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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Saturday, 5th January 2013

    I am listening at the moment to the Top of the Pops ..... summary of the Year!
    And I think - why don't we listen to this programme every week together and discuss new entries, share our likes and dislikes about just issued pop songs...? What do you think?

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Sunday, 6th January 2013

    You may listen to the Top of the Pops directly from here:

    We'll see next week, if this link plays the latest programme....

    Do you understand everything? Can you catch the names of the performers and the titles of the songs?

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by Mom1973 (U14064004) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Hi, Alex!
    I have started listening to the first song 'Radioactive' by Rita Ora. Is it correct that she jumped to number 8 from number 23 (I didn't take notes and so I don't remember)?
    First of all, I've never heard about Rita Ora. This is a typical pop and disco song. It is good to dance, but I need to listen to eat several times to start liking it.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    Dear Alex,

    I have just listened to a part of this programma. If I understood well, '' Gotye and somebody that I used to know love'' was number and best-selling of 2012. smiley - erm

    But you didn't have cut me off
    Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing (oh)
    I don't even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger
    and that feels so rough
    Somebody that I used to know
    Somebody (now your just somebody that I used to know)
    That I used to know
    Somebody that I used to know
    Somebody (somebody) (now your just somebody that I used to know)
    That I used to know


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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Tuesday, 8th January 2013

    Yes, Demet, absolutely!

    Morena's favourite singer was the best seller of 2012!

    (at the bottom you may see the top 10 best sellers of 2012...)

    You are right, Morena too - Rita Ora was on the 8th place on the Saturday with her album "Ora". But yesterday she was already on the 6th place:

    As maybe you've noticed, Kim Robson called it "Album Charts" - the list of the top selling LPs or audio CDs. Kim mentioned Rita Ora as "hihgest climber" (of the week) - she "climbed" 28 places! It means that during the week her album "Ora" moved from the 36th place (almost from the bottom of the list!) up to the 8th place!
    (as you mentioned, Kim Robson played the song "Radioactive" from that album)

    But if you look at the "Singles Charts", there's no Rita at the Top 40 at all!:

    They compiled the Singles Charts in the past on the basis of the best selling SPs - those small vinyl 45rpm discs with the big hole in the middle - for putting them in the juke-boxes.... How they do it now? If they still are selling SPs?

    The charts are tricky - some performers are in the tops for months, the other manage to stay there just for a week or two.... Before the Christmas Michael Buble was on quite high places with his remix of the "Frosty the Snowman":

    (recorded in the past by Bing Crosby, Jimmy Durante , Ella Fitzerald and many other performers!)

    Now you can't see him in the Charts - it was "seasonal tribute")

    And nobody says that you have to like Rita Ora, but if she climbs up in the charts, it means, that many teenagers find that music attractive....

    By the way, the "Number One" they usually play at the very end of the programme (last week it was James Arthur with the song "Impossible" - listen, what Kim Robson says about him?)

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    Morena, at the moment I am listening to the Top of the Pops on the FEED 3 from the Hot Bird satellite. In the morning it was in the Euro channel (twice) and late in the evening it will be at the Feed 3 again... So if you can receive signal from the Hot Bird, you may listen to it before the Net casting.....

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Sunday, 13th January 2013

    Yes! Now we know that from the link in the message 2 you may always listen to the LATEST programme!

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by Mom1973 (U14064004) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi, Alex!

    I listened to the latest programme, jumping nearly immediately to the top five songs. You know, it could me interesting to learn new singers but I have no time now and my curiosity was directed to the top where I found known songs, as Bruno Mars (n.4) and again Psy (n.3).
    There is a 'no-mover' on number 2 which is 'Scream and Shout' by featuring Britney Spears. This is played by Italian radios, too.
    Then, there is no change on the top with the singer James Arthur and his song 'Impossible'. I don't know him.
    I found the official Italian top digital download. Here it is:
    1 Scream and Shout
    2. Lykke Li 'I follow rivers'
    3 Pink 'Try' (n. 13 in the UK)
    4 Bruno Mars 'Locked out of heaven'
    5 Rhanna 'Diamonds'

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    smiley - biggrin
    Yes, here they also play latest hits on the local stations. I heard today in a Supermarket familiar songs.... I also wouldn't know many modern performers if I didn't listen to the Top of the Pops...
    It's gonna be another edition tomorrow... and today the time is approaching the deadline..... smiley - biggrin

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by Mom1973 (U14064004) on Sunday, 27th January 2013

    Hi Alex!
    I enjoyed the actress Anne Hathaway singing 'I dreamed a dream' from the album including original motion-picture soundtracks.

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    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Sunday, 27th January 2013

    Yes, I've heard it. I remember Susan Boyle became very popular with this song....
    Today's Top of the Pops wasn't very impressive... Perhaps most performers presented their best numbers for the Christmas and the beginning of the year became rather "lazy". It is relative of course... Just a week ago we celebrated 50 years since the first famous Beatles performance in the Palladium, which gave a birth to the beatlomania!

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 7th February 2013

    By the way, Morena - I like the "Scream and Shout". Interesting song. And also Rihanna's "Dimonds".... She is now in the Singles Top with another song from that album - "Stay". Do you like it?

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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by Mom1973 (U14064004) on Wednesday, 13th February 2013

    Hi, Alex. I didn't listen to the other song by Rihanna. I only listened to the top three. Number two is still 'Scream and shout'. It has been in the five for eight weeks, hasn't it? And number one for two weeks if I remember correctly.
    AN American rapper is at number two climbing 22 Positions! Amazing! Unfortunately, I listened only once so I couldn't catch his name and the title of his song. Rap is not my favourite genre. And what about number one? Is kit David Guetta? I know him but also disco music is not my favourite!

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Monday, 18th February 2013

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