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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    The mgmt & staff of BBC. UK, Learning English Team & members & friends from all corners of the world smiley - bubbly smiley - magic
    Wish you a merry christmas & a happy new year!
    Buon natale felice anno nuovo!
    Feliz navidad Y prospero ano nuevo!
    Bon nadalI felice any nou!
    Feliz natal Y feliz ano novo!
    Vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok!
    Froehliche weihnacht und ein gutes nues jahr!
    Kurisumasu omedeto-yoi otoshi-o!
    Meri kirihimete!
    S rozhadestvom khrestoyym !
    Milad bayraminiz mubarek!
    Weso'ych oewit szozoeliwego-roky!
    Chestyta koleda-chestyta nova godina !
    Kellemes karacsonyi-unnepeket-boldog uj evet!
    Giang sinh vui ve-nam moiyui ve!
    Kristumasum puthuvalsaravum!
    Mutlu yyllar!
    Subha nattalak saha samayen piri preethimath aluth avuruddak weva !
    smiley - bubbly smiley - bubbly

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    Posted by Greekgirl24 (U6789084) on Monday, 18th December 2006


    You forgot Greek:


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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    Hello! Greekgirl,
    Thank you for adding the Greek wishes. I wish I had it earlier but it is better late than never.
    Are you ready for christmas? I am. Hope you have a wonderful one with all your dreams and wishes fulfilled.
    Fluffysmiley - rose

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    Posted by Greekgirl24 (U6789084) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    It's OK I was just kidding!

    Merry Christmas (or else ÊáëÜ ×ñéóôïýãåííá) from Greece too!! I am making ready for X-mas! I have decorated my house with many ornaments, I have a tall tree (2,10height) and I'll tell to my mummy to make me these delicious traditional sweets which we make here in Greece every X-mas time!

    Thanks for your wishes

    Hope the best for you too!

    May all your dreams become TRUBest wishes!

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo! smiley - bubbly smiley - bubbly

    ... to everyone from Italy!

    Little Butterfly

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    Posted by friendship (U6907613) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    Milad bayraminiz mubarek!
    Thats good!!you dont forget Azeri language)),

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    Dear little butterfly,
    Thank you for your wishes. Have a good christmas and may the good lord bless you and your family with love peace and happiness!
    warm wishes,

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    Posted by lubnatsi (U3977409) on Monday, 18th December 2006

    Hello Dear, smiley - smiley

    Mutlu yýllar smiley - bubbly,

    Happy New Year and Christmas smiley - magic


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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Tuesday, 19th December 2006

    Thank you for your wishes, too, Fluffy!!!

    Your nickname is very nice! How did you choose it?

    See you! smiley - smiley

    Little Butterfly

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Tuesday, 19th December 2006

    Dear Zakirovic
    Thank you for the kind wishes. You have a wonderful holiday and fulfil all your dreams and wishes.

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Tuesday, 19th December 2006

    Dear little Butterfly,
    Thank you for the reply. Well You asked me how I chose my nickname. I live in Canada-we get lots and lots of snow That triggered me to use it.
    What made you to chose little butterfly? I can picture you as a sweet innocent dainty little butterfly-am I correct? Where are you from?
    I wish you and your family a wonderful christmas and happy holidays.
    Bye for now smiley - rose

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Tuesday, 19th December 2006

    Hello! dear lubnatsi,
    Thank you for the kind wishes. I wish you and your family the best of everything during the holiday season!
    Bye for now smiley - peacedove

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    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Tuesday, 19th December 2006

    " Feliz natal p'ra todos e um ano novo cheio
    de realizações "... from Brazil.

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Wednesday, 20th December 2006

    Hello Fluffy!

    I've got a friend from Canada, Calgary! She always tells me about the cold and snow there! I'm from Italy, here we have a different climate... warmer than there!
    I chose the Butterfly for its coulours, freedom and lithness! Little: because I'm slim and not very tall... smiley - blush
    Thank you for the description you have in your imagination: it's very nice!

    What are you planning for Christmas Day?

    See you and have a nice day!
    Little Butterfly! smiley - smiley

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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Wednesday, 20th December 2006

    Ciao, piccola farfala come stai? Spero bene, I've been to your country three times and I love it so much, the language, the people, the songs. Io ho un amico che abita a Torino, di dove sei tu? We have in Brazil a lot of italian descendants ( at about 35 million , our population is 180 million in total ) despite my origin being portuguese I have an special simpathy towards italians and when I visited there I noticed an enormous similarity between both people. Io ho un sogno di vedere mio paese andare avanti ed arrivare un giorno nel futuro a un posto simile a quell che l'Italia è già acquistato, dove tutta la gente possa ottenere una vita confortevole. Non ci sto parlando di richezza ma di dignità nel vivere, cosa che per qui ci stiamo ancora lontano di riuscire. Good to talk to you, and I'd like to keep a nice exchange with someone from a country I liked so much.
    Arrivederci, un buon natale e che l'anno nuovo sia pieno di belle cose per tutti voi.
    Ciao cara, ci veddiamo!

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 21st December 2006

    Dear little butterfly,
    You must be getting ready to go home.Enjoy the holidays with your family.
    This year the weather has changed. Warm provinces like Vancouver,Calgary getting lots of snow some are without electricity. Our province has got milder and rain. I like it. We will not have a white christmas instead rain. For christmas we get together have a christmas meal and open gifts laugh talk and be merry. The day after christmas is called Boxing Day-people go early morning shopping for bargains or get ready with christmas ornaments for next year. Crazy! isnt it. The malls will be crowded and you are lucky if you get a parking space.
    Eat,Drink and be merry. My love and regards to your family.
    God Bless!

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 21st December 2006

    Ciao, my friend Mrheroe,
    Thank you for the lovely wishes. It is good to see everybody in the holiday mood-isnt it?
    Ontario weather has changed-no white christmas this time. But other warm provinces getting hammered with snow floods and hurricanes.We will have rain for christmas and very mild weather.
    Are you ready for christmas? I am just re-cooperating from my sickness much better now.
    I wish you and your family a Blessed Christmas and may the New Year bring Peace, Good Health, Love and Joy!
    Fluffy smiley - magic

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Thursday, 21st December 2006

    Ciao MRHEROE!

    Pleased to meet you! smiley - smiley
    Your italian is good! I live in Bologna but my origins are from South Italy! I know that a lot of italians are emigrated in South America.
    I wish you that all your dreams - that are very noble-minded and kind - will be true soon!
    What's your country/city?
    Does your mother tongue is portuguese? I like its sound... it's so sweet! And portuguese songs are very beautiful and have a big harmony in the sound!
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Worderful New Year! Hoping that all your dreams come true!

    Keep in touch! smiley - star
    Little Butterfly

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Thursday, 21st December 2006

    Hello Fluffy!

    For Christmas I'm going to visit my parents and I'm looking for that moment!
    No white Christmas this year there? Ohhh! Christmas without snow loose something of magic! It's wonderful when at Midnight going out from Church it's snowing!!! So sweet!
    In my little country at night of the Christmas Eve young boys light big fire in the streets and people stand near them warming themselves and chatting, drinking and eating potatos cooked on the fire! Very nice, isn't it?
    It's so interesting to know the different Crhristmas traditions!!! Is there something else that you do on Christmas season?

    Wishing you love, peace and that all your dreams come true!

    Keep in touch!
    Little Butterfly

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    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Friday, 22nd December 2006

    Hi little butterfly ,how are you doing? Here I'm OKay.
    Yes my mother language is portuguese but a brazilian portuguese which has its own features and when one listen to a brazilian native speaker and afterwards listen to a person from Portugal or any other from its ancient colonies ( Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde,... ) it sounds quite different and you may ask yourself if they are speaking the same language. Our portuguese is much more sweet and soft to the ears,we have an open accent ( just like italians ), on the contrary Portugal has an extremely closed accent it seems like they miss treble sounds in their voices, even a real portuguese agree with this much, they use to say we've sweetened their language and they like to listen to brazilians talking. When a brazilian goes to Portugal, specially to inner places ( hamlets ) it's quite difficult for us to have a "non stop" conversation I mean it because it happened to me its not a joke! All latin america's countries speak spanish but Brazil, that's the reason many people in the world ( less prepared ones ) think we have also spanish as our mother language, despite you can be understood with no problem in Brazil if you speak a standard and slow paced spanish.
    I live in Rio de Janeiro, the second largest city of Brazil ( the first is São Paulo where the italians left an important legacy in its history ) and a still beautiful one, despite the crucial problems we have to cope in our daily life, we have a unique environment which mix beautiful greenish beaches, forests and mountains in the city itself as well as in our surroundings.

    P.S1: We have all deserted beaches with pristine waters distant only 30 min by car from downtown, and I have to declare my favourite ones, I never go to Copacabana or Ipanema ( the most famous throughout the world )because they're nothing compared to those virgins I've mentioned before.
    I've talked too much, that's enough for now dear.

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    , in reply to message 17.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Friday, 22nd December 2006

    Hi dear fluffy, thank you for your wishes. I hope you get well just in time for Xmas. It's cool to see your expectations along with others like "little butterfly" from Italy about Xmas with or without snow, for us is just hot weather ( we're just in summer ), in the past three days the temperature ranged from 25 up to 38°C ( terrible to be in town ) I took my car and went to the mountains covered with dense rain forest that pass behind my city bay ( about 70 Km ) plenty of pristine cascading rivers which form several natural pools and enjoyed all day long the local freshness, I went early in the morning and returned home late in the evening. With such a high temperature I don't use to go to the beaches to avoid insolation. Today the weather is bearable 30°C for the higher, not so bad, but we're just beginning a long summer season and I think this year is going to be one of the most severe for what we're experimenting in these early days.
    Good to see you are from Canada, I've been there once visiting Ontario and Quebec and it was a agreable experience. Canada has a beautiful northern scenery and a very polite people,I don't know anybody who dislike it, unfortunately I haven't known the west provinces with its breathtaking landscapes but who knows in the future, it should be a pleasure to go back and visit what has missed.

    P.S1: I do not dare to go to the north hemisphere during winter, we have snow in Brazil only in the south in specific regions or high in mountain points in my region, I don't like frigid weather besides I'm too alergic ( I think I'd catch a flu for a lifetime! ).

    See you dear!!! Bye!!!

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

    Ciao MRHEROE!

    ... and Happy New Year! smiley - bubbly smiley - bubbly

    I wish you all that you desire for this new year!

    I agree with you about the sweetness of your native language!
    I've never been in Brazil, but I'd like to come there a day! I think brazilian are very friendly people!
    Reading your message I've remembered a song: The girl of Ipanema, it's very nice... with a very sweet sound! Do you know it?

    What about your Christmas Holidays? Christmas with hot and sun sounds strange to me!
    I was with my parents in South Italy! This year Christmas was without snow! ... with snow it should be more magic!

    Hoping to hear from you soon!
    Bye, bye! smiley - smiley

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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

    Hello Fluffy!

    Did you go shopping on Boxing Day? Tell me more about this day!

    ... but most important:
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! smiley - bubbly smiley - bubbly

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    Posted by friendship (U6907613) on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

    dear fluffy
    thank you very much for your wishessmiley - smiley
    i hope you enjoyed with new year eve and christmas,
    best wishessmiley - smiley

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

    Dear little butterfly
    Hope you had a good christmas and may you have a woderful bright and joyous 2007.
    The day after christmas is boxing day. People line up from 6.00 am near electronic shops because it will be reduced price. Other shopping malls are open early as 7.00am. People line up to get bargains like christmas decorations sweet stuff and also clothing 1/2 price. Yes I went at about 10.00am couldnt get any parking so was not that keen to stay just came home. Some they fight for parking while some go round and round till they find a spot. Crazy ah!
    Another thing is I think Orthodox celebrate christmas after dec 25 so for them it is a good time to shop.
    Did you spend time with your family? Here we had rain no snow and weather was very mild. Still it is a bit like Spring. But soon we will have to pay for all of this.
    Have you made your new year resolutions? Let me know how and what you did during holidays.
    Bye for now smiley - rose

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    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Wednesday, 3rd January 2007

    Dear friendship,
    How are you? I am fine. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and back to reality now.
    Yes I did enjoy chirstmas and new year. New year we stayed at home and enjoyed it.
    I wish you a wonderful 2007!smiley - bubbly


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    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Thursday, 4th January 2007

    Dear Fluffy,

    Nice to ear you again here! smiley - smiley

    Some like boxing day exists in Italy, too. After Xstmas Holidays there is a period (more than a day!) when you can buy all things at discounted prices. They are called "Saldi".

    During the holidays I spent a lot of time with my parents; they were sad when 3 days ago I left them to came back to work! I also saw some friends who live to my native town. It's always very enjoyable to share some time with whom I love! What about your holidays?

    I haven't special resolutions for the new year, and you?

    See you soon,
    Little Butterfly

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    , in reply to message 27.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 4th January 2007

    Dear little butterfly,
    It was good to hear from you-I can just imagine the feeling you and your parents had when it was time to leave home. All good things might come to an end?
    Are you the only child in the family? When will the next holiday for you? Here there will be no holidays till Good Friday and Easter.
    How is work? must be hard to get back after holidays.
    Well. You have a good day and keep in touch.
    All the best,

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    , in reply to message 21.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 4th January 2007

    Ciao! MRHEROE,
    Hope you had a happy happy natale and a wishful felice anno nuovo?
    Yes, I feel better now and how about you?How is the temperature over there? I love hot hot weather. I envy you for visiting and enjoying those beaches rivers and mountains. Yes you should visit us here again -would you like to visit Alaska? I love visiting USA as there are many beautiful places to have fun and I love the Daytona Beach in Florida. Every year for summer i go there. It is very safe and very clean and friendly people now they have rides casino theatres etc.
    Have a healthy happy prosperous new year!

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by BBC Learning English (U2385303) on Friday, 5th January 2007

    Thanks very much for your kind season's greetings!

    With best wishes,

    The BBC Learning English Team

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    , in reply to message 22.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Friday, 5th January 2007

    Hi little butterfly how you doing? I'm OK but
    something so weird has happened right here in these past few days concerning the weather. After having a rather hot beginning the summer has changed totally since Dec 28th, including today we count an entire week of neverending rains and 28 people have already died in southeast Brazil ( where I live ) which is a region plenty of mountains and the soil is getting more and more watered, consequently erosion and landsliding occurs causing deaths among people, specially those who lives in the slums which are placed mainly in the hills on unstable terrain. The higher temperature in these days is 27ºC which is a nonsense for a tropical city at sea level in its very summer. I should be travelling right now but I had to decline the idea at least for a while until things get better. I suppose to go to Minas Gerais a mountainous state near mine ( Rio de Janeiro ) where the rains have also caused serious damages as well as several problems in the highways connecting both states; I think I should head to northeast Brazil where is always summer and you have no way to lost your vacations absolutely, but the distance is an obstacle in this case, at about 3000 Km to get there and the same to be back and it takes time to be planned.
    Changing subject you've mentioned the song "Girl from Ipanema" ( Tom Jobin and Vinícius de Morais ), of course I know it, one of the most famous we have from the period of brazilian music called "Bossa Nova" ( New Trend )in the distant 60's and this song had been translated into several languages throughout the world, even Frank Sinatra has given a lovely performance to it.
    If you come to Brazil you'll have a very good time for certain, as you have told we're a friendly people and welcome everybody from everywhere besides we like to make new friends and being you an italian citizen ( as well as others from european community ) you do not need any visa to get here its just the will.
    I don't know why but I use to write a lot and I think it's time to stop, otherwise you can take me as a bothering guy and won't talk to me anymore. See you dear ,
    " auguri di un meraviglioso 2007 per te ( anche i tuoi ) e che tu abbia quello che vuoi nella vita, e principalmente salute perche senza di lei non si può fare nulla"

    Tchau!!! ( Ciao!!! )

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    , in reply to message 28.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Monday, 8th January 2007

    Hello Fluffy!

    I came back to work on 2nd January, it was hard on one side, but I love my work, so I was happy to come back, too!
    I've got a brother, older than me of three years, and we live together, so I've part of my family always near me!!! But my parents are alone... for this reason they are very sad when we left them!
    Anyway, sons and daughters have to find their ways and to "build" their own lives! What do you think about it?

    How about your family? If you want, you can tell me something about it!

    Have a nice day!
    Little Butterfly smiley - smiley

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    , in reply to message 31.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Monday, 8th January 2007


    I'm fine, thank you!
    ... but I'm afraid to hear what's happening in your country regarding weather and disasters for people who live in those areas...
    Instead in Italy this winter is hotter than usually. Almond trees, that usually blossoms in march, have already produced their flowers... very strange! smiley - erm
    Do you have some vacation, now? What do you do in your life?
    Anyway, I like your way of writing and don't worry, you don't bother me! On the contrary I ask you to continue writing, so we can improve our english and continue knowing each other! smiley - smiley
    Moreover, your italian is very good!!! and thank you so much for your wonderful greetings for the new year! I wish you and to all the people you love all the best and all you want to come true!!!
    I've a question for you: What do you desire for this new year above all?

    Keep in touch and have a nice day!
    Little Butterfly

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    , in reply to message 32.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Monday, 8th January 2007

    Hello little butterfly
    Thank you for the reply.Yes,I agree with you.Children have to leave the parents to better their lives.
    My family had 3 boys and 3 girls. But unfortunately 2 brothers died. I have one elder sister living here. Other 2 are back in Srilanka.
    My dad was a methodist minister but died when I was about a year old. My mom died in 1990.
    I worked for a major utility company but due to relocation I took a package. I also did TESL,Early Childhood Education and got my diploma.
    I have the opportunity to go to China for teaching but not quite decided yet -confused.Right now I am trying to learn a bit of Chinese -Mandarin.
    You are lucky to have your brother living with you.I used to have that sad feeling to leave home too specially to leave my mom -but this is life I guess have to leave your loved ones someday.But always make sure whenever you have the free time to visit them. I know you are a special girl who cares for parents. I admire you for that.
    Have a good weeksmiley - smiley

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    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Monday, 8th January 2007

    Hi dear italian friend, first of all thank you for " I have a very good italian ", but it's not so true I'd like to be better, I'm good in standard italian that's all, and you can't forget our both languages are very close and it makes things easier. I love italian as well as english ( my two favourite tongues ), I use to keep in touch with them listening to the songs, specially towards italian that we have less opportunity to practise, I love italian music and I have many cds ( Eros Ramazzotti, Tiziano Ferro, Mietta, Umberto Tozzi... and the my most desired Amedeo Minghi, he's fantastic! despite their lyrics being more complex and for sure more difficult to understand ).
    You've aked me about my occupation, I'm a technician ( petroleum refinery ) of the most important company of my country ( PETROBRAS ) and it's a good job I can't complain, there's only one thing not so good in it, it's my working schedule which changes all the time, I have three different labor shifts: morning, night and overnight and it's not so healthy.
    Tomorrow I'm going to travel for my summer vacations despite the weather hasn't got better yet, I'm going to a state near mine so if things won't be OK it's easy to come back.
    For the new year 2007 I'd like to see my country going foward and promoting a better life for its people mainly those more needy, less war in the world and more responsibility for those who is in charge of this all, that's my desire.
    That's enough for now hope you have a very good journey.

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    , in reply to message 34.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Tuesday, 9th January 2007

    Dear Fluffy,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your parents and brothers...
    I know I'm very lucky to live near my brother, we can help each other! and this was helpful fr me especially the first years far from home!
    I'm graduated at University and now I work for an agency bookseller, we import scientific books from all over the world! It's very interesting!
    Going to China might be a great opportunity for you, but take your time and you'll take the right decision! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! smiley - winkeye
    For the moment have a nice day!
    Little Butterfly

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    , in reply to message 35.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Tuesday, 9th January 2007

    Dear MRHEROE,

    I'm a fan of Eros Ramazzotti, too! I know almost all his songs!!! smiley - smiley
    Your wish for year 2007 make me know you're a very good, sweet and gentle guy!
    As you'll be on vacation during the next days: Happy Holiday!!! Enjoy yourself!

    See you soon!
    Little Butterfly

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  • Message 38

    , in reply to message 29.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Monday, 15th January 2007

    Hi dear fluffy how you doing? I hope you have got healed from your throat problems. Here I'm doing well, after a week of vacations visiting the mountains of Minas Gerais state I'm back, I had a very good time there since we had beautiful days with only some showers in the late afternoon which it's normal for summer season. The weather right here is still closed, it seems the sun doesn't want to be present this summer, I think the climate is crazy everywhere as I can see on TV reports, the humankind must change the way how it deals with our planet otherwise we are going to suffer seriously with that irresponsibility.
    Have a nice journey, see you!

    PS1- Are you a Sri Lanka citizen as I could notice from your conversation with little butterfly from Italy?

    PS2- It should be fantastic to visit Alaska but I think it must be cold even in the summer and I don't like frigid weather, that's the reason I've never been to northern countries during winter.

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    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Tuesday, 16th January 2007

    Hello! dear MRHEROE
    Welcome back from your adventurous vacation. To me looks like you are a nature lover. How far is Minas Gerais from where you live? Yes,the weather has turned upside down everywhere. We had our first snow storm monday with freezing rain,ice pellets and snow. From pluses went down to minus 19c but feels like -25c. You are lucky to have nice warm weather.
    Yes I am Srilankan born but became a canadian citizen. You are right-we have to take care of our planet otherwise we will have to pay the consequences.
    Have you ever thought of becoming a writer? You explain things precisely and beautifully.
    Are you back at work? In my case I am at home scared even to go out as still the roads are icy .
    Well have a good weeksmiley - smiley

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    , in reply to message 37.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Wednesday, 17th January 2007

    Hi dear butterfly, are you OK? Here everything is the same , heavy showers have been struck almost all of Brazil in this awful summer 2007, except for the northeast and deeper south. Many roads are greatly damaged with fallen bridges and lots of paths interrupted, I think it's going to take a long time for recovering this mess. There's a mining plant in the northeast of Minas Gerais state near the bordering line with my own state Rio de Janeiro that has its dam colapsed flooding with mud ( 1 meter high )two towns down the river immediately and afterwards contaminating with toxic rejects its water consequently five towns from Rio state have their water supply halted and the people, specially those who depend on fishing for surviving are having big problems because the fish have been contaminated and those who haven't died can't be taken because they are not edible anymore. Anyway things like these happen everywhere but I think the Man has its fault towards what's happening to our planet as a whole.
    I've come back from my little vacation not so long ago and I can't complain because the weather unexpectedly has been friendly out there for at least the period in which we have been out of Rio, it seems a big lie but we've just arrived back in town and the bad weather has resumed itself.
    Dear, one more time I've been writing too much and I think it's time to stop. I hope you have a very nice week and I'll be waiting for your reply.
    See you!!!

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  • Message 41

    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Wednesday, 17th January 2007

    Hello MRHEROE! smiley - smiley
    Nice to hear from you here!
    I'm happy you had a good time for your vacation! Have you seen new places? What can you tell me about this days? I'll be glad to hear something about them!
    But I'm sorry to hear that weather in your country is still so "strange"! In Italy it's a strange winter, too! We had warm temperatures and any rains and snow either... instead trees have already their flowers at least two months on the due time... I think that these climate changes are in part due to human behavior, but not at all. However we have to begin to respect the nature!!!
    I don't have vacation untill August... but then I'll be on vacation for three weeks! I'm thinking to go in England then!
    Don't worry to write a lot... I'll be very happy to receive your long message!
    Do you have some hobbies?
    I like reading, listening to the music and cooking!

    ... but now I've to say Goodbye!!!

    See you soon!
    Little Butterfly

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  • Message 42

    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Wednesday, 17th January 2007

    Hi dear fluffy is everything all right? Here I'm OK but the weather is still unbearable, specially for those who decided to have their vacation in this bothering season and I myself among them, yesterday the higher temperature in Rio was about 21°C and a silly rain all day long, it's incredible for January, I was thinking to enjoy the rest of my vacation on the beach ( my brother has a house in a wonderful region 160 Km from Rio with breathtaking beaches with turquoise waters ) but I'm not sure whether I'm going with them because the weather is bad in great part of the country and it seems things won't be alright at least for more 3 or 4 days ahead. My brother and his wife are Math teachers and they have two sons ( 19 and 12 years old ) so everybody there is in vacation, but unfortunately the weather hasn't been friendly this season, for sure when we get back to work the summer is going to please us with a scorching sun and we'll have nothing to do but regret our bad luck, anyway as you have told we live in a country with mild climate and we always have the opportunity to enjoy our environment all over the year 'cause we don't have extreme oscilation through seasons and we even may go to the beach in the very winter as I did myself on the past July on a sunny day with 32°C. You must have in mind that our climate is dry winter and wet summer, so if you suppose to come to visit Brazil at least in the center-south of the country you better come during our winter because it's the dry season and it's possible to enjoy even the beaches exception made for the south which has a temperate climate and the winter use to be cold and sometimes the temperature goes below 0°C with some snow by times, in Rio is more agreable, in most of the times our temperature oscilates from 10 up to 32°C, exceptionally it can go down to 8°C or up to 35°C but it's not normal, otherwise if you suppose to go to the north-northeast there's no problem because it's always summer out there. When the Pope John Paul II came to Brazil in his first trip ( 1980 ) he didn't believe what he experienced in our country because he'd been here on July visiting Porto Alegre in the south ( -2°C ) and took the plane in the same day to Manaus in the Amazon ( 45°C ) and he exclaimed "this is really a fantastic country", how could it be happen in the same country in the same day? I have to say this is Brazil a place plenty of enigmatic portraits.
    See you, and thanks for your regards towards my writing skills I'm not sure if it's really true, maybe you are very kind I suppose. About this, in the next message I'll tell you the reason why you thing I have a precise writing OK!.Bye...

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  • Message 43

    , in reply to message 42.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 25th January 2007

    Ciao!Mrheroesmiley - smiley
    How are you doing? Sorry I couldnt come to the board for a few days due to work at home.
    Did you visit your brother and family? How is the weather now? Hope everything has calm down in Rio.
    We are experincing very cold weather -feels like
    -25c and some snow till next week. But the sun shines and that makes a big difference.
    Yes, my dear you promised to tell me something in your previous message-REMEMBER-about your precise writing. I cant wait to hear it.
    Are you back at work now? Yes I love to visit Rio during nice hot weather.I just want to find out in Rio what are the major stores for shopping? Here Sears, The Bay and Wal-Mart is very popular.
    We used to have Marks & Spencer-St Michaels from Uk, I used to love their clothing and even cookies and Tea were excellent. But during the Mad cow disease era they had to remove the bacon and other meat products from their shelves and they were losing money so they had to close all their stores. I miss it very much.
    Do you have Wal-Mart and Sears over there?What is your favorite store for clothing?
    Well I think this will do for now,have a good nite!

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  • Message 44

    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Thursday, 25th January 2007

    Dear little-butterfly
    Thank you for the kind message. How are you keeping? I was happy to hear that you are working for an agency bookseller -and enjoy the work. So how are your parents doing? What are you up to now adays?
    I am keeping fine but was a bit busy with some work at home and also outside snow. Now we are experiencing the real winter -cold-cold -cold.
    Anyway Spring is not far away and cant wait to see some nice weather. You are lucky that you dont have to worry about a thing.
    Do you cook for you and brother? What is your favorite dish? My favorite is Pizza and it is a favorite of most of the people here. Next is Chinese and Indian food.
    So little butterfly have a good week-end and keep in touchsmiley - smiley
    Bye for now

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  • Message 45

    , in reply to message 44.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Friday, 26th January 2007

    Hello my dear Fluffly! smiley - smiley
    Welcome back to the board! I'm happy to hear you!

    I'm fine, thank you!
    I'm a little busy at work, but I prefer to a have a full day than an empty one! smiley - winkeye So in the evening I'm tired, but satisfied!

    I like cooking and my best dishes are: pasta (any kinds), and cakes! But I cook also a fantastic pizza and my friends can confirm so!!
    Like you I love pizza and often in the weekends I have a pizza for dinner with my friends! But last sunday I had dinner in a Indian Restourant! I ordered rice and chicken with species! Very very good! I agree with you in telling that indian food is very tasteful! And their bred is also good!

    Yes, I cook for my brother and me! I know, I'm lucky as eat alone isn't enjoyable... but I can't wait for the day I'll cook for my own family!!

    Are you planning something interesting for the weekend?
    On Sunday evening I'm going to a dinner for a birthday!

    Have you a nice week-end!
    ciao ciao
    Little Butterfly smiley - star

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  • Message 46

    , in reply to message 45.

    Posted by Fluffysnowflake (U5755294) on Monday, 29th January 2007

    Hello! My dear Little Butterflysmiley - smiley
    Thank you very much for the kind message. Hope you enjoyed the birthday party.
    So you are good cook-MMM-Can I come for a pizza?
    Well, dont worry you will have your days when you spend sometime with your own family-a cute little butterfly or two saying mummy, it tastes good or mummy I love you. Yes, you both are lucky to have each other.Your brother must be proud of you and saying -What a sweet little good sister you aresmiley - rose
    The real winter started here and temp dipped to -25-30c. Dont feel like going out -too cold.How about over there?
    Have a wonderful week at worksmiley - smiley

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  • Message 47

    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Monday, 29th January 2007

    Hi dear butterfly it's good to talk to you again after an absent period, that's because I had so many tasks to do in the past recent days,I hope you're doing well, right here everything is ok! and I'm back to work again, but let's talk about my vacation; it wasn't a wonderful one in total despite we have experimented good weather out there, that's because the soil is extremely watered in the southeast Brazil due the rains and the interior isn't provided with many paved roads and consequently we couldn't visit the best places of the region including many waterfalls, state parks, pools and so on; with not so much to do we've decided to come back to Rio. Now as I've been predicted the weather would be nice when I went back to work and it really happened, these days the temperature is near 36ºC everyday besides extremely humid which feels like it's much more hot, and it's impossible to have a nice comfortable night without air conditioning, for those who don't have it it's terrible and I think they have to lay down in the kitchen floor in order to support the heat.
    What about the things in Italy? Still crazy weather?
    You have asked me about my hobbies, well I love travelling, cars, cycling, idioms, music ( specially in english and italian )and nature that for me is the most special of all things which features in my opinion the God itself.
    Sorry for my delaying and have a nice week! Waiting for your reply!

    P.S: It rained so much in southeast Brazil that a very special event has occured; we have an important river named São Francisco that goes down to the sea through the northeast of the country, running through the most dried terrains we possess with a semi-arid climate and a scorching sun shinning almost all the year. Well in this region they don't see a drop of rain by more than 3 months but even like this a terrible flood has set in the area and you can notice in the images on TV a wide blue sky along with a vast flooded area with its waters coming from a very distant place far at least 2000 Km to the south, it's a very interesting portrait undoubtedly.

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  • Message 48

    , in reply to message 46.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Tuesday, 30th January 2007

    Hi Fluffy,
    and thank you for the nice message! smiley - smiley
    Here we have colder than in the past week, but with a shining sun!!!
    I can't think how cold it should be there... -25°, brrrr!! smiley - yikes
    I imagine you with coat, scarf, wool gloves ... only with eyes uncovered!
    Did you build a snow man? That with a carrot as a nose, buttons as eyes... smiley - erm I liked it when I lived in my village and was younger!
    Sure! You can come for a pizza!! Next week-end? smiley - biggrin

    Have a wonderful week!!
    Little Butterfly

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  • Message 49

    , in reply to message 47.

    Posted by little butterfly (U6562536) on Tuesday, 30th January 2007

    Hello HARPIA! smiley - smiley
    I'm sorry to hear that weather was bad during your vacation... and that it turned into good weather only when you was at home! smiley - erm
    Here winter is still warm than usual even if the last days are colder moreover there is a big sun shining in the sky! I like this, but we need rain and snow too! The Nature need them!
    I agree with you about nature, God created the world in a perfect way and any thing has its role and its beauty!
    You told me you like cycling, I use my bike to go around the town! I use it as it was my car! smiley - biggrin So I haven't to wait for the bus and I'm more free!
    Have a nice day and week!
    See you soon!
    Little Butterfly

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  • Message 50

    , in reply to message 43.

    Posted by HARPIA (U6813204) on Tuesday, 30th January 2007

    Hi dear fluffy is the weather more agreable up there? For me it's impossible to make sense in a temperature so uncomfortable like you have reported ( -25ºC ), I'll never dare myself to be in a place with such a temperature not even whether you invite me to, definitely I hate frigid weather and for sure the canadians do not need to be worried about me going to live there as an illegal citizen because I would never live in a place like this. Here the rains have stopped at least for a while but the sun definitely doesn't want to be present this summer and the tourists, specially the foreign ones are complaining so much as I can see on TV.
    Related to my precise writting I think it comes from my mother language Portuguese that is extremely precise and you have to take care when trying to express yourself in it otherwise it's going to be a total nonsense, so I think with no perception I use to transfer to english what I use in portuguese, it's natural and I hope it doesn't seem much formal. What do you have to tell me about it?
    Right here we have many shopping centers throughout the city, we have WAL MART ( 3 ), but Sears we haven't anymore.I use to wear clothes from C&A, do you have it in Canada? I think it's from the Netherlands and I'm sure they are present in many european countries.
    It's a pity one of your favourite places to eat has failed due to mad cow disease, but I don't know why they didn't import meat from Brazil ( the number one in meat exports in the whole world ) because in any moment we had such a illness among our cattle, because they eat just grass.
    I'll stop here have a very good week. Bye.

    P.S: Did you like my brand new nickname? I decided to change for a brazilian word.

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