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  • Message 1. Posted by coolpolitealex1 (U14867465) on Thursday, 12th May 2011permalink

    I in the last year or so have watched how the BBC have been got for political reasons,especially after the last DG' was unfairly dealt with due to his sticking by his journalists and the assertions from their well researched stories that failed to get in line, when it was at odds to govt policy of the day.
    The first little bit of evidence came with the failure of allowing a' "normally allowed" call for a charity to ask for donations when there was a "Human Rights" case put to the British people ,especially when there was a great human tragedy , that was refused because of political pressure brought to bear from certain quarters,that same certain quarters, then falsely accused a well respected BBC journalist of bias in a certain report, which was later dismissed as rubbish.
    I of late can not believe how far the BBC have shifted in taking sides with that same well documented lobbying power that work to great affect in the American system of politicing.
    The BBC has now lost it's long held and well respected position of being in the fore and not allowing itself to be used by one side or the other.
    Any fair-minded individual that watch ,and keep track of, the INDEPENDENCE of the BBC' whether it is in coverage, or in it's language of coverage, can not fail to admit that the shift has been so far, that it is now seen as an arm of America and the powerful lobbying group's that work to great affect in the "House of representatives" and the pentagon ,Oh and Tony B-liar, and his war mongering cronies.


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