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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Dear members, How are you? I m new on this topic and i need seriously to improve my english... I d like chating with most of you, if you agree it ll be very cool because english is very important.
    Thank you so much!! See you soon!!

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    I read some or your posts. I wil be delighted to chat with you about every issues and topics. I am a kind of "generalist" .. (Tous terrains). I speak French quite good and I will to be fluen in English as well. Keep in touch Bachir

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Hello Maria,

    Let's be in touch and chat about anything you want.

    See You

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    Posted by minzz (U15474914) on Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Hi Bachir actually my hobbies include singing,doing poetry,listening to music and travelling.I like coldplay their songs are awesome.But paradise by coldplay is my favourite one.smiley - smiley

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Thursday, 25th October 2012

    Hi mina,
    I noticed we have some common hobbies. Reading and writting poetry. songs. Speaking French. improving English skills ...let's start talking about all that .... Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    Hi Bachir!!!

    Thank you so much for your reply! i m very nice to meet you! So you told me that you speak french as well? Great, if you need some help in french i can help you you know, don t hesitate!
    How old are you Bachir? You re from Ageria right? I ve a lot of friends from Algeria too! Here in France there s a big melting pot! that s what i like from this country! My husban was working for an Algerian family (house s renovations) and they invited us to eat a couscous! We ate couscous yet and it s very good! smiley - winkeye !
    Regarding me i m 32 years old and i m married and i ve 2 little girls who one of them is still a baby .
    My english needs a lot of correction and practise... when i was working in an international group it was easier to practise but now, at home with my babies it s more difficult... Fortunatly i found this website, and now, thanks to people so kind as you Bachir people all over the world can be better in english!! Great!! I d like to be fluent someday... I do really hope!! But i ve to study my english for now... And what about your family? Do you have children? What s your job? It s so cool you re a kind of topics generalist so we can talk about everything::!! smiley - winkeye i would like to go to England someday, i ve been there when i was 15 and i loved it! Have you ever been to England? And do you know Spain? We are not very far from Algeria...
    So thank you so much for your reply Bachir, i was a pleasure chating with you!
    Hope get in touch!!!

    Cheers!!! Maria

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    Hello!! How are you? Nice to meet you.
    So, where are you from? What about you?
    You know about me yet, i mean about my profile smiley - smiley !
    Let s talk about Halloween if you agree!!
    Do you celebrate Halloween in your country? Here in France we don t and it s a pity! So, for my 5 years little girl we ll celebrate it. We ll make a kind of Halloween party for her. In our family we apreciate english traditions. When i was young i lived next to the english border, and i love Great Britain now.
    so i m spanish, borned in France and i was living next to the English border ! smiley - winkeye Ho and my husband is peruvian lol!!
    What about you? do you have children?
    I think we have all the same intention on this topic make a lot of friends from all over the world and improve or practise our english!

    I hope get in touch!!

    See you soon!!!


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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Friday, 26th October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    Thank your for your nice reply. I enjoyed reading it. It makes me feel good. To day we are celabrating Aid Kebir Day. The families who could afford, have bought a sheep and sacrified it in the morning. During about a week, we will cook manny traditional dishes. at midday ... we ate the sheep's liver. this eve we will eat two dishes named "bouzellouf"(head of the sheep cooked) and "Osban"(tripes découpées en carrés, cousues en pochettes et farcies) ... To morro we wil do a barbecue(brochettes et merguez) ..... I am 60 years old, i am still working as sales manager. Thank you for your proposal to help me for improving my french ..may be i 'll need you someday ..eventhought I did all my studies(primary, hight school, university ..using french language) ...Even at work I use French. I write poems and novels in French: Here is a link to access to them:
    I have te same willing as yours to be fluent at English. I know that need time and struggle. But, I believe on the following saying of Confucius " It does not matter how slowly you go as long you do not stop". We can talk about every issue or topic you are interested with. happy to be your penmate. Hope we will be friends. Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    Hello Bachir!

    I hope you enjoyed your Aid Kebir Day ! How was it? How were the dishes? And what about the celebration? One time i tasted the "Aid (or Laid? i don t remember how they name it in France...) cakes, one of them was made of honey and it was very good!!(an orange one s).
    So you tell me you work as a sales manager great job! I was working in an international inssurance company when i was living in Barcelona. I was an assistance coordinator. I loved a lot this job. i hope find an another job like this one someday. For now i m raising my babies and i think it s a good job too ! smiley - winkeye
    I ll have a look to your poems. Do you know one of the poems of Vivtor Hugo which name is "Demain dès l'aube?" Victor Hugo wrote this poem for his daughter. It s a little sad but very beautifull. My daughter loves "les fables de la Fonaine" cause it teaches a kind of council or morality. You know, i love literature, Molière, theatre... One of my favourite theatre plays is Oliver Twist, i saw it in London when i was younger, it was so cute! Sometimes, do you go to see a play? I really like cinema as well, but television series too as Bones, Ncis, that i try to see in original version when i can...that s help me for my english understanding.
    What do you do on weekends? Here we go for sweet chestnuts, mushrooms, because it s the season now... i love go for a walk in the forest, the mountain... What s the weather like today in Algeria? Here, in the South of France it s cold, sunny but windy too.

    Bachir, i hope read more about you!!
    Take care!!


    Bachir, i m very happy to be your virtual penmate too!!

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Saturday, 27th October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    Your reply makes me happy. Yes you are right! raising one's child is a great job. Among the greatest jobs. It needs more ability than any other job.... Of course, I know the most writting of Victor Hugo, both poetry, like the poem you talk about (I know it by heart and never forget it, eventhough I learned it about 50 years ago or "oceano nox"(La nuit océanne): ô combien de marins, combien de capitaines sont partis pour des courses lointaines....) or prose like "les miserables" or "Quatre vingt treize"... Even I know by heart some poetry of Jean de Lafontaine (Do you know that the most of the poems of Lafontaine were writen first by an Indian philosopher named BEDABA a dozen of centuries before? , Chateaubriand (L'Albatros), Lamartine(Le Lac, "Un seul être vous manque et, tout est dépeuplé ), Gérard de Nerval, Aragon, Eluard etc ... After a very nice week(sunny days, blue sky) ... the weatherhas turned .... these two last days were windy and cloudy ... So we stayed home .... We sacrified the sheep ... and cooked some delicious dishes ..Unfortunately we can't do "barbecue", due the wind. I like watching movies like "The last Samourai" "Shogun" which gather a lot of things .... traditional culture, psychology, art of picture, By the way, Here is a link of an article writen by Bruno Bettelheim about the movie art:
    This kind of writting could help us to enhance our English and give us materials for talking together.
    I look for your reply impatiently Bachir

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Sunday, 28th October 2012

    Hi again Marie,
    I want to tell me what happened to me when I were twelwe. It was a war. We are not allowed to go out by night. If you went out by night, the soldiers would shoot you. We lived in A traditional house, a large house with a garden of palm trees. Our house was located at the north borders of SAHARA, about 500 km far from mediteranéan shores. Snakes and scorpios leave their shelters ubderground loking for food. It was the beginning of the night. I leaved the house towards the garden with nacked feet.... suddenly I felt like walking on (glowing) embers ... a scorpio stang my big toe ... I screamt loudly ... My parents hurried to help me .... but they could not do anything cause we coudnot go to the hospital due it was forbidden to leave one's house by night .... I felt diying ... Fortunelately I overcomed that and the day after in the morning I felt better Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Adaoap (U15481405) on Sunday, 28th October 2012

    Dear members, How are you? I m new on this topic and i need seriously to improve my english... I d like chating with most of you, if you agree it ll be very cool because english is very important.
    Thank you so much!! See you soon!!
    Maria, where you live? about what objetcs do you want to talk? Iam Brazil, São Paulo.

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Sunday, 28th October 2012

    Hello Bachir!

    What an incredible story you ve just told me!!! Fortunatly you overcomed the scorpion s sting!
    My father told me that when he was in Morroco people did bets with scorpions battles in a fire circle! it s very strong!
    Stories like that never arrived me, But one night, my friends and I were at the river making a barbecue, i was looking for some wood alone in my corner when suddenly i heard a kind of snore, When i returned i saw a big wild boar with his family! I didn t have time enough to wonder me "what can i do??" i dived into the water! i was frightened cause i ve never seen a wild boar in front of me!!
    Fortunatly he left!
    Regarding the poems of Lafontaine i didn t know that Indians poets wrote them before!
    I love Indians counts, and the Bollywoods movies as Devddas! Have you seen Devddas? It s a so beautiful indian movie! i love the colours, the suites... The actors dance and sing so good! I saw slumdog millionaire too, do you know this movie? it s aliitle sad, because it s about the poverty and the hard conditions of the young children in India.
    Bachir you re very cultivated! you seem a person who has read a lot! You like literature isn t it?
    Let me tell you more about my hobbies if you don t mind. Every time i can i make some translations for ONG. As i m french/spanish bilingual i translate the documents from french to spanish. It s about fair trade and sustenaible development of the Hispanic people in South America. They help a lot of family in the fight against the hunger.
    When i was visiting Peru i realized the precarious situation of the people... It was so rude! Sometimes you saw so much poverty and suddenly on the other side of the street so much wealth! it was so incredible!
    Today in France we had a big storm! And that s not finished, we ll have a lot of wind and rain all the week. It s already the winter for us!
    Have you seen the news? They have evacuated about 370 000 persons in New York owed to the hurricane! That s incredible!

    Thanks a lot for your reply Bachir it s so great chating with you!!

    See you soon!!!


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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Sunday, 28th October 2012


    Nice to meet you!! I m from France, i m spanish.
    Let s talk about every thing you want!
    How old are you? What do you do in your life, and what are your hobbies??

    See you!!



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    Posted by Adaoap (U15481405) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Dear members, How are you? I m new on this topic and i need seriously to improve my english... I d like chating with most of you, if you agree it ll be very cool because english is very important.
    Thank you so much!! See you soon!!
    Hi, Maria. Do you want to talk about? What is your country?

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    Posted by Brad Pitt (U15481334) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    hello ! my bew friend !! What´s up ?
    first of all where you from ?
    How long time have you been studying English ?
    i can´t hardly wait for your aswer !


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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for your reply and your kind words. I am pleasured to chat with you as well. I feel great reading your messages or writting to you. I want to tell you another story happened to me while I was child. I was about thirteen years old. It was my last year at the primary school. Marie solange used to sit in the first place of the second row. I used to sat just behind her. Soon, I felt in love of her. I was lost. I was sick. I wondered what i have to do to make her love me. I fruitlessly thought daily and nightly .... The teacher used to ask us to resolve two exercises of mathmatics each morning ... awsome!!!!! the idea hit my mind .... I began to do each eve all the excercises of the chapter we have to study the next day .... and in the morning soon as the teacher showed the exercises to do .... I gave Marie Solange the solve(the solution) ....Marie Solange didn't fall in love of me ... but I became soon the best one in maths .... Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Monday, 29th October 2012

    Hi Bachir!!

    You ve always beautiful stories to tell me!! Today i m watching a movie about Merlin the Wizard.
    I love this story! I love the Medieval stories,
    So i have an other story too smiley - winkeye Six months ago i had to operate me because my leg was injured. They put me a kind of gas in order to relieve me. This gas make me feel drunk!! When i went out of the hospital, i was walking like a drunkard! and i started to roar a lot!! My parents looked very amazed seeing me in that state!! I was totally drunk during one hour!!
    And one day, when i was helping a friend with his goats... So my friend was out, and he told me i help him bringing his goats to they enclosure. But my friend had a dog for it and i didn t know how to do it with it... Suddenly the dog started to bark and to attack the goats! One of them, frightened, hid himself behind me!!
    I was there with my first daughter, she was still a baby, and the goat perchase me!! so i rose on a well and the goat followed me too! I was very frightened! So i took it by its horns and i let it far from the dog, and i try to attach the dog.
    When i did it, the goat joined me, and the dog broke loose an other time! So i got up into the car and i let the goat out the ranch and the dog in. I closed the door and i run away!! smiley - winkeye!
    Since this day, i can t approach any more these animals!

    What an amazing story!!! no???



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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    HAHAHAHA ....... your story with the dog and the goat was delirious and delicious .... it makes me laugh loudly .... thank you. I want to look with you at this gorgeous poem of Charles Beaudelaire, the Albatross. I love this poem with such beautiful alexandrines (12 feet):
    Beaudelaire want to say that the poets who are so skilled and talented while writting, become awkward and dull when attending in social live (party, ceremony, receptions ...) they become so shy among other people. What do you think about? Bachir

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    Posted by Bandeirante (U13784062) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    Hello Maria !!

    France is a charm, I was in Paris this year and my dream to go up in the Tower came true, the Gardens of Versailles I had visited last year and speciall that fountain with horses are a fantastic touristic Paris also the Gardens of Luxembourg are super beautiful, I loved it !!!
    Halloween maybe celebrated only in English language schools, or some specific balls, in general this is an american party without roots here; the best rythm is Samba preparing for Carnival, next one I'm going to Rio and spend the days there visiting the Christ Redeemer; not only Rio has Carnival, the best street Carnival is in Salvador, or even in Recife when a multitude follows the Dawning Clock, it is the symbol of a popular local club
    Now in October the most wanted party is the Oktoberfest in Blumenau on the south, beer is free to everyone and there are parades on the streets, and not the Halloween smiley - winkeye!!

    Bye for now

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Tuesday, 30th October 2012

    Hi Bachir!!

    I m glad my story made you laugh a lot! smiley - winkeye
    Regarding your sentence, i think writting it s a kind of shell for some of the humans... it hide our personality, i mean through the writing we live an other life, others adventures... we We embody the skin of another person... I think writing make us feel something different, we escape our life, we re who we would like to be... So it s a pass to travel, to be an other person, to live other lifes... But when we re confronted with the reality, this world disapear, we aren t in our own world, which we re made for... Then, it s difficult to be sure of us, we don t have the control, and we need this feeling of control...

    So that s my opinion...

    And what about you? what do you think about?

    See you!!


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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Wednesday, 31st October 2012

    Hi Maria,
    You are absloutly right. Writting is dreaming and traveling other worlds and over your inside(l'écriture c'est le monde du merveilleux, le monde de la libération absolue) . Writting express your true inside. What you need. What you want deeply. You w'll be completly yourself. Then, in my modest opinion writing does not hide your personality. Quite the reverse, it lets your soul appears. When you are writting you take off the masks which were hidding your true self. Writting is like a reflect of your self by a faithful mirror. When you write, you refind yourself child. When you have to face the realité again you have to deal, to compromise, to create an image for yourself, to wear your masks .... to leave your inside child wear the masks you need to be accepred by the others, Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Sunday, 4th November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    You haven't written any message since the last week. Hope you do fine. Wish you the best Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Thursday, 8th November 2012

    Hi Bachir!!!

    Sorry to have been absent!! How are you???
    I was verry overbooked since Halloween...with my translations i don t have time enough to relax...
    But now i m well. I ll have an other work of translation next week and i could connect me just on Weekend.
    So, how are you Bachir? What about your week?
    Tomorrow we re going to celebrate my daughter s birthday. I m very exited because we re preparing a big party for her and she doesn t know anything!!
    We prepare 4 big birthday s cake, a big birthday s decoration, a "piñata" and a lot of guests and presents of course!!!
    Our Halloween s party was great we enjoyed ourselves!!
    Now, we re already in November and Christmas strides up. How time flies!
    The weather is getting colder and colder here you know.

    So what about you???

    See you soon!!

    Cheers Maria!!!

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Friday, 9th November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    Your cameback makes me glad. I see you are buzy a bit with preparing your daughter birthday and very excited by that. The surprise 'll makes her to leave a delight for some hours. I hope you'll enjoy these moments together. I hope we could speak more together the next days:
    For your daughter:
    Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Sunday, 11th November 2012

    Hi Maria
    was it a real come back .............or you only made an appearance? Hope you and your family do fine Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Sunday, 18th November 2012

    Hello Bachir!!!

    First, so many thanks for the birthday s song from youtube!! My daughter loved it!!
    Well, her birthday s party was so great!!
    Sorry for my absence, i was a little overbooked with my spanish translation...
    I work time to time when i can... with my little baby i can t work a lot as i would so when i can work a little bit from my house i do it...
    And what about you?? What s the weather like there?
    Here it s cold now... it rains a lot this last days.
    So tell me about you... I m come back now!!!

    See you soon!!!

    Take care!


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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Tuesday, 20th November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    I have been on a short business trip these two last days, so, I could not reply to you speedy. First I am happy you came back .... I really missed our swapping ... Anyway all it's ok. We can restart our talking. Wheather is very nice to day ... a beautiful blue sky (un ciel azur après pluie) and warm sunbeams .... which make me feel great. You ask me to tell you about myself. what can I to say? I am an hyperactive person .... I always like doing new things ..... I don't like to get into a rut (je n'aime pas me laisser enfermer dans la routine) .... I am a sensitive person eventhough my job needs I act fermly. I am a big dreamer. I like all which is beautiful .... feeling, behaviour, nature, women etc .... I am a kind of generalist .... I guess I am able to talk about many topics .... I guess I am faithful in friendship ...... I like people ..... I hate violence and oppression .... I feel more comfortable beside poor people than wealthy people .... i like animals .... i like the life .... I write some poems for my own pleasure .... and I plan to write something more serious about sociology ....eventhough idon't get yet about what exactly .... I want to understand and write what effects and how the three or four past centuries have had on the present society(in my country) .... I have to start that someday (inchallah) ...... What else? I actualy don't know ;;;; I would repeat ... I am happy you came back ..... I wait your reply Cheers Bachir
    here is a song I like:

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Wednesday, 21st November 2012

    Hello Bachir!!
    Many thanks for your reply!! To be sincere with you, i recognize our swapping missed me !!
    It s so interesting talking with you!! I m a little like you, i like talking about a lot of things, but the topics about violence don t interest me.
    In fact i like spirituality, buddhism...things more or less "zen" smiley - winkeye
    I never told you i love Bollywood isnt it? Well... I d love to go to a Bollywood s play! My daughter likes that as well, and for the next carnival we ll disguise her as a Bollywood dancer!
    I going to tell you more about me... I m a kind of person who is never satisfied, i always have to do something better as i ve done... I m always looking for something better to do for my life... in order to live better of course! Then, i always make up my mind to find the better way to educate my daughters, i d like they had a good life for their future, i d like they study, in a medicine s university or something like that...I know well that we educate them as we would want that they will be, but i guess nobody can change their desteny, if they want to follow an other way they will do it...So we try to do the better for her. We know we re in a free country, freedom is great when is holy, but when you re sharing your life with the bad side too, you start to wonder a lot of things...(i mean the bad people with bads habits)... I read a lot about how to educate our children? Beacuse it s a priority for me.
    Then, as i m very interested by psychology, i was looking for an university, but we re talking about a 5 o 7 years of university you know, and it s a bit expensive as well. We ve the possibility to study at home you know by correspondence courses? But to be a psychologist it s very hard, so i decided to read more about that... sometimes it makes me angry because i can t understand some things about it, because we have always questions which we can t explain the answer. Now i m reading about buddhism, and it makes me zen, i m more relax.
    Sorry Bachir, in front of your screen, you have somebody who talks a lot !!! smiley - winkeye
    I m interested by a lot of things, sometimes i think i can t focus my energy and i m a bit like you a kind of hyperactive person s! I feel great when i m working on my translations, because it gives me adrenaline, because i ve responsability, people wait a lot of my work... so i feel glad when it s finished and when my customers are satisfied.
    When i was living in Barcelona i was living a very dynamic life, i never stoped, i always was doing something...i slept just a little. Barcelona is a big city where you can stay woke up if you don t decid to stop it by yourself hahaha! But i was really living a dynamic life! when i went to my father s house i was as a tiger in cage! I think it remains a little of that in me. Now i m living in the campaign with cows haha! For what can I ask furthermore?? hahaha!!
    Well, now, i m going to close this page of my life for today...
    I hope you don t feel asleep with my stories...

    Have a good day Bachir!!!



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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Wednesday, 21st November 2012

    Dear Maria,
    What could I say? First thank you a lot for your trust. I have felt while reading your post we have got a real friendship. We have something to share. I really appreciate you told me like you did about yourself .... about your daughters ..... that showed me you really feel I am your friend as well as I feel you are my friend (pardonnes moi d'être un peu ému en même temps que ravi et enchanté). I guess the chance does well (le hazard fait bien les choses)which allowed me to meet you. I am so much selfish to be happy of that. .... I liked all what you told me(it did not bore me or bother me, in quite reverse it interested me and made ful admiration of you, due you wanted to show yourself like you are trully. Don't change anything! remain yourself,... it fit to me ... a lot).
    To day I have had some succes ...I went to visit some costumers and they told me we should do some projects together .... so I am more confident about the next mounths. You know I am a kind of manager of small compagny which build industrial construction like factories, power stations etc ... I like my job, but sometimes I am worried ..... Some words you used to discribe yourself suit me like a glove ...hahaha (certains mots utilisés pour te décrire me vont comme un gant) ....."birds of the same father flock together", din't they?
    Waiting impatiently your reply Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Wednesday, 21st November 2012

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    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Thursday, 22nd November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    I guessed you were really come back ..... but I noticed you desappeared soon ... hope all it's ok for you and your family .... I really miss our swapping and you .... hope you 'll come back soon ..... Cheers Bachir

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    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Thursday, 22nd November 2012

    How are you tonight? I m here, don t worry smiley - winkeye !! In fact, i m with my children and my husband preparing the dinner, the bath for the kids...
    And my translations of course... Now, i don t knowwhat could i tell you hahaha!!
    Let s talk about the end of the world... What do you think about that?
    You know, maybe it seems wrong and very pushed as topic, i think it worries people... I feel a little worried you know, not because i trust in all these amazing things but because the medias are influencing us too much talking about that all the time... and then, you start to think about all your family...and you wonder "why not?"
    That s incredible because everything seems to stick with all these last events so horrible in France...
    You know so violence... The world seems to turn crazy!
    As regards this topics, my father always says, that the end of the world it s for the one who leaves this world...

    What about you? What do you think about?

    What a serious topic no??? hahaha!!

    See you soon!!

    Take care!!


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  • Message 34

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Pavla0106 (U15478685) on Thursday, 22nd November 2012

    Hallo Maria,

    where are you from??? I´m Pavla from Czech republic. If you talk - write about some topic you can and I enjoy to your reply. Do you like films or sports??

    Cheers Pavla

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  • Message 35

    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Thursday, 22nd November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    What a serious issue? yes I agree with you ..... nowadays the world seems creazy .... it's really creazy .... i think it's not matter of the end of the world ... but the end of this civilization .... it reached its top .... and it begin to decline ....... many clues show that .... the main of them .... is the huge decreasing of human value and universal value .... for example the human life does not mean anything right now (government of big states spend billions dollars to kill thousands of people due to win elections or to check up new weapons). liying has become a rule for all they lead the world .... Earth is gentilly destroyed, due to earn more and more money (by fishing more quantities than it's allow to keep a balance. Building more than allows to keep enough country side, pollution etc .... money has become the highest value ..... but there is a hope, due you have two "adorables" daughters to love .... Bachir

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  • Message 36

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Friday, 23rd November 2012

    Hi Bachir!!
    What you said is so true! now, due to my 2 baby girls, i hope the end of the world won t be close...
    It s better stay positive! smiley - winkeye
    Sometimes, i start to think about the violence in ours cities, and maybe it will be better leave France and go to an other country... You know, sometimes, i think that Japan will be a good choice to escape the european violence (murders, rapes, rapting...) Japan is a good value, i mean, that it seems a country with an educational politics. But, it ll be very difficult my husband and my children don t speak english, and japanese either smiley - smiley !
    the situation which we re living here in France, i m talking about violence, afect me a lot, i m frightened for my children... i wonder in which kind of world my children will be living? Many times i remember Spain, the place where i love to be... Ampuria Brava... Maybe i ll return there someday...As it s a sea resort there isn t a lot of violence.
    Well... that was my thought of the day!! smiley - smiley
    Do you know the Sants giving day? i know it s an american tradition, when i was sharing my flat in Spain, my flatmate was an american girl, she was a lovely person, and we celebrated this famous day together, she prepared a delicious american s meal... but what about this day exactly? i think this day passed yet... Do you know it?
    Do you have any traditionals days like Christmas in Algeria?

    Waiting for your reply!!! Let s talk more and more!!! smiley - smiley smiley - smiley !!

    Take care!



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  • Message 37

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Friday, 23rd November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    I understand your feeling. I understand your fair. I understand your anxiety ... you wonder what shall be the future for your adorable daughters. the violence at some french cities scare you .... tou think to leave for another country .... I understand all that ..... I feel I am your friend eventough we have been in friendship since a very short time ... So I have to talk you as a friend .... Frankly .... Believe me, the best places you could live are France and spain ... right now and in the future... Indeed there are some troubles in some cities in France .... but i guess ..the mass media exagerate a lot and make people scare.... Don't allow its to intoxicate you .... France is among the most peaceful and beautiful countries ... there is more violence in US and Japan than in France .... you are lucky to live in France .....and the future of france is better than japan's future you 'll not find a country more comfortable for you and your for the future of your daughters .... Mass media convert mouses(or mice) to elephants ....(La france est un pays où il fera toujours bon vivre te laisses pas influencer par la désinformation) .... Believe on the future of your contry .... don't give up ..... Cheers Bachir

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Friday, 23rd November 2012

    Hi maria Breath your happyness ...Fly don't allow them to maintain you bellow Bachir

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  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Saturday, 24th November 2012

    Hi Pavla!
    How are you today? To reply to your answer, yes i love watching films! and my favourite sport is trecking (as beginner smiley - smiley !)
    So, you told me You re from Czech Republic, great! Some of my friends have been in your country for a while... Because i was working for an international company which had czechs correspondants...
    I m from France and from Spain too... I m franco spanish.
    What about you? How old are you? what s your job? or maybe you re studying?
    Tell me more!
    See you!!



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  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Saturday, 24th November 2012

    Hello Bachir!!!

    How are you today?? Many thanks for your reply, and i recognize you re a right!
    We tend to complain before looking around us...
    I wonder that we have children we always think about their good living in the future...
    You re right when you say that people are in a good place here in France when we compare it with other countries...
    Spain is worst since the crisis and it feels the effects worse and worse...People are living a situation almost inhuman!
    I wonder when all this will stop and will return to the normal situation...
    What about your country Bachir? How is life there? Do you feel the effects of the crisis?
    How is the climate there? I mean is it cold or the weather is hot there right now?
    How is life there? I have one of my best friends from Algeria, i mean their parents are from there because she was born in France smiley - winkeye and she told me that people live easily, Taking advantage of the good weather, the beautiful beaches, and the things of the life, going out with friends...
    I saw some fotos about Algeria, and i recognize that you ve very beautiful beaches!!! I saw a kind of mediterreanen style isn t it?

    Have a great week end!!!

    See you soon!!


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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Saturday, 24th November 2012

    Hi Maria,
    Algeria is various and so beautiful country. But we didn't take enough care of it ...we have left anarchic building destroy a lot of magnificent areas ... the weather is almost always nice ... people are friendly .... but its there a lot of issues ..... without solution ..without hope ..... unemployment, housing, safety, public health, education, youth .... eventhough algeria get enough financial resources .... But I am happy to live here ... and I can't imagine to live in any country else ...
    Maria, I want to swap with you more than I am doing now(and my be in french) .... I don't know if you got a facebook account .... here is my facebook ID: " chirbanal " .... If you were intersted, you may send me an invitation. Cheers Bachir

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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Wednesday, 28th November 2012

    Hi Maria ...Hope you do fine ..hope all it's ok for you ... Miss you and our swapping ..Cheers Bachir

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Thursday, 29th November 2012

    Maria I like this son so much: Bachir

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by Maria1707 (U15477728) on Monday, 3rd December 2012

    Hi Bachir!!

    How are you? i was ill for a week! i had a big headache due to my sinusitis... then, flu...and the rest of my family as well!
    And now, s because of the bad weather... it s so cold here!!
    Well... what about you? I couldn t listen the link you sent me.
    Regarding Facebook, it s a little complicated... I had one, but there were always many problems between people who quarreled on my wall you know, problems with the family too... so, i decided to erased it, and i did it.
    So i don t have any facebook now, and i think it s better because it s a kind of trap in my opinion, everybody know about you, your friends, your family... So i cut it.
    Here we re preparing Christmas with my family...but moreover the Christmas hollidays. We ll go to the mountain to do some sled on the snow! My daughter is so impatient!!
    Recently i m reading about the zen attitude, you know books like : "lâcher prise" mediation, buddism ... and i m telling to my daughter the Incas legend. I love history from the prehistoric time to the contemporaries time... I m specialist in translations about fair trade and Sustainable development, i love this job but it s a pity that i can t do it everytime... it s so difficult to find translations every months... so little by little i hope... Sometimes i m full of work and sometimes i m looking for customers... "c'est la vie" But i m always positive smiley - winkeye !
    For now, i m dreaming that i m in a carribean beach, drinking a big free (sans alcool) piña colada!! smiley - winkeye with a big sun!! but when i get up i m here behind the windows looking the bad weather! smiley - winkeye

    There will be better days that s sure!

    See you soon!!!

    Maria smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by bachirbachir (U15171572) on Monday, 3rd December 2012

    Hi Maria,
    I was both glad to see again and sad to read that you were sick and your family as well. I hope you completely recover soon and enjoy your christmass preparating and your next trip to the mountain. (I am jealous, "green of envy" ... haha ...)
    Never mind if we could not speak together through fbook ..... I got your point to avoid showing personal information in public place ....(Pour vivre heureux ..vivons cachés ..isn't it). ... anyway, this board, through the many threads available, allows us a large and great space for swapping all what we want ..all what we need ..... I'll be pleasured to watch and follow your travel through mediation and budism .... and hope that help you with your live .... and improve your coping resources(psychologic meaning) .... and lead you to be more efficient in selling your know how in translation .... the link is obvious .... when we feel well, we are more able to do what we have to do ... reading your post was and still a real delight Cheers Bachir

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by daffalla (U15527045) on Tuesday, 4th December 2012

    hi maria
    Iam very glad to meet you her
    I think we are all at the bout
    we can help us

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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Counsel (U15528280) on Tuesday, 4th December 2012

    my name is khalid, iam frome dubai.
    iam good.
    how are you??

    - also i want to improve my english
    and i wanna TO CHAT WITH EVERY BODY.


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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by Pavla0106 (U15478685) on Wednesday, 12th December 2012

    Hallo Maria,

    I'm typical czech from long farmer's family. I´m 27 old and I have shop.I live with my partner in Prague. We have winter now. I enjoy to skiing in this time.
    I visited France once time - Cannes. It is really nice town. I would like visited Paris. What city do you live???
    Now I look on older James Bonds films and I have like older films now - Hitchcock or Audrey Hepburn films.
    What you tell me more about you. What is your job and family???

    Cheers Pavla

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