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Favourites when signed in with BBC ID

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  • Message 1. Posted by chris_lydon (U14865410) on Tuesday, 10th May 2011permalink

    Hi there
    I've tried searching/reading the boards about this, but I can't really get anywhere. (I know the topic has come up before, but couldn't see any solutions or further advice...)

    I have just registered for a BBC ID so i can sign into iPlayer so my favourites are saved whereever I log in on iPlayer.

    I am trying to add my favourites back onto my new profile, but none of the favourites I select on iPlayer are being stored.

    I am on Windows 7 on Google Chrome, and I have tried clearing my cache/browser data (as per BBC website instructions) but that didn't help.

    Is this is an iPlayer-wide problem? Or just Chrome? Or is it a bug with iPlayer?

    Thanks for any advice or info you can provide.



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