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difficultest thing??

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    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Thursday, 3rd January 2013

    Hi every body....

    I think difficultest thing in the world is STUDING.

    I khow it is good and I realy love it but it need a lot of energy.

    when I have exam I do not khow why every thing is intresting for me unless books...

    what is your idea about difficultest??

    lets have discussion.......................

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Thursday, 3rd January 2013

    Hi, Maryam

    It seems to me that I understand what you are talking about. Let me tell my story. Do you believe that in my childhood during summer vacations I often saw nightmares about going to school again – as if I’m staying in front of the board and I can’t answer teacher’s question – oh, nightmare smiley - yikes . I think something wrong was in our educational system (or with my nerve) that it gave me so negative impression. On the other hand, after graduation I started to learn different things by myself, English particularly, and I do it with pleasure and enthusiasm. So, really, why it was different in school or university? Is it because of excessively complex educational program or something else? smiley - erm

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    Posted by Rats1981 (U15561274) on Friday, 4th January 2013

    Hi Maryam,

    One of the most difficult thing in the world is learning sometning. But if you have the right attittude and if you are ready to work hard nothing is impossible. I said you need to have the right attittude because even if you are ready to work hard you will not succeed if you don't have the attittude.

    By the way I do not think there exists a usage like 'difficultest' in english. Instead the superlative form of this word is 'most difficult'. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Friday, 4th January 2013


    you are right we do not have difficultest....I khew it but I do not khow why I forgot it.... any way thank you for reminding me....

    I am agree with you ,learning is difficult especialy if trying to remembring some thing like new word....

    but I do not understood about attitude....what do you mean?do you have any attitute for remembring some thing faster?

    I am good with math but remembring.......

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Friday, 4th January 2013

    dear Vladmir

    I think the problem is educational system and also some teachers do not khow how to manner with students.....

    maybe we do not like some lessons!!!!what is your idea??

    do you like learning English???or you learn it because you need it?

    your dream was really say to me could you answer the quastion that your teacher was asking you or not??

    write to me soon...

    yours maryam

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    , in reply to message 4.

    Posted by Rats1981 (U15561274) on Saturday, 5th January 2013

    Hi Maryam,

    What I mean is you need to have the right attitude when doing something. In another words if you are doing something which your heart needs you have the right attitude automatically.
    Lets take an example.. Suppose you have a great opportunity to work in United States, but you don't speak English. The employer insists you must learn English otherwise you will continue at the current place, let us say in Romania. Now if you really want to go to US, you will try hard to learn English, you will start to work on it. Nobody insists you to do this. This desire is coming directly from the bottom of your heart.
    Now let us pick the second choice. You have a boyfriend in Romania and you don't want to leave him. Also he is not ready to go to US. But the company insists that you must learn English, but your heart doesn't need it. In this case it would be very hard for you to achieve your goal.

    So in the first case you have the positive attitude to learn.. Hope you would understand what I mean.


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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Wednesday, 9th January 2013

    Hi, Maryam, Ratheesh

    Certainly many things are important - educational system, teachers, parents, other pupils. I also agree with Ratheesh – very important own “right attitude”. But I think it means that one should like what he/her learn (or do in general). And I think it’s very difficult to inspire to yourself love to some subject if you know that you may be punished in some way (bad marks, loose opportunity to work in United States) if you would not learn subject.

    As for me – yes, I like learn English. And it’s easy to me to like it because I have no fear of failure. My English level is satisfactory for my work, I have no any other aim than just get pleasure to read, listen, watch English texts, songs, programs and sometimes to write here smiley - smiley Alas, it was in different way in my school years – I studied French for ten years but by now know nothing. Now I understand that it was simply waste of time – cram words just to please teacher and to get good mark. And I think my nightmare was just about that – fear of failure, certainly in my dream I wasn’t prepared to give the right answer.

    Best wishes,

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    Hi Vladmir...

    you think it was wast of time learning french....

    that is exactly how I feel,but in an other language.

    in my school we were learning Arabic and I had a lot of problem with it... until now I thought Arabic is difficult so I did not learn......but when you told me ,it was not useful learning french in school ....completely changed the way I see Arabic.

    so the problem wan not Arabic,.......the ways I was thought ,were bad.


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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Bita (U15562800) on Friday, 11th January 2013

    Exactly the same as me.
    I think most of the students feel like you! The reason would be the lack of enthusiasm or motivation.
    Or maybe we like reading but there are lots of things that we like more than readin and studying. What do u think?

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Friday, 11th January 2013

    Hi Bita...

    nice to meet you.........

    actualy I had a lot of problem with Arabic,and now after studing 6 years Arabic in school,I can not speak or undrestand any thing....
    and I think you are true....there was not any motivation.

    personaly I like studing but I do not know why, when I have exam every thing be intristing to me ....

    two days ago I had exam,so ,I was studing then I go out for drinking a cup of tea........
    I turn on the Tv ,there was a movie.....I do not know why I be came intrsted in it
    I watched it although I had exam.....
    yesterday I saw the Tv showing that movie again but it was not intresting for me at all you know what I mean? have you ever had the same experience lik it?
    are you a student?

    best wishes


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  • Message 11

    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 11th January 2013

    Hi, Maryam and Bita! Are you sure that you won't fail in your exams because of this Message Board? smiley - biggrin We could wait! We're patient - don't worry smiley - biggrin

    There was very nice girl from Alexandria - Esraa.... She's disappeared and I guess that she is passing her exams at the moment too. I hope she is fine...

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  • Message 12

    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Bita (U15562800) on Friday, 11th January 2013

    nice to meet u too Maryam
    I know Arabic is a difficult language to lean, especially it's pronunciation.
    Is it just one the school curriculum or is it your university major ?
    Anyway I hope u good luck

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  • Message 13

    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Friday, 11th January 2013

    Hi Bita...

    it was one of my lesson in school.

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  • Message 14

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Thursday, 17th January 2013


    it seems that there are not any difficult things.....

    it just depend to us that we like it or not........

    and my question is :

    people in this world ,always do the things that love it or not????

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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi, Maryam

    There are plenty of difficult things everywhere, all our life is struggle with difficulties in aim to be “the best” or at least “not worse” than others. For me personally “difficult thing” is to keep writing to this message board instead of just reading and enjoying smiley - smiley

    As for your question, I think that most people in this world forced to do things that they do not love very much (or they think so).

    Best wishes,

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  • Message 16

    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    “difficult thing” is to keep writing to this message board instead of just reading and enjoying   And reading old messages is even more difficult! smiley - biggrin Only few Board members can do it.... It would be nice too if instead of reading I would be able to listen to the messages - like in the Voxopop smiley - biggrin
    most people in this world forced to do things that they do not love very much (or they think so).  They may do what they would like to, but they won't get any money for that smiley - biggrin
    Well, don't be too pessimistic:

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi, Alex

    Thank you for this and all other links that you gave, but I’ll be able to watch this link only in Saturday because of the fact that on my work computer I have only limited Internet. So, I’m stayed intrigued

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Friday, 18th January 2013

    Hi Alex

    you said smiley - sadfaceThey may do what they would like to, but they won't get any money for that)..............I do not think so .

    if you love doing some thing then the money is not very important..

    are most poeple doing what ever they like?what is your idea?

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Saturday, 19th January 2013

    Hi, Alex

    Nice song, nice pictures, thank you for such fairy tale that may inspire children to fulfill their incredible ambitious dreams, but what about adults? Are they also should be inspired by this lovely song or their life experience would prompt them to be humble (realistic) in dreaming? In this case it would be just planning of future – no romantic at all, no overwhelming joy if “dreams come true”, but on the other hand – no tragedy if you loose – someone just was more lucky (prudent, hard-working or talented). What I actually intended to ask - is it necessarily for human to have “a dream”, “a faith” to lead productive life?

    As to reading old messages – it’s about time - there are so many materials on the Internet that I have no time to read, listen, watch. Nevertheless sometime I read some old messages and found many of them quite amusing. Still I think such reading quite useful.

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  • Message 20

    , in reply to message 19.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hi Vladmir....

    in my opinion ,it is nearly impossible for human to continue with out dreams.

    some times we do not have any goal in our life but as soon as possible we try
    to find.

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  • Message 21

    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Don't GENERALIZE, Maryam! smiley - biggrin All people are different. DIVERSITY is the name of the game!

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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    maybe you are true,Alex....

    but I thought it is common for human.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by itisvahid (U15586262) on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

    Hi Maryam
    I'm new here and this is my first replying to enyone. However i am like you in studing my exam's. We all do the similar behavior Whereas we probably don't like the system of our examination. specially in Iran... do you agree with me?
    best regard

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    , in reply to message 23.

    Posted by maryam (U15535997) on Wednesday, 23rd January 2013

    Hi Vahid

    nice to meet you...

    that is so true....the system of our examination is not good enough.
    especialy in university .....because we have just final exam....
    and also entrance exam was awful...

    best wishes


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  • Message 25

    , in reply to message 22.

    Posted by Vladimir (U14599522) on Thursday, 24th January 2013


    Yes, yes, certainly it’s about diversity and about “public opinion” that tend to unify people to some standard – each person should look and behave in certain way – to have a dream in this our particular case. But what about all other that don’t fit in this canvas? Are they normal people or some mutants?

    There is interesting podcasts in yesterday’s World Have Your Say : “Can you bring up a child without ever lying to them?” Really, is our real world so colorless that we ought to think out imaginable world to our children – for what purpose? And when they grow up, they will tell something like that - “You did lie me about pink sail, Santa Claus, etc. What else did you lie to me?”

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