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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Sunday, 25th April 2010

    Hi everyone,

    This is Renee saying hello to you~~

    I'm from China. And I am learning English and trying to improve my language abilities -- writing and speaking.

    I used to be a big fan of the BBC community and had a lot of fun here. I haven't been here for almost 2 years for some reason. What a pity! But anyway, I am back now. COOL~~

    Hope to hear from you and befriend you. Lets share some experience in English studies and make progress together!!



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    Posted by guen (U14418087) on Sunday, 25th April 2010

    Hello kk

    I will be glad to be in correspondence with you .I like to have friends overseas in order to know more different cultures, customs ...etc

    I from algeria.Do you know something about Algeria and its culture?

    Let me hear from you , please

    All the best

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Monday, 26th April 2010

    Hi guen,

    Nice to hear from you~~~

    I know little about Algeria, maybe you'd like to share something interesting with me?

    Hope to see you again.



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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Monday, 26th April 2010

    HIII Renee
    nice to meet you
    I´m Isabel from Peru in south america..i´m 23 yo..xDD you are chinesse nice!!!
    i´m here for about 3 mounth maybe i don´t know exactly but its a good idea to leran and the same time meet new people around the world amazing...obviously try learn together ever day!!! ejeje cooll you come backk!!!

    bye see you..
    take care..
    tell... how is the life in your country?¡¡?..xDD

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Tuesday, 27th April 2010

    Hi Isa,

    So glad to meet you. smiley - smiley

    Yeah, I am Chinese with black eyes and black hair... haha

    You'll come to China in the near future? So cool.
    It's absolutely a wonderful thing to meet different people all around the world. You know, the World Expo will be held in my city Shanghai,

    maybe you'd like to visit some pavilions. They are so amazing.

    Hope to see you again, sweet girl.

    Best Regards,


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Tuesday, 27th April 2010

    hiiiiii Rene!!!
    nice to meet you again jajaja!!!

    uhmmmm with.. black eyes andb lack hair... jaja very common ...xDD
    are you from Shanghai? my brother travelled 3 years ago there!!! i have some pic..!!! so coolll...and from my country do you know about it?¡ jejeje

    yeahhhhhhhh you can speak about you want here... unfortunately we can´t see face to face you have to use a webcam..but maybe this way will can be dangerous.. but i dont know maybe yes maybe not..xDD

    what is the World Expo?¡?¡ uhmmmm i don´t know.....could you explain me?.

    please..tell me more about you... xDD
    see youuu...
    your language is so difficult specially when we want to write.. a lot of sigs.... buuu but is amazing...

    bye take care
    sweet guy!!!!!!! jajaja

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 28th April 2010

    Dear Isa,

    Yes, I am from Shanghai. This is a big city with a large population. There are big crowds everywhere... the subway, buses, streets, restaurants, bla, bla... And tourists are often seen taking pictures at the subway station. I think that's because they've never seen so many people pouring in and out of the carriage. Perhaps your brother has got a photo like that? haha

    I know that Peru is located in the South America, is it close to Chile then? You speak Spanish, right? I heard that Spanish is quite similar to English. Is that true?

    As to Expo, it is also known as the World Fair and World's Fair, is the name given to various large public exhibitions held in different parts of the world. If you're interested in it, maybe you can find more information on the page of Wikipedia. It's too difficult for me to explaine it in English. smiley - blush

    It's true that Chinese characters are complicated and difficult to learn. I agree.



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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Wednesday, 28th April 2010

    HI Renne..xDD your name is very nice..but isn´t chinese name?

    yessssss i know... because you country is the most population in the I believe how many people stay in the street or anywhere is so crazy!!
    uhmmm i think my brother has.. but i see the skyscraperor building near the harbor with a big circle or something round at the top...ahaha. i dont know what it is

    yeahhhh in south america..near to chile.. we speak in spanish!! jeje have you heard people speak in spanish ? jejeje... cooll.. i dont think so..well so so some words are the same... like romantic=romantico..culture=cultura...languagge=lenguaje..jajaja...nevertheless is so difficult if you dont practice english every day can forget buuuuuuuu

    ahhhhhhh the World Fair and World's Fair...uhmmm i´m going to search on thainternet.. jajaja wikipediaa yeahhh.thankss

    yeahhh Chinese characters so hard..but misterious jijiji

    here in peru are a lot of chinesse stores..more common chinesse food.. China town!!! in your country exist?¡¡ uhmm...people say that we have the same gastronomy..the misture...maybe yes jeje

    how old are you?¡ what do you study?
    jeje are you an only child?

    byeeeee seeeeeee youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Thursday, 29th April 2010

    Hi Isa,

    I am really glad to see your message again...

    Um, yes, I am the only child in my family. As there's been a large population in China, "One Child Policy" has been implemented in my country since the late 1970's I think. And the only children are spoilt to some degree. Parents just want to devote everything to their children and do too much for them, which make the children less independent. How much I want a sibling! I sometimes feel most lonly ... smiley - sadface

    I am a 27-year-old girl. And I've been working as a bank clerk for 5 years or so.

    I love Chinese food very much!! They are the most delicious cuisine in my eyes.smiley - smiley Do you like them? Some people told me that Chinese dishes are too oily, and they find it difficult to enjoy them.

    Oh, the weekend is coming. Great!!

    C U~~~~

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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Thursday, 29th April 2010

    Hii Renne

    Me too ..I am glad to see your message
    uhmmm I´ve be are a only child.. its a pity for example i´ve got 2 brother, one older than me and other younger than me.. i´m the only girl in my family ... well the first my mom but its the same... the bad point is they are a bit jealous!!! buuuuuu jejeje they protect me from bad guys know so crazy!!!

    for example in my culture parents are so protectors, they want to live a lifetime without leaving their children buuu but in my case i prefer going to live my own life..xDD in your country is the same like here?

    are you girl!¡?¡?¡ jeje I thought that your was guy.... uhmmm sorryyy... xDDD

    here we can see a lot of korean soap operas i love it!!! is so romantic and tragic.. buuu Do you met a Guang liang??¡¡!!!!!! ´i fall in love with his music!!! eg: di yi ci (first time)!!! uhmmmmmmm i dont remember but i love him!!!

    China food some of then.. maybe it not the same from your country but.. i´ve eaten some. it´s common eat insect?¡ sorry for the questions but i´m curious...

    wellllll see youuuuuu

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Friday, 30th April 2010

    Hi Isa,

    It's really great that I come back early today~~~

    You have 2 brothers? Wow, how lucky you are! It's the coolest thing to be the only girl in the family. HAHA

    You must be a beautiful girl, otherwise there won't be so many crazy boys around you. Am I right?

    In China, parents also act as the protectors of their children. I do enjoy it. When you fail an exam, or when you feel sad, your parents' comfort will work and help you go through your pains. Your home is a warm shelter and your parents are the most reliable people.

    You wanna live alone? You know, my mother cooks breakfast and supper for me every day, and she washes clothes for me too. This really makes my life more comfortable. Of course, I sometimes also do some housework together with my mother. I can't imagine what's going to happen if I live by myself. It's terrible.

    Most people leave their parents after getting married. But it's quite interesting that most babies are looked after by maternal grandmothers, for young couples have to go to work during the day.

    You see Korean soaps? I thought it was popular in Asia only. So crazy... The music in Korean soaps sounds beautiful and touching. Any actors or actresses you like? I like Jang Dong-Gun.

    I love Guang Liang, too. His voice is soft and tender. Besides "first time", his song "fairy tale" has proved to be a big hit, too. My colleague, a girl, is his big fan and has gone to his concerts for several times. And I was so surprised that you know "pin yin". Amazing.... Ah, Guang Liang, also known as Michael Wong is not from Korea. He's Malaysian.

    As far as I know, some people eat insects in my country. But it's not a common thing. I guess I'll never try that.

    BTW, do you know Fernando Gonz¨¢lez? A famous tennis player from Chile? He's known for the hardest hitting forehands. My favoriate tennis player is Rafael Nadal. He's a great guy!!

    wow~~ a long paragraph


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Friday, 30th April 2010

    Helloooo!!!!!!!! Reny!!

    jeje I ´ve noticed that you are girl ehh and the most important you love it korean soup operas!!!!!!! ehhhhhhh jeje... yes a love itt.. alotttt uff
    yes Jang Dong-Gun.... all about eve!!! uhmmmm he was so cute!! in the tv!! but in my case who make me crazy is Know sang woo!! papazitoo!!!! muakz muakz muakz!!!

    i want to kiss him!!! jeje and you i imagien too!!!

    ahhhhhhhh my mother is the same like your motherrrr!!! she gives me a hand every momentt...every dayyy... some days i didnt do anythingg jeeje is so embarrased..

    buuuu i want to write more. but i have to go out ... buu see youu later..

    jeej !!!!

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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Sunday, 2nd May 2010

    i`m here again ...

    jeje... Guang Liang is Malaysian... i thought was chinesse?¿¿ i`m confused!!! uhmmm

    have you never eat insect .. ahhh jeje and why not?¿?¿ for example.. here when show a documental always!!! show the insect!! buuu for that reason i think is so ugly..:S spiders scorpions... irons i dont know whats else.. but ...insects in ever street!!!

    ahhhhh yeahhhhh the tennis player!!! siiiiiiiii in my case i want to be Shakira whenshe kiss a Nadal!!! in her video!!! i kiss himm!!! he is so gorgeous!!!

    see youuuuuu... Renee!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 5th May 2010

    Hi Isa,

    So great to hear from you again~~ smiley - smiley

    It's been a long vacation in China to celebrate the Labor's Day, haha And I have spent a lot of time hanging out, thus I cannot afford the time to surf the internet smiley - winkeye

    As to insects, I heard that some of them are nutritious and do good to people's health. Well, I'm not sure. I just think that they are dirty and disgusting. I can't persuade myself to put them into my mouth ....

    You saw the music video too? Wow~~ Both of them are very hot. And Nadal's body is perfect. And he's recently won Monte Carlo and Rome master's cups, cool~~~~

    It's a rainy day. The air is stuffy. But it's really good to be able to talk to you. What's the weather like in your city? BTW, where do you live in Peru?

    See you~~

    Best wishes,


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Wednesday, 5th May 2010

    HOLA RENE!!!

    of course!!! is so nice when someone from the other side talk to you!!
    yeahhhhh here too, was the last weekend..and my friends and me when to visited boat in the Callao´s harbor ehhh!!, sailboats from different countries came to my country to visited.. marine were so cute!!! jaja..but the problems was so crowded!!!

    jejeje cooll I decide the same as you...dont put sht extrange in my mouth!!

    yes!! the videooo he appeared so cute cute cute!!! jaja body perfet!! and he is 20´s yo!!!
    won the cup?¡uhmmmmmm you are so informed

    uhmmmmmm the day before yesterday the weather was so hott and sunshine... but today is warm... a bit cold.. uhmm maybe we will be in autumn.!!!:S

    i live in the capital..Lima!! a lot of people.. place to and eat.. perhaps you couldn´t sleep!!! jaja..

    seeeeee you!!!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Thursday, 6th May 2010

    Hi hi,

    Here I am again. smiley - smiley

    So you live in a busy city, too. Just same as me. It is full of music, dance and delicious food... Wow, people must be happy every day then. In Shanghai, the rhythm of the city is very fast. As a result, both students and employees suffer much pressure.

    Rafael Nadal is a little bit shy in Shakira's MV, which makes him look even more attractive. smiley - winkeye
    I do hope that he will play well in Roland Garros during the French Open (keeping my fingers crossed).

    I am learning Zumba. Is it a popular dance in Peru? I like the dance very much. However, I am not a talented dancer. smiley - sadface But it's brought me a lot of fun. The music is wonderful and let me move my body more easily.



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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Monday, 10th May 2010

    how old are you?
    yeah a busy cty.. but i dont imagine live in another place than the city... all right.. unfortunately.. enought student and people.. suffer from stress or sth like that.. and you... have got a range of symptoms

    i´m sure that Nadal ging to win!!!!!! he deserves it.

    Zumba?¡ or Zamba where is common in Brazil!!!?¡ like that?¡ if it that.. no is common here.. only in Brazill my neighbor but the steps are so dificult..but i prefer salsa.. regueton like Daddy yanke.. merengue.. that zamba!!! jaja i think i´m a good dancer jaaj i have got swin!!!

    ahhhh one question the las weekend was Mother´s day there?¡
    here yes!!! and what did you do?¡

    keep in touch RENEEEE!!!!!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Tuesday, 11th May 2010


    I am 27. A little bit old, huh? Most people on this message board are very young. :D But never mind. Time goes by, while some people never grow old~~~ forever young, i wanna be forever young ...

    It is Zumba that I am practicing. It's a new dance. A lot of dance styles are mixed when taking a Zumba program, say Cumbia, Salsa, Mambo, Chachacha, Samba... It's hot and fantastic. Perhaps you may watch some videos on the internet. COOL!

    We also celebrate Mother's Day here in China. There are a variety of promotions held by department stores and restaurants. I just spent the weekend with my mother at home and talked about our life, our future ... What about you, Iza?

    Hope to see you soon, sweet girl~~ (a great dancer) smiley - smiley



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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Sunday, 16th May 2010

    HOLA!!! RENE!!
    dont happy!! we are so young!!! doesnt exist limit of age!!! only enjoy

    it ...!!! if you want to be forever young, he will get if you think about it, everything is in our minds

    sorry i couldnt write sth for a long time.. was my mom`s birthday for that reason i didnt have enought time to enter here, also the page always close early here!!! buuu

    nevertheless, the party was extremely great jaja a lot of dishes, present, beer jeje hug!!! all my famili together yeah!!!

    uhm zumba a mix of different music.. heard so cool!! i imagine dancing a lot of kind of music in one!! but how do you dance? its your first class?

    ahhhhh we celebrated too. streets were so crowded .. a lot of music, department stores with suoveniers!! food in each corner jeje you will choisee a range of place to celebrate.. my family stayed only a part of hour out ..then we came back to our house to had a rest!! uuff absolutely exhausted!!

    do you life only with your mom?
    ahhhhhh the last day in the news saw the festival in Shangai!! we have a store in this frestival called PERU?¿ dis you visited? jejeje uhm or the festival have finished? buuu i dodnt know... when i saw the news inmediately i thought in you!!! friend!!

    tell me about the festival. how was it?
    xDDsorry for write too late!! plz!!
    see you smiley - hug

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Monday, 17th May 2010

    Hi Isa,

    Great to see you again~~ smiley - hug

    Dear, happy birthday to your mother!! smiley - smiley It's the happiest moment that family members gather together, eating delicious food, joking, laughing... You must have had a good time,huh

    Sometmes I find myself pessimistic and timid, which makes me feel bad. smiley - sadface And that's one of the reasons I come to BBC message board -- hoping to meet some friends to chat with and share some opinions~~ How lucky I am that I met you. You are so nice. I am not good at communicating with people, not that sophisticated you know. I do hope that I'll make some improvements in that way.

    I live with my parents in an apartment. My mother does the cooking and washing for my father and me. You mentioned that you have 2 brothers and you are the only girl in the family. Then you must live a life just like a princess, don't you?

    As to the store called PERU, I havn't heard of it yet. If I knew it, I will absolutely visit the store in the future. Or perhaps it's the Peru Pavilion? Do you remember the EXPO I mentioned before? There're more than 200 pavilions here in Shanghai Expo. The exhibition will last till October this year. If you can afford the time, you may come to Shanghai and take a look~~

    Keep in touch, Isa

    All the best,


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Tuesday, 18th May 2010

    Hola!!! again!!

    of course i t was so sweet.. i never forget things liek this!!! together all my family!! hahaha

    ohh.. well when i was at the school was a bit shy but then at university never more!! haha i met a lot of people so cool and friendly!! thanks for your words.. i know that you are friendly too.. also i wan to know more about you .. in may case o love communicating with people,if the other place much better!! and learn about them!!

    ahh your mother is a my mom. jeje uhmm about my family.. yes and not..i dont like be a princess i prefer be very independent hahaha i`n the only girl apart from my mom. neve

    rtheless i dont want to lie.. my parents give me more than my brothers jaja

    uhm i was confused yes sorry.. about the EXPO... in the news i saw that you told me.. exist a store called PERU in the EXPO upss.. hahaha did you visited the expo? how much is it?¿ or is enter free and you only have to buy that you want?¿ uhm explain me

    O_O buuu i have time nevertheless i dont have money to go to your country!!! is so expensive!!! i think.. buu ahahaha i nly have a pocket money...jaja is a joke.

    keep in touch!!!
    bye friend!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 19th May 2010

    Hi again, dear

    Are you still studying in the university? What do you learn? You only have pocket money so that you cannot come to China now. Anyway, welcome to China! Maybe in the near future when you get a job and earn a living by yourself. smiley - smiley China is so big, and you'll see so many different people, fresh custom, and special things. I believe the tour won't let you down.

    I haven't been to the Expo yet. There are large number of visitors every day. I am trying to collect more information so that I will spend a wonderful day there, haha I will visit Peru Pavilion for sure. I think I'll know more about your county after that. I almost cannot wait to share my experience with you. smiley - winkeye

    Actually, we need buy tickets to visit the pavilions. And each ticket costs about 25 US dollars. I've bought several tickets in order to visit as many pavilions as possible.

    That's very kind of you to keep talking with me, which makes me so happy. smiley - hug

    See you soon~~~~


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Wednesday, 19th May 2010

    hahaha!! again!!

    no.. i`ve finished my studies but i continuous a course for my specialization (working and teh same time study) buuu . its was a jock, i have money .. but i guess that it ins´t enough to travel to your country... is neccesary save more money about more years. one day.. i dont want to put off the travel smiley - cool

    yeah!! you cant lost this opportunity!! good dedicion.. you have to plan your day and visit all possible.. siiiiii i want your opinions about your experience!!

    uhmmm a bit expesive, isn´t it? .. save money please!! one questions? you buy the ticket but when you stay inside? also you need to pay sth else to buy food or suveniers?, don´t you? uhmmm but worth it

    thanks!!! yours world make me feel so enthusiastic!! haha i know that my writing need more expressions and grammar but i try!! jejeje
    thanks again!!

    see you!!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Friday, 21st May 2010


    Great to see you, my naughty girl. smiley - winkeye

    Then you have a job and you further your studies at the same time. You are hardworking indeed. When you become more knowledgable, you'll be able to earn more money. hahaha smiley - whistle

    Yep, I also think the tickets are a bit expensive. Actually, almost nothing is cheap in my city. Living cost is so high that people are busy working to make more money to cover daily expenses. Food, clothing, travel expense, tuition fee, bla bla ... Is it the same situation in Lima?

    Ah, Peru is so far away from China ... So let's work harder to accumulate a large fortune. Then we'll be able to travel all around.

    Have a nice weekend, dear~~~~

    Best wishes,


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Friday, 21st May 2010

    hahaha thanks for naughty !!!smiley - laugh

    yeahhhh it´s hard and challenge but then i going to have a good result to my life!!

    uhmmmmm happen the same in my country.. all people want to have a good quality of a result, everyone must be a hardworking every day!! and have a good life buuu. although the situation is complicated.. some people are unemployed buu alot..are so poor.. uhmmm

    woooooo hehehe saving maney... dear friend!!.

    maybe if i swam and crossed all the Pacific Ocean, i would arrive to your country ahaha

    bye!!! have a nice week dear!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Monday, 31st May 2010

    Hi Isabel,

    Hope you are still here. smiley - smiley Sorry for my late reply. How are you doing?

    It's been a terribly busy week for me. I attended a wedding last weekend. The bride comes from South Korea and the bridegroom is Chinese. That's wonderful!

    And my workload is heavy these days, therefore I have to work overtime. I feel tired. smiley - sadface As you need to work and further your studies at the same time, it must be also a little tough. Fighting!! smiley - winkeye

    I am down. But the weather is so good. The sun shines and the temperature is perfect - 18-26 Celsius degree. What's the weather like in Lima, dear? It seems winter there?

    See you~~~ smiley - hug


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Tuesday, 1st June 2010

    Hi!!! Renee!

    buuuuuuu sorry i didnt enter to the bbc page to write for a lonng longggg lognnnn time!!! buuu was a very busy week too.. the last weekend was my graduation!!!!! wuooooo was so amazingg... for that reason, i couldnt stay here,.... i wanted to buy dress, shoes, went to hairdresser wuoooo practice the essay ...a lot of things!!!

    uhmmmmmm a wedding!!! a couple from South Korea and China!!! OMG i imagine 2 culture mix!! .. so great!! traditional wedding, isn´t you?... i dont know if correct or not but south korean family are so strict and dont leave to mix its origins with another culture .. or it only happens with very rich Koreans and therefore they are closed .. or i see many soap operas hahaha.. in china happen the same?¡?

    here we are in autum...altought. the sun have stayed in the sky yet!! i like the sun... buu. i´ve got a flu!! buu .... thennn the winter,.. and i have to use a lot of blankets hahaha!!!!!

    seeeee youuuuuu dearrrrrrr friend!!
    take care!!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 2nd June 2010

    Hi Isa,

    It's really great to meet you again!!! Nice to talk to you~~

    Congratulations on your graduation!! smiley - rose That's one of the most wonderful things in the world. Cool! So you've bought new dresses, shoes and had your hair done? You must be even more beautiful now, girl smiley - winkeye Are you happy? You've finished your essay, right? Then you should feel relieved.

    Yeah, it was a traditional wedding. A large number of guests, including their relatives, friends and colleagues, attended the wedding. We had a hearty dinner together. The scene was cheerful and touching. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    The bride has been living in China for many years and she can speak Chinese very fluently. I think they get along with each other, hehe

    I love autumn ... cool weather... How is your flu? Do you feel better now? Wish you good health! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you, dear.

    See you later~~~


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    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Saturday, 5th June 2010

    Hi!!! Rene

    thanks for your words!! wuuuuuoooo i´m fine so great!!!

    yesssss was extremelly..gorgeous!!!!!!! wuooooo you can imagine!! uhmmmmm maybe all my friends was so cute!! but nobody more beautiful than I !!! ahaha

    uhmmmmmm yes my mother made me some special meal andi took a pill.. now i´m so so well buuu

    yeah... on winter!! brrrrrrrr... althoug the sun shine!!.. today the weather is warm i like it!...
    my hours work change some days... in the morning or in the afternoon wuooo so i have more time to write here!!! ehhhhhhh

    wooooooooo my celebration was only a huge auditoriumm like a celebration... with 130 clasmates!!! ufff lot!!! was so crowded.. and we had 8 guests for each of us... you are intelligent.. 130x8!!! wuoooo hahaha a bit nervous when I stayed infront them ande recevied my medal and diploma . in the next week i´m goinf to go our graduaction´s party!!!!!!! wuoooooooo i´m excited!!! jijijiji

    very tradicional weddingggg and expensive ... i think that!! uhmm chinese has some similar pronunciation with korean?¡ or japanesse?¡ and with the writing.. sth similar or an opposite..smiley - smiley

    i want to see your pic!!! buuu have you got faceebook? uhmmmmm

    byeeee seee yuuu!!! dear Renee!!

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    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Sunday, 6th June 2010

    Hello beauty,

    Great to hear from you again. smiley - smiley

    There'll be a graduation party waiting for you, huh? Amazing~~~ Singing, dancing, drinking... Just have fun, dear. You know, after graduation, you may not be able to meet some of your classmates any longer in the future. People sometimes just depart from each other when they say "goodbye". They will be busy working, earning a living or looking after their babies,haha So please treasure the time you spend together. It'll be the most wonderful thing in the world when you look back to your younger days. Very very sweet~~~

    It cost much money to hold such a wedding ceremony. But in China, most people would like to do this. Um,actually both Korean and Japanese share some similarities with Chinese, in pronunciation and characters. China was an extreme strong country in Tang Dynasty, and Korean and Japanese students were sent to learn our language. China is not that powerful nowadays, but I do hope that my country will develop rapidly. People will lead a happier life then.

    Best wishes for you,


    Report message30

  • Message 31

    , in reply to message 30.

    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Wednesday, 9th June 2010

    thank!! Renee!!

    wuooo buu i don´t make me cry buuu.. well i made excellent friend at university.. allways going out and go their house when is their birthday or we stay all nights at messenger,... ahaha buu

    well some of my classmate arent very close.. but i dont woryr, i love mys BBF!!

    wuooooo... your country was very important.. i´d studied.. about your history when i was at chool.... honestly. was a bit difficult for my. all your dysnaties!! uhmmm

    however your contry also is an important and excellent country.. so disciplined and strict.. a lot of rule.. dont you?

    Little by little we will return to be achieved. we also need to make many changes paar surguir and be like a country eurpeo! or Asian!!

    bye!!!! dearr girl!!!
    see youuu

    Report message31

  • Message 32

    , in reply to message 31.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Thursday, 10th June 2010

    Hi Isabel,

    You didn't cry, huh? Cute girl~~

    People usually meet the most important people at school. It's pretty good that you made excellent friends at university. You're a lucky girl. Your life must be colorful and wonderful. Crazy days, sitting before the computer through the night, chatting .... What's BBF? your boy friend? hehe

    As is known to all, China is a big country with the largest population in the world. We used to be so strong... Chinese people are hardworking, and I believe things will be better. As we've got a long history of 5000 years or so, there have been so may dynasties, to tell you the truthe, I myself find it difficult to remember them too. And you're right that we put much emphasis on disciplines.

    What a pity, in China we cannot open the page of TWITTER or FACEBOOK. smiley - sadface Otherwise, we may talk to each other more easily~~~

    Report message32

  • Message 33

    , in reply to message 32.

    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Thursday, 17th June 2010

    HI!! RENEE

    ejeje noo... i was excited that i dindt have time to cry.. xD!!

    sseeepp.. smiley - smiley i dont like feeling bad or sad... prefer have a good moment although short but with intensity..and funny.. sii chatting on the internet.. in messenger.. do you have? or not allow you to use that... you can use, can you?
    ahh was my mistake.. i wanted to said BF best friends.. no BBF jajaja plop!!!

    wuuuuuuuaaaaaaaauuuuuuu your history is like a challenge.. feeling proud that your people are... like me.. mys ancestors The Inkas. have you ever hear about Inkas?
    :P jejeje

    wuuuuoooo so petty!!! buu i have got and i have a lot of pics.. jejej i wish that you see my pics one day jeje ...

    did you see the world cup? when play south korea..?¡ jeje I had wanted to win South Korea but Argentina was the winner!! xD however a like argentina too.. specially MESSI hahaha...

    bye friend
    take care!!

    Report message33

  • Message 34

    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

    Dear Isabel,

    Nice to hear from you again~~

    Is everything ok now? Will you get a new job later? Anyway, wish you happiness!! smiley - smiley

    You are really a lovely girl. I like you so much~~ Yeah, I use MSN, how can we exchange our email address then? smiley - winkeye

    I watch the world cup matches though I don't know soccur well. I like Argentina -- they are really strong and will probably be the winner this year. Messi is the greatest player and he is cute, I like him. And I like KAKA, too. Teams from South America have been playing well in South Africa. Congratulations~~ You should be proud, huh

    See you soon~~~ smiley - hug

    Best regards,


    Report message34

  • Message 35

    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

    Hi! RENEE

    hahaha some days without message.. buuu .. but its ok!!

    yeah.. i´m ok.. i had a flu again.. buuu.. so i stayed in my bed a long time.. smiley - sadface... well

    yeah... hahah great.. i use too.. but how can i send it?¡ is not prohibited write here?¡ uhmmmm i dont know..:s...

    n_n!!! wuoooo MESSI.. a gorgeous guy..... wuoooooo is a little and sweet guy.. I love him!!!.... also he is an excellent player.. xD!

    KAKA... buuu he had a red card.. so... he wont play in the next match with PORTUGAL wuoooo smiley - sadface.. and Cristiano Ronaldo... is a cute guy too!!! wuoooo I fall in love with a lot of soccer players... jajaja..

    siii!!!!! some journalist said that the winner for this world cup stay in South America!!! who will be?¡?¡ a big and complicated question!!!!smiley - laugh

    seeeeeeee youuuuuusmiley - hug
    dearr Renne!!!

    Report message35

  • Message 36

    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Thursday, 24th June 2010

    Hi Isabel,

    I'm sorry to hear that you've got a flu. How are you now? Do you feel better? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope that you'll recover soon~~

    As to the MSN, I don't know either. Can we send personal messages to each other? I didn't find this function.

    Messi is a cute guy, and he's done a great job for his team. Argentina is lucky to have Messi there. Wow! There are so many handsome soccur players in the world! They're so cool. I like David Beckham very much! He's truely got a passion for soccur. Maybe he's like a fashion icon to some people. I do think that he's a great player and an affectionate daddy. By the way I like his boys, too. They are lovely!

    The match will begin in 10 minutes. I have to go~

    See you, dear.


    Report message36

  • Message 37

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Monday, 5th July 2010


    uhm i´m fine thank you so much. hahah right now i´m wearing 3 sweaters wuooooo cold!!! but i havent got flu... uffffffff!!! a lucky...

    uhmmm personal message?¡ i dont know about it..smiley - blush

    the last monday was my birthday so i had a hard week too busy!! but i liked it
    now i have an one more year of life!!! hahaha i will be ok or worst.. xD!!! but I feel like a little girl yet..

    I guess that in each team exist great and cute soccer players so i have got many guys that are my favourites.. for example in Spain: David villa, Xavi.. Iker Casillas hahaha... Portugal so so Ronaldo but in the matches, he was horrible, he just wanted to be on screen and he didn´t play.. waaaa so awful.smiley - doh

    nevertheless im so sad... brazil and argentina were eliminated.. they were my favourites teams.. buuu smiley - sadface ....although I cried when uruguay pass to quarter finals... an expectacular match.. did you see Uruguay vs Ghana or know about it?¡ a lot excitedddddd!!!!! smiley - smiley

    see youuuuu dear friend!!!smiley - hug

    Report message37

  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by 4wd (U14496056) on Tuesday, 6th July 2010

    Hi Renee,Yzavelitha!

    Aha! Now I see why you like certain teams! It's all about how the guys look and not how they play!

    Anyways, Spain is my favorite on this World Cup.

    Report message38

  • Message 39

    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 7th July 2010

    Hi Isabel,

    Long time no see!

    It's so cold in Lima? 3 sweaters? Oh my goodness. Take care of yourself. It is scorching summer here in Shanghai, hard to imagine. High temperature, stuffy air, shower ... Anyway, I like winter better.

    Your birthday is on 4 Jul? You were born in winter then? Me too.smiley - winkeye I was born in January.

    It's a pity that both Brazil and Argentina went home. They are strong teams with great players. I feel sorry for Messi and KAKA. Because of the time lag (The match began at 2.30 in the morning.), I didn't watch the match between Ghana and Uruguay. But I know it. It's crazy and exciting. What a shame that Holland beat Uruguay in the semi-final. Hope you won't be so sad. They'll show up 4 years later.

    The war between Germany and Spain will begin in 4 and half hours. Hope that it will be an exciting mathch too.

    See you, dear~~

    Best wishes,


    Report message39

  • Message 40

    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Wednesday, 7th July 2010

    Hello smartmaths,

    You must be good at maths.

    It's true that girls would prefer to be fond of good-looking guys. But we also admire those great players who don't have a pretty face. For me, I like Wesley Sneijder and David Villa for their wonderful performance on the pitch.

    Good luck, Germany!
    Good luck, Spain!

    Report message40

  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by 4wd (U14496056) on Thursday, 8th July 2010

    Hi Renee,

    Good to hear that you admire players not only by their looks.

    It was a pleasure for me to watch Spain defeat Germany. Did you enjoy this battle?

    I like maths. What are your interests?

    Report message41

  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Thursday, 8th July 2010

    Hi smartmaths,

    Congratulations! Your favorite team won the match against Germany. You must be happy. The match started at 2:30 in the morning, so I couldn't stay up to watch it. I have to go to work you know. The Spanish guys are great. Hope that they'll play well in the final.

    By the way, where are you from? Are you a student who's interested in maths? smiley - smiley I was poor at maths at school. Luckily I don't need to learn Maths any more. haha

    Report message42

  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by yzavel (U14312671) on Sunday, 18th July 2010

    HI dear Renne!!!
    how are you?¿ are you fine?¿

    yeahh buuuu long time!!! xD
    siiiiiiiii so cold.. but isn´t cold.. about 13ºC.. I´m allergic, Lima is very wet for that reason i´m sneezing so much (ashuuuuuuuuuu!!!!)smiley - yikes

    uhmmm i made a mistake.. with the day .. ahhh was on 28th June!!! smiley - loveblush... yeah but no in winter in autum.. way.. is the same but less cold!!! smiley - whistle

    of course.. they teams were our proud.. but now my best team is Uruguay!!! the best.. my winner!!! ahhhh
    yeah, you couldn´t see the matches there x the time .. here was in the evening or middle day!!! when i was eating.. ahhh my mother always told me Isa eat!!! don´t see the tv.. buu.. I ate slowly!!!

    now the winner is Spain.. wuooo they deserve it,, worked hard, and think that they started losing and now they are world champions!!
    although I wanted to see penalties ... more excited! smiley - smiley

    i saw in the tv how Spanish celebrated their victoryy wuoooo and the best and romantic kisses of Iker Casillas and his girlfriend!!! buuu i want a man like him!!! buuuuuuuuu

    bye take care!!!!!!!!smiley - hug

    Report message43

  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by antonia (U8657972) on Monday, 19th July 2010

    Dear friend
    I think I remember you two years ago. If I remember correctly, in that time you made some very good friends
    I hope you continue in the same spirit for friendship
    I was to go to prove in the archives of our BBC thread and I have read all names of all topicà to begin of January, 2008 and I stop on September 18th, 2008, and I did not find your forename or name
    Flowers to you, dear friend

    Report message44

  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Monday, 19th July 2010

    Dear Isa,

    I am fine. And you? Have you recovered from the bad cold? Keep warm and take care~~ smiley - hug

    It has been raining in the past 2 weeks. Shower just came at any time. Now it clears up. It's so hot today. Sunny, 35 degrees... Oh my God! Everything goes smoothly but I have to work for a very long time - maybe 10 hours a day. A little bit tired. But it's very nice to read your reply again. You make me smile, sweety. smiley - smiley

    You are an enthusiastic fan, haha. But it's not a good habit to watch TV when eating~~ Your mom is right. Iker Casillas~~ Oh, you like guys like him, huh? Great! You'll get one! Or you've already had a boy just like Saint Iker? smiley - winkeye His girlfriend is so lucky~~

    Dear, it's late now. See you~~

    Best wishes,


    Report message45

  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Monday, 19th July 2010

    Dear Antonia,

    Nice to meet you. Thank you for coming~~ And thank you for your flowers.smiley - smiley

    I used to visit BBC messageboard very often. And I remember that there was an old version of BBC messageboard. I registered to the new board too. However, for some reason I couldn't surf the Internet for a quite long time. And when I came back again, I couldn't log onto the board with my former user ID any more. And I even failed to find any messages I posted before. It's made me a bit sad.

    Yeah, I come here to find some friends. Hope that I will. At least Isa has been the one.

    See you.


    Report message46

  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by antonia (U8657972) on Monday, 19th July 2010

    My friend
    oiu, Izabelitha is one very girlfriend and she laughs a lot, apparement she is happy, I have queques of his comments and I also laughed and I remained good spirits
    I say that you had one very Chinese girl friend two years ago, is not?
    Still flowers for a nice girl

    Report message47

  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by antonia (U8657972) on Monday, 19th July 2010

    Dear Chinese friend
    You have seen translation online
    It is difficult this work
    I asked translation into English
    I speak French at home
    When I work in the office I speak a lot of European Languages
    Have a nice day

    Report message48

  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by 4wd (U14496056) on Tuesday, 20th July 2010

    Hi Renee,

    I've been away in mountains. I'm back now.
    I don't know how I could leave without reading your message 42!

    Thanks for congratulations! I was even more happy when Spain won the Netherlands in the final.

    I'm from Russia. No, I'm not a student.

    What are your hobbies?

    Report message49

  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 48.

    Posted by kk0526 (U14436161) on Tuesday, 20th July 2010

    Hello Antonia,

    Great to see you again.
    It's cool that you speak several languages. So admirable! Perhaps I should learn another language in the future. It must be interesting~~

    You speak French at home, then are you from France? smiley - smiley It is said that French is the most beautiful language in the world. But I'm afraid French pronounciation is too difficult for me. By the way, have you ever heard people speak Chinese?

    Best regards,


    Report message50

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