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  • Message 201

    , in reply to message 200.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 1st February 2013

    Hi Sandy,

    Congratulation, you are succeed.
    Now you can rest a little.

    See you

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  • Message 202

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by Farshid (U15599616) on Friday, 1st February 2013

    This is a stupid one from Iran, congrats!

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  • Message 203

    , in reply to message 201.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Sunday, 3rd February 2013

    Hi Andrew,

    how was your weekend? I'm having a cold so I've tried to lie and cure myself but I think it doesn't work a lot.
    I've also searched for a job opportunities but I haven't been successful yet.

    Today it snowed a little again and as I read we should expect snowing during the whole week.

    Hope you had a good time.


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  • Message 204

    , in reply to message 203.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 5th February 2013

    Hi Sandy,

    The weekend was wonderful. Last Sunday I was in mountain and I skied there. As always I enjoyed my trip.

    Unfortunately the Internet have not worked at home. Now I am writing from the work.
    I will speak up later.

    In my area there are not snow. Temperature above 0C.

    See you

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  • Message 205

    , in reply to message 204.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    it's good to hear that you spent some time in mountains.

    Sorry to hear that your Internet hasn't been working but I'm sure it's going to be ok soon.

    The weather here is very beautiful. There is a wonderful blue sky, the temprature about 3-5 degrees and the sun is shining. Despite this fabulous weather I have a cold and don't feel very well.

    How is your project going at work?

    Have a nice day


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  • Message 206

    , in reply to message 205.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Wednesday, 6th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,
    The Internet working properly again smiley - smiley
    Such weather favour to get a cold. I hope you are lying in the bed and drinking a hot herbal tea with honey.

    I mentioned you, last Sunday I was in the mountain and I skied there. The landscape was wonderful. I rode about 35km by ski. I was very tired and from other hand I rested a lot.

    I have finished my project. It was hard work smiley - biggrin because of my poor English. I have achieved success and I am glad.

    I have started a new project only a little connected with English and I would like finish it until to the next week.

    Our weather rather awful. Today when I hot up it was snowing. There were wonderful landscape. But later a temperature rise up to 2C. I saw four flock of duck. In one flock there were about 100 birds. They flown to the north-west. It was a wonderful view.

    When they flying they singing "kwak, kwak" and I am not sure exactly it is means spring or winter.

    See you and fast come back to the health

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  • Message 207

    , in reply to message 206.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    how's your day today?

    Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I wanted to go out from the city but because of my illness I'm staying at home. And well the next reason is that my old car battery went flat smiley - biggrin I must ask my neighbour for charging it again. It's my fault because I haven't driven for a month but for this old car is essential to go somewhere at least once a week.

    As you mentioned ducks we also have got flocks of ducks here. Some people feed them during the winter. And we also have got an oddness because there is a huge population of coypu. It's not typical animal for city I guess. They're used to people so they swim up to the bank of the brook and wait till you feed them. They're cute when they small but some of them are really an immense creatures and I don't want to make them angry smiley - smiley

    Anyway, have a nice day and see you later.


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  • Message 208

    , in reply to message 207.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 8th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    Today I have visited my mother and time flown fast. Moreover the weather was nice, temperature about 2C, and sometimes sun shined.

    Unfortunately this weekend I am working smiley - sadface.

    It is interesting information about coypu. I think they love Prague. In our rivers more and more beavers than 30 years ago. But less and less hares at the country side.

    What about your English exams? and diplomas exams? Were they difficult, stressful?

    See you

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  • Message 209

    , in reply to message 208.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    it's interesting that hares has been fading in your country. It has never come up to my mind. For me they're natural part of our countryside.

    I haven't pass my English exams yet. I must admit that I'm lazy these days to learn English intesively. I've somehow lost that passion for it I used to have. I just hope I'm able to find it again soon.

    My diplomas exams were medium I guess. I think that the worst part of that was the expectation before about how it would be like. I found it a bit stressful but it was just in my mind.

    Now I'm looking for a job. Last Friday I had an interview which was quite surprising. Initially I thought that I would go there just to see how it works for I don't have much experience with an interview. Nevertheless the people there were so nice, polite and friendly that I found out I would take that job if they offer it to me. Well I would probably take it no matter what because there's even higher unemployment than it used to be when we talked about it few months ago.
    How's the situation in Poland? Still bad?

    See you


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  • Message 210

    , in reply to message 209.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 11th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    Hold motivation at the same level is difficult and some progress with English come so slowly.

    It is good that you are looking for a job. I think you should take this job as you mentioned, of course if they offer you. In my opinion it enable you acquire an experience. And of course later you can search for e new, better job.

    I think in our job market the situation is similar to yours ones.
    In my profession the situation is bad and additionally it will be worse. And I have worked from 2 years harder and harder to increase my skill, my power; I mean my own value.

    Chin up! and we need much optimism.

    Good luck! and see you

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  • Message 211

    , in reply to message 210.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    you're right, optimism is very important. I'm sure we both will be ok smiley - smiley

    Our country is completely under the snow. Has it been snowing in Poland too? We are expecting snowing for today and also tomorrow. Winter hasn't said last word yet.

    Wish you nice day

    See you


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  • Message 212

    , in reply to message 211.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Tuesday, 12th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    I have heard by the radio that have been snowing on the south of Poland. A few road between Poland and Czech R. and Slovakia were closed for lorry.

    Here little snowing. It has fallen down about 2 cm of snow, temperature about -2C.

    See you

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  • Message 213

    , in reply to message 212.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Friday, 15th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    what's new? I played table tennis yesterday after many many years. It was good relax and it wasn't that bad I thought it would be. Today evening I'm playing badminton so I have days full of sport now smiley - smiley

    I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't get that job a wrote you about. I still have to search and hope I will be lucky soon.

    Anyway I hope you're doing well and wish you good weekend.


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  • Message 214

    , in reply to message 213.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Friday, 15th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    You are a sportswoman, it is good; some sport help us relax.

    Do not worry, you will meet more disappointed moments in your life. You should be stronger and patient, do not give up. I am sure you will find a job but you need more time.

    I understand you that you feel bad. We all sometimes disappointed, we need more positive energy and stronger motivation.

    All the best

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  • Message 215

    , in reply to message 214.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    how are you?

    what would you like to discuss these days? smiley - smiley

    See you

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  • Message 216

    , in reply to message 215.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    We can discus about innovation.
    Do you like innovation?

    What are the most important innovation in your daily life?
    Which is the most useful or controversial innovation?

    See you

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  • Message 217

    , in reply to message 216.

    Posted by Sandy (U15371146) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Hello Andrew,

    that's good topic. I think that innovation is important sometimes. But it should be positive innovation of course. Sometimes I think that new rules or systems aren't very useful or logical.

    Our society, or better, our current employers are searching for people who are innovative and creative. But sometimes I wonder who is able to be always innovative and creative. Of course we can find something new, interesting and useful but I don't think we can do this constantly.

    For me the most controversial innovation is connected with technology especially with "smart phones". They're great because they're full of application, you can use them almost as well as computer but on the other hand you're always in touch. Your employer or your clients expect that you would be always in touch or you would read their e-mails immediately. People work more even when they're on vacation...Or social sites...they're useful but also destructive for some people who get addicted to them.

    Internet is very similar thing. On one hand you have the access to different kinds of information but on the other hand there's to many lies that sometimes you don't know what source you can trust.

    yes, technology is the most controversial in my opinion.

    What do you find the most controversial?

    See you

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  • Message 218

    , in reply to message 217.

    Posted by _Andrew_ (U15177543) on Monday, 18th February 2013

    Hello Sandy,

    You are right that employers searching for innovate and creative workers, sometimes they required even a few languages from them. But in general I think they do not know what they want or they do not understand meaning of this words.

    You are right witch such innovation such "smart phone" or "personal stereo". Why we should always listening the music.
    For me one of the most controversial innovation is a GM food (genetically-modifies). I am not sure that such food is healthy for us. Moreover, we can produce enough traditional food. But some companies want to earn more and more. The other controversial innovation is a sheep which was cloned from adult cell. From one hand it is dangerous because "some organization" can produce people without spirit, morality but with required characteristic, the human best machine. But from the other hand they can produce "replacement parts" for our body: I am not sure it is good.

    What do you thing about innovation in cars, public transport or even at home e.g washing machine.

    It is late, good night

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