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I knew I shouldn't read it, so I didn't.

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    Posted by MGmusic (U6620272) on Thursday, 21st February 2013

    Hi, dear all,
    Is "I knew I shouldn't read it, so I didn't." the only way to express the meaning "I knew that it was wrong to read it."?
    " I shouldn't have read it" would mean that I did read it, but this is not the targeted meaning, so it's out. "mustn't" has no past form, and the past forms with "had", didn't have", "needn't have" won't work, either.

    What worries me is that "should + inf." is normally used with a present reference, but maybe here it can work for the past. Maybe I one could also say "I knew I ought not to read it (, so I didn't).

    Thank you in advance smiley - smiley

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