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    Posted by MasMoos (U15582669) on Sunday, 20th January 2013

    Hi everyone!
    This is MasMoos from London! I'm here to practice English and learn from you.
    Please let me know what's the first step here since I'm new.


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    Posted by walter_ch (U2890940) on Sunday, 20th January 2013

    Dear Mas

    The first step you've already done. It's sending a message to this board and then watch what happens.

    Am I correct if I consider you're not a native Londoner? Can you please introduce yourself a little. What are you doing for a living? Where do you come from originally? What's your purpose on learning English? And so on.

    I would be pleased if I could read some news from you soon.



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    Posted by MasMoos (U15582669) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Well, first of all, my name is not Mas! I chose MasMoos as a nickname which I thought is cool!
    Secondly, yes you are right. I'm not a Londoner. I come from Middle East and study in a university here. My English is not in a level it should be! so I need to improve it a lot!
    Finally I have a question. Is there any way to be notified if someone send me a message or has replied one of my messages?


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    Posted by mafesabo (U15586232) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hiiiii, MasMoos, be in London great oportunity for improve your english, congratulations. I new en bbc too. I´m Colombian, country located in south america, we speak spanish, rich in biodiversity, I syudied Ecomics, and what are you studying? and where are you from?

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