meet interesting people.Meet stars.See Olympic Games and a lot of other things..... I think it is great that you will practise your English in Dublin!!!Have you ever been abroad?So I am waiting for your letters and ideas,Write me as soon as you can.Have a flamboyant time! Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!
    I’m graduated in November but in Italy there are 2 kind of graduation: triennial course and master, now I’m attending the master! 
    You are right, English grammar is very easy, Italian grammar is very very difficult! I like very much English because every people in the world can speak it so you can talk with people who come from all parts of the world. It’s fantastic! I’ve some difficult in the construction of the phrase because is different in Italy. We have no different construction for affirmative and interrogative forms. We haven’t to put the subject in every’s very different but lots of words are similar for example in Italy “different” means “differente”, “grammar” means "grammatica" for us it’s not too difficult to read in English but our problem is the pronunciation and we have problem in listening.

    I’m lion and I’m a very strong and determinate person, if I decide to do something I will do it!

    You have a special dreams, one of my friend has gone in Africa for 2 moths with a voluntary association, she has been a very good experience! But she hasn’t got lion or bear at home :P It’s dangerous !
    What are you doing now? Do you go to school? How old are you? Are you in love? 

    Have a nice day.
    Write me soon!


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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Thursday, 14th February 2013

    How is your life Federica?You are lucky that Italian similar with English.You are right about listening.It is pretty hard to understand when native speaker speak in English.They just eat half of the words.But when we speak in our native language we also speak it fluently,right? I am 17 years old.Right now I am having a rest and drinking tea with marmalade.Then I will prepare for my school lessons for tomorrow. You ask me about love.I am single. How was your day?How did you spend Valentinas Day?How people celebrate it in Italy?What are your plans for weekends?Hope you will write soon!!!Wish you spend your time enjoyable. With best wishes from Turkmenistan,Zeynep.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 15th February 2013

    Alperen,you have not been writing for several days.I hope everything is ok with you.I am still waitng for your messages.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Friday, 15th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep! I’m fine thank you. And you?
    In Verona Valentin’s day is very important because Verona is the Romeo&Giuliet’s city. There are a lot of earth shape decorations, lot of events and in Dante square, there are lots of stands disposed in a earth shape, it's very romantic!
    I and my boyfriend are not too romantic because we think is not important 14 february, we think is important to love us every day. We haven’t celebrate Valentine’s day but it’s not important, we celebrate our love every day.
    What do you think about Valentin’s day?
    Are there some celebrations in you country for Valentin's day?
    I have no plans for this week end but on Sunday evening I will have a volleyball match with the first team in my championship! It will be a hard match!
    On Saturday I don’t know what I will do, maybe I will go for a walk. And you? Have you got some planes for this week end?

    Best wishes.


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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Saturday, 16th February 2013

    Cheers to the freakin weekend!!Hello,Federica!!!I am very glad that you and your boyfriend think every day is important for love.Actually Muslim do not celebrate Valentinas Day.But people here congratulate each other.There were many concerts for couples that day I wish you to win your match!!!I know you will be champion!!!So do your best!!! Today we went to the theatre.Today was laughing night.I went there with my classmates and teachers and we had a lot of fun.I think tomorrow I will go shopping.Do you like shopping?What you like to buy he most?
    In Italy Festival Sanmareno is going on,right?Have you been in San-Mareno? Federica,do you like listening music?Which music and singers do you like? I am waiting for your messages and ideas!!!Have a great time and do not forget write to me!!! Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Saturday, 16th February 2013

    Hi my Dear friend Zeynep!I am really sorry for being late to sent you a message. But i was really busy at these weekdays because of lessons.You know i am gonna be at 12 grades next year and i will have an exam.I will be responsible for subjects i learnt so the lessons i have to study are increasing.It is terrifying.I hope you had nice week.Nowadays the weather is changing quickly.Sometimes it looks sunshining,sometimes it is like rainy.But in Trabzon it generally rains.
    Have you economy lesson?Really!Actually i don't have to take notes and study for lesson such as economy.What kind of lessons you gotta learn?
    Apparently i wanna show to you my playing guitar.Actually we own lots of same features.It makes me happy.If you wanna tell me about some problems,don't worry.I am ready to listen.Unless the problems are told to each other,they effect more our life in a bad way.
    Thank you for your kindness.I hope you not to get sad.If so,i apologize.
    I wish you a nice weekend.Take care of yourself.
    With my best wishes...

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    , in reply to message 77.

    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Sunday, 17th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!
    We have lost but it has been a very beautiful match! I’m very satisfy! They are stronger then us but we have fight until the end!
    Today in the afternoon I will go out with my friends to chat because one of this has come back home to Erasmus so she has a lot of story to tell us!

    I didn’t know that San Remo is too famous! I don’t like it very much because I don’t like very much watching television but this time has been better then other edition because of the 2 presenters! They are one man and one women, very smart and pleasant! I don’t like the winner, I prefer one group who doesn’t win the competition but that group has win lots of awards. This group is “Elio e le storie tese”, they are a fanny group and they are crazy! They have written a song using only one note: DO! Fantastic!
    Why do you know San Remo?
    I haven’t never been in San Remo!
    I like very listening music and also to sing but I’m not very good..I like singing when I’m driving! Ahaha My best singer is Jovanotti, do you know him? He is Italian but he is famous in all the word, he is fantastic, a genius! I like all kind of music I like dancing but I don’t go very often in disco.
    Do you like dancing? What kind of music do you like?

    I’m waiting for your massage!
    Best wishes.


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  • Message 80

    , in reply to message 78.

    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Sunday, 17th February 2013

    Salam,Alperen!!!When I saw your message I was elated.Do not worry,it is ok!I understand you,that you have a lot of to study.Actually I have the same.I also will have exams,but it will be final exams.I know that in Turkey there are tests.But here at 10 grade we have 5 exams-physics,turkmen language literature,maths,society science and informatics.By the way do you know maths good?I ask it because students here from turkish schools know maths very well.In Turkey you have to achieve the highest score in test for medicine university,right?You know I am preparing for university exams.I think about it every day.I also have special lessons with tutors and economy also including.For National Relations you have to know very much.It is really very difficult.In summer university exams will strart and nervous moments also.But I believe that we can achieve it!!!I know that we will write messages to each other-you will write that you pass exams for 12 grade,I will write that I enter to university.Enshalla!!!The day when I enter to university will be the craziest day.I have taken a part in English competition.If I pass I will take a part in competition where students from all Turkmenistan will come. Now I missing my father,he is on trip by work.He work in ecology and he often travel.We chat by telephone,internet.He will come in March and I am waiting for that day.I miss him very much.My mother graduated economy university,but worked in laboratory. After by birth she stopped working because of me.By the way where do your parents work?How are they?How is your brother? You also can write to me about any problems and your worries.Ok?I will write but you also will!!I also know that I can trust you!!! In Ashgabat weather also changing,but the sun is shining the most. So I am waiting for your messages and news from you!!!I am sending to you a lot of intellectual power for the exams.I know that you have a lot of it,but my power also will be useful.I also hope that your days will be flawless and you will be smiling all time!!! Yours sincerely,Zeynep. P.S.I have seen Trabzon on Internet.I am impressed by sea and trees.It is like Miami.

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    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Sunday, 17th February 2013

    Hallo,My Dear Federica!!!I am elated that even when you lost you are impressed by match!I love when people have such kind of view.Yeah,you have told me that you are lion and it is not strange that you fight until end. Actually,I do not know Jovanotti.But I know Celentano.He is too famous,right?I love his films.I also love song Felicita.What means happiness.I know Sanremo because of Celentano and song Felicita. We have similarities.I also love singing and I also do not have a voice))) I adore dancing.I love street dances they are cool,also love Latin and others.I also love dances with difficult gym exercises.By the way do you like gym?I adore.About music.It depends on mood.Sometimes you wanna listen electro,sometimes sensetive and like that.I love American singers,East music. Do you prepare for trip to Dublin?Do you have twitter address?Would you mind to write?I saw Verona on Internet.That old buildings are wonderful!!!I am waiting for letters from you!!!Hope you will write soon!!!I wish you start your week with positive energy!!!Keep in touch!!! With best wishes from Galaxy,Zeynep.

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    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!
    You are very energetic! You make me in good mood! smiley - smiley
    Yes Celentano is very famous in Italy and also Felicità song!
    I think you would like Jovanotti, his lyrics are very deep but it’s difficult to understand if you’re not Italian because he’s a poet! He has talked in a congress at Harvard University to talk about music and human right! In June I will go in Milan for his concert, some of my friends has given to me the ticket for my graduation!
    I am booking my English course in Dublin and I am looking for a cheap flight ticket :p
    I don’t have a twitter address but I have facebook, do you have a facebook profile?

    Best wishes.


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  • Message 83

    , in reply to message 82.

    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Tuesday, 19th February 2013

    How is your life Federica?That is cool that you will go to concert.You have good friends,you know buddy?Do you go often to Milan? Today was our National Flags Day.I have gone to concert.Weather changing all time,it is cold nowadays.But usually it is warm in Turkmenistan.Can you tell me about your family?I am the only child in my family.Father works in ecology.Mother graduated economy university but stopped working after my birth.You said you love singing while you driving,what car do you have?Here women drive a car,but not so widely like in Europe.What about Italy?I have facebook profile,but facebook does not work in Turkmenistan.It is huge problem.I have not sit on facebook since I sign up,I even do not remember my profile.I am waiting for your letters and ideas!!!Write me soon!!! I wish you days with adventures,Sweety Federica!!! Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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  • Message 84

    , in reply to message 83.

    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Wednesday, 20th February 2013

    Hy Zeynep,
    I don’t go very often in Milan, it’s a beautiful city but too chaotic.
    I have a brother older then me, I’m 22, he is 25, my mum is employee and my dad is a graphic designer. Yes in Italy all women have a car, I have a old car, daewoo nexia, this car was of my dad but now he has got a new car. In Italy there is a lot of traffic and there is the big problem of parking, there are enough parking for the cars.
    I don’t understand, you can’t use Facebook because it is banned? Why Turkmenistan women don’t drive ? Are the women independent in your country? Are they free?
    In Italy women are free and lots of theme work and now there are lots of organization to increase the number of woman in the politicians world and in the governing body.

    Replay me soon.

    Best wishes.

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  • Message 85

    , in reply to message 80.

    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Thursday, 21st February 2013

    I wish you a nice day my friend Zeynep!Everything goes comfortable,right?You have not many exams,it sounds nice for a student.I get into maths and i am good at maths.Medicine univercity is difficult to enter,as you told me,ones who wanna medicine have to study hard.Nation Relations is one of your biggest dream as can be seen in your messages.Why?One day you will manage your gool and take a part in English competition and you'll study in Nation Relations. I will get high score at univercity exam and become a successful doctor and you will be famous at your job.When we learn these developments,we will really be elated.I feel myself full of happiness allthough i just dreamt.My mother is pharmacist and she is doing her job in the hospital.My father is doctor.He is psychiatrist.I am planning to walk on my father's way.Thanks to your cheat full of power,i feel myself on best mood.I hope we are best friend forever.
    I wish you would see your father at the near time.Dont make yourself cry.With my best wishes...
    P.S.thanks for your opions about Trabzon.

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  • Message 86

    , in reply to message 84.

    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 22nd February 2013

    How is your life,Federica?There is also traffic jam,especially in Ashgabat.But it is not a lot.Women here also work,they are free.It is depends on their decision-if they wanna,they drive a car.Here you can not enter to Facebook.Yeah,it is banned. Federica how did you feel when you finish your school?Do you miss your classmates or maybe student years much more interesting?What news do you have that you want to share with me?What plans do you have for weekends?Waiting for your messages and ideas!Wish you have a great time,Sweety Federica! Yourth sincerely,Zeynep.

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  • Message 87

    , in reply to message 85.

    Posted by Zeynep (U15592326) on Friday, 22nd February 2013

    Hallo,Alperen!!!I am really elated that you feel yourself nice keep going that way!!!I am also feel myself good.This week was awesome for me.I have met new interesting people.We have meetings with actors.How was your week?What news do you have?What are gonna to do on weekends?I see that your family connected with medicine.Do your brother also want to be doctor?Do people in Turkey celebrate 23 of February-Men Day?What about 8 Of March-Women Day? You know I have aim-until May learn all capitals of all states.I love learning about countries,love learning languages I love communicate with people,I am also good at speaking thats why I wanna enter to National Relations.Our neighbour gave us water from Mekge Medine.You have to drink and pray to God.I am doing that.Do you wanna to go to Mekge Medine for Zyyarat?I am also glad that I found such friends like you here!!I am waiting for your messages and ideas.I wish you have flawless time and enjoy everyday of your life!!! Yours sincerely,Zeynep.

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  • Message 88

    , in reply to message 86.

    Posted by fedetormi (U15602075) on Friday, 22nd February 2013

    Hi Zeynep!

    Sincerely I don't miss very much my classmates because we are not very cohesive, some classmates are my special friends and I go out with theme very often but only with some of these. The problem is we had lived very far so it was difficult to go out together on Sunday night. At the university I have met lots of new friends, it's important to meet new people!
    I prefer university to school because at the university you can organize you study as you want, you haven't interrogation every day, it's not important if you want to stay at home for some days.
    How is your class?

    Today I have a special lesson at the university, there is a special guest from an important Italian Insurance Company. Tomorrow I have another important volleyball match and on Saturday I have to study smiley - sadface
    What will you do on this week end? smiley - smiley
    One important thing is that this week end Italians go to vote for the new government! It will be very important for the Italians future but also for the Europe!

    best wishes!

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  • Message 89

    , in reply to message 87.

    Posted by master of senior (U15431208) on Sunday, 24th February 2013

    Hello Zeynep!I am elated to send you a message.I am giving you thankssmiley - smileyActors you have met are famous about the world or about Turkmenistan?Everything is going on a normal way.There is gonna be talent competition in my high school and i am gonna join that by writing a play,a short show for making audience funny.Actually i used to wanna become speaker but the teachers found another teacher for this duty.Anyway.Yeah,my brother would like to be a successful and famous known at most of nations.The citizens dont do any special sth for 23 February or 8 March at turkey.
    You are social person.Which countries of continent are you memorising at that time?When you memorise,you are getting bored?If i succeed to travel holy lands i am so elated.I wish i had visited holy landings.
    I wish you a flawless time and a week full of adventure and happinees.
    See you later!

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