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    Posted by VagnerLuis (U15505181) on Saturday, 17th November 2012

    Hi, everyone!!!

    My name is Vagner and I´m from Brazil. I´ve talking to many people from the US and England, and here I hope finding people from others countries to exchange knowledges.

    About Brazil, I don´t know if there is another from here, and what do you know about my country. At first, only I can talk that is a beautiful country, even I don´t live in cities like Rio de Janeiro or other cities where tourist usually go.

    I also speak through instant messenger program like Skype or MSN, so, if you have an account in these programs, please, let me know and send me a private message with your address and wich program you use.

    Best regards and I hope hearing from many of you soon.

    P.S. Please, forgive me for my mistakes, I´m a just intermediate-level student... haha...

    Vagner Luis

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    Posted by VagnerLuis (U15505181) on Saturday, 17th November 2012

    I simply forgot to correct my message before sending...

    I know I made some mistakes, but I think I could be understood...

    Vagner Luis

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    Posted by ayşe (U15490217) on Saturday, 17th November 2012

    hi vagner..
    ı am ayşe.. nice to meet you .... brazil is soccer's champion ı think......
    dont be sad ı can understand you clearly......

    ı am from turkey...ıf you want to talk with me we can talk by MSN..... WRİTE YOUR EMAİL. ı can add you

    ı look forward to hearing from yo... again nice to meet you.smiley - smiley

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