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consider + infinitive

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    Posted by kalchgruber (U15450483) on Sunday, 7th October 2012

    the key to my English book says: the government is considering to implement various measures.
    How can I explain to my students the use of the infinitive here, instead of consider + v-ing form?

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    Posted by AussieLexie (U13880784) on Monday, 8th October 2012

    Explain to your students that the book is incorrect.

    It's considering + gerund; consider is only followed by the 'to infinitive' when in the passive or with an object pronoun.

    We consider her to be the first true pioneer.
    She is considered to be the first true pioneer.
    We are considering honouring her with an award.
    The government is considering implementing various measures.

    There is a slight difference in meaning. In the first two sentences 'consider' means 'believe'. In the next two sentences 'considering' means 'thinking about'.

    I consider it odd that the BBC Learning English Board does not recognise British Spelling!

    AL smiley - smiley

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