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Is DRM causing my portable (WMV) programmes to expire?

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  • Message 1. Posted by pinelandrichard (U14876221) on Saturday, 21st May 2011permalink

    Hi, in the last two weeks I have downloaded around ten iplayer portable (WMV) programmes off the iplayer. I've then dropped them onto my new sony walkman and they play great. After about a week some of those progams won't play anymore and I get some sort of "licence" message, however, the other programmes (downloaded from the iplayer site at the same time) still play fine and it seems like I can store them on my walkman for as long as I like. I am assuming that DRM (digital rights management) is the cause of the programs expiring.

    So my question is... Are some downloads for portable devices "DRM free"? and if so, is there any way of telling?

    The whole reason for asking is because I don't always get around to watching each program within a week and it's annoying to click on a programme and find it won't work!

    Thanks in advance.



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