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You learn Spanish I learn basic English

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    Posted by joanhete (U15499539) on Monday, 12th November 2012

    Spanish man, retired, 63, would like changing languages: English and Spanish. Always stadiing Englis, always beginer

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Wednesday, 14th November 2012

    Hello Joan,

    I am Demet from Turkey who is a just a beginner of learning Spanish Language. It is almost 1 months that I have started.

    I talked to my colluques at lunch time about my learning today. One of my colloque advised me not to kick off such an activty owing to my work which is so..... smiley - yikes He advised me to take a rest at the weekends after working days.
    I told him today that I have learned nearly nothing and he said I told you, Demet. My course was on Sunday and till now (by Wednesday) I did not have a look at it.On the other hand, what I learn I forget easily.
    I want to learn this language.... What do you suggest me?
    It is pity that I have no spanish friend to comminucate continously.....
    May I be enough clear and tell you that Spanish people do not like giving assistance... Don't cross at me but this is what I have been thinking.... smiley - doh


    Have a nice journey here on the board, (I hope, you will, If you do stay here instead of disappearing in a puff of smoke)


    P.S. What I listen at the moment is Y Te Vas - Jose Luis Perales
    I could not understand the song and the title... I know only the words of amor, abril,vida, feliz, mojos... Well, better than nothing though I still confuse how ro say when I ask what is your name? smiley - sadface

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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 15th November 2012

    Have you happened to find some resources to learn Spanish "from scratch". Recenly I've found something in Russian:

    It is for babies from 3 to 12 months! That is for those who can't neither read nor even speak! It would be nice too of course to find how children are practicing sounds to become native....

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Tuesday, 20th November 2012

    Hi Demet!

    I'm Naya, I'm from Peru, and I'm learning English but I would like to help you with the Spanish, it would be a challenge for me to explain in English smiley - smiley
    Only you need practice, don't give up!

    this song is very romantic, the lyrics is about someone that loved so much but this other person didn't and now she only gone.

    the chorus: (Y tú te vas) And you go, (que seas feliz) you're happy, (me olvidarás) you will forget me, (de lo que fuí) than I was, (y yo en mi ventana) and I in my window (veré la mañana vestirse de gris) I will see the morning dress grey.

    well, this song mixes the times hahaha it's not so easy

    have a nice day! smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Saturday, 24th November 2012

    I'll take notice of it, Alex.


    Buenos dias, Naya! smiley - rose

    Me IIama Demet. Encantado!

    Thank you for your message as well as will for giving me a hand on Spanish language.

    I have not had any friend from Peru so far and know next to nothing about your country and culture. Hope to learn!

    May I ask what 'seas' mean? Could yu explain it to me with giving ejemplos.

    Hasta luego!


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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Sunday, 25th November 2012

    Hi Demet! smiley - smiley

    My name is Naya ("mi nombre es Naya" or "me llamo Naya"), well is Nataly but you can say me Naya.
    Nice to meet you (encantada de conocerte).

    I live in Lima (yo vivo en Lima - Peru). Sure!!! I like to tell about my country.
    Where are you from, Demet?

    "seas" refers to the verb to be when we want to say someone indications. waaaa!!! I thought it would be easier to explain hahaha smiley - laugh
    for example:
    (No seas tímido) - do not be shy!
    (Tú no seas mentiroso) - don't be liar
    I only know with don't be... (No seas....) and always we use in companion with an adjective, any adjective.

    See you later!!! have a nice day!!! smiley - magic
    (hasta pronto) (que tengas un lindo día) smiley - smiley

    smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 29th November 2012

    Hola Naya,smiley - rose

    Mi nombre es Demet. Yo vivo en Estambul. Do you know about my counrty- Turkey? We are very far away from eachother.

    Would ypu like to introde yourself to me?

    Thank you again for your will to help me. I am appriciate. smiley - smiley

    Hasta luego!
    Que tenges un lindo dia! ( Thank you for this expression?


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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 29th November 2012

    Hi, Demet!

    Just curious - did you manage to catch some words or expressions? Do you remember something from that video? Sorry - nobody else to ask! Actually I am feeling myself quite lonely when you disappeare.... because there's nobody else listens to the World Service!

    BTW, today's "Outlook" was quite interesting! And not as awful as usual smiley - biggrin

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Friday, 30th November 2012

    Dear Alex,

    I am sorry but I could not get which link you mention.
    If the link you gave here , isn't it Russian?

    Are you sure that nobody else listen to the World Service apart ffrom us on this board? Don't be sure, please! smiley - smiley

    It has been such a long time since I visited 'outlook''s page. What is it about?

    Well, I should return to write my notes to a clean notebook, I gave a long break.

    Adios, smiley - winkeye


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Friday, 30th November 2012

    I meant my Spanish notes....

    Oppsssssss.... My english is getting worsen and I make really silly mistakes. Shame on me! smiley - blush

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Sunday, 2nd December 2012

    Hi Demet!!!
    hola Demet! how are you? (cómo estás?)

    I'm sorry for me late reply.
    I would like to know about your country!!! smiley - smiley of course!!! I don't know Estambul, I ony know that is a big city in Turkey.

    What kind of music do you like? (Qué tipo de música te gusta?)
    I like rock music and folk music from south america.

    In Peru is very commun to listen salsa music, is a modern dance. I like to dance.
    what about you?

    what do you doing in your lessons in Spanish this week?
    (qué estás haciendo en tus lecciones en español esta semana?)

    best wishes smiley - magic

    smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 2nd December 2012

    Hola Naya,

    Estoy asi asi. Y tu?

    I would like to learn about your country,too? smiley - smiley
    Estambol is a the biggest city of Turquia, the bridge of Asia and Europe.

    How about Lima? Is it a crowded city? Is it capital city of Peru, isn't it?
    By the way, how old are you?
    Why do you learn English?

    What kind of music do you like? (Qué tipo de música te gusta?)
    I like rock music and folk music from south america.

    Me gusta escucho musica todos tipos but that must nor come to my ear as noisy.
    Me no gusta escucho rock musica.

    In Peru is very commun to listen salsa music, is a modern dance. I like to dance.
    what about you?  

    Puedo no bailar. I have never been good at dancing.
    Do you know where is the origin of salsa music? I have just heard of the name.

    what do you doing in your lessons in Spanish this week?
    (qué estás haciendo en tus lecciones en español esta semana?)  

    Yo aprendo presente simple de indicativo esta semana.

    How hard language Spanish is!

    No gain, no pain! smiley - doh

    I hope I won't give up! smiley - erm

    Hasta pronto! smiley - rose


    P.S. Thanks Naya! smiley - rose

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 2nd December 2012

    I am sorry for my mistakes at my message. I made so silly mistakes. I have found after posting. Well, I am too tired and my english is getting worsen indeed. smiley - sadface

    Have a nice week! smiley - magic

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Monday, 3rd December 2012

    Hi Demet smiley - smiley

    when you say "Estoy asi asi" I think that you wanted to tell me, maybe, that you're not bad not good? sometimes we used the expresion "Estoy mas o menos" when we not wanted to say that we feel bad, not good not bad only "màs o menos" hahaha.

    I'm fine, thanks (Estoy bien, gracias)

    I want to reply you, but I have to go to visit a plant (industrial process) in this moment, I forget it!!!

    I'll try to reply tomorrow!!!! I'll try smiley - smiley
    and I'll tell about me

    have a nice day!!!

    smiley - rose

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Tuesday, 4th December 2012

    Hi Demet! smiley - smiley

    yesterday a friend invited me to know a factory that produces dietary jams, it's to five minutes for here but I was reading about Estambul. it's a modern city, I had other idea, like films to Indiana Jones, I'm sorry smiley - blush

    About Lima, yeah, is the capital of Peru, it's a nice city, and some modern like Mexico or Buenos Aires, with traffic but with many places to dance. Altough I prefer travel to rural cities, see the camp and the nature. I work at the Agraria University (I love it because it's green hahaha) nowdays I work like assistant for proyects with Spain, it's finishing this month. Always I've worked like researcher in food science for the Faculty but I want to work a factory for a time (short time), and then returner to the Faculty. And in three months I'll have my grade of Engineer. I graduated two years ago but now I have submitted my thesis. I'm 25.
    the English is very important for me, because I like to work like researcher and I like to travel very much smiley - smiley
    what about you? and Why do you learn Spanish?

    Also I like all kinds of music, but I don't like to listen the music reguee
    (A mí también me gusta todo tipo de música, pero no me gusta escuchar la música reguee)

    The origin of salsa music is in Centro America, but is very popular in Latinoamerican countries.

    Come on!!! hurry up!! smiley - smiley
    Since when you speak English?
    Here all is in Spanish, everyday I listen to BBC Radio 2 (two or three hours), and sometimes I don't understand nothing smiley - sadface hahaha

    Es un gusto hablar contigo, que tengas un día maravilloso smiley - smiley

    smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 13th December 2012

    Dear Naya,

    Sorry for being late and thank you for your reply.

    This weekend I will have an exam but I have not started studying on it. It seems I will have this exam without studying..... smiley - sadface

    I will also reply your messages later.

    But before going, I would like to mention about a song I listened today.

    When I logging into youtube, I told myself, the song I will click will be a gift I would give to myself... smiley - doh

    It is --- Buika 'En Mi Piel' en vivo.

    I hear sol= sun; flor=flower

    and I have no idea what this song is about? I am curious to know what is my gift all about... smiley - doh

    Can you tell me what is it about?

    Hasta luego, smiley - rose


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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Thursday, 13th December 2012

    Hi, Naya!

    Do you understand Chilean Spanish?

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Saturday, 15th December 2012

    Hi Demet!!!

    How are you? smiley - smiley
    the other day I heard your voice, a message for me, thank you very much!!!!
    I didn't know how use that page, but I'm learning smiley - smiley

    I say on the record is:
    that your Spanish pronunciation is very good!!! smiley - ok
    really, I understand you! well in some sentences the order is not correct
    maybe you must say: I like all kind of music - "A mí me gusta escuchar todo tipo de música" and the other sentence is "No me gusta escuchar la música rock" (don´t like the rock music),
    but it's only practice! smiley - smiley congratulations! you're on track! smiley - ok

    about the song: "en mi piel" it's a very romantic song,
    where did you find it this song? I never heard it before, it's a nice song.
    the theme in this song is about a girl, who has met someone
    and she want to love him, and describe this in way very poetic,
    when someone is in love, this person is so happy like to see born the flowers or
    her hearth will sing or her feet is dancing, very poetic.
    in resume, she wants to feel in love.

    good luck with the Spanish, I hope continue to helping you if you want,
    it's very interesting for me, try lo explain the Spanish smiley - laugh
    And I'm sorry, my english pronunciation is not good, I know! smiley - sadface

    but now I will strive more for improve my pronunciation!!! smiley - smiley

    have a nice day!!! and succesfull in your exam!! smiley - magic

    Que tengas un lindo día! (have a pretty day!!!) smiley - smiley

    smiley - rose

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    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Saturday, 15th December 2012

    Hi Alex!

    Yes, I understand Chilean Spanish.
    I have curiosity why do you ask me that? smiley - smiley

    Maybe sometimes the countries have words very own, but the Spanish is similar in the countries what speaks Spanish smiley - smiley

    have a nice day!!! smiley - magic


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    Posted by Alex S (U4744604) on Saturday, 15th December 2012

    Yes, I understand Chilean Spanish.
    I have curiosity why do you ask me that? 

    Because you can listen to the BBC ENGLISH Teaching programmes on the Chilepodcast website!

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    , in reply to message 18.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Saturday, 15th December 2012

    Hola Naya,

    Como estas? Estoy enferma but I am okey.
    Thank you for all your support. It is my pleasure to talk to you. Hope to be in touch with you. I also left a message for you at voxopop. Pls, tell me the points you did not understand, then, I can explain what I tried to tell you.

    Yep, there is an exam tomorrow (how can I say it in spanish?) but I have not studied yet. smiley - yikes Last week our teacher taught us the verb of gustar... So, I am supposed to make sentences with gusta, gustan but I can not make.... I need time and practise. smiley - blush

    Pls, tell me about your project done with Spain? Is it about a specific food?

    Hasta Luego, smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 16th December 2012

    Hola Amiga Naya, smiley - smiley

    Today we have not had the exam. Yippi! smiley - biggrin But whole day, we made listening and exercises. One of the exercise was about la musica.

    What I learnt that- Zamacueca.... smiley - whistle

    Before going to bed, I wanted to have a look at this dance on youtube, so I logged into computer.... Anyway.... here I am smiley - biggrin

    A mi me gusta escuhar la musica zamacueca ( pero no entudiante!)
    A mi me gusta ver bailar ( of zamacueca)

    Would you mind telling me about this folk music of Peru?

    By the way, our teacher showed us a program about a Spanish who is from Sevilla but lives in Istanbul after getting married and the couple run a flamenco school at the very heart of Istanbul. Both are flamenko dancers. This man was introducing Istanbul to a Spanish channel. This is what we watched.

    See you later, smiley - ok

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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Friday, 21st December 2012

    Hi Demet! smiley - smiley hola Demet!!!

    I hope you recover soon, take care! smiley - smiley

    about the sentences for exam:
    There is an exam tomorrow - "Hay un examen mañana"
    I have an exam tomorrow - "Yo tengo un examen mañana"
    and I've not studied yet - "Y no he estudiado todavía"

    I can help you with this... "gustar"
    you think in thing that do you like... for example:
    I like dogs - Me gusta los perros
    I like drink coffee - Me gusta tomar café
    To my brother likes to play the guitar - a mi hermano le gusta tocar la guitarra
    In English is I like, you like, he like... but
    In Spanish is not usually say: "Yo gusto tomar té", the correct way is "Me gusta tomar té" or "Yo quiero tomar té",
    Do you remember the sentence about rock music?
    "Me gusta la música rock" (I like the rock music)

    He likes to ride a bike
    "él gusta de manejar bicicleta" is correct, but is more natural say: "A él le gusta manejar bicicleta"

    About my work.... My work is implement a dairy factory, for products such as pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt, And the university together with the Spanish government managed to establish this pilot factory with laboratory also because we want to improve the quality of dairy producers in rural areas in Cañete valley, a place of limited economic resources, and to 4 hours of Lima.
    Also we give training courses for they improve their techniques in production.
    but for me, this finish in December smiley - sadface

    I hope something new the next year smiley - smiley

    what about your job? what are you doing? Are you work in Estambul?

    have a nice day!!! smiley - magic
    Que tengas un lindo día!!!

    best wishes for you!!!


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  • Message 24

    , in reply to message 23.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Friday, 21st December 2012

    hope you recover soon Demet

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    , in reply to message 22.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Friday, 21st December 2012

    Hola amiga Demet!!! smiley - smiley

    I have a question, well in Spanish we say your city: "Estambul"
    but what is the correct form: Istambul or Estambul?
    thanks smiley - smiley

    about zamacueca, this is a folk music of Peru.... it's very popular in the coast region. The peruvian dance tells stories about some specific thing in the History of Peru. In this case, this song tells you when Peru was colonia of Spain,
    the color people were slaves, and someone was free people,
    these free people of color had the job of selling things like candy or snacks or providing services and were called "pregoneros" because shouting and singing what they sold in the form of verses smiley - whistle
    Even something of this verses are recited today smiley - ok
    there are more of History in this songs.
    I like the zamacueca too!!! but I don't know dance it smiley - doh hahaha

    Do you like the flamenco? I like to listen this music and the dance is amazing
    we say this movement with the feet like "zapateo" it's very nice.

    About your audio message I listened again and I understand better, your English pronunciation is fast for me smiley - blush talking with you helps me to improve my English. thank you!!! smiley - smiley

    have a lovely day!!!! smiley - blue

    smiley - rose

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 23rd December 2012

    Dear Naya,

    No time left to reply at the moment. I'll reply at the first avaible time. I had my spanish class today.

    I do not know when the board will be of holiday next week. At Christmas time and New year time the board is on holiday, too.

    If I can not manage coming here earlier than this holiday. I wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR! smiley - magic

    If you are a Christian, I wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS! smiley - smiley

    Take care and talk to you later, smiley - rose


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 27th December 2012

    Dear Naya,

    Happy new year! smiley - rose

    Message 9 is for you:


    P.S. I have seen your voice message at voxopop. I'll reply you here and there later. smiley - smiley Hasta luego! smiley - rose

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hola amiga Naya! smiley - smiley

    Feliz Navidad! This is the expression our Spanish teacher told at the end of the last lesson of this week.

    Can I also use this expression ''feliz año nuevo''!

    I hope you can continue doing your task at the current university. As I see you are happy to be a part of that project. I hope things will be good for you. Your job is very interesting and helpful for humanity.

    As of me, I am unemployed now. smiley - sadface I resigned from my ex-working. I came to my ultimate point of patiente and lost all my hope for the condition will be better there in future. On the contrary for demoralizing my bosses were working! Strange ! For not to lose my health and my own respection to myself I chosed resigning! I was working exportation department. I love working in this field very much. We were ( they must have still) a customer in Peru. We were a lot customers especially in Chile and I made exportation there a lot. Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia are the contries which came to my mind right now, we made shipments there regularly. I hope I can carry on my carreer working at exportation department.... Maybe I came to a halt........ Oh, no!!!!I have to think poisitively ...smiley - biggrin

    I live in İstanbul (Vivo en estambul). Vivo con mi familia por que estoy soltera.
    Tengo 30 anos; un hermana y dos hermano.

    In Spanish, it is estambul. I also wonder why do you call in this way? Istanbul is where I live. I am giving a link below, yoıu can hear how it sounds.

    It is a song. The singer is Kıraç who I like listening. The name of the song is:
    Istanbul saklasın bizi

    About flamenco. A mi me mucho gusta echuchar y ver flamenco but I can not dance. (no puedo bailar). No danza any kind of....

    Do you have any info about flamenco and its history? If yes, I would like to read your comments.

    How about your salsa? Do you go to any kind of course?
    Do you mean 'zapatero'?

    I left you a message at voxopop.

    Take care of yourself, smiley - rose

    Que tengas un lindo día!!! smiley - magic


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    , in reply to message 26.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi Demet!!!!

    thanks for the greetings!!! here is very typical celebrate at Christmas smiley - smiley
    these days are very busy.

    I didn´t know that the board is closed for holiday smiley - yikes

    now I found it open smiley - smiley great!!!

    I wish a Happy New Year for you!!!! that 2013 will be a year of prosperity for you!!!
    (Feliz Año Nuevo!!!!! que este 2013 sea un año de prosperidad para tí)

    have a nice day!!!!

    smiley - rose


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    , in reply to message 28.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Hi Demet!!! Hola amiga Demet!!!

    you are in the message board the same time smiley - smiley

    I just to read your message,

    I would like to continue but my part in the project is finish now, I've found job in this month and I haven´t sucess yet, and how do you say: we have to think poisitively smiley - laugh

    I have a one sister and two brothers, too smiley - smiley
    Yo tengo una hermana y dos hermanos, también smiley - smiley

    the message board will close soon smiley - yikes will be the 5 pm in Peru

    I'll continue to writing for the next year hahaha smiley - laugh

    if it is closed tomorrow, I wanna say you:


    and best wishes dear friend Demet!!!!

    smiley - magic


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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Sunday, 30th December 2012

    Think positively! smiley - winkeye
    See you next year! smiley - winkeye
    Buena Suerte!smiley - winkeye

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    , in reply to message 28.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Thursday, 3rd January 2013

    WELCOME NEW YEAR!!!! smiley - smiley

    Hola amiga Demet!!! Espero que estés bien!!! smiley - smiley

    thanks for the music that you post, it's very nice!!! very nice music!! I liked so much!!! what's meaning this song? I only understand the word Istambul.

    well... about flamenco, I know that is from Spain, and some songs are about love, and is linked to Gypsy culture, but I don't know more, I like see this dance too, I think is a very complicated dance. if you like some specific song you can post here and I'll explain what about this.

    excuse me if I am some curious, Could I ask you, why do you don't can any kind of dance? O.o

    about the salsa music, it's a very cheerful dance, there are so many songs of salsa and with different items and movements: smiley - ok
    classic salsa, romantic salsa, cuban salsa, saloon salsa, hard salsa, etc.

    About "zapatero" means a person that fixs or makes shoes, And "zapateo" is a expression about a particular manner to move the feet with shoes. Shoes is in English, and "Zapatos" is in Spanish smiley - smiley

    I left you a message in the voxopop :D

    have a nice day!!! see you soon!!!

    smiley - rose

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    , in reply to message 32.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Monday, 7th January 2013

    Hola amiga Naya from snowy, cold Istanbul, smiley - snowman

    My plan was to reply you today but a programme I came across has just destroyed smiley - biggrin all my plans, so I'll reply you later. smiley - blush

    I got one Spanish exam yesterday smiley - yikes. Spanish is so hard than I could imagine. I do not know how to handle. smiley - doh

    By the way, Is the video which I will be giving the link below show really KACHAMPA dans (danza)? Could I count it on, my peruvian friend?

    Hasta la vista, smiley - rose

    Demet smiley - mistletoe

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    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Wednesday, 9th January 2013

    Hi Demet!!! smiley - rose

    How are you?
    Yesterday I read that there was an earthquake in Turkey smiley - yikes

    I hope you're fine smiley - smiley

    take care dear friend!!!

    smiley - rose


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    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    Hola amiga Naya!!!

    Gracias, estoy bien. Y tu?

    The eathquake was been felt even in Istanbul but it happened in the sea so there was no casualities reported. Thanks to God! Turkey is a country where earthquake occures a lot and we are expecting a very big eartquake in Istanbul, when you hear about this eatrhquake on the news, you must worry about me! smiley - winkeye I would probably be dead or wounded! No way!

    What have you been these days? Have you found a job? As of me, I apply but no news... smiley - sadface

    About the song- İstanbul saklasın bizi ( İstanbul conceal us)

    About dance, of course you may ask me, I have no talent and interest, I have two left feet...smiley - biggrin I prefer watching danza to dancing.

    What about tango? As far as I know that, this dans belongs to Latin america but to which country? We saw it in Spanish lesson but I do not remember... smiley - sadface

    Libertango (Piazzolla) - Yo-Yo Ma

    The music is so nice which is a pleasure for me to listen.

    Do you dance tango? How is going your salsa? What kind of salsa do you like and dance? Any song you want me listen... smiley - smiley

    By the way, our teacher taughtes us 'imperativo' last week and irregulares is a nightmare... smiley - doh I wonder how did Spanish create all those during the centuries? smiley - winkeye

    Yesterday, I listened to a Turkish who wrote about Turkish living in U.S.A. He said that Spanish is reaching to number one as many people speak Spanish there but not English.

    I left an audio message to you at voxopop a few days ago! smiley - rose

    Hasta la vista! smiley - mistletoe


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  • Message 36

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    I forgot to ask you a question: It is about the verb of irse and its imperativo version. Could you write its correct version and correct my mistake?

    What I wrote in my notebook and internet are different from eachother.

    What is written in my notebook is:



    no te vayas
    no se vaya
    no os vayais
    no se vayan

    Thank you in advance! smiley - rose


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  • Message 37

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    According to my notes;

    El tango y la milonga belong to Argentinos... smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 10th January 2013

    y la zamba

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    Hola amiga Demet!!!

    Hi Demet!!! smiley - rose

    I'm fine, thanks. (estoy bien, gracias)

    cuéntame ¿cómo estuvo tu semana? (tell me, how was you week?)

    well... I didn't have news from you..... (sorry, I forgot to check the voxopop).
    Peru is a country with frecuents tremors and we are expecting a very big eartquake too, however it's nice to hear you again smiley - smiley

    this week I was talking for a job but the conditions were not good for me smiley - sadface
    don't worry! we keep thinking positively smiley - ok

    about the dance that you ask me (kachampa) it's a dance very native that not well known, but I've seen dancers with other colors in their clothes, because the dancers that you saw in the video that you sent, they are of communities places (in other words, it's the original native dance).

    yeah! the Tango is from Angentina, wow I love many songs from Argentina, you are learned very fast, yeah! the more traditional songs in Argentina are the milonga, the Tango, the chacarera and the zamba. My great-grandfather was from Uruguay, although I did not know him, sometimes my family listened this kind of music.

    I like very much the song "Libertango" smiley - smiley

    this is my favourite tango, is from Uruguay, this song is called La Cumparsita,
    I hope you enjoy it smiley - smiley

    but my favourite song from Argentina, is called Luna Tucumana (Tucumana Moon) was composed by Atahualpa Yupanqui, it is a zamba very popular and many singers to sing, the song starts so:
    "yo no le canto a la luna, porque alumbra nada más, le canto porque ella sabe de mi largo caminar..." (I don't sing to the moon, don't only because she shining, I sing to her because she knows my long walk....") the remainder of the lyrics appears in this link: (click in informacion - mostrar más)

    however, if the songs to talk us, to the best lyrics it wins : "Gracias a la vida" by Violeta Parra (Chilean), is the most beautiful song that I've heard:

    I like to listen Tango music but I don't dance, it's really difficult smiley - sadface I've tried one once hahaha smiley - laugh

    I have a favourite tango song: "Volver" (come back) by Gardel (the best representative)
    I sing it with the heart hahaha but I sing alone because I sing bad... (really very bad) hahaha smiley - smiley
    I like the song "volver" in flamenco version:

    I like Placido Domingo very much, he has a beautiful voice, I like very much these peruvian songs ("la flor de la canela" and "amarraditos") the kind of these songs is called "peruvian Vals" :

    about the salsa music, I like to dance salsa, I prefer the salsa music from Puerto Rico and Cuba smiley - winkeye

    pedro navaja - rubén blades

    yo viviré - celia cruz (the music is based from "I will survive" but the lyrics was changed specially to a tribute before the death of celia cruz)

    the tribute from Celia Cruz:

    vivir lo nuestro - marc anthony y la india

    patience with the Spanish dear Demet!!! ;D

    I'm sure that this Turkish person in USA stay near to Miami or New York, there are many latin people, and of course, they speak more Spanish that English smiley - smiley

    Nos vemos pronto, (see you soon)

    Chau, que te vaya bien (bye-bye, you go well) smiley - magic

    smiley - rose

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  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Saturday, 12th January 2013

    hi Demet!!! smiley - smiley

    la forma imperativa para "irse" es (the imperative way to "irse" is) :

    vete (when you say to one person)
    váyase (when you say to one person)
    idos (when you say to more persons)
    váyanse (when you say to more persons)

    váyase y váyanse, llevan unas tildes en la vocal "a"
    (these two words have acent in the vocal "a")

    y la forma negativa is correct (and the negative way is correct):

    no te vayas (when you say to one person)
    no se vaya (when you say to one person)
    no os vayais (when you say to more persons)
    no se vayan (when you say to more persons)

    "no os vayais" no es muy usado en América Latina, es más usado en España
    ("no os vayais" is a sentence not used frecuently in Latin America, is more used in Spain)

    En vez de decir "no os vayais" nosotros decimos "no se vayan"
    (Instead of saying "no os vayais" we say "no se vayan")

    In the school, we learn so:

    no te vayas (to you singular - "tú")
    no se vaya (to him or her -"él o ella")
    no os vayais / no se vayan (to you in plural - "ustedes")
    no se vayan (to they - "ellos")

    glad to help you smiley - smiley

    have a nice day!!!!


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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Tuesday, 15th January 2013

    Hola amiga Naya,

    Gracias, estoy bien. Y tu?

    I loved the music of kachampa. It is really lovely and I am sure beneath this folk song there must be stories acquired during centuries. It is so nice to meet such things while trying to learn Spanish, I do like learning some things related to Latin America. It is another world. May I ask what ‘Peru’ means in Spanish? Or I should ask like that where does the word of Peru come from?

    Naya, I am listening to Libertango right now. I do like listening to it a lot just like you. The songs you introduced me are all nice. Thank you so much. smiley - rose I knew the song of ‘Gracias a la vida’ before and it is one of the song I love most. Indeed Luna Tucumana is as nice as the others.

    Yep, I must be as stubborn as a mule If I wanna learn Spanish. Our teacher anounced the result of first exam and the last exam will be in the beginning of March. The result was 86. As I did so many simple mistakes,hımmmmm..... I do it a lot while writing in English. After re-reading, I became smiley - yikes and asking myself where my mind was... I could get this result by making not a good sentences in Spanish and our teacher informed us that the real exam will be in March and all the things she has been teaching us would be in the exam... and added would not be simple as we had.

    By the way, thank you for the informations about ‘irse’. I corrected my notes. smiley - biggrin
    Do you know whether I could find children books in Spanish on the internet for reading? I could not find any material on the net.

    By the way, how is life going there?

    Naya, I am the second child of my family what about you?
    I have no news about job yet. Yes, I try to take it easy.
    I hope another job opportunity would be suitable for you,Naya.
    Let’s keep thinking positively! smiley - ok

    And and and.... smiley - erm Should I .... or.... Could I say like Ella Wheeler Wilcox?

    ---- The Winds of Fate----

    by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    One ship drives east and another drives west,
    With the self-same winds that blow,
    ’Tis the set of the sails
    And not the gales
    That tell them the way to go.
    Like the winds of the sea are the winds of fate,
    As we voyage along through life,
    ’Tis the set of the soul
    That decides its goal
    And not the calm or the strife


    Demet... a good captain or not.... but must be think positively as much as she can.... smiley - erm smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by Naya (U15325355) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Hi Demet!!! smiley - smiley

    hola amiga Demet!!! cómo has estado??? (how did you have been?)
    I'm very sorry for my late reply.... very late reply, I really missed you,
    I've wanted reply you since many days ago!!!
    I've had a throat infection (very hard), I can not talk much yet, but I'm better smiley - smiley

    Did you have news about a new job?
    I didn't have news for me in Lima, so I traveled to Arequipa, a city to south of Peru, also this city have a dry weather so It will be good for my health.
    I traveled the 10th february, from Lima is a hour in a plane smiley - smiley
    I'm lived in Arequipa with my grand uncles and visiting this city too smiley - smiley

    your question about to mean of word Peru, in Spanish it don't have a meaning,
    it was a good question because the people don't know, I was not even sure,
    I remember when I was at the school there was many legends and hypothesis, and the story more accepted is that the word Peru come from the word "Viru", an ancient place that there was for here when the Spanish arrived,
    but the Spanish listened bad, and they said "Peru" and stayed so hahaha smiley - smiley

    what about your city Istanbul? what is it meaning?

    don't worry, there are time until March smiley - smiley
    I'm really sure that you improve the Spanish in this time smiley - ok

    ¿cómo estás avanzando con el español? ¿qué clases tienes en estos días?
    (how are you progressing with the Spanish?, what lessons have you in these days?)

    I found a page with free books in English (and audios), and there are books in Spanish too, this page is:

    I downloaded "the strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hide" in English (and the audios too), and "Mi planta de naranja lima" a book in Spanish (a book that I love), I hope that it help you smiley - smiley I read this book for first time when I was 12.

    about me, I am the first child in my family (in my house), I have one young brother and young sister, however also I have one old brother (only by my father) and he live in Ilo (a town south of peru) and he has his first child this last January smiley - smiley she is a cute little girl.

    best whishes!!!!
    I hope to hear about you very soon, I really like your letters smiley - smiley

    PS: it's a very nice poem smiley - smiley I'll keep that in mind always
    we are all captains of our destiny, and I think you're a good captain smiley - smiley

    PS 2: thanks for send it to me smiley - ok

    smiley - rose

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Thursday, 28th February 2013

    Hola Naya! smiley - smiley

    I am very suprised to see your reply at the last day of BBC MB. Tomorrow noon this board will be a history and we won't be able to write any more.

    There is another board where some of members imigrated from here to there. If you want, just give it a try! Here is the link! smiley - smiley



    I wanna join them later. I don't wanna take part in any kind of community for a while and lessen all of my activties related to English apart from replying to my friends e-mails. I am going to lessen all of my activities on the net! About Spanish! I am also almost putting an end to it. But that does not mean I will be putting an end to our talkings. Pls, read my latest messages I wrote recently to my other friends and you will find how to be in touch with me after the closure of the board. And then drop me lines! It will be a pleasure for me to know you and share about life! smiley - smiley

    I would like to reply your message now but I am (I mean-my mind) very tired now. I will try to reply it later today If I can but I can not promise!

    Thank you for everything! smiley - rose


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