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use of Indeed/rather/really

It is ......... a great tragedy that he died so young.In the ...


shibliaftab Feb 12, 2013


Hello Teachers, Today, I met two questions which confused me ...


lisa liu Feb 12, 2013

what governs the sound of 'e' ...

Hello English teachers,I hope all is well, would you please answer ...


susan Feb 12, 2013


"Astronomers are keeping a wary eye on a large asteroid expected ...


zl_bbc Feb 12, 2013

no subject

Hello Teachers,I was wondering if we use ON or OF in this ...


Qsdfg Feb 12, 2013

What is it?

I have just read that some people like the messengers get paid by ...


Dreamer Feb 12, 2013

Position job with location

Dear Teachers,Would you please correct the sentence below:It's ...


Qsdfg Feb 11, 2013

Is it correct

Is it correct to say 7days make a week 4 weeks make a month 12 ...


Dreamer Feb 11, 2013

had been

respected teacher,why use "been" in this sentence. this room has ...


raj Feb 11, 2013

Off, Up, and Out

I wonder if you could help me with a problem in usage of these ...


Juan Pablo Feb 11, 2013


Hello Dear Teachers,Could you enlighten me about the meaning ...


lubnatsi Feb 11, 2013

He or it

Dear teachers,Please, which is more common ,Who is that man? ...


mmhoul Feb 11, 2013

"I know well"

The above sentence is incorrect if I know it right. How could it be ...


csepelside Feb 10, 2013

Happy pamphlet(s) - meaning

What is the "happy pamphlet" ? Thanks


zl_bbc Feb 10, 2013

Why is it wrong?

Please read the sentence and tell me why the word "inessential" is ...


csepelside Feb 9, 2013

meanong of a sentence

Dear all,in this sentence"“One of the most popular entertainments ...


enrico83 Feb 9, 2013

How to use "come" & coming

Hello Teacherscould you please look at the sentences below? ...


Anushka Feb 9, 2013

experimental (schools) for ...

Dear all,I wonder about the meaning of the last sentence of ...


enrico83 Feb 8, 2013

Meaning of a sentence - "Shop ...

Dear teachers,I cannot understand the meaning of this expression - ...


enrico83 Feb 8, 2013

odd one out

Dear teachers!Please read the following sentence and pick out ...


csepelside Feb 8, 2013

British style guide

Hi, boardmates.I wanted to know if there is a 'style manual' unique ...


Helmand River Feb 8, 2013

every inch of willpower

A part of the context from an article:*...,and it took every ...


zl_bbc Feb 8, 2013

run after the world.

Dear experts,is it correct to say,Let's not say run after the ...


Voca Mania Feb 8, 2013

Not to be involved in a ...

What phrase do you use in English when you want to express this ...


zl_bbc Feb 8, 2013


I am reading an article now, and I am not sure what does the word ...


zl_bbc Feb 8, 2013

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