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Hello, I'm Galina. Russians like holidays

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Monday, 14th January 2013

    We can celebrate the New Year holidays for more then whole month!
    We had fun from 25 Dec (Catholic Christmas) to 7 Jan (Orthodox Christmas). Then 14 Jan is our holiday according to the Julian calendar.
    It isn't means we are lazy. Russia is a multinational country. We always happy to come to friends. Do you know China New Year comes on the 10th of Feb?

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    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Monday, 14th January 2013

    Hi Galina ( Is this your nickname? )

    I'm Sebastian from Colombia, about our religion ,here we have Catholic religion,
    i had never heard about Julian Calendar , Can you tell me about it ?
    I think that Russia is a great country to live. By the way, Is Russia very cold?

    For now all best


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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

    Hi, Sebastian!
    The Julian calendar is the Roman calendar. It was accepted by Julius Caesar. Russian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar. Today most of countries use the Gregorian calendar. Wikipedia says It was accepted by Pope Gregory XIII.
    Our country took this one in 1918. Today the difference between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars is 13 days. That's why the New Year also comes Jan 14. In Russia we call it The Old New Year.
    By the way Jan 19 is Baptism (I know you have Jan 6).
    And what about you? Do you like holidays? What do you do on holidays?
    I guess your country is hot. Is there a Jungle in Colombia?
    Now it's really cold in Russia. It's frosty and snowy.

    Best wishes, Galina (It's my name)

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    Nice to meet you. I am Andrew from Poland. I know that you all like celebrate smiley - winkeye
    Which part of Russia do you live?

    Nowadays there are snow and frosty but I suppose that not so much as in your country.

    Regards Andrew

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

    Zdravstvuj Galina !!!

    Next holiday is 23th February for men, whilst 8th march is celebrated the women's day, there is still the Maslenitsa when you eat a lot of blinys smiley - ok!!
    Speaking about snacks, do you go shopping in the Eliseevsky ? The store in Moscow at Tverskaya street is a historic building.

    See you. Pishi


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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Hello, Andrew!
    Nice to meet you too.
    I live in Primorsky region. It's in the Far East. Do you know Vladivostok? It's so far from Moscow and Poland! I'd like to see Poland. I guess, your church are amazingly beautiful. Is it true that Frederic Chopin is Polish?

    I'm looking forward to your reply, Galina

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    Posted by deepak (U15521006) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Hi Galina,

    How are you . I am Deepak from India. I want to improve my English skill and want to make lot of friend all over the world. So you celebrate x mas on 7th of January. Russia a beautiful country and Russian people are friendly too. Have you ever been to India or know about Indian Cultures?

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Hello, Mark! (Is Bandeirante your nickname?)
    How interesting your replay! I was glad to get it.
    Of course we eat pancakes but not a lot! I like small pancakes. We call its BLINCHIKI.
    And I think most people can't go shopping in the ELISEEVSKY. This one in Moscow. Russia is huge. I fly for eight hours from Vladivostok to Moscow!
    By the way where are you from?

    I'm looking forward to getting reply

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Hi, Deepak!
    Glad to see your message. India is my dream. I have never been to India but I read about Ajanta (is this spelling true?) and heard about Mahabharata (is this OK?). I know your leader Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
    Russians like Indian movies. In the 1980s people stick to the silver screen when was a movie Zita and Gita!
    Do you ride on an elephant? What is your favorite dish? Do you live in city?
    Best regards. Galina

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Privet Galina !!!

    There is another store Eliseevsky in Piter too at the Nevsky Prospekt, pay a visit when you get there.
    I live in São Paulo, the country's largest city, I'm going to Rio on carnival, just an hour away from flight, the city will be crowded but let's see if it is possible to enjoy, we are having rainy days, hope in February the sun gets back.

    Is Vladivostok next to Kamtchaka ? It looks a volcanic region only possible to reach by helicopter.

    Let me know something about your you often visit Lubianka smiley - winkeye ? Well, I'm planning to visit Russia soon, I want to see the Peacock Clock singing, Hermitage is a fantastic museum, Tretyakov Gallery and Gum are mandatory too.

    See You

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 16th January 2013

    Hi Galina,
    I am glad that I meet you. Of course I know where is Vladivostok.
    Yes this is true, Frederic Chopin is Polish.

    Near you is the last station of Trans-Siberian railway.
    You live in one of the coldest area. What do you do there?
    Do you have four season? How long the winter last? and How long the summer last?

    See you soon and warm regards

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Thursday, 17th January 2013

    Hi, Mark!
    I was glad to receive your letter.
    Vladivostok is closer to Japan, but not to Kamchatka.
    What will you be doing in Rio? Do you have a carnival costume with the feathers?
    I'm surprised It's raining in winter. Have you ever seen the snow in South America?
    See you soon

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Thursday, 17th January 2013

    Hi Andrew!
    Glad to chat with you. In fact Primorye isn't the coldest region in Russia. Siberia is much colder. For example Yakutia. We have 4 seasons. Cold months are November - March. Sometimes it gets realy hot in summer. Do you know that there are lianas in our taiga? You can find tropical trees near the cedars and pines.
    By the way what do you usually eat for breakfast?
    Write soon

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Thursday, 17th January 2013

    Hi Galina,

    I usually do not have a breakfast. The first is s cup of coffee, the second one is a glass of black tea with honey and peace of lemon.
    On Sunday I usually have a breakfast. And I usually eat sandwiches with eggs, vegetables and meat.

    I live on the town suburbs in western Poland.
    Do you live in town or in the village? How do you spend your spare time? Do you have any hobby or a passion?

    Are your time 11.40pm now?

    See you

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    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Thursday, 17th January 2013

    Hi Galina

    How are you?

    Sorry, for my late reply, i was in a little trip

    Thank you for all those information , really i was confused about it ,
    Here we enjoy a lot of Holidays, Each date is so important for us.
    For other hand Colombia has a variaty into his Weather , sometimes may be hot and another times may be cold , By the way Colombia is not a jungle as you said , we have many Cities, towns and villages. If you want i can tell you more about Colombia.



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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Thursday, 17th January 2013

    Hello Galina !!

    Your city is also close to Sakhalina Islands, Russia is a giant country with many horary fusees.
    It is beginning of summer to us, even in winter we may have 30ºC along some days, on the north is always hot, on the south the climate may be similar to Europe with cold days but no snow, at all. There is a tiny city on a range of mountains that becomes a touristic attraction in winter on the very south, once or twice a year it is possible to fall snow, some people head to there to take postcard photos with snow. Where do you like to go skiing, Aspen, Valle Nevado, Planai Mountains, Alps like Hannibal Barca...?

    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi Andrew!
    Many Russian also prefer coffee in the morning. I so love this taste and aroma of the morning.
    By the way I also live in a small town (just over 160,000 population) near Vladivostok.
    I like watching movies, reading history books, chating of course using the Internet. The history of art is my hobby
    I'm writing this when it's 20:48 on my watch . It means 20:48 - 9:00 = 11:48. The midday you soon
    And what do you do? Have you a hobby?
    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi Sebastian!
    Glad to see you. What do you think about Bolivar? Will you be celebrate the 200th anniversary of independence? The Internet give the information that there are some military conflicts between the different political and military factions. Is this true? Is it dangerous?
    I see your beautiful Pico Cristóbal Colón online. They say this name is the name of seafarer Christophorus Columbus! I belive Colombia is very interesting country for trips. Have you ever went camping to Andes? Which places are the most impressive in your country?
    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hello Mark!!!
    You are lucky, you have summer soon. We have -27ºC tonight and -12º tomorrow. That's more it is wet weather. That's why so cold. But I like winter, I also like skiing as you. We have a good place for skiing. Our range of mountains is Sihote-Alin.
    Do you like summer?
    see you

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    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi Galina
    How are you?

    About Colombia mm, let me see . First all Colombia celebrated his 200th of Independence but it was on 2010, about Colombia's war, yes now we have a conflict between Colombian's goverment and a terrorist group called ''Farc'' (Fuerzas armadas revolucionarias de Colombia) ( in English as Revolutionary Armed forces of Colombia) Maybe you have heard about it some time. But it is not over the most part of Colombia , I live in Bucaramanga,Santander a great town if you want you can look up more about this town.

    Here we have many tourist spots as Parque Nacional del Chicamocha ( National park of Chicamocha
    Chek this link

    Tell more about you
    What's your City?

    See you next time smiley - smiley

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi Galina,

    I work a lot and I have not enough spare time. A part chatting on this board I like ride a bike. This year I was two time on a small trip by bike about 20 kilometres. I watch TV sometimes but I generally do not like it because it steals my free time. I love nature and natural environment.
    I live on the own house and I have a garden. From spring to autumn there is some work. But these jobs help relax me. I live as a country side or a village.

    See you and have a nice weekend

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Monday, 21st January 2013

    Hello Sebastian!
    How kind of you to give me link. You can't imagine how i liked this movie. I like Parque Nacional del Chicamocha, I like your city Bucaramanga . It's realy interesting!
    I live in small town near Vladivostok (population is only 162 thousand). It was founded in 1866. You see it hasn't big history. There was the Jurchens state here many years ago. We have some artefacts from this culture. Stone tortoise is from the Jurchen leader's grave. Most of all artefacts are from the 12th-century
    What about Bucaramanga? How long time does it have?
    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Monday, 21st January 2013

    Hi Andrew,
    I'm glad to hear from you. How was your weekend? I stayed in because had some chores. You are lucky your house is on the nature. I have to ride to see natural environment. I live in an apartment in the house which has 5 floors
    see you soon

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 21st January 2013

    Hi Galina

    My weekend was similar too yours smiley - winkeye. Last Saturday and Sunday I worked.

    I lived in flats of block too. The building has had 4 floors + ground flour, we lived on the last floor. It is situated on the centre of my town.
    Now I have my own piece of world. I like my house and area around it.

    Would you tell me where usually in your town, area people work? Do you have unemployment. Can somebody fast find a new job?

    See you

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    Posted by deepak (U15521006) on Monday, 21st January 2013

    Hi Galina,

    How are you? I am happy to receive your reply. sorry for my late reply. It is nice to know you wish to visit India. Yes friend your spelling is correct. It seems you know much about Indian culture. I had some Russian friend in this board but now it seems they do not sign in BBC. I like Russian people because they are very friendly. Well friend the movie name you wrote here is - "SITA AUR GITA". Did you watch this movie? It is a very nice movie. Well I never ride on Elephant. You know Indian people like spicy food. I am vegetarian and do not eat meat or eggs. I like Indian food. Yes dear I live in Delhi. Delhi is the Capital of India. Have you ever been to Delhi?

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hi Andrew!
    Some people work in the Locomotive factory. It's a large enterprise in the Railways industry. Other people work in the food industry (sugar, dairy, distillery). In fact there were many different places to work some years ago. I mean before the revolution of the 1990s. Now they work for small businesses.
    There are some work for emigrants. They come from Caucasus, Asia. Mostly this is service job and commerce.
    What about your town: are there a lot of unemployed?
    see you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hi Deepak!
    Yes, I watched "SITA AUR GITA" a lot. It couldn't be outdated. This movie is very nice. Once I ate tasty Indian food. It was in a Krishna cafe in Vladivostok.
    How interesting you live in Delhi. Of course I know Delhi is the Capital of India. I have never been to Delhi. How many people live here? Have you a different social sequrity for poor?
    See you soon

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hi Galina,

    We have unemployment in Poland circa 12%. In my town and area there are not a lot of companies. There are rather middle and small companies. Some people work in the public sector, in private businesses, in family business. Some of people especially young emigrated for job to western countries. It is not simple to find a new good job. But in some places there are jobs for the lowest wages.
    At the country side or villages people are in worse situation. Generally there are not jobs, they have to commute to work to towns.

    See you

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hello Galina !!

    Yes, I like summer and hot days, almost a year ago I was in the Iguazu Falls on the very south at the border with Argentina, fantastic nature, much more beautiful than Niagara Falls, the climate was perfect with sun and heat, next to the falls temperature reaches 35ºC or more, both sides shall be visited, at the Argentinian you see the Devil's Throat, on our side you can take a boat to cross the falls named "Macuco Safari".
    What about Altay region, have you been there ? In summer is perfect to ride on horses, fish at the river, have a lot of fun at the nature.
    Yesterday I saw two magpies on my balcony, what does it tell you ?


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    Posted by deepak (U15521006) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hi Galina,
    SO you liked the movie. Yes it is the movie around 1975 but I still like to watch it. So you have tasted Indian food too. Well Dear so many people live in Delhi. It is the capital of India so many people come from other state to find work in Delhi. I heard it is very cold in Russia below -0. I think you have to wrap yourself in warm clothes. Am I right friend? In my city the winter season on its last leg.

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hi Andrew!
    Our country have the same problems. Russia's economy hasn't yet overcome the crisis 2008-2012. But when we compare to 1990 we'll see the economy more stable.
    Many enterprises were on the verge of closing for 1991-2004. But today people live much better. The oficial statistic gave 1,200,000 unemployed in 2012 Oct. That is the most low level for ten years.
    By the way, do you like movies?. What type of movies do you watch?
    Waiting you reply
    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hi Mark!
    Magpies are often heros of fairytales in Russia. The magpie looks like a talkative bird, it's full of gossip, it'll be able to be a thief. It is true the magpie brings something with own tail in Russian tales. What does a magpie bring on the tail? We want let this'll be kind, good news!
    I see you love to travel a lot. I wasn't in the Altai. Russia is a huge distance and unimportant roads. I have traveled to Primorye region and been to the Centre of Russia (Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and ect).
    We have a good Far Eastern magazine about nature, ecology, tourism, hunting "Call of the taiga." I send you a link to the video version of the journal on youtube
    Here is the Amur leopard, as it can be researched in nature
    Here is the Ussuriisky reserve
    best wishes

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hi Deepak!
    January is usually a cold month in Russia. But last week it became much warmer. Now - 14 º C and they say will be around -7 º C tomorrow. I consider it's a short time for warm weather. You'll see Feb and Mar will be colder again.
    We have to wrap ourself in warm clothes for 5 month a year
    If the spring comes soon you'll see the flowers! I see its only in a flower shop!
    How warm is in Delhi now?
    Keep in touch

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hello Galina !!

    Belonging to the British culture there is a children's nursery rhyme about Magpies traditional in that region, though there is a considerable variation in the lyrics used the basic and best known version tells :

    One for sorrow,
    Two for joy,
    Three for a girl,
    Four for a boy,
    Five for silver,
    Six for gold,
    Seven for a secret never to be told.

    A few time ago The Independent had a headline " One for Sorrow sees Magpie Owen playing a mug's punter game".

    I read an interesting article in the New York Times about the boom of new shoppings in Moscow, there is an emerging middle class, accommodations to everyone, public health is for all so Russians like to spend their money consuming. Instead of department stores the new shoppings have giant markets. I see this as a positive thing, you can buy groceries and have fun in the same place.
    In another article an economist was telling that social networks like the ones kept by Zuckerberg or Pavel Durov- vk are sucking money from the real economy or in other words rathen than buying shares of a prominent industry people are giving money to unimportant things.
    I enjoy Brilliantovaya Ruka, Nikulin was a great actor smiley - ok!!


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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    I like movies but I have not time to watch them.

    I like adventure and science fiction films like: "Avatar", "The lord of rings", some film about the second world warm, Faire tales as: "Ice age", "Atlantis".

    Sometimes when I very tired I switch on TV an watch action films, they relax me smiley - winkeye

    Do you like sauna? Are you going to Russian sauna?

    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Thursday, 24th January 2013

    Hi Mark!
    Oh my god! How many you know. About the magpie in British culture - it's cool. I did not know. As I remember, it isn't important how many magpies in Russia's fairytales.
    I am surprised that you know about Russia so much facts. As for Moscow, it is more like Babylon. The small towns of Russia and the region behind Urals are another thing. I agree that the real economy is important for any country. Russia is particularly need it.
    How about Brilliantovaya Ruka? Do you know Russian or looked in the translation? Great!
    Do you know Escrava Isaura was the first soap opera in the Soviet Union in 1988?
    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Thursday, 24th January 2013

    Hello Andrew!
    I also watched Avatar. I watched premiere in the cinema last year. They showed it on TV this Holiday Season.
    Russian sauna is cool. I love it very much. But unfortunatly I don't go to the sauna now, my doctor doesn't until recommend it.
    By the way what kind of the Polish literature and authors do you like?
    I know you have a little free time. Why is that? Do you love your job so much? or you have to work hard to have enough to live on?
    Have a nice day

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Thursday, 24th January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    I go to the sauna ones a week. It is Finish sauna. I enjoy it and I love it especially when I take a bath in cold water smiley - winkeye

    I can say that I like my job. But at the full time I do not earn a lot. Then I take additional jobs. I have got own house and a car and some duty. These are connected with some many. And I want to live on my own live standard. Of course it is not the highest. Moreover, I want to be good at this what I do and all required time. Additionally, nowadays there are a problem with finding a good new job and in the close future the situation in my occupation will be worse.
    But, when I remember job very often likes me but money not. I have not abilities to make a business.

    When I was younger I read some books. Literature connected with history - I can not describe clearly. I like Henryk Sienkiewicz. I liked read books first (different authors) and in the next step watch the film which based on the book.

    See you tomorrow

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    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Thursday, 24th January 2013

    Hello Galina smiley - rose!!

    Vladvostok has regular flights operated by Air Koryo, you can take some days for vacation and board an Ilyushin towards the capital, entering in the time tunnel like Ivan, the difference is that you are going to the past and he was transported to the present day by that machine. Former Soviet movies are available with subtitles.
    Moscow has Afro Brazilians leading Zouk Groups, recently a few of them landed in Porto Seguro to an international congress, from there to Rio, many Russians enjoy Latin Dances rather than your traditional Lezghinka or Khalinka.
    Escrava Isaura was a nice soap opera, O Clone, Por Amor are popular in Russia too.
    Did you enjoy Avatar ? James Cameron shows a false reality telling that Paganism is good, in real life Incas and Maya's beholded priests required human sacrifices to appease their devilish gods requiring bloodshed.
    I enjoy very much blockbusters like the last three Musketeers, fantastic thriller in London and Paris during the XVIII th Century.

    Have a nice day

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Friday, 25th January 2013

    Hello, Andrew!
    Well, mmm...sauna in combination with the cold pool is cool . I know people who like that. In fact, it's extreme for me and not all of my friends love it and dare to do so.
    Andrew, I agree that an interesting job is very important. Certainly, it isn't bad if it brings much money. Is your profession not in demand in the economy of your region? Or is it a European crisis affecting you country? How much money does a liter of milk, a kilo of flour, a liter of petrol costs for you? We have about 1.3 euros, 0.6 euros, 0.8 euros.

    I definitely heard the name Henryk Sienkieschitsz but unfortunately did not read it. I also like a historical drama and I might to find some of his books to read.

    Have a nice weekend!

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    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Friday, 25th January 2013

    Hello Mark!
    Yes, Leonid Gaidai's movies are loved by all Russian. Especially, movies 1960-1970. They are Soviet films. They are kind, funny, real. Now there is no such films. Most of current movies are thrillers and a shooting. There are many similar soap operas with same heroes. It's a bit boring to watch them. But one sereal I still watched some time ago. This is a Turkish soap opera Magnificent Century. A simple plot and beautiful decorations give me relax.
    I watched Avatar in 3D at the cinema. Impressive. But I find science fiction less interesting than a historical drama. The last movie I watched was The Tudors about Henry VIII of England
    Is the three Musketeers a blockbuster? I don't watch it. What movie do you mean - fantastic thriller in the XVIII th Century?
    I like music Zouk. Today I watched beautiful dances on YouTube.
    Will glad to see you again

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 25th January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    Of course European crisis has certain influence on my profession. But it is wider problem in some aspect connected with our join to European Union. Some companies defend prior to some changes. But these changes have been inevitably. And in this case they lost a lot of time for preparing to new reality.

    A liter of milk costs circa 0.6 euro, a kilo of flour - 0.5 euro, a liter of petrol - 1.4 euro.

    See you

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    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Monday, 28th January 2013

    Hello Andrew!
    How are you? Any news? I heard there were the international poetry festival and competition in Warsaw, where were songs of Vladimir Vysotsky. It was in last weekend. Did you hear that?
    Do you like songs of Vladimir Vysotsky? He is very popular in Russia
    See you

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    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 28th January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    I am fine, thank you.
    Yesterday I was with my son in mountain. We were skiing cross country there. The were a lot of people. The landscape was wonderful. We enjoyed our trip.

    I have not heard about competition that you mentioned.I am not la over of poetry, but of course I have heard about Vladimir Vysotsky.
    I can say that I prefer nature and their songs. It builds better world than we.

    We have a thaw, today temperature about +4C. I like winter especially how snowing and the white landscape.

    See you

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Monday, 28th January 2013

    Hello Galina !!

    Moscow had a nice rink for patination last Friday when you celebrate the Student's Day, for me the most beautiful one is the Scarlet Sail when you say hello to Asol smiley - winkeye!!
    In England buried side to side in the Westminster Abbey you find Queen Isabel and her cousin bloody Mary of Scotland, in life they were mortal enemies; Isabel arrested and sentenced to death Queen Mary. Her son succeeded in the throne with one year old; many years later Queen Isabel died without offsprings and James VI unified the crowns becoming James I of the United Kingdom. The Tower of London is a haunted place, the most enduring ghost living there is the one of Queen Anne, she is buried under the chapel's altair with her ghost being spotted many times wandering by the narrow corridors often carrying her head. She is recognized by the garments she was wearing in the last day when she was beheaded on the grounds of tower green with charges of adultery and high treason. That's the story I have heard !!
    Did you enjoy the new Russian Depardier ? Brigitte also wants to be Russian, they could change with the Pussy Riot girls smiley - ok!!

    Have a nice day

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 29th January 2013

    Hello, Mark!
    Nice to see you again.
    I understand you have been on the Scarlet Sails celebration in Saint Petersburg. In fact I have only seen this celebration with spectacular fireworks from Peter and Paul Fortress on TV.
    I think theme of the Pussy Riot girls extremely overblown. Depardieu certainly eclipsed this topic. Russian love everything big. He's a good actor and we love movies with Depardieu. So welcome to us Monsieur. That's only if is it so morally abandon their own country?
    By the way what movie about Queen Isabel and bloody Mary do you mean? Who’s in it? I'd also like to see it
    see you.

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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 29th January 2013

    Hello Andrew!
    Nice to see you. How wonderful have a weekend in the countryside or in the mountains. I also like skiing. But I'm not a good skier. My friend phoned me from Saint Peterburg yesterday and said he also skied this sunday. This week promises to be very hectic for me. I've some work.
    Good luck.
    see you.

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Tuesday, 29th January 2013

    Oh, Mark, I just heard about the terrible tragedy in Santa Maria. We had a similar tragedy in the Lame Horse cafe in 2009

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 47.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 29th January 2013

    Hello Galina,

    You are right, Our trip to the mountain was wonderful. We are not very good skiers too. But we enjoyed it and we liked it. The journey in one way takes about 3 hours.
    Maybe this Sunday we go again to mountain for skiing smiley - smiley.
    Nowadays we have a melt, temperature above 0C and half of snow disappears.
    Sometimes I have hectic weeks too smiley - winkeye. Since tomorrow I am starting work with another project.

    I have heard that a lot of people in Saint Petersburg about skiing learn English. What about far East of Russia. Which foreign languages people learn in your area?

    See you

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 49.

    Posted by galina (U15573551) on Wednesday, 30th January 2013

    Hello, Andrew!
    We also have a little bit warmer. Now about -4C frost. Seems it smells of spring.
    About languages. School Children usually study English and choose one from asian. So it may be Chinese or Korean. Students also can study Japanese or Vietnamese. It depends the desire. But the English is study all. What about Poland?
    Can you throw a link on the movie where are the most interesting places in Poland? Where do the tourists travel?
    See you

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