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What do you know about Colombia ?

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    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Sunday, 23rd December 2012

    Hi i'm sebastian and i'm from Colombia of course
    I would like to hear different answers and what do you think about this ?

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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Monday, 24th December 2012

    I know that maybe there lives our friend - Garcia Markos... Maybe in Bogota, maybe somewhere else. Of course he might left Colombia.... nobody knows... Next year we are going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the University graduation. It would be nice to find Markos too....

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    Posted by TheParser (U15332113) on Monday, 24th December 2012


    I have heard that of all the varieties of Spanish that are spoken in Latin America, the Spanish in Colombia comes closest to the Spanish spoken in Spain.


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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Thursday, 27th December 2012

    Hi Alex
    My dear friend may be you wanted to say Garcia Marques , he is a famous writer
    and he won the Noel .

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    , in reply to message 4.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Friday, 28th December 2012

    Garcia Marques , he is a famous writer
    and he won the Noel . 
    You mean perhaps Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Nobel Literature award laureate. I know him of course. He was born in 1927:

    Our Marko (as we called him) or maybe Marco should be of our age - slightly above 60. He studied physics in Ukraine back in the 70-ies.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Loreley (U15339124) on Saturday, 29th December 2012

    Hi Sebastian,

    nice to meet you smiley - smiley

    You would like to know, what I (and other members) know about Colombia? Hm ... let me think ... I'm from Germany and from our point of geography Colombia is at the other end of the world ... but I know Shakira and Juanes and of course Gabriel Garcia Marquez! And what should I think about them? Great singers and a real great writer smiley - biggrin

    best regards

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Saturday, 29th December 2012

    Hi Lena

    Nice to meet you too

    I can tell you something about Colombia if you want
    i would like to know more about Germany ( Deutschland) i think that it's a amazing country .

    Please tell me more
    is difficut to learn german language ?

    Best wishes

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Yusan (U15422288) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi Sebastian, how are you?
    nice to know you and other friends here. I am Santi from Indonesia.
    i think, Colombia is good country because i like diffrent country because they definitely has different culture, defferent language, and many moresmiley - winkeye That is amazing

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by Loreley (U15339124) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi Sebastian

    of course I want to know more about Colombia smiley - smiley The most things we know are full of chliches. What is your image about Germany? I don't know whether Germany is an amazing country or not, but it's my homecountry … so I love it smiley - smiley We have the North Sea and Baltic Sea, different Mountains, many nature and some political problems … like every country on earth. I'm from the eastern part of Germany, so we have a lively history also. And if you wish a romantic view of Germany, please … smiley - smiley

    Unfortunately I didn't find the Spanish version of the poem, but maybe you can enjoy it in English ...

    The most interesting thing the last days was the weather here: would it snow at Christmas or not? Unfortunately not. In Munic on 24. December there were 18°C! This is too much! Maybe this was the shock about the not happened apocalypse on 21. December smiley - winkeye
    I think in Colombia the Christmas weather was very hot, as usual. For me it's very strange to celebrate Christmas & New Year at such high temperatures like the weather in your country.

    You would like to learn German? Many people say this is a very difficult language … I don't know. But it's not so difficult than French, because French is very real difficult (at least for us Germans). I heard, that German is very similiar (regarding Grammar) to Quechua, although both languages don't belong to the same language family or are related with each other.
    A few years ago I tried to learn Spanish, but I failed smiley - sadface Now English is more imported for me because of my job. And if I want to enjoy Spanish I listen Spanish music smiley - smiley

    best regards and have a nice Sunday

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi again
    How are you?

    OK i 'm going to begin for tell you about some topics of Colombia,.
    Generally foreing people think wrong things about Colombia for example , Wars,drug trafficking and many more things , but it's wrong , Colombia has more positives things than these topics,

    Here people are very friendly for example you are walking on street and the people greet you, maybe this person tell you something about him , Your neighbors are like part of your family , December is a special month for us
    because all people come from other colombian's city and enjoy crithismas and new year toguether . About colombia's weather . we have a tempearature around 20 C ( 68 F) but it depend of geogreaphical position of your city . generally the weather is very cool and it is not as hot as you say.

    About german language i would like to learn it but now English is the most important for me
    If you want, i can teach you some words in spanish smiley - smiley

    best wishes

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  • Message 11

    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi, Sebastian!

    I'm unsubscribing from this thread. If you need me, catch me in other threads.

    Bye! smiley - rose

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  • Message 12

    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi Santi
    I'm fine and nice to meet you too

    i never have met a person from Indonesia
    tell me more about this exotic country


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  • Message 13

    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by Loreley (U15339124) on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    Hi Sebastian,

    Que pases un feliz año nuevo! smiley - smiley I hope you're fine and that you have had a good start for the new year.

    I'm glad to hear, that Colombia is more than the chliches about war and drugs – but some problems of a country play the mainrole regarding the image of the county. This is sad, but true.

    I have to admit, that the most things, which I know about Colombia, are written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. To read about his life and work tells a lot about your country, but I think, this is another chliché also. If I imagine, you would take your knowlegde about Germany from German writers – you would get an image of my country very different from the reality! smiley - biggrin

    Very fascinating for me is one of your traditional music styles: the Vellanto. I can't describe, but this music has a wonderful rhytm and sound.

    If you wish to know, what music here in Germany is on the top … please … smiley - smiley

    I hope you enjoy it ….

    best wishes and see you soon

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

    Hi my dear german friend

    Feliz año igual para ti smiley - smiley
    I listened the songs that you send me , really i liked it .
    About Vallenato is a traditional kind music here and famous northern Colombia
    Check these links

    I hope that you like smiley - smiley
    For now all best


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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by Loreley (U15339124) on Friday, 4th January 2013

    Hi Sebastian,

    since a while I'm sitting in front of my computer and watch / listen your posted songs ... I really like it !!!!! Wow ... this song "La Gringa" by Silveste Dangond is really, really good ... I cant' describe my fascination - many thanks for it smiley - smiley

    Unfortunately I don't understand anything of the lyrics, but I suppose this song is about a boy, enamored of an (american) girl, and they are one a "journey" of their amorousness. It's really wounderful ... now I'm feeling like in the summer. (By the way, here we have 5°C (41 F), it rains and the sky is grey smiley - sadface )

    if you liked my German songs … maybe you like the following also smiley - smiley

    see you

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  • Message 16

    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Friday, 4th January 2013

    Hi Lena

    I'm so glad that you liked my Colombians songs, specially Silvestre's song
    this song is very funny , because it talks about ( as you said) a boy enamored of an american girl ( here we usually call ( Gringos ) to people from USA .

    It also says '' she lives in New York and i live in Valledupar'' ( (Valledupar is a small Colombia's City ) in our case '' she lives in Germany and i live in Colombia'' Hahaha

    Actually we have 29 C , these days have seen very hot but i like it
    we can go to swimming pool smiley - smiley

    what do you think if we can do videocall ?

    For now all best


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  • Message 17

    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by Loreley (U15339124) on Saturday, 5th January 2013

    Hi Sebastian,

    have fun in the swimming pool - I want to have a sauna in order to survive our weather smiley - biggrin After it I will have a Karibian drink and then I can dream of beach and palm trees!

    have a nice weekend

    P.S. Sorry, but I think, I'm not a videocall-girl .... smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 18

    , in reply to message 17.

    Posted by sebaccster (U15546081) on Saturday, 5th January 2013

    Hi Lena

    i just wanted to say , if we can speak maybe by skype, only for practise our speaking english. I think the best way to learn English is talking with a foreign people, if it's possible , someone that don't speak your same language, in my case Spanish language.
    I know that i'm not the best in English but i wanna improve it .

    I hope that you think again

    Have a nice weekend too


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  • Message 19

    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by Yusan (U15422288) on Sunday, 6th January 2013

    Hi. nice to meet you, friend
    Ya, Indonesia has thousand of islandssmiley - smiley
    i am originally from Bangka island (one of them). its 45 minutes by flight to reach Jakarta (Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia).
    one of islands that so famous is Bali Island, i think you have already heard about this ya?hehee
    Welcome to visit Indonesia one day

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